Author Topic: Round 9: Closing Statements - The Graf has Perished!  (Read 758 times)

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Round 9: Closing Statements - The Graf has Perished!
« on: September 14, 2005, 10:29:38 AM »
Here are the conditions and modifiers for Round 9: Closing Statements. This round will be short; the tally will be done by Calvin on Saturday the 17th of September.

The Death of Graf Martin
In one confused night of violence at the Höhleburg, Stirland's last hopes are washed away. Graf Martin is found murdered at the base of the walls, Gräfin Helena disappears without a trace, and the Grand Theogonist - along with his army - leaves for Altdorf before sunrise the next day. There are no cries or cheers; the soldiers, tired to death, simply pack up their belongings, and head back South.

A handful of generals led by Von Wensel organize what fighting men they can to form a rearguard, for the trek back to Stirland is a long and dangerous one, and any enemy forces that give pursuit could surely wreak untold havoc among the dispirited troops.

One account of the death of graf Martin can be found here.

- The bonus modifiers for the Höhleburg no longer apply.

- The Graf Martin special character, and the Runefang magic item, may no longer be used in Stirland armies (if they wish to claim the "campaign army list" bonus).

- A special scenario, Rearguard, has been made available at the Höhleburg. Please note in your battle reports whether or not you used this specific scenario!

Some Measure of Peace
Gernot's blistering attack has seen the Talabeclanders sweep through the streets of Bechafen. As the endless looting and lawlessness is brought to a halt, a degree of normalcy returns to the occupied quarters of the town. A steady trickle of refugees begins to return, ready to start the grim task of rebuilding their lives among the charred ruins that remain.

No bonus modifiers apply to Bechafen in Round 9.

Skirmishes may still be reported to Bechafen, but will no longer add to the RIOT control rate.

All previous modifiers no longer apply!
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