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Title: Knightly Order Special rules
Post by: robert1308 on November 16, 2011, 06:52:12 PM
Well I just had a thought and couldn't find a thread for said idea. Anyway What if the Knightly orders could "Break Through" like when you want to charge a unit behind a line you could rush straight through.

I picture the rule as such: Roll 1D6 to determine how many ranks this charge will be able to charge through
(this is to give the idea that momentum is lost while charging)
1 or 2-the attempt fails and your unit gets attacked on the flank and has to continue fighting the troops in front
3-you can charge through either a one rank unit or a horde totaling 15 or less
4-Your knights can charge through up to 3ranks or a horde numbering 30 or less
5-your knights can charge through 3 ranks or a horde 40 or less
6-Your knights have such a momentum when the charge that they can run through 4 ranks or a horde 50! or less

I know that this might be a little over powered but Cavalry has done this in the real world for some time and i figure why not in Warhammer
Title: Re: Knightly Order Special rules
Post by: Prince Nuada on November 19, 2011, 04:32:07 AM
Hello Robert,

I can't say that I complicitly agree with you're suggestion. :closed-eyes:
I agree with you on the basis of real world practice, but as we see with everything in WHF & 40K; not everything is relative.

Also, when it comes to knights, as everyone knows Bretonnians are the Orc's nuts!  :ph34r:
Other knights are "average". Imperial Knights of the Order get the highest cavalry armour save and Chaos Knights are tough and nasty.

I do advocate for order-specific magic banners.
So, for eg; the Reiksguard are immune to Psychology, Knights Panther get +1 Initiative, Knights of the White Wolf cause +1 damage on the turn they charge with their cavalry hammers (for a total of +3!), Knights of the Blazing Sun recieve a +5 ward save on the turn they charge. Of course, you can add more than this to represent other orders...  :biggriin: