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Chronicles of House La Valette
« on: December 26, 2014, 01:53:35 PM »
Decided to keep all my battles in one thread. Here I will chronicle the Battles of House La Valette my Empire army. Might try writing more detailed battlereports if I can remember to take notes during the combat, or possibly record the combat.

Had a battle 2 weeks ago, 2000p Empire vs O&G. After having a easy victory against my opponent, I felt overly confident and wrote a very very bad list. Too much magic items though they are not included in the list almost all my heroes are stocked up, bad combinations, lack of synergy and basically no hammer. The bad News is I have to run the same list two more battles, I can move the characters around, thinking of taking witch hunter, captain and Warrior priest in the same 50 swordmen unit next battle. Any input on potential strategies are welcome :)

Battle of the Koerin Highway
There had been several reports from the Hochland huntsmen of increased Greenskin activity between the Drakwald Forest and the Middle Mountains near Koerin, to the detriment of the outlying peasants these reports were dismissed. It was not until the trade caravans travelling the highway between Koerin and Breder came to a full stop severely hurting the towns tax coffers that the Merchants Guilds in cooperation with Mordecai the Witch Hunter acting as representative of the Emperor sent out a force to reinforce the road between the cities.
            The force sent from Koerin was an underpaid army consisting of State troops, most of the money went to pay the hefty fees of the greedy Bright Wizard Uther Emberstorm. While marching close to the Middle Mountains, they were ambushed by the dreaded Greenskin menace known as Gooby’s Manglas. The Army tried to set up defensive positions, but were taken with surprise as the swift green tide Waagh charged down the hills.
The Orcs ambush the Imperial army, the Red Bright College Tower of Koerin seen in far distance

Witch Hunter Mordecai Army
50 Swords FC with Captain and Warrior Priest
25 Spears FC with Captain and Shadow Wizard
20 Swords FC with Warrior Priest
22 Hand Gunners FC with Bright Wizard
Witch Hunter
Captain on Pegasus
Gooby's Manglas Army
Goblin Great Shaman
10 Black Orcs FC with Night Goblin Warboss
21 Night Goblin Mob FC with 1 Fanatic
22 Night Goblin Mob FC with 2 Fanatics
20 Night Goblin Archers Mob FC
10 Spider Rider Mob FC
10 Spider Rider Mob FC
1 Troll
20 Goblin Mob FC
5 Boar Boyz FC
15 Boyz Mob FC
10 Arrer Boyz with Boss
20 Boyz Mob FC
20 Boyz Mob FC
The Battle:
Turn 1 – 2

As the orcish horde swarmed down the hills the mortar being displaced had to move into positions before it could fire and suffered a malfunction for the subsequent battle. The Bright Wizard had to stop the orc's before they could swarm the frontline, but managed to blow up six of his hand gunner bodyguard while ruthlessly throwing piercing bolts of burning at the enemy.
            The Goblin Shaman calls to Mork.. or Gork  and sends a Vortex across the highway hitting perfectly the largest Swordsmen Regiment from Koerin dragging fifteen troopers unto their doom, this horrifying displays sends chills down the spine of every swordsman who just moments before reckoned themselves invincible with their dueling skills. The captain keeps them from breaking, but this could be a sign of the slaughter yet to come.
On the north flank The Spearmen from Selmigerholz led by the famous captain Wolf find themselves charged by Orc Boyz and flanked by Boar Boyz without any backup, the shadow Wizard tries his best to hex the brutal strong orcs but is dispelled by a cunning goblin shaman. The Spearmen are able to score many hits but the toughness of the orcish hide prevents the spears from doing any real damage. Wolf, famous harsh disciplinarian is able to keep the morale of the regiment from collapsing even as comrades are hacked to death by choppas around them.

Turn 3 – 4
As most regiments clash in close combat the spearmens are soon overrun by da boyz, though on the southern flank the Handgunners buffed by flaming sword of Rhuin are able to shoot and break one of the hideous spider riders swarms, as the Goblin Shaman focuses on dispelling Warriors Priests prayers to Sigmar and the Shadow Wizard the Bright Wizard feels the power of the Winds of Magic and is able throw fireballs, piercing bolts and flame storm and wreak havoc on the  Greenskin center and southern flank, the troll disappear in an awesome explosion from several fireballs, three black orcs and some goblins are engulfed by the flamestorm while even more goblins are pierced by fiery bolts. The Orcish Southern flank seems to be breaking as the spider riders are charged by the graceful Pegasus Knight and goblins scatter as they try to flee the lead and flames.
            The Koerin Swordsmen brace themselves from an incoming charge from Orc Biguns who are stronger and more ferocious than the standard Orc Boyz as if they were not enough, as the battle commences the Warrior priest is able to shield the state troopers from wounds. Though the Big’uns are equal in their skill with their choppas as the swordsmen are with their finely crafted swords the swordsmen are able to land many blows, but the natural toughness of the orc hide proves too much for swords as it does the spears. Some of the troopers are regretting switching their halberds for swords. As their comrades from Siegerholmz flee the battle their flank is left wide open to attack.
            Only the Witch Hunter Mordecai can save these swordsmen from being flanked, he jumps straight into the flank of the Orc Boyz regiment which brutally slaughtered the spearmens just moments before, the Boyz thrust their spears and those who are able to penetrate his armor finds their weapons thrown backwards by the strange talisman around Mordecai’s neck. As the boys recover from their attack the Witch hunter swings his greatblade in great fashion cleaving a orc clean in two. This gory display sends the orc boys running but the Witch Hunter is unable to catch up.
            The mortar crew dodging the MorkGork Vortex tries yet again to fire their mortar only to have it malfunction a second time rendering it useless. Where is an engineer when you need one?

Turn 5 – 6
As the battle is coming to close the northern flank is completely taken by the greenskins except for the lone Witch Hunter, the center is for the time being a statusquo held by the swordsmen supported by Wizard and his handgunner retinue against the Big’Uns and scores of Orc boys. The southern flank seem to belong to the Empire as the swordsmen and Pegasus Knight send the goblins fleeing, but they are about to find out that size really do matter.
            As the center is holding, now it is time for Gooby to show his metal, he winks at his shaman buddy who in irresistible force throws sneaky stabbing at him and his Black Orc Guard as they charge crashing into the swordsmen flank. Without the shield of Sigmar the swordsmen are brutally massacred and the orc horde continues straight into the southern swordsmen regiment, Gooby and his Black Orc's could not be stopped as they chop and cleave through line after line of human troops. Some spider riders who regrouped in the forest now charges the last of poor frontline troopers as they are enveloped on all sides and subsequently are horribly and predictably slaughtered down to the last man.
            The Orcs being chased by the Witch Hunter suddenly stops and ponders at the dilemma of why they are fleeing from one puny humie, as they stop and turn the Witch Hunter overconfidently charges at them only to be hacked down by a flurry of spears too many for even the talisman to shield.
            Uther Emberstorm and his retinue looks see the frontline completely collapse realize that the battle is lost, "At least we were paid beforehand" he mutters as they retreat back to Koerin. (We ran out of time at the beginning of the sixth turn, though it was clear the empire lost).

1465 - 435 Orc & Goblin Total Victory!

Orc & Goblin Player after thoughts:
I was quite pleased by how my greenskin army where able to close in on the enemy. A lot of units gave me also the opportunity to surround and flank a couple of the Empire regiments, giving my soldiers more umpf in their fighting. I do not think I will change anything in the list at the moment, though a more shooty opponent may require some adjustments.

Empire Player after thoughts:
The weakness of my list became clear when I saw the enemy army list. I had an expensive anvil with no hammer and with barely adequate shooting. I deployed too aggressively and should have played it defensive, I were also mistaken regarding a presumption I had that the mortar could fire indiscriminately without line of sight like the Skaven mortar which cost me a round of shooting, not that it mattered much rolling two misfires in a row, I need to bring a engineer to the battle next time. When the Orcish southern flank broke I had some hopes of victory, but it soon became appearent that even though the state troops could hold their ground it didn’t matter if they could not deal any damage back. But I was very happy with the swordsmens ability to stand their ground, and flaming sword buff on the handgunners worked well. This also taught me a lesson in not spending lots of points on magic items as I could have have switched two of my items for an Imperial Cannon or Pistoliers. It was a very fun battle that could have gone both ways had I played more strategically, and I definitely underestimated the strength of da boyz :)

Edited for afterthoughts of both players
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Re: Chronicles of House La Valette
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I love these reports.
The length is fine and the pictures seal the package. Very nice.

I especially love the first picture of the set and the short story at the beginning.
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Highlights :
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Re: Chronicles of House La Valette
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I love these reports.
The length is fine and the pictures seal the package. Very nice.

I especially love the first picture of the set and the short story at the beginning.

Thanks!  :icon_smile:

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Re: Chronicles of House La Valette
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Great report, really appreciated it! Looking forward to the next one. :::cheers:::

Sam Taylor

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Re: Chronicles of House La Valette
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Great report, really appreciated it! Looking forward to the next one. :::cheers:::

Thank you very much sir  :icon_smile:

Finally got around to writing the second Battle, didn't take notes so it is not very detailed. But we tried write a fluffy introduction to make up for it  :mrgreen: Sorry for the bad format, it was copy pasted from word to hotmail to this post. I put the pictures first this time, to give a better picture of the description of the battle. Not sure if this works or just makes the post messy though so feedback on everything is welcome :)

And I have to give kudos to my opponent for being such a hardcore tabletop player and providing the cool props/terrain.


As Gooby sliced the last of the swordsmen from Koerin with his ogre blade he paused for a brief moment to let the view in. Towering around him Orcs, Big’Uns and Black Orcs were roaring triumphantly, banging their shields with their weapons. Gooby approached the biggest and blackest of all the surrounding Orcs, turned his blade on the blunt side and started beating the giant brute until it collapsed on the ground. Gooby climbed up on the torso of the fallen Orc, now finally being able to take in the view of the entire battle field beyond the closest Orcs. He let out a loud battlecry, feeling the collective greenskin energy climax in the bloodbath the entire horde join in and sound a terrifying Waagh that echoed across Hochland. From the depths of Drakwald forest comes scores of spider riders that sweep through the undergrowth, from the White Hills different orc tribes heed the call to Waagh and from the depths of old lost dwarven caverns in the middle mountains the night goblins march out of their lairs to join Gooby’s Manglas. Now as Gooby’s horde is a Waagh of Gork Morkish proportion he no longer see raiding caravans as valuable target for a great Warboss of his stature and sets his ambitious eyes upon the Town of Koerin itself!

            At the Keep of Koerin the remaining Hochland Army led by Mordecai regrouped, the men still mortified over the brutal ambush are now petrified by fear as Orcish drums and battlehorns are sounded in the distance. Sensing imminent collapse of the Army, the Witch Hunter Mordecai, still bloodied after the last battle, rallies himself and tells Captain Wolf to “Execute Imperial Order 13603”. To the horror of the people, but especially the Merchants in Koerin, the State Troops begin seizing private property. Gold and valuables from the guilds coffers are used to hire mercenaries to fill in the needed manpower, and the sergeant begins drafting everyone from young boys to old seniors into work regiments to begin raising earthworks and defensive walls to face the coming onslaught.

Scenario: Invasion

Special Rules: Battle lasts for 8 turns. Victory points are awarded only by controlling zones and markers.

Empire stratagem: Customize the entire map with the exception of the orc starting position, and choose the layout of VP markers.

Orc & Goblin stratagem: Destroyed core regiments are summoned as reinforcements at the start of next turn at any edge controlled by the O&G.


Early Game:

From the top of the Koerin Keep the natural silence of the countryside were brought to an end as the mortar blasts forth shells with acutely tuned fuses that explodes over incoming horde sending down a rain of steel, though few orcs and goblins died from the fragments, it pressed Gooby to push his forces forward. Gooby sends spider riders at both flanks crossing the river, the north flank is spearheaded by Boar boyz who quickly come under fire from the handgunners on the ridge. After a fierce volley the boar boyz break and flee but regroups the subsequent turn.

            Near the bridge the orc boyz marches forward while under fire from both handgunners and fireballs, some orcs find their legs too heavy to move at a normal pace as the shadow wizard drains them of fatigue. One orc mob decides it has had enough and quickly tries to close in on the bridge, Uther Emberstorm throws a Flame Cage which burns some orcs to death, the orc boss however is not about to be branded a coward in face of some embers and decides to charge through the cage which incinerate every last orc of his regiment. Uther Emberstorm sudden delight in the carnage is quickly lost as more orc boyz charge into the battle as the green Waagh is never-ending.

            On the southern flank the spider riders charge across the river into Captain Wolf’s resupplied Siegerholmz spearmen, but the strength of the fortified spearmen proves too much and they are forced to retreat, regrouping with their night goblin spearmen as they prepare to coordinate their next attack.

Mid Game:

With the boar boys regrouped the spider riders in the northern forest charge with ease as they are unhindered by the thick brush and clash with the swordsmen headed by a Warrior Priest of Sigmar. The Priest tries his best to provide spiritual support with his prayers to Sigmar, but they go unanswered as they are continually dispelled, the swordsmen are on their own and are not able to drive the spiders back and many succumb to the poisonous fangs of the agile spiders.

            Seeing his northern flank threatened, Uther Emberstorm keep raining destruction on the enemy, but a miscast send him thrown into the abyss with a fiery explosion that also blasts away one third of the handgunner retinue. The Green Horde have now almost crossed the river, the Shadow Wizard is able to cast the Withering on Gooby and his Black Orc Guard lowering their toughness. This may give the Imperial troops the edge they need in the coming melee.

            Captain Wolf once again braces his men for the incoming charge, this time also facing goblin spearmen. As the goblins clash into the fortified wall of spears the men do their best to impale any goblin or spider as they try to overrun the position and take the victory point. Most of the spider riders are pierced but they hold their ground in a continued fighting frenzy.

Late Game:

With the handgunners greatly diminished and being zapped by the Goblin Shaman, they are unable to stop the incoming goblins at the northern flank from flanking the swordsmen fighting the spider riders, the Warrior Priest does his best to hold the line, but as they lose their rank bonus they are completely overrun, the end is nothing less but a complete rout which sees additional new orc and goblin regiments now swarm the northern edge of the battle as Gooby gains control of the zone. The North is lost.

            Captain Wolf, in order to redeem not himself but the Standard of Siegerholmz, of which he have sworn to uphold the Honor, pushes his spearmen in order to get salvation for their previous loss. They press the Goblins back, leaving their fortification they run down and put every spider rider and goblin to death.

            Gooby’s pet troll feels confused as he fails to focus on the task at hand which is simply to crack some human skulls, luckily for the greenskins the troll is naturally drawn to bridges and stumbles toward the bridge closing in on the empire line.

            At this point the periodic fire from the mortar had become a normal noise to the battlefield, but this time the roar of explosion does not sound right. As the imperial men turn to see the keep, they see only flame and smoke coming from the top. The mortar had misfired, taking the entire crew with it. The Shadow Wizard stop invoking curses and rushes back to the keep to secure it.

            As Gooby and his Black Orcs marches towards the keep it is now Mordecai’s time to counter attack. He signals his captain on Pegasus to coordinate a charge right into the Black Orc, but they both fail their charge and lose their wind just a couple of meters in front of the Black Orcs. The troll now in range, thanks to the failed charge, now charges himself right into the flank of the fifty man swordsman unit. All this running proved to be bad for his stomach as he pukes over the swordmens, though none fall to the acid vomit. Mordecai regroups his men, but alas the swordsmen’s hacks are not able to pierce the Troll hide, and the few that does are quickly regenerated back. Now Mordecai and his Warrior Priest step up to the troll, Both wielding their great weapons, they smash the troll into a pulp, but what had seemed to be a foolish troll attack was actually a ploy by Gooby, who had during the troll encounter charged the Pegasus. His Black Orcs hacked off its wings, and as the horse winces in pain the valiant knight falls to the ground only to be beheaded by the Ogre Blade of Gooby. And with this cunning move Gooby had claimed the southern VP as well, only the the keep VP remains in Imperial hands.

Captain Wolf, seeing his friend being brutally murdered as Gooby claims the southern victory point, charges the Black Orcs. Thanks to the Withering of the Shadow Wizard the spears of Siegerholmz are able to penetrate the orcish hide and some even pass the weak points of the chaosdwarf forged black armor. Still the Black Orcs fight back with discipline unlike the other orc mobs and despite their curse are able to hold their ground after creating enough casualties in the spearmen ranks.

            Having lost both the north and south victory point and nightfall coming in, Mordecai decides to make a disciplined retreat to Koerin center to prepare for the last battle and prevent a total defeat.

Conclusion: 4VP – 3VP O&G Victory!

Empire Player Afterthoughts:

This was a really fun and intense scenario and battle. Wholly different stratagems with none being overpowered made for a very interesting game. I got to customize the map entirely in my favor which for a Empire player was awesome. With the focus being on map Control in that regard I was too cautious with sending forth my biggest regiment to stop the advance and for 6 turns my best regiment did nothing, but I was happy with the killing power of having 4 WS5 S4 and 4 WS4 S6 attacks in a state troop regiment. Also not focusing on the highest casting difficulty spells with a lvl 2 wizard let my shadow wizard contribute more, the minus 2 toughness on the black orcs is really needed in a game with low strength list. Was a moment of agony when both my main regiment and Pegasus failed the charge which could have potentially might have changed the outcome into a draw. I finally got to see the mortar in action, and its predisposition could not have been better as it had range and vision over the entire map, but still it was only able to remove maybe 20-40p of units which was quite horrible. I learned a lot of important lessons this battle, not only how to build a better list, but also how to use my state troops more effectively. If the game had continued beyond turn 7 the Orcs would have overrun the hill taking that victory point as well and the southern zone could very well have been overrun by greenskins but we ran out of time.

O&G Player Afterthoughts:

This was a close one! Christian had clearly learned a few lessons from the last battle, and made my advance troublesome. I made some bad timing regarding the charges on the south flank, coming in piecemeal with my regiments. If I had waited one more turn, and concerted my charge with both night goblins, spider riders and an orc regiment, the spearmen in the fortification would have had tougher time pushing me back. However, my “rush-tactic” when playing the O&G seem to still be viable. Had the game continued for another turn, I do think the victory result would have stayed the same, 4-3 for my greenskins.
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Re: Chronicles of House La Valette
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Interesting battle reports.

@Gunman06: How do you think you lost the second game? Should the Spearmen have restrained pursuit? Were you simply outnumbered by too many powerful Greenskin units....?

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Re: Chronicles of House La Valette
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Interesting battle reports.

@Gunman06: How do you think you lost the second game? Should the Spearmen have restrained pursuit? Were you simply outnumbered by too many powerful Greenskin units....?

Hmm were two things, the first was failed both charges against the black orcs, even just the pegasus I think would have been able to take out his main general unit since the black orcs only had T2. The second was my Wizard rolling a miscast on two dices, double sixes at round 4, the lack of firepower made my northern swordsmen unit easy target to get overrunned.

You do have a good point, if I had restrained my spearmen it would have been a draw, I counted to much on the move that at least one would make the charge :icon_razz: ah

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Re: Chronicles of House La Valette
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You did remember Swiftstride for the Captasus, didn't you?
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Re: Chronicles of House La Valette
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You did remember Swiftstride for the Captasus, didn't you?

Yeah lol, I rolled triple 2's  :icon_razz:

You can see how close they stopped in one those last pictures, damn so close  :icon_cry:
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Re: Chronicles of House La Valette
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I really liked reading your reports. Looking forward to reading more.

My only suggestion is to make sure you focus your pictures on the right objects. Some of them seem to be not focus at all, or focused in the wrong object. If this is the effect you want, then nvm since it would be only a difference in tastes.
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Re: Chronicles of House La Valette
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I really liked reading your reports. Looking forward to reading more.

My only suggestion is to make sure you focus your pictures on the right objects. Some of them seem to be not focus at all, or focused in the wrong object. If this is the effect you want, then nvm since it would be only a difference in tastes.

The bad pictures comes from ignorance and not any artistic expression  :icon_biggrin: Thanks, I will keep this in mind this next battle as we are having the final battle that will decide the "Sacking of Koerin" by Gooby vs Mordecai, before going back to FOW for some time.

Thinking of keeping all my units closely together and use terrain to limit his ability to flank me, which he has been able to do all my games so far. Then again scenario rules might screw this strategy up  :icon_razz:

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Re: Chronicles of House La Valette
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The Battle for Koerin Part III
Scenario: Battleline
O&G Strategem: D3 units for ambush (Rolled for one unit)
Empire Strategem: Inspiring Speech (Failed)

Gooby - Warlord of the Middle Mountains, Bane of Hochland[/b]


Having destroyed the Keep protecting the city of Koerin, Gooby, the Night Goblin Warlord sets his eyes on the city itself. The city is still protected by a series of hills and impassable terrain making a straightforward charge like the previous battle not ideal, as it would create a killing zone where the greenskin numbers would be rendered useless. As Gooby is laying his plans with help from his Black Orc Warboss and Shaman, his warcamp is approached by a shifty looking little hafling. In exchange for the promise of all the booty from the famous Koerin Bakeshop he tells Gooby about a hidden goat trail behind the hills. Using this stratagem, Gooby sends his fierce and mobile boar riders to secure the trail and hopefully find a way around the hills.

The Witch Hunter Mordecai, suffering still from another defeat is struggling to contain his rage. He kneels down in prayer and asks “Why have thou Forsaken me, Sigmar?” but he is only met with silence. This seemingly lack of divine favor saps his nerves. This does not go unnoticed by the beaten and bloodied men, and as Mordecai gives a speech he fails to inspire the men for the coming battle. Still being men of the Empire they are not about to let these Greenskin loot and destroy everything they hold dear. This is their families’ homes and heritage after all; no Greenskin would defile their town without a fight. The men steel themselves by their own resolve out of love for their home.

The Empire is ready for battle

Turn 1-2

(Damn looking at the difference in number of models is really intimidating, note to not waste too much points on lords/heroes next time when playing empire lol)  :ph34r:

As fierce calls of Waagh and Orcish battlehorns are sounded, the Greenskin begin to march forward, and to no one’s suprise the mortar misfires. The crew didn’t even bother to cover their ears as the fuse was lit. The Handgunners however, fires volleys of lead that penetrates the blackened black orc armor, and in a glimmering of hope, sends the black orcs running. Uther Emberstorm conjures terrifying screaming heads of flame that blasts through troll and Big Uns and subsequently spider riders at the flank, but the Greenskins hold firm continuing marching and riding forth.
The Shadow Wizard tries his best to cast Okkhams Mindrazor, but it is dispelled by the more magically adept Goblin Shaman, and as the Orcish horde approaches the spearmen led as always by Captain Wolf is unsure on whether or not to charge the night goblins as they spot a few fanatics wielding their ball and chain in the midst.
With the spider riders being slowed down by fire the Pegasus Knight Withdraws to the safety of the empire main battleline.

The Wizard conjures Burning Heads, not as effective as in Dark Omen but still pretty cool

Turns 2-4

Spearmen and night goblins engage at the flank, the Pegasus withdraw as I go for defensive doctrine

The First Wave of Greenskins is repelled

Fearing the power of the Fanatics, Captain Wolf breaks the line to the dismay of Mordecai. However, the fanatics consume their mushrooms and goes into a spinning mode of death as the spearmen charge through them and five spearmen are smashed as their heads are unable to stop a ball of steel traveling at high speed. Even with these casualties, the spearmen impale and crush the night goblins forcing them to flee and Captain Wolf is unable to restrain his men and charges forward into the forest. This turned out to be a hard mistake as orc boys charge them in the flank and lose their rank bonus and allows for another Night Goblin regiment to pass through the flank and up the hill.
Now the first of the Orc Boys regiments are in range of the main State Troop Unit and they charge right at them. However, these men are supported by both a captain of the empire, the Witch Hunter himself and Boris the War Priest that swiftly break the enemy orc boys and let them retreat holding their ground.
As there is no sign of ambush the Pegasus Knights feels compelled to defend his comrades from being flanked by the spiders riders and charges at the second spider party and with his lance is able to impale three of them, sending them running. The other spider riders clash with the swordsmen supported by a Warrior Priest but are driven back.
These are small victories however, as Captain wolf is not able to hold his mean from breaking and they flee the battle and the left flank is lost to the Greenskins.

The Spider riders are getting destroyed, but greenskin coming in at all fronts

As the spider riders make for the hill it is now the Big'Uns time to shine. Banging their battle shields made of flayed humie-flesh, they charge like a mob across the field into the swordsmen unit, headed by a Warrior Priest of Sigmar. Being of equal skill the battle is fierce as swords clash with choppas, sending the sound of steel ringing in the ears as beautiful music to both human and orc alike. However, as the melee carries on, the Big'Uns presses through the swordmens, killing at least twice as many men as orc falls. This breaks the Swordmens morale as they discard their Glorious Standard, which they had sworn to protect, and flee the battle ironically with the priest at the helm of the rout. Though it would prove that turning your back to Big'Uns only makes them angrier as they are denied a good fight, and to punish this disappointment the Big'Uns run the men down and put them to the choppas.

The Big'Uns and Swordmens fight ferociously, though the Big'uns proved too strong

Turn 5-6

First engagement between the generals

Mordecai and his troops are now feeling secure and decide to charge the enemy, slaughtering the Orc Boys which had previously assaulted the frontline. Being backed by Uther Emberstorm and his retinue, they have little need to fear as the Big'uns would predictably be dealt with by fire and lead. The Pegasus Knight, completely forgetting his real job, which was to protect the flank and rear, rush up the hill far away from the main battle in order to impale each and last goblin spider rider.
As Uther Emberstorm lits up in a halo of flame and gives his handgunners the signal to fire, a loud battlehorn is heard at the rear.

Love the paint job by Eirik

The Boar Boys have successfully navigated the goat trail and come up behind the Imperial rear! The Boars charge across the field and smashes straight into Uther Emberstorm’s retinue, and cleaves the old bastard clean in two while impaling and stabbing the poor sods to death. As the rest try to flee the battle they find themselves stomped and maimed by angry war boars.

Faced with total encirclement Mordecai, now facing Gooby and his Black Orc bodyguard, comes to the conclusion that he is the only one who can finally end Gooby’s reign of terror and possibly break his forces before the Boar Boys and the remaining Greenskins can encircle his valiant troops. Mordecai breaks formation and steps ahead of his men, stops in front of the Black Orcs and make a series of dashing skilled swings with his greatblade to the awe of his men, who chants his name. The Black Orcs respond in kind as Gooby, unimpressed by the silly witch hunter display, steps forward and spits on the hunter shoes grinning. Mordecai points his sword at Gooby and proclaims with a voice that has seen too much whiskey in its time; “You started this war, plunged Hochland into chaos, and now the Empire is going to put you down and restore the peace!”. Gooby pushes the greatsword aside and respond; “Oi! Come an’ git it, pinky!”

Final Fight

Mordecai yells as he charges and swings his blade, but as he swings the greatblade, Gooby jumps up avoiding the blade while simultaneously lands on top if it and agilely spins as he takes three flashing cuts straight through Mordecai with his Ogreblade which separates his limbs and head from his torso creating a fountain of blood that paints the entire font row of both the orcs and men red with blood as Gooby laughs maniacally. This was the ultimate end of Mordecai, the Witch Hunter General had fallen.

Just as things were looking their worst for the Empire Soldiers, the Shadow Wizard finally is able to cast his spell, the great Occam Mindrazor, which he has been chanting from the beginning of the battle. The Imperial Soldiers weapons get a purple glow around them as their strength is now boosted by their leadership and in a single battlecry yells; “By the power of Greyskull, we have the Power!” As greenskin charges in at all sides, the empowered men are completely surrounded by goblins, war boars and orc boys alike but they furiously slaughter the orcs in the melee sending them running. Nevertheless, even as the Swordmen fight like steroid buffed up men with pageboy haircuts, the rest of the Empire army is hunted down for sport by the remaining Greenskin regiments.

While the Swordmen pose in great fashion with their new found strength, Boris the Warpriest, saddened by the loss of his best friend Mordecai becomes enraged and spins his great twohanded hammer over his head and then quickly too his sides back and forth before he slams it into the ground sending earth shattering quakes across the field. Sounding a terrifying battlecry, enough to even break the spirit of a Bloodthirster Daemon, he calls out too Gooby for a challenge in a final confrontation of epic scale. But, alas to his detriment and jaw gaping shock he sees Gooby and his orcs have already used the time when he and his men were posing and showing off to take Koerin, and are well underway with the looting and pillaging of the city. The Empire had lost, and Koerin was sacked.
Game ended by turn 6

1352 Victory Points to the Orcs & Goblins and 950 Victory Points to the Empire

Victory to the Greenskins!

Christian Afterthoughts:

I was happy that I was able to use terrain to my advantage; I deployed the Pegasus on the far right as a ruse as my plan was to withdraw him to the rear to counter the eventual ambush by the boar riders. Nevertheless, I got too greedy and wanted to claim the points of the spider riders. The first turns turned out well with the handgunners, and even though I had lost both my supporting state troop regiments, I was confident that I could take his main army with my main unit supported by the handgunners. However, when the boar riders so quickly destroyed my handgunners and lvl 4 Wizard, the winds of war went to Ulsund as he was able to outmaneuver me and take out my remaining support units. When I got Occam Mindrazor off and won the subsequent melee, things were looking good for my swordmens but alas nothing else as I was surrounded and my Pegasus on the far side of the map which proved that my deathstar tactic was inefficient even when it was working. A very good game with fun dash of “what a twist!” moments. Also an end of an era as Gooby finally slayed Mordecai himself in a one on one challenge. :)

Eirik Afterthoughts:
I started out pretty much as I had in the previous games. Concentrating my strongest units in the middle, and using forces that are more mobile on the flanks. In this battle, this tactic almost lost me the game. Most of my units in the middle were, by round 3 and 4, either routed or badly injured. The boar boyz saved my day, as they came thundering in from the rear of Christians handgunners and the fire mage. After this I started mopping up his remaining forces, and tried to avoid the Swordsmen with the Occams Mindrazor charm.
It was a close one, and as always a complete joy to play against Christian!
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