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Empire vs Vampire Counts 1000pts
« on: February 22, 2015, 07:55:48 PM »
Captain Claudius Lysias glared at the parchment unfolded before him, its dark letters flickering in the candlelight. The letters poor news reflected in captain Claudius’s grim eyes. The parchment told of the sighting of many walking dead, in strength and frequency that could only be the work of a necromancer. It couldn’t have happened at a worst time, all the troops captain Claudius had on hand was two under strength green halberdier cohorts with a single auxiliary each. He could probably scrounge up an old cannon from the garrison and the local priest would probably be willing to help, but even then his forces would only be a thin gray line to stop the undead tide. Still he had no other choice, the next garrison was miles away and reinforcements would take months to get here, if they came at all. Nope, it had to be done, with another look at the parchment in disgust captain Claudius extinguished the candles flame.
The following morning captain Claudius set off, his small force in tow. According to the sightings, the necromancer was camped out somewhere in the Southern province, by the mires. After two long days of marching captain Claudius’s scouts reported fowl beasts in the air and the walking dead at the edge of the mires. Quickly captain Claudius covered the last few miles and deployed his troops. Just as Mon’s Meg rolled onto the hill captain Claudius saw the undead horde assembling, it’s master at the edge of a host of ravenous zombies. Spitting into the dirt captain Claudius took his place among his men, if he was going to ask them to die for the empire he could ask no less of himself.           

Empire army list


Captain Claudius Lysias (General) 111pts
-   Full plate
-   Enchanted Shield
-   Sword of Strife

Father Dasumius Priscus 120pts
-   Great Weapon
-   Armor of Meteoric Iron 


Cohort I - 29 Halberdiers, Full Command 233pts
-   10 Handgun detachment 90pts

Cohort II - 29 Halberdiers, Full Command 233pts
-   10 Handgun detachment 90pts


Mons Meg (Great cannon) 120pts

Vampire army list


Necromancer Lv 2 (General) – lore of the vampire – signature and 2nd spell
-   Staff of damnation


30 skeletons, hand weapon and shields, full command, screaming banner
20 zombies


5 Hexwraiths, Champion
4 Vargheists, Champion



Battleline, hill and normal forests
Empire won deployment placed first unit (Cohort I and auxiliary) slightly right of center. Vampire placed skeletons in center channel between hills. Empire placed second unit (Cohort II and auxiliary) right of first units. Vampire places zombies right of skeletons. Empire places last unit on small hill behind cohorts. Vampire places Hexwraiths right of zombies behind forest and hill. Vampire places Terrorgheist and vargheits left of skeletons. Empire places captain of the empire in cohort II, vampire places necromancer in zombie unit. Empire places priest in cohort I. Empire won roll of and elected to go first.

Empire Turn 1

Movement – Whole battleline advances veering slightly left.
Magic – None
Shooting – Handgunners moved (no shooting) cannon targets Terrorgheist, hits inflicts 4 wounds.
Hand-to-hand – None

Vampire Turn 1

Movement – Army advances, hexwraiths move through forest and approach cohort II. Zombies and skeletons march forward; Terrogheist flies forwards lands 8” infront of cohort I. vargheits fly on left flank.
Magic – Successfully casts signature spell, skeletons gain another movement phase and can re-roll wounds in close combat. Lore attribute – Terrogheist regains a wound. Attempts to cast raise dead, dispelled.
Shooting – Terrogheist screams, 2d6 plus wounds remaining minus targets leadership wounds caused, no armor save. Rolled 6 + 3 wounds = 9 – LD 8 = 1 wound.
Hand-to-hand – None

Empire Turn 2

Movement – Cohort II charges hexwraiths (hold), cohort II auxiliary moves up and turns to face vampire army.
Magic – None
Shooting – Cannon targets Terrorgheist hits inflicts 2 wounds. Auxiliary I handgunners shoot at Terrorgheist inflict 1 wound killing Terrorgheist.
Hand-to-hand – Cohort fails fear test, WS reduced to 1. Captain attacks causes two wounds. Hexwraiths strike back killing 2, hexwraiths fail by four and crumble.

Vampire Turn 3

Movement – Vargheists fly behind empire line infront of cannon. Skeletons advance zombies hold at the top of a hill. 
Magic – Cast moving/re-roll wounds, dispelled. Uses the staff of damnation, dispelled. Casts raise dead creates 9 more zombies.
Shooting – None
Hand-to-hand – None

Empire Turn 3

Movement – Cohort I charges skeletons in flank, auxiliary I turns around. Cohort II and auxiliary turn to face skeletons and advance.
Magic – Priest attempts to cast re-roll wounds, dispelled, priest cast 5+ ward save.
Shooting – Handgunners moved (no shooting) cannon shoots grapeshot at vargheists, inflicts 2 wounds.   
Hand-to-hand – Cohort I fails fear test WS reduced to 1. Cohort I wins combat skeletons still remain.


Vampire Turn 3

Movement – Vargheist charge cannon, skeletons pass LD test to face cohort I
Magic – Cast moving/re-roll wounds, dispelled. casts raise dead, dispelled. Fails to cast Uses the staff of damnation.
Shooting –None
Hand-to-hand – Cannon crew fail terror test and flee caught and killed by vargheist. Cohort I pass fear test, skeletons are destroyed.

Empire Turn 4

Movement – Cohort I and II declare charges on zombies (hold) Cohort I succeeds cohort II fails, auxiliary II turns to face vargheists.
Magic – Priest attempts ward save, dispelled. Miscasts re-roll wounds.
Shooting – Auxiliary I Handgunners shoot at vargheits, inflict 1 wound killing a vargheist. Hand-to-hand – Cohort I fails fear test WS reduced to 1, a total off 9 zombies die.

Vampire Turn 4

Movement – Vargeist charge handgunners I (stand and shoot, inflicting 1 wound), no other movement. 
Magic – Attempts to cast re-roll wounds, dispelled; attempts to cast raise dead, dispelled. Fails casting the staff of damnation.   
Shooting – Auxiliary I Handgunners shoot at vargheits, inflict 1 wound,
Hand-to-hand – Cohort I passes fear test, after the smoke clears 3 zombies and necromancer remain. Handgunners fail terror test and flee caught by vargheists and destroyed.

Empire Turn 5

Movement – Cohort II turns to face vargheits.
Magic – Priest attempts ward, fails, attempts re-roll wounds, dispelled.
Shooting – Auxiliary II Handgunners shoots at vargheits, inflicting 1 wound.
Hand-to-hand – Cohort I passes fear test kills remaining zombies and necromancer – free reform to move behind Cohort II.

Vampire Turn 5

Movement – Vargheists charge cohort II (Hold)
Magic – None
Shooting – None
Hand-to-hand – Cohort II passes terror test, cohort II inflicts 4 wounds vargheists inflict 6, combat is a draw as cohort II has ranks and banner.

Empire Turn 6

Movement – Priest moves from cohort I to cohort II
Magic – Priest attempts ward, dispelled, successfully casts re-roll wounds.
Shooting – None
Hand-to-hand – Cohort II passes fear test kills remaining vargheists.

Battle Over – Empire Victory!!!

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Re: Empire vs Vampire Counts 1000pts
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2015, 09:29:43 PM »
Sweet bat rep!

Nice and simple force bashing at some Vamp Counts is awesome! It seems like you missed your BSB with all those fear tests.

Well done for the win!

Sam Taylor