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1000pts Empire vs. Ogres
« on: June 03, 2015, 05:36:04 PM »
Empire army list


Warrior Priest 120pts (General)
-   Great Weapon
-   Armor of Meteoric Iron

Captain of the empire 113pts
-   Full plate
-   Shield
-   Banner
-   Sword of Might

Cohort I - 29 Halberdiers, Full Command 233pts
-   10 Handgun detachment 90pts

Cohort II - 29 Halberdiers, Full Command 233pts
-   10 Handgun detachment 90pts


Great cannon 120pts

Ogre army list


Bruiser (If in a challenge - his Str is increased, and he counts as disrupting the opponent) He is a character killer, not terribly effective against units. (General)


8 Ironguts, great weapons, banner razor standard (-1 to armor save)


4 Lead Belchers, Boss


Battle field 6x4 table, battleline, all hills and forests are normal.
One small hill in each players deployment zone, large hill with two forests in center of table.
Empire won deployment placed first unit (Cohort I and auxiliary) slightly left of center. Ogre placed cannon far left in no mans land. Empire placed second unit (Cohort II and auxiliary) right of first units. Ogre placed Ironguts just left of the large hill in center. Empire placed cannon on small hill behind cohort II. Ogre places Leadbelchers directly behind large hill and forest. Empire places captain of the empire in cohort II, ogre places butcher by, but not with lead belchers. Empire places priest in cohort I. Empire won roll of and elected to go first.

Empire Turn 1

Movement Whole battleline advances straight
Magic None
Shooting Handgunners moved (no shooting) cannon targets Ironblaster, hits but fails to wound.
Hand-to-hand None

Ogre Turn 1

Movement All units move up, Leadbelchers and Bruiser still behind hill & forest.
Magic None
Shooting Cannon targets cohort I, misfires cant shoot this turn or next.
Hand-to-hand None

Empire Turn 2

Movement Cohort II auxiliary (right flank) moves forward.
Magic None
Shooting Cannon targets Ironblaster, hits inflicts 4 wounds, cohort I auxiliary (left flank) shoot at Ironblaster, finishing it off.
Hand-to-hand None

Ogre Turn 2

Movement Ironguts continue forward onto hill, Leadbelchers move out from behind hill, bruiser is left of Leadbelchers on hill.
Magic None
Shooting Leadbelchers shoot at cohort II auxiliary, with movement and range penalties, no wounds.
Hand-to-hand None

Empire Turn 3

Movement Cohort II charges Irongut front, cohort I charges Irongut flank, cohort I auxiliary marches to the right.
Magic Priest cast flaming attack, dispelled, Priest cast reroll wounds, passes, Priest cast 5+ ward save, passes.
Shooting Cannon shoots at leadbelchers hits causes 2 wounds, auxiliary II shoots at leadbelchers causes 1 wound, 1 leadbelcher dies.
Hand-to-hand With the combined charges ogres take 15 wounds, cohort II takes 6. Ogres fail break test and flee, cohort I overruns and destroys.

Ogre Turn 3

Movement Bruiser charges cohort I in flank.
Magic None
Shooting Leadbelchers shoot at cohort II auxiliary, 2 die. 
Hand-to-hand Bruiser issues challenge priest excepts (Bad idea). Bruiser flattens priest cohort I breaks and flees, bruiser follows and wipes them out.

Empire Turn 4

Movement Cohort II charges Bruiser, cohort I auxiliary continues march to right flank.
Magic None
Shooting Cannon and hand gunners shoot at leadbelchers, cannon overshoots, hand gunners inflict 3 wounds, ogre drops.
Hand-to-hand Bruiser issues challenge, captain declines goes to the back. Halberdiers wound him twice, two die in return, bruiser passes break test on double ones.

Ogre Turn 4

Movement None
Magic None
Shooting Leadbelchers shoot at handgunners, another dies.
Hand-to-hand Bruiser issues challenge, captain stays in the back. Halberdiers kill bruiser.

Empire Turn 5

Movement Cohort II moves onto the hill
Magic None
Shooting Cannon shoots at leadbelchers, overshoots (again!!!) both handgun auxiliaries shoot killing another ogre.
Hand-to-hand None

Ogre Turn 5

Movement Last remaining leadbelcher charges cohort II
Magic None
Shooting None
Hand-to-hand Leadbelcher boss issues challenge captain refuses goes to the back. Ogre kills two, halberdiers wound him. He breaks and flees. Game over

Empire Victory!!!