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In the final battle of the league, Marcus the Pious had at last come to be near the famed Dark Dwarf, finding it would help save the world from evil. The negative result would be in a bloody civil war, a battle between imperial armies.
The army of Marcus from the city state Talabheim in red and white vs Aramir Cole from the province of Nordland wearing blue and yellow colors. He had no choice.

The enemies of the Pious took the initiative and moved with their steam tank  BOOM, shot, and the cannonball not only destroyed the sacred Waraltar of Sigmar but also killed Marcus the  Arch Lector. There was a cry of anguish, anger, despair, how could they be called Imperial and not understanding the value of the War Altar of Sigmar? The answer was a seditious army, led by great wizard Benisch Verbogen, counselor of light.

Fortune favored Pious Army, Captain Michel Johan the battle standard bearer shouted "Hold the Line! We will avenge Marcus, we can still win!" And the line was maintained, rage seized the soldiers, to see their leader and spiritual guide fall.

The hostiles pointed a canon at our steam tank after being hit  it was seriously damaged the second canon ball destroyed the machine. We had received a blow, not satisfied with losing our general, without the steam tank, all this seriously detracted from our ability to prevail.

The brave captain Captus, mounted on his loyal Pegasus knew that cabal of sorcerers was danger to remove, plus there was the enemy general, Benisch Verbogen, protected by several units of archers.

On the right flank of Nordland Semi Griffins  charged the Semi Griffins of Marcus, but failed to cause any damage the counter attack was strong but although they got hurt the did not flee. The enemy Steam Tank came and Panther Knights of the Inner Circle, faced a difficult decision to attack the tank or help our semi griffin  allies, they chose their brothers in battle and lashed at the semi grffin enemies forceing them to flee, attacking from the back, the result, a slaughter of traitors, all dead. The enemy steam tank  followed the panther knights and charged them in the rear, after suffering a few casualties the ran away from the dangerous tank.

On the left in a poisonous forest, Semi Griffin enemies charged our White Wolf knights who fled and ended up fleeing the battle, cowards. Then the semi griffins of both armies fought with claws and swords but although damage was done, none could dominate.

Captus, saw his opportunity and charged his flying Pegasus with his lance pointing at the archers who defended the three light wizard council, managed to kill many archers, endured the counterattack unharmed. In the next round Captus courageously  managed to kill the last archers, and saw that there were more canon fodder to defend the seditious cabal, but seeing as the Pegasus crushed the last archer with his hooves, the cowardly wizards fled and Captus pursued them outside the battlefield. This made the enemy ru out of magicians and  thus began to slowly turn the tide of battle.

In the poison forest the semigriffins on both sides fought with everything, but ours were flanked by the Knights of Nordland, killing two of the majestic creatures. Fortunately, the great wizard Omusairopus of the lore of life managed to revive one of them. With no enemy wizards to stop the great sorcerer Omusairopus from Talabheim launching his most powerful spell, Dweller Below, claws came out from the ground, ripping skin, muscle and bones of many helbadiers even killing the seditious battle standard bearer, against such awful spectacle half the horde of blue and yellow helbadiers panicked and fled. But by being careless Omusairopus our magician, was seenby an enemy hellbleaster, pointed it at him and wiped from the face of the earth, fortunately for the army of Marcus, the damage had been done.

The traitor steam tank charged with maximum power into the semi griffons and killed them all but the Panther Knights were free and moved toward the center of the enemy line. The last war machine that was in the army of the Pious, the valuable hell blaster volly gun, saw the enemy knights of Nordland and killed them all but after the crew and engineer were devoured by one pair of semi griff traitors knights.

The brave captain Pegasus triumphantly returned to the field of battle, only to die of a canon ball.

Brave Knights Panthers charged a hell blaster volly  gun and killed its gunners. An enemy Engineer stepped forward to try to keep our red and white Helbadiers from the fight against the enemies helbadiers. At that time the last brave semi griff of Talabheim left alive attacked the helbadiers flank, this gave time to kill the engineer, who wanted to stop our revenge and then our standard bearer cut him in two,we charged with a shout to the helbadeir enemies. The  air smelled of blood, our state soldiers attacked the front in horde formation using the last and enraged semigriffin in the flank although being severly injured together they managed to defeat the enemy and put them to flight, went after them to cut them all down.

It was getting dark, the soldiers were exhausted but against all odds we had defeated the enemy.
At that time the dark dwarf had arrived, another epic story began to be written. The dark dwarf called friends of Marcus the Pious, the worth of these generals made even generals of other armies come, some Muses were called, all came to try the revive the Pious, it was a long night of ritual dances, potions and roast beef with wine, powerful group combined their energy until the resurrection of Marcus Pious the victorious general, the next day a cannon in his head reminded him of the battle

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