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3K Empire infantry list
« on: October 29, 2015, 04:11:54 PM »
Empire 3K Infantry list

Arch lector, Armour of Meteoric Iron, Dawnstone, Potion of toughness, GW. 200pts
Battle wizard lord, L4, Dispell scroll 225pts (Light)


 Captain, BSB, Talisman of preservation, Enchanted shield, Full plate armour. 135pts
Witch hunter, Armour of destiny, Brace of pistols 105pts
Witch hunter, Sword of anti-heroes, Potion of speed, Brace of pistols 90pts
Witch hunter, Sword of swift slaying, Ruby ring of ruin, Brace of pistols 105pts
Warrior priest, light armour, shield 69pts
Warrior priest, light armour, shield 69pts
Battle wizard, L2 100 (Beasts)
Battle wizard, 65pts (Beasts)


 60 Halberdiers, FC 390pts
50 Swordsmen, FC 380pts
15 Archers 105pts


50 Greatswords, FC, standard of discipline 595pt
Rare: Steam tank 250pts
Luminark of Hysh 120pts


Here is the list, i will be up against High Elves, I have my opponents list if you want to see it as I write them nowadays......

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Re: 3K Empire infantry list
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2015, 11:07:00 PM »
(( Hey Hero of Rome,

So... you're Cincinnatus the Dictator?  Um... yeah.  It made sense to me, and my sense of humor.

Anyway, just some quick thoughts on your army.

Oh, this might be better served in the Parade Ground forum.

1) You're 3 points over.  It is okay to be a few points under the limit, but if you are over a points-limit, you'll get disqualified.  I know 3 points is 0.1% of the army cost... but people get really weird about that stuff at tournaments.

2) For your Arch Lector, the Armor of Meteoric Iron is a YMMV.  It's pricey, and the Ward Save it offers is on the lower side.  Though... if you want the 1+ Armor Save for someone on foot, its the primary way for an Arch Lector... especially if you're giving them a Great Hammer.  Still... it's a lot of points, and a lot of things pass right through Armor Saves.  You might be better served by just Heavy Armor, Dragonhelm, and Shield.  You'll lower your combat output a bit (by lacking the Great Hammer), but you'll have a 3+ Save, 6+ Parry Save, and a 2+ Fire Save, giving your Arch Lector some decent protection.

2-A) Also, since Ward Saves don't stack, and you have the Luminark, your Arch Lector should be getting the 6+ Ward Save from that anyway... which gives more impetuous to not bring the Armor of Meteoric Iron.

2-A-1) Not to mention the Arch Lector can attempt to cast his Battle Prayer Ward ability, and get a 5+ Melee-Ward save that way too.

2-A-2) Thinking of that, don't forget that you can slim-cast Battle Prayers.  On 1d6, you have a 67% chance of getting the Prayer cast.

2-B) Also, "Armour"... You Oxford-English speakers, and you're extra "U"s.  Sorry, me and my dumb sense of humor again.

3) You might want to move your Dispell Scroll to your Level 2 wizard, or Level 1 wizard.  That way, if your Level 4 fails a dispell attempt, the level 2 can still use the scroll.

3-A) If your primary wizard is going to be Light, you might also be better served by a level 2 and level 1 light wizards as well, in order to power up your Light Council effects and Luminark effects.

3-B) I do like Beasts.  It's a solid Lore, and has two of my favorite spells in it.  But... there is a big difference between a Strength 5 Banishment, and a Strength 7 Banishment.

4) For your BSB,  you might want to consider saving some points, and just getting a regular shield.  Especially since you're already 3 points over the max. 

4-B) Though, if you can find the points, I like giving my BSBs Pistols.  They're cheap, increase the threat radius, lets you take shots-of-opportunity, and if you cause a wound from the Pistol, it's basically paid for itself.

5) I'm not a big fan of Witch Hunters.  At all.  I find them to be too expensive and too weak for what they are supposed to be able to do.  I understand that you're going against Elves, who do cast a lot of spells, but you already have three wizards and two warrior priests to channel and attempt to dispell enemy spells for you.  Not to mention you also have the Luminark's Ward Save anyway.  Overall, I'd suggest dropping at least two of them (preferably all three), and saving a boat-ton of points.

6) For your Warrior Priests, if you drop all your Witch Hunters, you can free up some points to get them heavy armor upgrades.

7) Are your Beasts wizards in your infantry blocks?  Right now, you only have one Wizard Escort Unit (id est, Archers).  Our Wizards aren't the most combat oriented... even when augmented by Beasts. Not to mention, all Beasts spells can be cast in range, so you don't need to be right there in the thick of the action.  You might want to consider a few more Archer Escort Units.

8) For your Archer escort unit you do have, you might want to downsize it to 10, and add a musician.  The ability to rally at +1 to LD is huge, and, Elves do have some fast-attackers who cannot get musicians.  The ability to win ties via the musician does come up against Elves.

9) I've never been impressed with Greatswords.  They're better than Core, sure, but they just don't bring enough to the table to help you win.  Their biggest ability (Stubborn) goes off when they lose.  Not to mention, equivalent Elf choices will just chew through your Greatswords anyway.  I'd rather be winning rounds of melee, and making my opponent take LD tests.  Anyway, you might be better served by just dropping the Greatswords, and freeing up a ton of points for other things.

10) Your army is highly immobile.  You're basically all infantry, with a tank.  That'll put the tank out, by itself, a lot.  Elves do have some seriously easy ways to chomp through a Steam Tank.  Not to mention, even Strength 1 can wound Toughness 10.  As such, if you drop your Witch Hunter's, you could get some Cavalry to also charge enemy units at the same time the tank does, as well as dilute your enemy's firing concentration.

10-A) Along those same lines, Elves can be highly mobile armies.  It doesn't look like your army is really set up to castle well, and you lack a stand-off range to castle effectively.  Overall, it looks like you're giving the initiative to the Elves, and may very well be more reactive than proactive.  This is another reason for cavalry.  That 8"+3k2" threat radius opens up more opportunities for you, and may dilute your opponents attention.

11) Lastly,  against Elves, the Volley Gun with Combat Engineer upgrade are brutal.  Elves generally have low-to-mid armor saves, so you can assume they'll be at a 4+ Armor Save.  With the AP of the Volley Gun, that'll reduce their Armor Save to nil, and force the Elves to rely more on their Saphary (sp?) magic-ward thingy.

11-A) With a Tank on one end, the Volley Gun on the Other, and the Luminark-Light-Council, you now offer both aggressive threats and stand-off range to the Elves.

Anyway, just some quick thoughts. ))

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Re: 3K Empire infantry list
« Reply #2 on: November 02, 2015, 04:27:18 PM »

1. We play casually so we always go a couple of points over.
2.I actually replaced the Steam tank with 2 volley guns, however, my opponent was scared to send his blocks against mine even though he had a block of 30 PG and one block of 30 WL, so in the end he back up out of range and shot me up so much that when I got into combat it was turn 4 and both my blocks were down to 40.
3. I love witch hunters, will always use them.......
4. He had a L4, L2, and a loremaster, however, magic was so poor for both of us that no of us actually got a spell of for the whole six turns with the exception of him getting one of on turn 5.
5. I reckon I will keep the greatswords as I like the models and they actually matched up rather well against his phoenix guard, next time I will probably take some tanks and Demis instead of the Luminark and/or the Halberds (I actually din't have the model but have a Hurricanum instead).
6. Archers were MVP and killed off 2 units of revers and his phoenix, only tracking two loses from bolt throwers.
7. I like my current Arch Lector build but may take armor of destiny next time.
8. The archer bunker worked fine for me, I wanted to make it big to deter revers from charging, they did but were defeated.
9. I took beasts with the thinking that I would cast wildform on my blocks, Amber spear was very helpful agaisnt the Phoenix, however, the first time I rolled a one for the number of wounds and the second time he past his 5+ ward. The thing actually died against two helberdiers (It charged the unit in the rear) after eating a volley from a volley gun. It then got reborn with 5 wounds, but was then shot and killed at long range by my 13 archers. Its worth noting however, that its wake of fire accounted for a hideous amount of my infantry, including almost a whole rank of halberds even when he rolled very poorly for the number of hits.
10. I lost by the way :(

Thanks for your help!
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