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Fires of the Old World 8th Edition Tournament
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Hi all,

I couldn't work out where to put Battle Reports so the first two games are in this link.


Game 3 - High Elves

His list
Archmage on Metal


Prince on horse

3 units of 15 Archers

2 units of 5 Ellyrian Reavers

24 x White Lions BotWD

9 x Dragon Princes

Frostheart Phoenix

2 Bolt Throwers


The deployment for this game was Dawn Attack and my opponentthankfully ended up with his Dragon Princes and a unit of reavers on my right flank, and White Lions on the Left alongside a unit of Archers, in the centre were his two archers which he spread with his bolt throwers in between his Ellyrian Reavers and his Phoenix supported his White Lions

I had a unit of Knights on the right with a cannon and my Halberdiers on the left, in the cntre I had my Demigryphs supporting the Halberdiers, Hurricanum and Luminark which supported the two combat blocks and the Hellblaster which I put to support the cannon, and the second cannon quite central so he could pick off the Phoenix of the Bolt Throwers as needed. Then the Knights which I put on the right to either hold up the Dragon Princes or threaten the Bolt Throwers.

His reavers vanguard up towards my warmachines, and the others pull up towards the Demis.

Turn 1 - High Elves
My opponent went first and pulled his Ellyrian Reavers right in front of my Hellblaster to stop my shooting his Dragon Princes and the others down in front of my Demigryphs. The Dragon Princes pull up slightly and the White Lions do the same with the Phoenix still supporting.

He tries to cast Final Trans on my Halberdiers but fails to irresistable and I scroll it, he then tries Big Searing Doom on the Demis but fails to make the casting value.

Shooting kills off a knight and the bolt throwers fail to any damage to the cannon.

Turn 1 - Empire

I charge the Ellyrians with the Demis, The knights in the centre pull up putting the building between them and the dragon princes, the other knights move slightly forward to stop then Dragon Princes overrunning off the table after they charge me.

my Halberdiers move forward into a wood, and the Luminark and Hurricanum move up to keep both blocks in range of their buffs and to povide a countercharge if needed.

Magic sees a bolt from the Luminark taking 1 wound off the Phoenix and some small buffs on the Halberdiers for the impending charge from the White Lions.

shooting kills the Reavers in a barrage from the Hellblaster, whilst 2 cannons take out one of the Bolt Throwers.

Combat the Demis rip through the Reavers and Reform to face the Lions, if I can kill them before the Dragon Princes get over I'll easily win this.

Turn 2 - High Elves

The Dragon Princes charge my Knights and the White Lions try to charge the Demis (That was when I knew the Lions had BotWD) they fail needing a 10 on 2 dice and amble forward a bit. The Phoenix moves up to counter charge .

Magic sees big searing doom failed to cast again so nothing goes off.

Shooting takes off a couple of Halberdiers.

Combat the Dragon Prince take the Knights apart and reform to take some warmachines out.

Turn 2 - Empire

Franz charges out of the unit into the Frostheart, the Halberdiers attempt a charge into the flank of the White Lions but fail. The Demis prepare to be sacrificed by moving up to hold the White Lions in place for a turn and stopping them charging into the flank of Franz should it all go wrong. The Knights also charge into a unit of archers taking two wounds on the way in.

Birona's Timewarp goes off on the Demis, at least they can kill some before they die.

The Hellblaster takes off 4 Dragon Princes and the cannons take off the remaining bolt thrower.

Combat sees my knights win and the archers fail they're steadfast leadership, I chase them off the board. Franz wins his combat and chases after the fleeing phoenix but fails to catch him.

Turn 3 - High Elves

The White Lions charge into the Demi's the Dragon Princes charge into the Hellblaster, and the phoenix rallies. Magic once again sees nothing going off and shooting manages to take a wound off of Franz.

The Dragon Princes kill the Hellblaster and overrun into a cannon my right flank is definitely doing it's job of being sacrificed for the greater good. Whilst the White Lions combat goes badly I put two lots of demis attacks on the level 4 and fail to kill her, the other demis do some damage to his White Lions, thankfully he fluffs a few attacks and I only end up losing by 2, with Franz in range I easily pass the ld8. but my demis are down to two men, they'll die on my next turn.

Turn 3 - Empire

Franz charges the Phoenix which hold, the Halberdiers charge the flank of the lions, my archers move up to get everyone in range for a bubble Bironas. I throw 6 dice at Birona's on the bubble and got 3 1s, 2 2s and 1 3, it's definitely not cast, My knights come back on the board and walk towards the remaining archers.

Combat sees the Cannon die but the Dragon Princes don't reform for the other cannon, they're going to try to get right into the combat, but it's definitely too late. The Whitelions kill off the remaining Demigryphs, but take a lot of wounds in return from the Halberdiers including killing off the level 4 and taking them down to one rank, they reform to face me.

Franz goes through the Phoenix and overruns into the Archers, there's a lot of shotting on the table and he's very susceptible to shooting even with a 3+ 4++ so this should keep him busy for the rest of the game.

Turn 4 - High Elves

The Dragon Prince are still too far away for the charge so they move in closer to get it next turn. the central archers reform to face the Knights.

Shooting sees my KNights survive, and in combat I fluff my attacks and only kill 3 White Lions, Franz does 6 wounds to the Archers and they get nothing back, but hold on their steadfast.

Turn 4 - Empire

The Luminark charges into the flank of the White Lions, however they're out of arc for the Hurricanum so he moves around to block off the Dragon Princes should it all go wrong. Knights charge the Archers, but die to stand and shoot.

I pull my level 4 and archers out of arc of the dragon princes and magic sees me get through Bironas on the Halberdiers and a 5++ from the Warrior Priest. The remaining cannon shoots off the back rank of Princes.

In combat Franz deals another 6 wounds and breaking steadfast the archers flee off the table, he reforms to face the Dragon Princes.

Turn 5 - High Elves.

The Dragon Princes charge the Halberdiers and deal a good number of wounds, but in retaliation the Halberdiers kill all but 1 Dragon Prince and the Prince with the star lance. He wins combat but I hold with steadfast.

The archers fail to do anymore wounds to Franz.

Turn 5 - Empire

The Hurricanum goes in one flank, the Luminark in another and they succumb to the impact hits, everything reforms to face the archers.

Turn 6 - High Elves

The archers go for Franz but do no wounds.

Turn 6 - Empire

The whole army moves towards th Archers and I realize I had forgotten my mission :S

Final recap, I had to sacrifice a lot of stuff to handle the hard combay blocks, but thankfull the deployment helped me out. I walked away with a 19-1 but forgot about my secret mission which was to have a unit in his deployment zone, which would have been easy to achieve and would have bumped me up to joint 1st place, with Franz just moving to his side of the board.