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Upgraded 5000 points
« on: July 09, 2017, 04:59:13 PM »
Right so here is the upgraded 5000 points
Templar grand master w charmed shield ogre sword talisman of preservation luckstone  and potion of speed
main combat lord bit overpriced for what he does but still necessary for hitting enemy units hard
Level 4 wizard w book of ashur and earthing rod
mandatory level 4 wizard rods to hopefully prevent him going up in smoke after first miscast
Level 2 wizard with channelling staff and dispel scroll back up scroll caddy
captain w full plate shield b warhorse sword of might and potion of strenth
a bit pricy for what he does but a turn of strength 8 can wreck some enemys
Battle standard bearer w full plate b warhorse and steel standard - mandatory BSB
two arrior preist w shield b warhorse and heavy arnor one has obsidian lodestone and enchanted shield other has trinket and talisman of endurance
both desighned to support units and provide MR to mounted units
engineer will sit with a hell blaster
2 units of 15 archers w musician and a further 10 w no upgrades - mage bunkers and can strip away a few enemy's with shooting
3 units of 6 knights w musician main diversion units and can go after war machines if necessary 
10 knights w full command- back up unit and gives a 3rd hammer unit
11 inner circle knights w full command and banner of swiftness main core hammer unit
2 great cannons -  necessary for big monster hunting
2 x 10 outriders w musician and sharpshooter - main shooting units 30 strength 4 shots a turn can deal some damage
2 x 4 demigryph lances w full command- 2 additional hammer units
10 reiksguard w razor standard final hammer unit
2 hellblaster- can keep a large part of the battlefield enemy free
2 steam tanks- used for tying up big tarpits
Celestial hurricanium there for the +! to hit for my knights and extra power dice
main issues I can see is that the lore of metal will hurt and breaking steadfast may be an issue any tips would be appreciated