Author Topic: The 13th Ahsin Precinct: Gankom Hits the Sump of Necromunda.  (Read 1832 times)

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The 13th Ahsin Precinct: Gankom Hits the Sump of Necromunda.
« on: August 18, 2019, 01:06:45 AM »
I've done it, I've taken the plunge to get into Necromunda. It helps that the Enforcer kit has come out (Which I love the look of), and I can convert them as well. I plan to make them up so that I can run them as a gang AND use them as veterans or Inquisitorial Acolytes in a normal game. I love the thought of running them with Inquisitor Eisenhorn and putting the hurt on to some chaos scum.

My local community has decided to change things around a little and set it on a homebrew hive instead of the regular Necromunda. All our stuff otherwise is based around a homemade sector, so we figured we'd set this there as well. hence was born the hive of Ahsin Primus. A desolate spire, the only 'true' hive on a scorched, burning world that's used as little more then a giant mining camp. The hive is the main refinery, smelter, forge, spaceport and every other sign of civilization crammed into one.

The 13th Ahsin Precinct is the Enforcer stronghold deepest into the sump. Underfunded, overcrowded, and fighting a war on all fronts, the Enforcers of the 13th do what they can to keep the peace. And maybe make some quick thrones on the side.

I haven't looked into it much yet, but I believe the guys running the coming campaign plan to use a number of homebrew rules to balance things up as well. I know they want to change some of the ways Enforcers work to make it somewhat more like other gangs and give them a reason to get money and buy equipment. I think they said they're going to base it on an older popular homebrew called kingly's enforcers or something.

One thing however is I find I'm a little disappointed in the kit. The models look sweet, but there's very little variation and they've made it very hard to convert. Certain arms and hands only fit certain ways. All the arms and hands are separate. The shoulder/arm space is designed to not fit normal guns. I can, and will, convert guard bits to mix things up but they've certainly made it more difficult then it had to be. On the flip side I was hopping to use some of the extra guns on guard bodies to make vets or acolytes, and once again its going to take way more converting to shave things down and fit them.

Anyways, the Necromunda dive begins! I plan to spend tonight and tomorrow building some sweet looking dudes, and then playing around to find a good colour scheme.