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Re: Empire Town project - scenery
« Reply #75 on: April 04, 2022, 02:20:23 PM »
Juliet's father went to a lot of trouble to improve his home with the balcony. Suspect his neighbors were saying, "What is Lord Capulet doing?" :icon_eek: :icon_wink: :icon_lol:

Seriously, it looks good! :eusa_clap: :::cheers:::

By the way, the real question ... what is B&P?

Hehe - I have the old GW Merchant and scribe blister, so perhaps when I eventually paint them he can live here and be called Capulet, although it's not very Germanic sounding  :-P

B&Q is the major UK DIY/Home Improvements store. National institution, fairly ugly orange signage.

That's a great scratchbuild!


Thank you!

Here are some painted photos. The wood is possibly a bit black in comparison to my other buildings, I may tone it down. Since doing this I've built another building entirely, getting my stock up to 5 standalone buildings plus the ones attached to the walls. I need to paint that but then I'll put it up here.

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Re: Empire Town project - scenery
« Reply #76 on: April 25, 2022, 04:59:42 PM »
My final house for this stage of the project: a merchants building/corn exchange type thing, with an overhanging first floor and a small trading area underneath. Also painted up some old artillery crew members as merchants.

I swapped out the telescope from the main guy's hand and replaced it with a scroll of contracts - and puttied over his chainmail. I envision these guys as a moderately wealthy trading family:

I wanted to do a building with usable space for gaming/posing models, hence the idea. In order to be able to paint the ground floor under the overhang I had to make the first floor removable, and it slots into the wooden border around the top of the support beams:

As it's almost perfectly square this means the top part can be rotated to face different ways:

Which I guess gives it a degree of flexibility! It's also marginally easier to move models under when you remove the top.

This may well be the last building I do for a little while due to work and other summer stuff, although I do want to do a few scatter terrain pieces soon, and paint up some of the 30 or so more civilian minis I've been hoarding. I mean to alter some of my older buildings as well to match the newer ones somewhat, small things I've learned over the course of doing them. I hope to find a good gaming mat with cobbles or flagstones to use as a base and then I'll put them together for some photos and hopefully a game or two.

I'll carry on posting here but perhaps look for a few other places to share the stuff as well, atm reddit is the only other place I post. It's been very enjoyable writing these accounts - thanks for reading  :::cheers:::

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Re: Empire Town project - scenery
« Reply #77 on: April 27, 2022, 02:34:22 AM »
Great job
I'm in the process of dissolving sprues with acetone to make scenery with. I've already made half of Stalingrad

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Re: Empire Town project - scenery
« Reply #78 on: April 27, 2022, 05:20:01 AM »
This wonderful project might be over, at least for the moment, although looking forward to seeing your next, congrats! :eusa_clap: :::cheers:::
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Re: Empire Town project - scenery
« Reply #79 on: April 28, 2022, 06:11:58 AM »
Agreed. Fantastic work!

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Re: Empire Town project - scenery
« Reply #80 on: April 28, 2022, 12:45:47 PM »
Really really nice! Very impressive!  :eusa_clap: :eusa_clap: :eusa_clap:
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Re: Empire Town project - scenery
« Reply #81 on: May 07, 2022, 09:54:54 AM »
You have a great feel for making believable little architecture. You put in just the appropriate amount of detail (like the little patch of multicolored bricks amidst the larger slabs of pavement in your latest build). Really cool!
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