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Has anyone tried out Reaper's Warlord? The thread on Mordheim got me thinking about it.

Its a skirmish fantasy game set in its own world.

I bought the 1st edition starter eons ago, and just the other night I was going through it and was stunned that it retailed for like $70 at the time, which seems pretty steep and I am surprised I bought it for that price, unless it was on sale. I don't remember.

But what really appealed to me was that it was an interesting starter, and is about the size of a large, extremely thick book, so storing it would be easy. The rulebook comes with army lists so if you wanted to expand on the armies that came in the set you could, which I did.

The minis are hit and miss, but I do have some I really like.

Like these guys

I am in the process of re-basing a lot of my older minis to bring them back to what they originally should have been, and I originally did give these guys the Warmachine treatment, even though the rules specify square bases. So I am hunting down 25mm bases from that era. As in, non-GW 25mm bases. The crapier kind.

Anyway, its hard to really judge Warlord fairly since the WFB setting crushes it, and Mordheim is such a classic. But I imagine if I had discovered Warlord first, I really would have enjoyed it until the others game along. Now I am sort of trying to pretend to do that.