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Round 4 Summary
« on: August 21, 2005, 03:41:27 AM »
Our shortest round thus far has now come to an end; plenty of fast and determined fighting went into this one! The Round 4 Summary is now here for your enjoyment.


Middenland-Kislev gained 1400 points
Talabecland gained 3350 points
Stirland gained 0 points
The riots increased by 1600 points

Round 4 Control Rates:
Stirland: 11,100
Middenland-Kislev: 7,050
Talabecland: 7,700
RIOTS: 11,075

Bechafen remains CONTESTED.


Middenland/Kislev gained 12,800 points.
Talabecland gained 12,400

Round 4 Control Rates:
Middenland/Kislev: 19,800 points
Talabecland: 12,400


Rhya's Sisters

Talabecland gained 1,500 points  

Round 4 Control Rates:
Stirland: 24,900
Talabecland: 28,650

Rhya's Sisters remain CONTROLLED by TALABECLAND

Udo's Fall

Talabecland gained 2,600 points
Stirland gained 8,400 points

Round 4 Control Rates:
Stirland: 30,600
Talabecland: 29,700

Udo's Fall is now CONTROLED by STIRLAND

The Uneasy Watchman

Stirland gained 23,200 points
Middenland-Kislev gained 10,800 points

Round 4 Control Rates:
Stirland: 50,850
Middenland-Kislev: 46,400

The Uneasy Watchman is now CONTESTED by STIRLAND
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