Author Topic: Never mind the Mural! The Men of Middenland have Spoken!  (Read 2523 times)

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Never mind the Mural! The Men of Middenland have Spoken!
« on: August 23, 2005, 01:27:02 PM »
Continued from "the mural speaks" and "A soldiers prayer"

The wolf pelted warrior sought out the old curator from amongst the kneeling priests, soldiers and towns folk.
They were all there now, at the Speaking Mural of Kaltenbach, all the faithful who had prayed through the terrible onslaught of the misguided Talabeclanders now gave thanks for their deliverance.

Straining to see through the crowd, it was the curator who first saw the man looking for him and made his way to tap the warrior lightly on the shoulder.

"Herr Joseph!" the warrior smiled a wry smile, "your dream was right! Skoll must have been sent by Ulric himself to defend Holy Kaltenbach! It was indeed as you were foretold in your vision, ranks and ranks of Talabeclanders like great waves rushed our walls but they were mowed down by our masses of arrows and crossbows, those who reached the walls never made it further then the end of a 'spear tip' as long as men of Middenland stood upon the walls, and now their banners lie muddied and torn on the fields made wet with their blood."

"You forget the church teachings too quickly!" the curator said sternly.
"Ulric does not fight our battles for us, nay he only shows favour to those who show courage and who are not weak!"

"Yes, we have indeed showed courage Herr Joseph but ... how do you explain the haunting howl of a wolf at the 11th hour that so many soldiers report hearing?" ...

THe old mans reply was cur short before he uttered a word as the high pitched nasel voice of a messenger boy announceed to the gathered crowds.

"Hear ye hear ye!"

"All Imperial troops of Middenland and our brothers in Arms!"
"This announcments is brought to you by the War Counsel and General Richter..
The Uneasy Watchmen that was gloriously captured by our troops just last week has been attacked and is now surrounded by the heretical lapdogs of Martin of Stirland who have taken advantage of our holy plight here in Kaltenbach.
Now that the unfaithful Talabecland armies have fallen at our walls, All available troops are to march for Fort Gregory immediately..."
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