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2500 pts Empire Archaon rules
« on: June 24, 2015, 11:53:59 AM »
Going to play a few friendly games with some friends on friday - I shall write a story about the results in lore flavour here at a later date.

The Empire is in shambles and the Chaos forces are threatening the world on all sides. General Albertz Zan Vaas has gathered a small expedition force to find a legendary weapon to change the war. With him are a small group of trusted aides, as trusted as some could ever be.

Albertz Zan Vaas expedtionary force
The Empire 2500 points value, Archaon Rules.

General Albertz Zan Vaas
Warrior Priest with Meteoric Iron

Albertz is still training to become an Arch Lector, although the practical means to do this has been demolished by the world ending war since all official Arch Lectors have been put into action and Altdorf has been abandoned. Albertz primary forces are former deserters and lost soldiers of Altdorf who needed religious guidance to take up their arms again. This Warrior Priest has not given up hope and thus rallied these men with vigor and determination sorely lacking in the common man of the End Times. A veteran at war and a survivor of the siege of Altdorf in the face of Brothers Glottkin, Albertz vowed this endeavor could spell the doom of all things chaotic. Hope is still at hand and even the most lost among the souls of men are now shining with fierce zeal. 


Captain Karn Orost
Battle Standard Bearer, Full Plate Armour, Shield, helm of skavenslayer

A trusted former Captain of the Watch, who proved his worth at the Siege of Altdorf, picked an impressive banner lying in the blood drenched soil of Altdorf, outside the main gates - which no longer could protect the city. His devotion to the banner is higher than even his belief in Sigmar himself, his ferocious devotion is an act of desperation by a man who has lost everything and absolutely needed something to protect in order to live on. He follows the light shining from the glowing eyes of Albertz. Hoping to one day see what that man sees and once again become whole again.

Fammeldrang Af Klo
Witch Hunter with Brace of Pistols

Brutal, evil and merciless would be a fitting description for this despicable man. Murderer of children, women and even sigmarites in the belief that chaos lingered inside their souls. His victims are above thousands, since his word has put entire villages to the torch with carnage following close behind. He offered his services to Albertz for reasons unknown since he hasn't actively served any army before, preferring to act alone. Distrustful and silent he follows this expedition with his pistols cocked and always weary of everyone around him.

Wizard Lord Grums Hoff
Lvl4 Life with Talisman of Preservation, scroll of shielding

Wizards are all mysterious and their reasons for actions always weird and stupid, according to most biased commanders and the common soldier. Lord Grums is a beacon of intelligence and all things good a wizard can provide. Having good advice ready for Albertz whenever he seem fit to give it. His healing magic has also made most soldiers in the expedition to trust him in a way most wizards have to work to gain for many years.
Grums believe in this quest for the legendary weapon and will use all forces of magic he can possibly maintain to push the war in their favor.

Battle Wizard Horst Von Galen
Lvl 1 Fire mage with Fireball spell and Dispel scroll.

Horst is everything the common man is afraid of about wizards. Stark raving mad with a need to burn everything near himself to make his surroundings look nicer. On the good words of Grums, he was advised to put himself on fire instead in order to always maintain the beauty of fire close to his crazy heart. This has saved many lives in the expedition to say at least...
Horst Van Galen is a burning fire mage who scares everyone, who knows for how long he can control the flames of Aqshy...


12 Knights of the Broken Sword Full Command

Mercernary knights with no chapel house intact in this broken old world. In order to keep some semblance of order, they pledged their services for Albertz holy quest to obtain the legendary weapon, a quest they hope will bring the order great wealth and fame to save its future.

5 Demigryph knights with musician and magic banner - reroll first failed leadership test.
The Order Of The Broken Sword also has a small group of demigryph knights to bolser their devotion to Albertz Quest.
These brave (or crazy) knights have once fought knight versus demigryph in the wilds in order to tame and capture it alone to prove their worth and respect for the beast. Out of several hundred knights only a precious few return form the wilds with a tame demigryph, but non of it's ferocious deadliness gone.  Some whispers this is one of the main reasons why the order can't maintain a true fighting force anymore.

5 Pistoliers
A few nobles who was fed up with watching chaos burn and loot everything their parents owned decided to pick up pistols and ride a horse into combat, since no knight want an untrained youth to fight along them, they were assigned to become a small scout party for Albertz expedition.

37 Greastswords Full Command magic banner +1 leadership
The main fighting body of Albertz, the proud beardy greatsword warriors of Altdorf were once broken apart in the siege of Altdorf. But a certain man with a silver tongue and zeal in his eyes made them realize they could always continue slaying enemies of the empire even if their main regimental leaders are all dead.

10 Huntsmen with musician
Old foresters of Reikwald Forest pledged their services to Albertz when his force was marching through the forest. Knowing the End Times wont spare their homes, these huntsmen thought it a good idea to be part of the expedition force for protection, if not at least have a few friends to die together with.

Celsetial Hurricanum
This Arcane Battle Altar was found in the outskirts of Altdorf. A sad and lonely acolyte tried to have a deep philosophical talk with the twin horses pulling it at an extremely slow pace. A few words and a pledge of service made the man less pathetic and more devout to a cause instead.

Steam Tank
An old and rusty steam tank, it's name since long forgotten and unknown forever was found in an old forge in Altdorf during Albertz first hours of talent scouting for his expedition. It's commander a old son of a long lineage who kept the steam tank's existence a secret for all, even during the siege of Altdorf. He did try to participate but an old wound was bleeding oil all over the workshop. He wasn't done until the battle was already over, and so has grudgingly pledged his services to Albertz to find some action and redemption.

Helblaster Volley Gun
Great Cannon   
The gunnery crew of Altdorf wasn't entirely wiped out, a small group of them pull along their war machines with strong horses to follow Albertz quest for the legendary weapon.

Army Point value 2497
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Re: 2500 pts Empire Archaon rules
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(( General Silk,

I just felt like doing a story review, since you had a story army.

So... hopefully my comments will make some sense.  It can be a bit trickey to swap rules into world-speak.  Also, sorry about the wall-o-text that this may look to be.

Anyway, hope you like it. ))

War… war never changes.  For the countless time, Krueger pondered what he was doing here.  It was the beginning of summer, and, in the reikbelt, that meant hot, sweltering, boiling, suffocating heat.  Muggy, sticky temperatures that sapped the strength out of everything.  And yet, here he was, in the reikbelt, sweat making his silk shirt stick to him, and generally making him miserable.  From dawn till dusk everything suffered from this unmoving heat.  Even night offered little respite as… when the sun went down, hordes of mosquitoes popped out of everywhere.  It was only his own foresight to bring along some citronella cream that had prevented the old man, and his charge, from being covered in insect welts. 

Worse, he found himself surrounded on all sides by a wretched hive of scum and villainy.  This… army, to use the term extremely generously, wouldn't even qualify as one, if it came from the disreputable Border Princes.  It was a barely held-together, quagmire of thieves, cutthroats, muggers, desperadoes, deserters, traitors, vagabonds, cowards, and ill-respectable ruffians.  It was a granfalloon.  A mob whipped up into a frenzy by a fiery orator of a clergyman.

Making matters worse, Cossette had accompanied him.  Again.  It seemed like she was always with him.  It confused and vexed the old engineer.  He wasn't sure why the little girl never wanted to be with Paetricia or Katarina or even the Lady Issabella.  He had even suggested that the half-sister priestesses take the orphan with them, to have the Grand Matriarch inspect the girl, but they politely refused.  They stated their summons was a Church matter, and Her Grace would not have the time to properly see the child.  So… yet again, the old man found himself in her company.

More puzzling still, the most curious of treasures had found its way into the possession of this throng of unwashed barbarians and philistines.  Hefting the quartet of pouches and canteens in his hand he mumbled aloud, "Still… rare spices from Cathay, and sake… I haven't had sake in… a dozen years.  A paying client is a paying client."

Looking at his client, the old man put down his payment next to him, and pulled out fistfuls of paper from his greatcoat.  He hated dealing with the clergy.  His reputation and faith in science did not sit well with the Church of Sigmar… or Cult of Ulric… or the Moorians… or anyone who was easily swayed into believing in the supernatural and divine.  Still… a paying client was a paying client.  Adjusting his papers, Krueger began, "If you are ready, your Grace, I have completed my inspection of your army.  Due forgive, but I am required to make my comments brief and concise.  There are a number of persons who have hired the services of my liege the Elector Count Albrecht von Metzger, and I will not be able to elaborate, as I am inclined to do.  Still, should something need elucidated upon, I will touch those bases."

"If I may start with you, your Grace.  First, I do wonder why you do not have a great hammer.  I see your armor is made from metals cured with mercury, making it much stronger and lighter, while offering excellent protection.  Still… since you do not wield a shield, a zweihammer should fit you well.

"Next, I… understand that you are not properly ordained to wear the mantle of Arch Lector; however, I doubt most of your… flock would really know the difference.  If I may suggest a little, white, harmless, stretching of convenience, I would think you would find it useful to call yourself an Arch Lector.  No one would really challenge your claim on the title, and… it might offer you a bit more leadership amongst your… army."

The old man paused here, and flipped through his pages.  Finding the one he was looking for, he continued, "Here we are… your Bannerman.  I do noticed he is well protected… but… I do find it odd you have an Ulrician with you.  I would think a devout of Sigmar, like yourself, would only allow a Sigmarian Bannerman.  My warrior priestess colleagues tell me of a Burial Shroud of Sigmar, that, curiously, works exactly like the Ulric Cloak… but… has the blessings of the First Emperor.  More importantly, though, I noticed he does not have a Pistol.  While… I understand that most who rely upon muscles and brawn are likely to scoff at the sheer utility of a Pistol, I must recommend it.  Hauptman Orost, while his eyes seem to focus on nothing, is keen of sight, and quick of action.  A pistol increases his ability to act and react on the battlefield.  Sometimes, a single shot from a pistol can change the outcome of a fight.  If you lack such arms, I do have a few still with me, that my liege, the Elector Count von Metzger, has given me permission to rent, for only a few additional silver, your Grace."

"I do not like your witcher."

Both men looked at Cossette.  Krueger wondered, yet again, why her eyes were so blue.  "Cossette, please, we discussed this.  You are not…"

The little girl held her hand up imperiously.  Krueger found himself at a loss for what to do, and became quiet.  Locking her unblinking eyes with the pontiff, the Cossette spoke, without moving her lips.  "Your witcher serves no purpose.  He tries to hunt monsters well beyond his arms and armaments.  And, his meager trinkets designed to ward off evil spirits and magicks are weak and ineffective.  He serves no place in your army.  Send him away, before he causes you trouble."

For several heartbeats, Krueger said nothing, waiting to see if Cossette would continue.  She had gotten into this perplexing habit of just speaking suddenly, and, just as mysteriously, being as quiet as midnight again.  "Ah… do forgive, your Grace.  The poor girl is touched and an orphan from Moussin… Mossum… Mosillium…" The old man shook his head in self disgust, "Do doubly forgive, my Bret-spiel is weak, at best.  Yet, that is where the girl is from, originally.  My own liege has declared her protected, until all the troubles die down, whence we can return her to her family."

Not sure if his words calmed the prelate, the old man quickly continued, "But… she does have a minor point, your Grace.  Your Witch Hunter does seem a bit… out-of-place with your army.  What role did you want him to serve?  More importantly, I do know that Witch Hunter services do not come cheaply… and yet you have a Volley Gun with only the most rudimentary of crews.  If I may suggest, perhaps you could send your Witch Hunter on his way, and hire the services of a gunsmith or master engineer to work with your Volley Gun.  If you lack the knowledge on who is a reputable client, I do have a list with me, of local engineer colleagues that I have worked with before, and know how reliable they are.  An engineer would be able to whip that crew into shape, and make your Volley Gun more bite, and less bark.  In fact, if you do hire an engineer, you could be able to send your other gun team home.  The armored carriage and volley gun with engineer should be able to handle anything ugly that comes your way.  The silver you save would let you hire a mounted engineer to support your desperadoes, and expand them to a lucky six, for example… or perhaps purchase some arms and equipment to allow your knights to be in a full lance of twelve. "

The old engineer pushed his glasses up his nose.  As was his nervous tic, he rubbed his bald head.  "Moving onto your next compatriot, your Grace, I'd like to discuss your mages.  First, your apprentice.  While… I understand that he likes to throw around fire like it’s a toy, perhaps you should see what else he could research?  I'm not sold on the trickery of mages, but… I have seen them be very effective at illusion and befuddling others into believing their sideshow antics.  I've seen a number of pyromancers do more dangerous things than simply lob Tilean tar-fire bottles."

Crumpling up a page, Krueger stuffed it into one of the bottomless pockets in his coat.  He then shuffled and flipped his other papers, till he found the notes he was looking for.  "Here we are… Lord Hoff, your botanist.  Your Grace, while… I've seen druids take excellent care of farms and forests… I haven't been impressed with what they can actually do in battle.  If I may as be so bold, perhaps, given the motley army you have, a shaman would better suit your needs?  Shamans are well skilled in making food and potions that bring out a soldiers… or in your case your thugs, inner beast, making them a ferocious Wildman.  I've even known shamans to brew a potent spirit from potatoes that can make a man as strong as a ox… albeit for a short dose of time.  They are also quite capable athletes, surprisingly.  I've borne witness to one throwing spears with the same force as a ballista."

The old engineer stuffed another page back into his coat.  Taking a moment, he looked over to his right, where Cossette always seemed to like to be.  The way she made eye contact with him still felt unsettling.  She never seemed to blink… just… stare.  Those otherworldly blue eyes watching him.  He tried to smile, to let her know he wasn't mad at her, but her blank expression didn't change an ounce.

"Ah, your Grace," stammered Krueger, "I only have a few more comments.  Firstly, your army does give the semblance of an Empire mixed formation.  A little infantry… a bit of cavalry… and some missile support.  If I may comment on your rangers.  While I understand they make for excellent scouts, I feel they are doing the same duty as your desperadoes.  Perhaps you could just give them a standard role as irregular archers, and save the fee it normally takes to convince commoners to accept the dangerous task of scouting ahead.  In doing so, you'd allow them to act as an escort for one of your wizards, and you might even save a few Imperial silvers you could spend on other food and equipment."

Krueger paused to give the cleric a moment to ask a question.  Seeing no response from the pontiff, the old engineer shrugged to himself, and continued.  "Speaking of your desperadoes, I also noticed that your desperadoes do not have a musician.  I've worked with pistolkorps extensively, and know that a bugle call, at the right moment, will quickly rally them from their standard bait-and-flee duties.  If you lack a working horn or bugle, I do have a couple of silver trumpets, that I have been given permission to rent out… though, being as they are of such a high quality workmanship, it will require a bit larger of collateral.  You understand, your Grace.  They are not mine to freely give."

Pursing his lips for a moment, Krueger collected his thoughts on what to say next.  "Alright… I am at a loss for your lance of demigryphs.  I've seen the beasts in combat; however… I've never born witness to such a size of them as they are in the Broken Sword.  I am… puzzled as to why.  While the demigryphs themselves are animals in combat, they… are not highly disciplined.  Worse, the riders are more show than substance.  In the size of lance that they are in, the rear-rank demigryphs will not really be able to support the attack much, as only the riders will have the forethought to stab forward, while the demigryphs will just roar and buck in frustration.  Perhaps you could split them into smaller lances?  Or, perhaps just make them a quartet?  Also, while I understand that their banner is colorful and bolsters their morale, for a bit… perhaps a war banner or something that will embolden them to boost their confidence in the attack?  If you need, I do have a banner blessed by my colleagues, the Warrior Priestess Katarina Friez and Paetricia Senatoriae that often boosts the combat results of the unit bearing it.  Not sure how it does it… but… I've seen it work."

"Your Astromancery Orbitational Conflux, while very welcome, may find it hard to decide what to assist in its calculations," interjected Cossette.  "It knows the movements of the planets, and its elevated platform will allow her crew to better organize your fighting actions; however, your army is part chaotic movement and part stagnant rest.  It is unclear which part the Conflux will assist better… just that it may struggle beyond its limits to try to assist both."

To keep the ire of the priest down, Krueger coughed, and then scolded Cossette, "Young girl, that is enough!  His Grace will no longer tolerate your petulant outbursts, and neither will I.  If you cannot be quiet for the remainder of our discussion, I will not allow you to accompany me any longer." 

Suddenly Krueger felt ashamed at his reprimand.  For the first time in the seven months he had known Cossette, an emotion came into focus on Cossette's perfectly blank face.  Seeing Cossette actually give a physical reply confused the old engineer, and made him wonder if he had gone too far.

"Your… your Grace, perhaps it is getting to be a bit late for Cossette, so I will do my best to quickly wrap up my comments.  Your… zweihanders.  While I know they maintain an image of being better than normal State troops… I've watched them in combat.  They are no more skilled than well-drilled swordsmen, and I've seen swordsmen survive blows that tear a Greatsword in twain.  It's… quite gruesome actually.  More to the debate, halberd troops can often accomplish much the same tasks, and usually for far less silver.  Given you do have the tactical advantage of the Conflux, as Cossette called it, perhaps you'd be better served with an over-sized company of halberds or swordsmen.  I think you could be able to afford almost three halberds to the price of two zweihanders.  Quantity has a quality all its own.  The swords might not have quite the sting of the zweihanders, or halberds, but they do have the gear and training to stay in the fight, until your knights or riders can hit the same unit in the flank."

Stuffing the ream of papers into the bottomless vault of a pocket on his greatcoat, Krueger took a moment to fish around the several pouches on his belt.  Finding what he was looking for, the old engineer knelt down to Cossette's height, and offered the girl a butterscotch.  "We can discuss how you can help our clients later, Cossette."  He picked up the pouches and canteens, and slung them over his shoulder.  Standing back up, he turned to face the priest, "Barring any questions, your Grace, I have already received my payment, and do need to make haste."

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Re: 2500 pts Empire Archaon rules
« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2015, 09:58:17 PM »
I did like your way of commenting, even if I didn't agree to all of if.
As you might've noticed in one sentence, it was a friendly game so I didn't put all power of sigmar behind it.

Altho, the witch hunter grants my wizard 2 plus wardsave vs magic, kinda ok boost of protection in my opinion :)
Also, during the game, I released a heavy and scary spell through - and used scroll of shielding in combination with my witch hunter - 2 plus wardsave for the whole unit for one magic spell effect, almost as effective as a dispel scroll right ^^

The game did turn out pretty ok for me, ended with a draw since I wasn't prepared to face a Emperor Dragon, was lucky it made a number on flanks instead of my center.

Mhm, this list wont stay as it is anyways - I didn't like to have only one strong infantry unit = will make more changes and change army story wildly for the future.

mhm, I did fail to mention plus 1 leadership banner on my greatswords. Reroll on that should've been ok.
In the end, the list wasn't a failure for effectiveness, it felt abit boring to play. Gotza have at least one rocket battery next time.

Gonna buy alot more empire before it's gonna be invalid next edition - space marines with swords felt so gay I couldn't bother to wanna save money for it. My gaming group loves 8th edition so I don't need to worry about 9th edition existence.  Next list will be alot more interesting and lore-rich. And a true lorewise-battle-report will be made. 

Gosh, the quality of my story telling was kinda bad this time, I will probably do something alot more interesting next time! And that list will follow me through a big map campaign !

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Re: 2500 pts Empire Archaon rules
« Reply #3 on: June 19, 2022, 06:13:22 AM »
What are Archaon rules?

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Re: 2500 pts Empire Archaon rules
« Reply #4 on: June 19, 2022, 11:31:43 AM »
Perhaps associated with the rules created for the Storm of Chaos campaign?  Although with the fluff written in this thread, perhaps just the title name of a scenario or army list was used for the game mentioned.

The story material for the army list was a good read though. :icon_cool:
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Re: 2500 pts Empire Archaon rules
« Reply #5 on: June 19, 2022, 09:30:34 PM »
Given that this thread was resurrected after about 7 years, I may perhaps be forgiven for suspecting that stjernerlever is not just a interested threadomancer, but a smart bot.
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