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Character guide
« on: December 22, 2016, 12:49:22 PM »
Here is the character guide for ONE of the Empire armies I have [the state troops/ 'standard' one]
I've had these characters for years but I've never shared them with anyone before

Sir Heinrich Kodel
Essentially, a cross between Rowan Atkinsons Chief Inspector Raymond Fowler [Thin blue line] and a 'nice' version of Edmund Blackadder [basically, he's two halves of Rowan Atkinson]. The noblemen is aloof, pedantic and gets great enjoyment out of reading old books and smoking. After being injured in a battle with some Nurgle worshipping beast men, his left arm became injured and never healed fully. Since then, he has carried a light, spiked cudgel into battle.

Lord Warwick
Sir Heinrich's neighbour and superior. The man is a sigmar bothering thug who would have his troops lynch anyone who looked at him cockeyed. Possess more money than common sense

Captain 'Iron-skin' Cullen
The commanding officer and champion of the pike regiment. 'Iron-skin' has killed more foes than most men have had cold dinners [microwaves don't exist in ye olde worlde, remember]. He's the combat professional all the others rely on and thusly has a limited vocabulary and education [His name is a reference to a fictional character. Can you figure out who?]

Captain Bolzen
The officer of the crossbow regiment, Bolzen inherited a lot of money and spent it on flashy uniforms and chromed armour for his troops. Doesn't like Goblins much.

Captain Red
Champion and commanding officer of the second pike unit, Red earns his name from his uniforms colours and orange hair.
Red puts on an act that he's a 'great' guy when new recruits approach only to wind up being their worst nightmare the following day. His philosophy is "If you cant march in a straight line and take a good bit of verbal abuse then you cant fight monsters"

One of Sir Heinrich's servant's. As thick as two short planks but loyal to her master and his relatives.

Captain Bosch
The chief of the local watchmen. Bosch was once the most handsome man in all the land but lost his looks when a troll vomited on him. He now commands the towns watchmen. Bosch is as fair as he can be with the law breakers of the time,saying things like "Awfully sorry but this is your last warning, I have no option but to cut your head off"
As the chief watchmen, Bosch lives high of the hog as he is entitled to a free pig every month

Elaine; mistress of the 'bad' house
Elaine has a morally questionable position but always tries to steer clear of trouble. Lord Warwick once tried to boil her alive only to nearly be killed by his own troops as she was too popular with his men

Miles; the barbarian
A man who fell into his job by accident. Miles is every famous 'barbarian' archetype rolled into one. He fights monsters, cultists as well as a wide variety of other villains and has many lady friends. He does have a high standard of morals though, frequently warning children about dangers and troubles they might face

Miles was once accused of a horrible crime he did not commit and was forced to flee town which set him onto the path of becoming a barbarian [a dying profession in the region] He returned to town after the young hero had received a sword from an old wizard [why does that sound so familiar?]. He rallied the townspeople and soldiers against the enemy and won the day. Though he was awarded by Sir Heinrich with more clothing, he chose to keep his dirty, old loincloth instead

The only character on this list to not be a member of the army, T'shii is one of their many foes. T'shii [the T is silent] has the body of a beautiful and extremely well endowed woman but also possess the tail of a snake with two rattle like appendages on the tip. Although she appears very pleasing to the eye [her top half at least], she's in reality a two faced snake monster with lots of teeth and an unquenchable thirst for murder and mayhem

These are a bit short as I'm writing this on the laptop and its battery is nearly flat. Sorry if they appear too clichéd, bad or anything. I just like writing sillyness :smile2: We cant all have stories with wall to wall bloodshed and hard nosed anti-hero's :engel:       

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Re: Character guide
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Good characters Bosch is the best.
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