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T9A 4500 pt. Starter army
« on: March 05, 2018, 07:26:59 PM »
Long time fantasy player but had to quit for a few years due to RL.  Like the T9A rules but haven't played yet.
 Would like some feedback on this tournament list if you please.

++ Empire of Sonnstahl (Empire of Sonnstahl 1.3) [4493pts] ++

+ Characters +

Knight Commander [416pts]: Shield, Young Griffon
. Magic Items: The Sonnstahl

Marshal [266pts]: Horse, Shield
. Magic Items: Dragonscale Helm, Sword of Strength

Marshal [318pts]: Army General, Great Tactician, Great Weapon
. Magic Items: Armour of Destiny

Wizard [400pts]: 3x Add up to 3 Learned Spells, Become Wizard Master, Pyromancy
. Magic Items: Sceptre of Power

+ Core +

Electoral Cavalry [512pts]: 9x Electoral Cavalry, Replace Great Weapon with Lance, Shield, Upgrade to Imperial Cavalry
. Champion
. Musician
. Standard Bearer
. . Veteran Standard Bearer: Banner of the Stallion

Heavy Infantry [756pts]: Halberd, 49x Heavy Infantry
. Champion
. Musician
. Standard Bearer
. . Veteran Standard Bearer: Banner of Speed

+ Special +

Knights of the Sun Griffon [350pts]: Champion, 3x Knight of the Sun Griffon, Musician, Replace Halberd with Lance and Shield

+ Sunna's Fury +

Flagellants [460pts]: 25x Flagellant

Steam Tank [440pts]

+ Imperial Armoury +

Artillery [235pts]: Volley Gun

+ Imperial Auxillaries +

Reiters [170pts]: Light Armour, Light Lance and Shield, Musician, 5x Reiter

Reiters [170pts]: Light Armour, Musician, 5x Reiter

++ Total: [4493pts] ++
"...so matched they stood, for neither were like to meet so great a foe..."
John Milton "Paradise Lost"

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Re: T9A 4500 pt. Starter army
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2018, 12:01:20 PM »
Where does the Knight Commander go? With the Sun Griffons? And the Marshal on horse goes into the Imperial Knights?

This is a potent CC list, reasonably fast and aggressive. It looks like a strong list if played to its strengths: keep it together, but leave some space for the cavalry to maneuver.

As a tournament list you probably aim it to be all-comers? In that case I would be a little bit worried about the lack of heavy artillery and shooting. There's some small-medium calibre shooting and the pyromantic wizard can generate some real havoc at great ranges. Maybe that's enough?

Also the total lack of supporting units and chaff might make it hard to compete with fast & killy forces. But the cavalry & Reiters surely help some way in this regard.

Would be nice to hear how the tournament went and what your thougts are of playing such a list.

Actually, it's interesting that the tournament doesn't run with the 2.0 beta rules. They've been out some time now.

Live in peace and prosper.