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T9A: Vermin Anteaters
« on: July 10, 2018, 08:06:53 PM »
Over on the Ninth Age, there is a different homebrew ratman army book brewing: Vermin Anteaters.

As a homage to that intuitive image of bipedal anteater-men, here's an African cousin of the anteater family, an aardvark. I hope there's space enough for all manner of mammals-turned-humanoids in this shunned horde of mound-dwellers and anteaters? Dress from Dogon ceremonial warrior attire (you gotta love how less-is-more didn't count back in the day when these styles were developed). Being fantasy, the below concept takes the over-the-top step of turning ceremonial stiltwalking into a tool used by anteater monster hunters, for you need to reach high to slay those big beasties:

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Re: T9A: Vermin Anteaters
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Not where I thought Vermin armies would go, but there you go!
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Re: T9A: Vermin Anteaters
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The heck with the stilts.  He needs to lengthen the weapon, maybe even get a pike. :icon_wink:
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Re: T9A: Vermin Anteaters
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I'm a big fan of the thought of battle stilts.