Author Topic: What are some of your favorite Space Marine chapters?  (Read 245 times)

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What are some of your favorite Space Marine chapters?
« on: August 09, 2021, 02:32:57 PM »
So I just saw a new codex for Grey Knights has been released for 9th, and a new game set which is already sold out, and then also the Grey Knight terminator sets no longer available. Doesn't say temp, just say no long avail. Makes me wonder if GW released this codex to clear out old stock.

Anyway, I really like the Grey Knights. Some of my fav looking models yet have never build one let alone played them.

In addition to the Grey Knights, I love the first born Black Templar models too. I think the artwork for them is just amazing. Like this:

There is just something about the look of these two chapters, like if they appeared, you'd be like, "oh shit".

I also like the Crimson Fists, yet do not like the Imperial Fists. If the Imperial Fists were another color, I might have done all three Chapters over the years. Instead I am just annoyed where the Crimson Fists and Black Templars come from.

I do think GW has knocked it out of the park with many the pre-Primaris models over the years, particularly around 6th edition. I do find something I like from many of them.

I also feel like due to GW's war on bitz sellers, we don't seem to be getting the same kind of variety in Primaris marines as we did with the First Born. Maybe that will change, but for now the armies all look very generic at the moment.

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Re: What are some of your favorite Space Marine chapters?
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I really like the Imperial Fist. Their approach to siege is fun, along with a striking color pallet and TTS made me just fall in love with Rogal Dorn himself.


I also really like the Space Wolves for their space viking-ness and the William King novels really sealed the deal on them for me. I also love the Salamander's uncomfortable friendliness and more even handed/sympathetic attitude towards non-transhumans both military and civilian alike. They even get to visit their families and their descendants.  TTS also cemented my love for them too with their depictions of Vulkan and the Salamanders.


I also like the Ultramarines Roman-esque scheme and the Sons of Horus color scheme is strikingly pleasant. Especially with the red plumes and black, green, and bronze armor.

I have been tempted to just do a mixed force and have a squad from every founding chapter I like. But that's a lot of paint.
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Re: What are some of your favorite Space Marine chapters?
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along with a striking color pallet

Do you find that color hard to work with? I avoided Blood Angels for years simply because red was such a hard color to work with. I could never find a paint that would uniformly cover a model and look great, until Mephiston-whatever red came along. Now I do love working with red.

But there are some other colors, yellow being one of them, I just try to avoid. White too.

I am a fan of Dorn btw, going all the way back to Epic Space Marine version 1. He was in a story in the beginning of the rulebook and was one of the first named marines I learned about.

Also a fan of the Sons of Horus due to: Epic Space Marine. Although back then they were straight black, and I have always kept them that way.