Author Topic: Is 40K FB/AoS But With Far Far Far More Range Combat, Revolving around It?  (Read 65 times)

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I been watching the YT channel Modeling For Idiots play 40K Recruit Edition's tutorial found in the set's manual. I already been playing AoS a crap on after buying the Starter Kit and prior to that been playing some solo games using Fantasy Battle Manuals and drawing unit blocks on sheets of Paper because I didn't own a single model or even cheap other toys like Masters of the Universe figures prior.

From their Youtube playthrough of the Tutorial scenario not only does the basic commands for the 40K appear as the same as AoS and FB's functions but at least a few of the tutorial scenario is almost exactly the same as the Tutorial lessons found in the AoS Starter Set's Manual.

The only significant difference I seen so far is a hell lot more shooting. So much that it feels like 40K revolves completely around firepower and the one with the more Dakka of gun power and range wins. That Dakka decides everythng through sheer shooting.

So is 40k Basically Fantasy Battle and AoS with Guns?

Or are there far more significant differences not covered in Recruit Edition's manual (well the missions Modeling For Idiot's played out anyay)?

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Suspect the introductory game rules are far less complex than the rest of 40K, but haven't played the former.
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The very basic game mechanics in FB and 40K are very similar, so of course they can be compared, and the obvious difference is that 40K has guns, whereas FB mostly revolves around close combat.

Haven't played AoS, so cannot say much about it. Yet even there, when you have the GW design principles and granulation of d6's, I can imagine AoS can be compared. Especially when both AoS and 40K are mass-skirmishes (no regimental rank-and-file units).

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