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hello all. I have recently begun a venture making basing aids, textured basing materials in bulk, custom work including terrain pieces, and plan some upcoming dungeon terrain. I will be using this thread as a news outlet.


.I make and sell custom bases. I often have off cuts left over. This post is for bulk bags of offcuts. The below link has examples

Photos 08/22/17 https://imgur.com/gallery/V0eii

I also , as stated, make bases and do other custom work, including terrain/dungeon layouts. Pm with any questions.

Prices are as follows:

Snack baggie = $4
Sandwich baggie = $8
Quart baggie = $10

Options currently include:

Norse/fantasy Runic

Mayan ruined temple

Crusader temple

Cracked earth


Double Diamond deck plating

Egyptian ruins

Greek tile

Elven temple

Random assortment of the above.

For those interested in bases, I offer every size and shape needed for wargaming or rpgs.

25mm/32mm bases are 0.50 cents each, and prices go up from there. Highest price currently is a knight Titan base at $4.50.

I can expand my line of textures over time (reinvesting) or by customer special order. If you would like one of the following I will need an order of at least $25 and an extra week of processing time in order for my tool maker to produce and ship me the tool.

Possible new textures:

Wood planks

Reb brick walkway

Block brick/ rough cut stone block

Chaos Runic

Celtic Runic


Triple hexagons

Disclaimer: yes, the tools I use are commercially available, and thus you could potentially make items like mine yourself. I personally see my business as a service for those who do not want to invest the time, money, and logistics into making this happen. I am also less expensive, generally speaking.

Furthermore, I have direct confirmation from the manufacturer that I can sell my finished works that use thier tools in construction.
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