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Army of Hochland [2400]
« on: May 09, 2015, 08:06:18 PM »
The army of Hochland marches!  :happy:
Comments and criticisms welcome.


Arch Lector
Great Weapon, Heavy Armour, Shield
Dragonhelm, Talisman of Preservation
War Altar of Sigmar


Battle Wizard
Lore of Light, Wizard Level 2
Dispel Scroll

Captain of the Empire
Full Plate Armour, Pistol, Shield
Imperial Pegasus
Helm of the Skavenslayer, Biting Blade, Luckstone

Captain of the Empire [Battle Standard Bearer]
Full Plate Armour
Dawnstone, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Might

Master Engineer

Witch Hunter
Brace of Pistols

+ Core +

Archers [10x]
Detachment: Archers [5x]
Detachment: Archers [5x]

Knightly Orders [5x]
Lance and Shield

Spearmen [40x]
Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer
Detachment: Swordsmen [15x]

+ Special +

Great Cannon

Greatswords [38x]
Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer
Banner of Swiftness
Detachment: Halberdiers [15x]

+ Rare +

Celestial Hurricanum

Helblaster Volley Gun

War Alter and Hurricanum boost the Greatswords/Spearmen. BSB and Witch Hunter go with the Greatswords.
Wizard goes in archers behind the Greatswords, while the detachments get in the enemies way (Griffon Formation style).
Engineer goes mainly with the Hellblaster. Knights clear chaff, Pegasus hunts warmachines and harasses the backfield.

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Re: Army of Hochland [2400]
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(( Grendel083

Okay, first "armour"… that "ou" will always make me chuckle.  :) Anyway, instead of a normal review, I thought I'd put this one up in story-form, as it lets me practice my writing skills.  Hopefully it makes some sense. ))

Michal Krueger clicked closed his pocket watch.  It was well past breakfast, and the Halflings were quietly setting up for early-lunch.  He knew he could no longer delay for the Priestess Senatoriae to arrive.  He would have to give this review alone.  He hated talking to the clergy.  His… agnosticism was well known in the Empire, and barely tolerated.  Well… not fully alone.  The old engineer peeked to his left.  Cossette sat next to him, watching him, while she swung her feet under the chair.  The little girl always seemed to find the biggest chair she could to sit in.  Krueger wondered if it was because she enjoyed swinging her feet.

A loud harrumph refocused the old man's attention.  He turned back to address the high potentate.  "Your Grace, I apologize, but it appears that my colleague, Priestess Senatoriae, will be unable to attend.  I do have my notes ready, if you wish to receive just my review."

The Arch Lector barely moved his bald head.  Krueger took that as consent.  Taking a swallow of honeyed mead to steel his courage, the old man began his commentary.  "Your Grace, I'd like to start with your lieutenants.  First, your Pegasus Knight.  While I understand that many of the more… unenlightened commoners believe in magic and mysticism, it does make me curious that your Pegasus Knight is equally as convinced.  I know that the claims of his sword being able to cut through rock and hardwood are impressive; however, I feel you are being duped by the local alchemists.  A well-sharpened and oiled sword from your smithies offers the same abilities, and would save you several pieces of silver in the process.  Also, while I understand that the Knight believes the rabbit's foot is lucky, I can certainly tell you it is not.  Else, the rabbit would still have it.  His heavy helm, thick armor, and shield, not to mention his perch atop that pegasus mare, should be enough to protect him from the vast majority of mundane weapons brought against him.  You could probably save a few extra silver by having him return the rabbit's foot as well."

Clergy never liked it when you even suggested they may be incorrect.  Krueger looked over, and gave the faintest of smiles.  Cossette still starred at him, as if he was the only thing in the universe.  Lately, the old man had wondered how she came to know about the heavens and the movement of stars and planets… most Bretonnians were ignorant of such things.  And, even those who received tutelage from the Fay Enchantress, were often more skilled in the ways of druidism and herbalism.

Flipping the pages of his notes, Krueger adjusted his glasses, and brought his attention back to the Arch Lector, "Next, your Grace, your Standard Bearer.  Again, I understand that your Soldiers feel a need to bring 'magical' weapons to the campaign; however, your Standard Bearer is not living up to his potential when he does so.  Think of it this way.  His supposedly-magical weapon helps him, and only him.  Now, if he brings along a flashier banner, or a banner that is blessed by the Clergy of Sigmar, not only will he be able to take heart from such a trinket, but his compatriots will as well.  A billowing banner boasters all men to brave boldness on the battlefield.  If you lack such a banner, I do have a couple of banners blessed by our own priestesses, as well as a banner designed by the Lady von Hauptmann herself.  My own liege has given me permission to rent such banners out to you, your Grace, for just a trifle of silver.  Oh, I also have a few additional pistols as well, your Grace, as I noticed your bannerman does not have a sidearm.  Good, quality pistols from the gunsmiths of Kolt and Weston, that I may also rent, for just a handful of silver coins."

"I do not like your Witch Hunter," imperiously interrupted a timid voice.  Both men turned to Cossette.  Her azure eyes gave off an otherworldly glow.  She continued to speak, though Krueger wondered if she was moving her lips or not.  "He seems out of focus in your militia.  What is his role?  What is his design in the cosmos?  Is he along simply because he does not believe in the horrors around him?  Does he follow you for a desire to slay, as he calls them, witches?  Do you not have a witch hunter already in your White Knight?"

"COSSETTE!  That's enough!" scolded Krueger.  The action surprised himself.  "I… Cossette, please, his Grace is allowing you to sit with us, on his best chair.  It is not polite to say such comments."

Taking another swallow… well, two for good measure, Michal Krueger readdressed the high pontiff.  "Your Grace, do forgive her outburst.  Poor girl is so traumatized by current events, and she simply wants to go home.  My own liege, who is well versed in medicine and ailments of the mind, thinks the child is touched."

As was his nervous tic, the old engineer rubbed his bald head.  "Though, your Grace, she… does have a tiny point.  The witch hunter who travels with your army… does seem a bit redundant, when you consider that you do have a White Knight."

"Also," continued Krueger as he shuffled his notes to another page, "while I understand that hierophants do pretend to offer protective magics, maybe your army would be better served by a shaman?  Overall, no matter how much we train, humans are on the… weaker side of both strength and martial prowess.  Shamans do have an uncanny ability to… awaken manly and berserker impulses, granting a toughness and strength not normally seen in soldiers.  Shamans can also set up snares and tripwires, causing enemy formations to stumble and stagger.  Which, in turn, allows your own armies a better opportunity to be the one charging, and not the one charged."

"Moving on to your army itself, your Grace, I would like to say that your army is a fairly standard infantry-line.  You do lack the ability to exploit holes in your opponents battle formations, though.  With only a small, squad of knights, your army is overall sluggish, and reactive.  Especially, if you want to keep them huddled around your mobile altar, and that contraption that reminds me of a fire-brigade cart.  You may want to consider another unit of knights… or perhaps some Rangers or Huntsmen.  The knights would give you a second unit that can exploit opportunities on the battlefield.  The Rangers would allow you to forcibly channel enemy formations and movements, letting you decide where to engage them, instead of vice-versa."

With a motion that would have put card sharps to shame, Krueger picked up all his notes, and stuffed them into one of his oversized coat pockets.  "Your Grace, if you have no questions, I do need to meet up with my colleague."  The old Engineer turned to Cossette, "And you owe this man an apology for your outburst."

Cossette said nothing.  She just continued to bore her eyes into Krueger's skull.  "Ah… do forgive, your Grace, she often goes days at a time in this mute catatonia as well.  If you have no questions, we will be on our way. I will pick up our recompense from your secretary."

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Re: Army of Hochland [2400]
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I always type it 'armour', don't know what you're steaming on about.

List definitely needs a level 4 wizard or your troops will get killed by direct damage spells or debuffed to be complete pushovers.
If you dont take more than 1 light wizard you might want to skip the War Altar. It's cheaper to give your spearmen a cheap priest and stick the lector in the greatsword unit. If you do want to keep the altar it might be a good idea to take a charmed shield to block some cannonballs or bolt thrower shots.

For the pegasus captain I would swap the Biting Blade for a lance or a great weapon, if you take a GW drop out the shield for a 2+ save. Biting Blade gives you nothing if you go after small chaff units, war machines or wizards.
BSB is fine if you fear facing ethereals or just want some extra punch in there, but if he's going with the greatswords his 3 attacks are unlikely to make a difference. Could shave 20 points here again.

Engineer is great for the helblaster. "A naked engineer does wonders to your artillery."
Witch Hunter is fancy and all, but not that competitive. Again, you could save a bunch of points by dropping the altar and giving this unit a priest with MR(2). You would also get an extra channeling roll.

Archers are good, perfect for a wizard bunker. I prefer having 2 units of 10, instead of 10 + 2x5 Detachments, simply because you get an extra deployment drop in the deployment phase. There are positive sides in having the detachments also.

Knights are decent chaff, war machine hunters, etc.

Spearmen are not so optimal, you usually want to have maximum ranks to remain steadfast as long as possible. With spears you will get 5 extra WS3, S3 attacks, while with halberds you would get 11 WS3, S4 attacks. While the halberdiers are more expensive, having S4 is way better than getting an extra 4 attacks per combat.
I'm one of those people who think shields could be worthwhile for spearmen. You get 5+/6++ in combat and against shooting. For Halberdiers shields are worthless as they only help against shooting.
Detachment: I would take halberdiers here. Detachments usually gets to attack the enemy from the flank, therefore they will receive very few attacks back. This sort of wastes the extra survivability of swordsmen.

Nothing to say about the cannon, maybe deploy near the helblaster so the engineer can aid the cannon if the helblaster isnt in range.

Greatswords aren't optimal when compared to demigryph knights, but oh well, each to their own.
Greatswords have few good magic banner options: either Discipline to get LD9 stubborn or LD10 stubborn if you put your LD9 general in here. (if you choose against the War Altar), banner of swiftness for M5, which is a lot better than our snailish 4. Razor standard is also pretty good as your attacks become WS4, S5, Armour Piercing. I don't think the other standards are really that worthy.
Detachment: See what I wrote earlier. I think halberdiers are the right choice.

Celestial hurricanum is fantastic. I used to have it in every single one of my lists. One free power dice per phase? Yes please. +1 to hit? Oh, baby, yes! Your greatswords will hit opponents of greater WS with 3+ (unless they have like WS9) they will even chop some units up on 2+ (Ogres? Almost everyone has WS3, same with Skaven).

Helblaster can really put the pain on almost any unit. If you want to blast trolls or other enemies with regeneration, you can cast soulfire on your war altar (if it is within 6" of the helblaster) to give it flaming attacks. After that it will rip apart Trolls, hellpit abominations, you name it.
"Sigmar is like a barbaric, warrior Jesus, and only appeared to be a mortal man."
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Re: Army of Hochland [2400]
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Thanks for review guys, appreciate it  :happy:

The Arch Lector (Lucius Teodoro II) might be stern (and often times grumpy), but he does not dismiss the advice of his advisors lightly.

This force is for a local tournament coming up, so can't be focussed on just one force. My local meta has a lot of Undead/Chaos/Elves with a lot of magic and Ethereal units kicking about.

I agree I probably went a little overboard on the Pegasus gear, honestly I just had some left over points with not much to spend them on. The magic weapon though is to deal with the ethereal units I know I'll be facing at some point.

In regards to the standard bearer: a pistol would be nice, I'll try and squeeze the points for that. Shame the repeater isn't an option for more characters (especially as it's included in the plastic General/BSB kit!).
True a magic banner would help more than just the bearer. The Greatswords are the main combat unit in this army, they will be right in the thick of the fighting. His main benefit is Hold the Line and the Ld re-rolls.
If I give him a magic banner, I can't give him items to help keep him alive. For a unit that will be facing many tough combats, survivability is pretty important. plus the Greatswords themselves have a magic banner (I've found that +1 movement to be very useful for these guys). His magic sword is for the same reason as the Pegasus Captain's - so the unit isn't completely helpless against etherial. And having effectively 3 greatsword attacks at initiative is nice  :biggriin:

The Witch Hunter is there for Magic Resistence. Not much else, it's a magic heavy meta. There are items that do it for slightly cheaper, but I'd have to buy another character to carry it.

Amber Vs. Light wizard is something I've been pondering, I may well change.
The thought behind Light is mainly because the wizard rarely gets a spell off. I'm not going to dominate the magic phase with a single lvl2, I'm very light on magic (no pun intended). When combat is joined I'm mainly going to be throwing 6 dice into battle prayers from the Popemobile. In a purely passive sence the Wizard carries the scroll, helps with dispels, and boasts the Wagons Banishment. If he gets a spell off its a bonus.

The War Alter over Priests was a tough choice, but the Banishment works well in my Undead/Daemon meta, increased Ld bubble, and superior hatred bubble (effects characters unlike priests) helped sway my decision. Plus throwing 6 dice at a prayer in a hope of getting irresistible is the main aim here (due to the high amount of enemy casters). It's more likely to go off, rather than casting the same power in different units.

Spears Vs. Halberds is more influenced by my actual model collection, I won't lie. They're more of a holding unit than a damage dealing one.

It is an infantry line, you're spot on there. Another fast unit would be nice. I'll see if there are any more points to be squeezed.

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Re: Army of Hochland [2400]
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It's ok but, as mentioned above, you could change a few things to make it better.
Halberdiers are superior to spearmen.

BSB has same kit I run when I use an infantry based list.  Greatswords can get the magic banner so use his kit to keep him safe.

Don't mind the witch hunter - 2W, pistols, accusation rule and immune to terror are probably worth the 30 points you are paying over and above the straight cost of MR2 on another character.

If v magic heavy could go armour of destiny and some MR - makes him pretty much DD/MM immune but does leave him open to a cannon in the face

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Re: Army of Hochland [2400]
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If v magic heavy could go armour of destiny and some MR - makes him pretty much DD/MM immune but does leave him open to a cannon in the face
On which character? Seems too much to spend on the Witch Hunter.

Arch Lector has a 4+ ward from the Talisman, plus heavy armour. It's a tiny bit more expensive than the Armour,of Destiny but allows for the Dragon Helm to be taken. Having had my Arch Lector shot off his wagon by Elf sisters, a bit of protection against flaming is well worth it!

Great suggestions so far, appreciate it  :happy:
Will look to adding some of these tweeks soon.

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Re: Army of Hochland [2400]
« Reply #6 on: May 10, 2015, 04:44:16 PM »
Sorry, should have made clear - AoD & MR on the arch lector

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Re: Army of Hochland [2400]
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(( Jomppexx

Sorry... the "ou" thing is more something I just find funny.  American-English vs. Oxford/Queen's-English.  Didn't mean to offend.


Just some thoughts based on your comments and questions.

1) Something to think about for the Pegasus.  Over the Dawnstone, look at "Iron Hard Hooves".  Getting a re-roll to a to-wound roll on an auto-hit is freaking huge!  It pretty much ensures you'll wound up to T4, reliably threaten T5, and even challenge T6 or better.

1-A) For example, my White Knight, tends to be equipped with the following: Full Plate, Shield, Lance, Pistol, Pegasus with Iron Hard Hooves.  Yes, I cannot directly hit ethereal creatures, but otherwise, I have a 2+ Armor Save, a 12" threat radius from the Pistol (at BS 5), and can reliably cause some 4 wounds a turn.

1-A-1) If I want a magic weapon for my White Knight, I tend to use the Sword of Might (and swap out the lance).  I'd rather have a bonus to wound and against armor, than just against armor.

1-B) As for magic gear for your Battle Standard Bearer, if you want to give him protective gear, take a look at "Ulric's Cloak" (aka, the Burial Shroud of Sigmar).  It's pricey, but it makes your BSB more difficult to hit in melee (usually causing enemies to hit him on 4+ instead of 3+), gives him a ward save, and gives him a super-fire-ward-save.

1-B-1) The Magic Banner the BSB can carry is, overall, a better meta effect, than giving the BSB a magic weapon.  The magic weapon helps his three attacks... a Magic Banner helps everyone's attacks.  The BSB... the champion... the rank-and-file troops... the Witch Hunter... the Priest... etc.  It offers a better, overall boost to your combat results.

1-B-2) Overall, though, it's also about how much risk you are willing to take.  Protective equipment helps keep your risk low.  Magic Banner means your BSB is now more open (meaning more risk), but now you've increased your potential damage output.

2) For me, Pistols on my Captains and Elector Counts are a mark of office.  And, a supirze attack.  The BS of our characters is pretty impressive at 5, so, I figure I might as well get something that'll let them take advantage of that BS 5... otherwise, we're paying for a stat increase that we're not using.

2-A) Over a repeater-Pistol (as that does seem Engineer-y to me), I'd be fine with a Crossbow.  Shoot, I'd love it if a Witch Hunter could get a Crossbow, as well as Pistols.

3) Speaking of the Witch Hunter, to me, his Magic Resistance is not all it's cracked up to be.  There are too many spells that aren't direct damage, that can utterly cripple units, and the Witch Hunter provides no protection against.  Also he isn't "immune to Terror", his stupid "Fear-But-Not-Fear-Because-Human's-Can't-Possibly-Be-Scary" ability (aka, "Grim Resolve"), just reduces "Terror" to "Fear" instead... but "Grim Resolve" also does not transfer to the unit the Witch Hunter is in.

3-A) With the Zweihanders able to take a Magic Banner as one of their options, you can get a cheap Magic Resistance via the Lichebone Pennant, and get just about the same protection at about 30% the price... freeing up points elsewhere.  And you don't need to add a character to do so.

3-B) 3 magic attacks is... okay.  With the "Pile In" rule, losing guys due to low Initiative or Always Strikes Last isn't as bad a penalty.  You'll get up to two-ranks of attacks.

3-B-1) Besides, if you want magical attacks, there are two schools of magic that offer excellent buffs.  Metal, with Enchanted Blades.  And Fire with FLAMING SWORD OF RUIN!!!!!!

3-B-2) You did say that your Light Wizard is basically a glorified dispel scroll holder.  If that's all you want him for, and you're worried about etherial creatures, Fire and Metal do offer better results.  Both have good default spells, and Fireball is one of the best spells to try to hulk-out with.  Not only can you increase its range, but you increase the number of hits it causes!

3-B-3) With you using the Hurricanum, you're already getting a +1 to hit, so I would suggest Fire.  Flaming Sword of Ruin is cheap to cast for a Level 2 wizard.  You stand a decent chance of getting the spell.  And, it makes your attacks magical and FLAMING... allowing for an easy way to get around ethereal and regeneration.

4) There is nothing saying you can't have a War Alter with Arch Lector and a Warrior Priest.  Someone has to be the acolyte-boy.  Another Priest also gives you one more channel attempt.

5) As to "6"-dicing your spells.  Something to think about.  You can lure out dispel-dice from your opponent by bating him.  With Magic's all-or-nothing feel to it, sometimes undercasting spells gets your opponent to think they aren't that powerful, or that they're not worth worrying about.  Who cares about 1d6 Fireball hits, when they're starring down the Banishment Laser... except for the fact that those Fireball hits can away Regeneration... but your opponent is "Blinded" by the big Banishment Laser.

5-A) Also, Prayers can be cast on 1d6 with a 67% chance of success.  Shoot, a base-level Fireball cast by your Level 2 wizard has a 67% chance to go off on 1d6. (5+ is your Target, so you only need a 3+ on the d6).  A small prayer or Fireball might not seem like much, but they can eek through an opponent waiting for your War Alter Banishment.

5-B) Swapping out the Light Wizard for Amber, Fire, or HEAVY METAL will weaken the War-Alter-Banishment-Laser.  Still... the Banishment is hitting with a Strength 4, and now everything can wound up to Toughness 10.

6) As to Spears, I use them as well.  Mine are painted, so they have a pretty good "hey use us" lobby.  Still Spears are cheap, and you can field a decent number of them.  And, there is nothing saying you can't charge with them.  Sure, you lose the extra rank of defenders... but you do gain +1 to CR on the turn the Spearmen charge.  A suprize charge can change the dynamic of the battlefield.

6-A) Spears also synergize well with Beasts and Fire.

6-A-1) Wyld Stallyon (aka Wissian's) form takes your Spears from S3 to S4... though every unit pretty much benefits from Wyld Stallyons.

6-A-2) Flaming Sword of Ruin lets your Spears wound on a 5+ at worst, against everything.  That's kinda buff.  Spears give you more attacks on the defense, and now you're doubling the chance of wounding.  Upon seeing this once, your opponent can then be baited into trying to dispell / counter Flaming Sword from being cast.

6-A-2-a) Flaming Sword would also help your Greatswords, potentially letting them wound T4 on a 2+.

7) Something else to think about.  Banishment is a magic missile... meaning you can't Banish into melee.  You really only get 2 turns of non-melee, where your Banishment has the chance to target optimal targets.  After those 2 turns, your Banishment will basically just target "stuff that's around", as your melee units should have arrived into melee by that point.

7-A) So, at this point, the Banishment of the War Alter should take lower priority over your Prayers and Wizard Spells.

7-A-1) Now, if your Beasts wizard has Curse, he can Curse into melee.  Now, not only will your guys be +1 to Hit (from the Hurricanum), your opponent will be -1 to Hit.

7-A-1-a) And, should you win melee, if your opponent breaks and runs... my understanding is that the flee movement will be considered a Dangerous Terrain test (Failing on a 1 and 2).  Even if you don't catch him, potentially another 33% of the unit may die, including multi-wound character models.

7-B) The point of all that is while the War Alter Banishment is nice, and Prayer's are nice, it sounds like you might be underestimating the influence your wizards can have in melee.

7-B-1) I'd rather be 1d6 casting Battle Prayers to try to sneak them through, and trying to multi-d6 casting wizard augments/hexes.

7-B-2) Also, remember, if your opponent rolls a 1 or 2 as a dispel result, he loses concentration, and that wizard can no longer attempt to dispel for that turn.  I've seen a number of Level 4 wizards try to counter a 3 with just 1d6 (as the player is thinking "Oh, I get 1d6+4.  There's no way I can't dispel a Power result of 3), and lose concentration.

7-B-3) I've also seen a number of players "over-dispel" a spell, just to try to avoid the result of 1 or 2... pulling precious dispel dice away from the spell you really want to cast.

So... hopefully that gives you something else to think about with your army. ))

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Re: Army of Hochland [2400]
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Some very good points there (and tactics!), thanks for sharing the wisdom!

I'm not sold on the Iron Hard Hooves though, mainly because the targets the Pegasus goes for can't be Stomped. Warmachines tend to be the main target, can't stomp them. Things like buff chariots (Corpse Cart springs to mind) are a fine target, but are likewise immune to stomps. There's not a lot of Toughness 5 Infantry, short of powerful characters. I can't really justify the cost of upgrading an ability that will see little to no use.

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Re: Army of Hochland [2400]
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Re post above

Point 1-A) aren't the captain weapon options either/or? If you have a lance you can't take a pistol

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Re: Army of Hochland [2400]
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(( Sceleris,

Well I'll be a monkey's aunt.  I guess the Empire book does say "one of the following:".  Huh.

My mistake.  The 7th edition Empire book had "and/or" as an option for the Pistol, so you could take it in conjunction with other mundane equipment.

Still, with BS 5, all that means is that I'm going to update my suggestion to "Sword of Might" and "Pistol" instead of "Lance" and "Pistol". ))

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Re: Army of Hochland [2400]
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Not something I'd noticed either. Bit of a pain.
Magic sword and pistol is a nice combo, really like that the Pegasus Captain can march and fire with it (while only having long range minus most of the time).

Still annoying that the Captain (and general for that matter) can't have a repeater pistol. I'm sure there were some in the plastic kit...