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New Player 1500 point list
« on: May 17, 2015, 10:23:13 PM »
Hi all, returning player creating a new 1500 point list. Have about 40 points to play with but this is the gist. Its also going to play my wife who is HE.

Could you also let me know if this is rulebook legal? I'm not sure if I am.

Arch Lector 100 points
- Great Weapon 5 points
- Armour of Meteoric Iron 25points (Heal 2 wound per turn +1 toughness)
- Dawnstone 25points (Bearer may re-roll failed armor saves)
- Crown of Command 35points

Captain (BSB) 60points
- Standard Bearer 25points
- Sword of swift slaying 25 points
- Enchanted Shield 5points (armour save +2)

Battle Wizard 65points (life)
- upgrade to level 2 35points
- Dispel scroll 25points

Unit of 40 Halberdiers 240points + Full Command 30points = 270points
- Detachment of 10 Halberdiers 60points
- Detachment of 10 Halberdiers 60points

Unit of 10 Archers 70points + musician 10points = 80points
- Detachment of 5 archers 35points
- Detachment of 5 archers 35points

Unit of 10 Archers 70points

Unit of 3 Demigriph knights 174points
- upgrade to preceptor 10points

Empire Great Cannon - 120points

Steam Tank - 250 points

General Tactic:
- Griffon formation
- First lot of archers with archer detachments screening, annoying, misdirecting
- Halberdiers with Halberdiers detachment are the big unit, hopefully getting the charge in. Arch Lector and BSB in it.
- Second lot of 10 archers at the back with the life wizard bunkered in there
- Steam Tank maybe takes one flank or perhaps near enough the griffon formation to scare/direct opponent to help my halberdiers charge well
- Demigryph riders not sure what to do with them, but perhaps similar to the steam tank, taking advantage of things
- Cannon doing what cannons do best.

Anyone offer some advice on first the list, and second what my general tactic should be? I think its solid with plenty there to make the opponent frown. What do they concentrate on?

- Ignore the tank they are in trouble
- Ignore the demigryph knights they are in trouble
- Let me get the right charge with my halberdiers and they are in trouble

What you guys think?


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Re: New Player 1500 point list
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2015, 10:46:49 PM »
- In the current edition, the AoMI costs 50 points, gives a +1 AS and a 6+ WS. As far as I know, it never healed wounds or added Toughness (at least not since 6th edition). Thus the items for the AL exceed the maximum points allowed.
- A unit of 40 Halberdiers should normally be steadfast against enemy units that are likely to win - the COC is perhaps superfluous.
- Give the BSB FPA (it is not included anymore). I do not think the SoSS is much use to him. Consider the Shrieking Blade.
- The DGKs will benefit more from a musician (Swift Reform, +1 to rally, win/not lose in case of a tie) than a preceptor. 
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