Author Topic: New child board for Warhammer 40k is open in the Count's Tavern.  (Read 3041 times)

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There is now a new Warhammer 40k child board in the Count's Tavern.  It was a difficult decision for the administrative team to make.  The internet offers many viewing opportunities for Warhammer 40k and there was a concern that adding a 40k presence would detract from the mission of this site: to provide the best Empire discussion, tactics, and information on the internet to our community.

After some discussion, we acknowledged that 40k had a presence already on many of the boards we already had.  By creating a place to discuss the 40k world, members can now essentially one-stop-shop for their 40k information while still enjoying the strong, vibrant community we have here at W-E.com.

Many of the more recent threads have been moved to this new board.  If you find older threads involving 40k or one of the games linked to it, please alert any admin or mod on duty through a personal message and we will move them to the new board.
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