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GW Nemesis Crown Booklet - What it Has + What Concerns Us
« on: April 25, 2007, 02:32:14 AM »
Hello all,

I was halfway done this thread when apparantly the Backspace Button makes my internet go Back a page... I lost the entire thing :icon_evil: :cry: :icon_evil: It always seems to happen when i'm working on something big!

Well, let's try this again. I just recieved my Booklet and this is what is within. Also included are my own thoughts on what really effects us (as the Empire) as well. Without further ado....

The Nemesis Crown Booklet

Front Cover
- Big Picture of High King Thorgrim of the Dwarfs with faded. Obviously they will play a crucial role.

Inside Cover/Page 1
- Large picture of Orc, Dwarf and Empire armies about to clash. Seems to foreshadow Empire winning since we're charging the Dwarfs from then rear with Archers and the Orc Troll and Chariot from the flank with Pistoliers.... anyways...
- Big Schpiel about 'We're Having a Campaign, you should play!' All the general basics.
- Table of Content (Ooo! Aaaa!)

Pages 2-3
- Will be Edited In (I don't want to go through it again right now.) But basicly the same as mine in the Info thread.

Pages 4-5
- BIG MAP. Very nicely detailed map (unfortunatly not a foldout). Liberally covered with symbols and names that are later described on page 25. Unfortunatly does not include the regions and needs to be referenced with a map later in the booklet.
- Lots of nice names and labels, as well as major paths and such (IMPORTANT: We will be fortifying these as per our Mission Statment)
- Includes a more minor list of what all the symbols are on the bottom of the page, ranging from Villages to Goblin Lairs, Ruined Forts to Skaven Lairs.

Page 7
- Map of Contested Territories that can be referenced for the positions of the Regions.

Pages 6, 8-11
Note: Items under 'Referenced from Map' are items shown on the map, they may or may not end up being important, though we can make them so. Also, items marked with a * are important to remember for some players and items labeled with a (MAJOR OBJECTIVE) are just that.
Note: Also, none of the regions on the Map are labeled to certain Real World areas and such. The assumed ones thoguh can be found in the info thread.
-The Great Forest
     - Brief Summary of what the Great Forest is and how men hate it. Basicly, they live very close to the major paths etc. and despise the forest because of the beastmen, goblins etc. etc that lie within them.
Regions on the Map
- 1) The Draken Downs
     - Most North-Eastern Region
   *- Within the 'Grand Duchy of Middenland'
     - Full of vicious beast etc. including ancient and mythical beasts (mentions Manticores and Jabberwocks).
     - Apparantly the HQ of Grimgor Ironhide resides within this region. (MAJOR OBJECTIVE - Any player in this region and those around it should include things like scouting for the HQ, uncovering large paths through the forest leading towards a major gathering place etc.)
     - Beastmen are gathering in earnest (no duh, they are all over the place).
     *- Elector Count Boris Todbringer active in the area with Troops.
     Delberz - Major City at the vital point between the Middenheim-Altdorf road crossing of the River Delb. Full of adventurers and those wanting to buy Ancient Treasures and Dragon-related items.
     Ancient Dragons Cave - In an ancient cave which whereabouts are of legend there lies the tomb of one of the mightiest of the Ancient Dragons, which lies wrapped around it's last clutch of Eggs.
     Map-Referenced Sites - 2 Villages (Jurgengard, 1 Unknown), 1 Manor, 1 Inn (The Wyrm and Bucker), 1 Watchtower (The Saturnine Tower), 1 Tomb (Slayers End).
- 2) The Drakwald Deeps
    *- Decrepid and Tarnished lands (Corrupted by Crown?)
     - Part of the 'now-vanished province of Drakwald'.
     - One of the Deepest parts of the forest, home to 'Ancient Evils'
     - Legends and Tales tell of evil horrors living within the area, whether it be the ancient spirit of a long dead dragon or those marked by chaos who congregate in the region.
    *- The Hag Trees are immense and ancient things that Beastmen and Cultists go to worship from miles around, flocking to offer up their gifts and sacrifices, as well as hanging those who spy up with the dead in the trees.
     Wulfric's Barrow - The tomb of a long dead chieften of a clan from before the coming of Sigmar. The Stone Circle is apparantly haunted byvengeful spirits who hate Sigmars Heirs. (Aka. nothing really good there, let's ignore it cause the dead dunnae like us.)
     Schwarzlache's Tower - Old people are drawn to the tower... yeah, thats right, old people. Actually, it calls them 'drooling elders' but whatever. Legends says it is occupied by a Necromancer who plays a dirge on some enchanted-organ ensorceled with captured spirits. Don't let our Elder Generals near it, they might catch the fever.
     Map-Referenced Points - 1 Village (Magnusdorf), 1 Inn (The Second Thought), 1 Watchtower (Angelika's Tower) guarding a Ford, 1 Stone Circle (Jutonkraag) and Unknown Caves.
3) The Reiks Marshes
     - Largest Stretch of Unbroken forest iin the area
     - Primarily unsettles as it is owned piecemeal by the Nobles of Altdorf as retreats and hunting grounds, with little lower citizens residing in the area. (Note: Controversial with the Map)
     - Because of this constant surveillance by the Noblemen, the region is largely untainted by even the largest of game such as bears.
     - No major roads present (also controversial with the map)
     - The Marshes are haunted by ancient Defenders of the Empire (Yay for us!)
    *- Rumour has brought to light the possibility that cults of Noblemen have been gathering in the clearings deep in the forest. While unable to be prooven, the possibility is great.
     The Bergerhoff - An ancient Dwarf citadel now occupied by the Empire, it is the largest Fortress on the map. Often seen as a very good position for soldiers due to it's position within the region. There are also many Inns within it's shadow, servicing travelers moving through the region.
     Marbad's Tomb - The burial ground of one of the Empires Great Chieftans, the tomb has been raided multiple times by tomb robbers, but it's ancient depths which hold Marbad and his secret have never been cracked.
     Map-Referrenced Points - The Midden Moors, The midden Marshes, 3 Villages (Albrechsdorf, 2 Unknown), 2 Towns (2 Unknown), 1 Manor (The Etzelhaus), 1 Inn (Unknown), 1 Fort (Unknown, Within Moors), 4 Watchtowers (Albrecht's Tower, 3 Unknown), 1 Tomb (Tomb of the Lost Ones), 1 Cave System, 1 Goblin Lair, 1 Orc Encampment.
4) The Howling Heights
     - Middle-Top of the Map
     - Basicly lots of craggy cliff and hill goodness wich is extremely windswept
     - The Winds are always howling, high in the cliffs and a low thrum in the valleys. Tales tell of hearing voices, screams and threats on the winds themselves.
     - Populated only by Sheperds in small hutts.
     - Full of lots of stuff from Ancient times (tombs, circles etc. from pre-sigmar)
     - Sightings of strange things seen by Merchants and their men are often reported, from strange flying shapes to beings seen out of the corner of the eye.
     Mandredsfeld - Field where Count Mandred faced off against chaos. Lot's of dead bodies still whole (from the year 1124, so kinda weird) in skeleton form. "The dead do not rest easy here." Mandred won, butr his camp was soon hit by the Plague, so mass burials are also frequent in the -feld. All this means for us is STAY AWAY. We don't need it cause it's just a bunch of dead people.
     Khrazi Dudd - The mines where the Crown was originally rediscovered.... um, thats about it. I think we should avoid it cause it'll be a hot place to be while we go and fulfill our Mission Statement.
     Map-Referenced Points - 1 Village (Unknown), 1 Watchtower (Tower of Mourning), 1 Manor (Lopoldhaus), 1 Ruined Town (Ruins of Juttesdorf), 1 Ruined Fort (Unknown), 1 Tomb (Temple of the Fallen), 1 Orc Encampment, 1 Goblin Lair, 1 Skaven Lair.
5) The Rauberthal
     - Middel-Center of Map
     - Same as Howling Heights except only Hills, no craggy 'mountains'
    *- Known as a haven for Bandits, who have occasionally come together and laid seige to the populace therein.
    *- Middenstag Castle is the Bastion against the Bandits, and was laid seige to 3 times over the past 2 centuries. When attacked they light their giant Beacon (a la LotR) and aid comes from Middenland. (Note: NOT ON THE MAP! what the heck?)
     Untergard - Strategically vital crossing point on the River Drelb, the town is in ruin because of Beastmen raids, though it's Bridge is still intact and vitally important.
     The Temple of Leopold - A temple of Sigmar used as a rallying point for the Citizens of the Rauberthal. The Warrior Priests here are exceptionally zealous and are known for their fiery oratories and war against the Beasts of the forest.
     Map-Referenced Points - 1 Village (Markstammfelden), 1 Ruined Village (Unknown), 1 Town (Unknown), 1 Watchtower (Kaspar's Tower), 1 Inn (The Last Chance), 1 Stone Circle (Trenkenkraag), 1 Skaven Lair.
6) The Great Confluence
     - Where the Talabec and Delb rivers meet, ultimatly flowing into the Reik.
     - Therefore has huge amounts of River traffic (refugees!)
   *- The whole area is highely fertile, but prone to flooding
     - Legends tell that if one travels to deep into the forest they will be hearded towards it's strange denizens, the 'creatures that are akin to Elves'
     - Apparantly some 'fool-hardy men' have gone looking for these elves in want of a wife (talk about desperate).
     The Wytherglade - Those lost in the woods and judged worthy are brought to this lost wooden glade (why it doesn't say.) Those Judged unworthy become lost or tansported to another time and place (well that would be interesting, an entire army appears during the days of Sigmar.... hmmm.)
     The Northern Great Heart - Also known as Taal's Tangle, it is the darkest and most dense part of the forest, where strange magics flow differently from the Winds. "Steeped in Primal Forces".
     Map-Referrenced Points - 1 Village (Flusgard), 1 Inn (Unknown), 1 Ruined Fort (Unknown), 2 Manors (Benedict's Retreat, 1 Unknown), 1 Watchtower (Tower of Midnight), 1 Stone Circle (Verminkern).
7) The Talabec Borders
     - Top-Right of Map
     - Crossed by both the Talabheim and Old Forest Roads
    *- Home to the Best woodsmen on the Map (Hunters of Sigmar Recruiting Here!)
     - Roads already have the forests cut back for miles on both sides (yay for not needing to do this ourselves!)
    *- The Woods to the West are feared for their Mutants
     - Beastmen are a HUGE problem in this region, raiding and attacking everything from Caravans to Fortified Tollhouses and burning smaller villages
     Vragthars Monolith - A giant rock of some sort, Wardens and Guards turn back any from going near it (unknown why)
     The Hanging Tree - The biggest tree in the region is full of dead people hung there by Beastmen. No one has dared go near it to cut it down. Let's Burn It!
     Map-Referenced Points - 1 Village (Mattengard), 1 Town (Unknown), 1 Fort (Unknown) 1 Watchtower (Tower of the Moonrise), 1 Manor (Unknown), 1 Inn (The headless Badger), 1 Cave System, 1 Herdstone (The Stone of Blood)
8) The Barren Hills
     - Right-Middle of the Map
     - Used to be called the 'Green Hills' as they weren't always blasted
     - Legend tells that Morrslieb (the moon) spotted the once oasis and hated it (cause aparantly the moon is evil) and horked down on it. Whatever it horked was like radiation and covered the area affecting every living thing. Caused green mists which caused mutations etc. (obviously it was Warpstone)
     - A crusade was launched and everything was purged, but it must still be watched because of 'the things that come in the night.'
     The Giant's Tump - Once a mountain which was shorn off by a Giants Giant Club..... how it relates to anything is anyones guess.
     Ruins of Tor Thana - An ancient city that is never found in the exact same spot. Legend tells that when the sun is right it can be seen in it's past grandeur, and that the power of the Elven people might one day reclaim the now barren land.
     Map-Refferenced Points - 1 Village (Egondorf), 1 Inn (The Bitter Moon), 1 Watchtower (The Tower of Vigilance), 1 Ruined Fort (Unknown), 1 Stone Circle (Marchen's Henge), 1 Skaven Lair.
The Taalford Lowlands
     - Bottom Right of the map (finally, the last one!)
     - Sparser woods than anywhere else.
     - Basicly a region where they had to grope for ideas. It's got bands of robbers and beastmen, people eat mutated fish so they mutate, and stuff from the Barren Hills travel down here.
     The Temple of Invidious Silence - To ancient deities, the temple was old when Sigmar reigned. Random people are called to it by something they don't understand or remember during great times of chaos. Aprantly it's happening again (of course).
     The Southern Green Heart - Unlike the Northern part, the Southern is silent and full of maleviolence. Jade and Amber wizards claim that the two halves seem to be locked in combat for possesion of the glades within, like two powers waxing and waning.
     Map-Referenced Points - 1 Village (Nadjagard), 1 Town (Unknown), 1 Inn (unknown), 2 Manors (Abel's Lodge, Unknown), 1 Watchtower (The Watchers Keep) 1 Herdstone (The Stone of Floods).

Pages 12-13
- About Why the Dwarfs are fighting
- Basicly it's not as bad as we feared. The Dwarfs knew about the crown before hand and when their first expidition was lost Thorgrim began the call to war immediatly. They marched down the Old Dwarf Road and now have a heavily fortified camp east of the Barren Hills. Even as Thorgrim orders for the search he mourns for the waste of lives to come against the Empire.
- Thankfully, it won't be a lasting thing unless we make it that way, or if we get the crown. As long as we don't do anything story-wise about focusing on the Dwarfs (and preferablly allying with Dwarfs all we can) we should be fine with them.
- Thorgrim Grudgebearer is their special character for the campaign, and it gives his basic rules etc.
- A little side snippet of a miny story about some dwarfs preparring to be ambushed by Spider Riders. Nothing special.
- Shows the new models for the Dwarfs. A Dwarf Lord on Oathstone, a Standard Bearer and the Plastic Miners.

Pages 14-15
- About Greenskins fighting
- Simply put, Grimgor hears about the 'Biggest, shiniest, bossiest boss-hat' ever and that anyone who had it would be the best of his race and eveyone else would try to get it. SInce he's an Orc and wanted to find someone worth his time, he's now looking for the 'boss-hat' so he can fight everyone else.
- Gives rules for Grimgor Ironhide
- Small story-ette about an Orc hearing about stunties and calls a group of them a 'thong or whatever'.
- Shows the new Black Orc Big Boss, Plastic Troll and Plastic Black Orcs.

Pages 16-17
- Wow, not as bad as I thought.
- KF is leading the Army himself not just to Have the crown, but rather to Test it. If it prooves safe then he will use it for the good of man. He also realizes that if the Dwarfs, even those who are Imperial citizens, refuse to speak of it and become hostile when it is mentioned, hate it so it must be extremely powerful or dangerous and should be destroyed.
- The army that has been gathered is being led by Kurt Helborg himself, but the Emperor is accompanying the army on Deathclaw. He believes if the Crownis in the Forest, then the Empire will find it.
- Again, not as bad as I thought, but judging by how our Mission Statement is, I believe we are still shooting off a little bit, which is good. I'd rather see the dwarfs get it than us to be truthful, since we can focus on defending our lands and crushing the enemy within the forest.
- Gives rules for KF
- A little side snippet of a miny story about an Empire general marching in the oposite direction as a dwarf army on the road, and since the Dwarfs won't move the General has to follow the Emperors orders and attack even though he doesn't want to. This really illustrates our position that we don't want to fight them. That being said i'll be adding a part to the Mission Statement about us trying to co-operate with the dwarfs.
- Shows a pair of Wizards from the new plastic box as well as the new plastic Flagellants.

Pages 18-23
- Other Armies Reasons for being there
- Wood Elves - There to fight the Beastmen, but also Cleanse the Forests
- Brettonnia - Due to bad stuff fleeing from Empires lands many Knights are prooving their valour. Without any more land to give to Knights, the King decrees that they will go to the aide of the Empire, but that any Nobleman with the rank of Baron of higher may offer protection under the crown to townships and areas in the Empire. (Land-grubbing Tin Cans!)
- Vampire Counts - Some hidden Vampire was worried he was going to be found, so he got a bunch of others from Sylvania to try and invade. Basicly the undead are just kinda there.
- Skaven - They want the pretty Warpstone back!
- Beasts of Chaos - Morghur is apparantly Reborn and is trying to take the entire Drakwald for the 'Children of Chaos'
- Hordes of Chaos - If they can't have it, no one should. Basicly they have no reason for being there other than... well, being there.
- High Elves - Blocking the invading Norse, the Undead and the Orcs as they try to move into the Great Forest area (Lead by Teclis, Caradryan and Korhil respectively). They are trtying to debate whether they should push more for the Empire or the Dwarfs, as each would aide the Elves in the long run.
- Dark Elves - They don't have the strength to attack for the crown directly, but they are upping their raids on the coasts for slaves etc.
- Ogre Knigdoms - There to fight for Food and prove themselves to the maw. There for being there's sake.
- Lizardmen - They believe the crown was never meant to exist, and so attack those who might stop that race which is the greatest hope of destroying it. (aka. aiding the dwarfs wherever possible)
- Tomb Kings - "We want our crap back!"

Page 24
"Gaming Ideas" - Basically useless
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Re: GW Nemesis Crown Booklet - What it Has + What Concerns Us
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2007, 04:09:08 AM »
i think i will crap my pants if theres a index  :Ohmy:

any ways, how do you get this stuff?
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Re: GW Nemesis Crown Booklet - What it Has + What Concerns Us
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With the current White Dwarf - got mine as well...
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Re: GW Nemesis Crown Booklet - What it Has + What Concerns Us
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Page 25
Explanation of Map Stuff...
Villages - Obvious
Ruined Villages - Obvious
Towns - Granted Township because they have erected a Stone Wall
Ruined Town - Homes of little nasties
Manor - Lodges and Homes of the Nobility (to be taken advantage of by Hunters of Sigmar)
Fortified Inn - All Inns in the Great Forest are fortified against attack and used by any in the region.
Fort - Stoutly built fortresses to provide aid in the area.
Ruined Fort - Usually Abandoned, not Destroyed
Bridge - Obvious, but very strategic
Watchtower - Miny Forts
Ford - Minor Bridge
Tomb - Obvious, may contain stuff
Stone Circle - Good and Bad Centres of Magic
Caves - Obvious, lairs of beasties
Herd Stones - Beastmen Homes (TBD, To Be Destroyed)
Orc Encampments - Common Grounds for Orcs
Skaven Lair - Same but for Skaven
Goblin Lair - Same but for Goblins

Pages 26-End
- Scenarios
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Re: GW Nemesis Crown Booklet - What it Has + What Concerns Us
« Reply #4 on: April 26, 2007, 05:06:54 PM »
Basicly the nemesis crown is about orcs, dwarfs and empire. I've read the entire book, looked good, but all the other races are just there....as if they don't even care about the crown.....I liked the doom and darkness apocolypse of the storm of chaos more  :-P. Anyways, now I've got a reason to clobber a dwarf :-D they are standing in the way :engel:.

Can't wait to see the whole campaign unfold to full force.

Cheers and keep up the good work Jerok.,
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Re: GW Nemesis Crown Booklet - What it Has + What Concerns Us
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Mindless Rant:

A larrge portion of the Drakenwald lies within the boundries of Nordland.  Do we get any mention? NOoooo.  It's those brownnosers in Middenland and Middenheim that alway are the center of every GW plot line.  We get no respect.

Rant over  :closed-eyes:
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Re: GW Nemesis Crown Booklet - What it Has + What Concerns Us
« Reply #6 on: April 30, 2007, 01:33:42 PM »
Ahhhhh provincial envy, not a pretty sight in a man of your age. Still look on the bright side, less chance of Nordland getting burnt to a cinder or being overrun by chaos.

After all if they did cut the forests of Nordland down where would you get the wood for burning heretics?
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Re: GW Nemesis Crown Booklet - What it Has + What Concerns Us
« Reply #7 on: May 16, 2007, 12:49:52 PM »
How is the campaign actually working ....all I heard till now was that I had to pay a whole lot of money ...do I have to register somewhere ....who^s heads do I have to smash in I couldn^t find anything usefull on the german gw site.

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Re: GW Nemesis Crown Booklet - What it Has + What Concerns Us
« Reply #8 on: May 16, 2007, 12:53:43 PM »
If you look at the thread entitled Nemesis Crown Website that will tell you where you will need to go to register. However it is not open for registration yet, but you can select to add your name to the mailing list.
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Re: GW Nemesis Crown Booklet - What it Has + What Concerns Us
« Reply #9 on: May 16, 2007, 12:56:55 PM »
We're trying to really figure out how this whole thing works.  The Campaign site should open today (at some point) and we'll all know more then.  Until then, we're going off of speculation based off of a campaign run last year called Medusa V.  That campaign allowed player fluff which determined a lot in the outcome, or so I hear.

There shouldn't be any money involved, unless you're going to buy and paint some stuff.  Or maybe a local store of yours has a registration fee?  They won't be charging to register on the main site though, and you'll need to register once it's available for your battles to mean anything in the campaign text.  Also, if you're going to be fighting for the Emperor would you mind signing up in the recruitment thread of ours?  That way we can know the numbers we have and will be able to formulate effective strategy.

Don't worry, there'll be tons of heads to smash along the way.  Welcome aboard.
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