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Turn 2 Fluff Results
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The fire crackled and spat out embers as Ar-Ulric sat warming himself. The nights were getting colder and even the old man was started to feel it in his bones. Being the chosen of Urlic didn't mean that he never felt the cold, which was a shame. On his lap is a copy of Rottotters 'The Boyar' a theoretical piece on how to rule a city state. Ever since the election process had started he had been reading every piece he could find on government in preparation of the new Emperor. With a creek of the door he was interrupted by his secretary. "Is it that time already?" Ar Ulric stated without taking his eyes off the book.

"I am afraid so my lord. We have had all of our scouts report how the elections are progressing." With reluctance Ar Ulric placed a ribbon in his book and shut it with a thud.

"Very well then. What has happened now?" he asked.

"Bokel has opened its gates to Herkus and I am sure your Holiness has heard of the Altenberg men camping outside of the towns surrounding the holy city." Ar Urlic nodded.

"Are we concerned?" he stated bluntly.

"There has been no aggression and our own men have been put on alert." Ar Ulric grunted in response. "I do not believe the lord stupid enough to even try to harm Middenheim Wolf-Father."

"von Rusdorf and von Urenbach seem to have backed down and not moved aggressively towards each other. it appears that the brief scuffle outside of Kutenholz has not escalated. Indeed, both sides seem to have become defensive and simply moved armies around their own holdings." Ar Ulric nodded unsurprised.

"Titus taken Schoppendorf. We have had -"

"I do hope he doesn't hurt Old Clippy Clops." interrupts Ar Ulric. "I remember having a good conversation with him several years ago."

"Indeed Wolf-Father." Orlo replied tolerantly. "Castle Lenksters men reported that a von Tiefen force has moved towards its walls. They did not open the gates. Last we heard they were planning a parley. Whilst von Tiefens men could likely take the fort by force von Wüllersleben would not fold lightly."

"What of Kerpen?"

"He has executed Count Sobieski."

"Oh good." Ar Ulric replied  with a neutral tone. "I do wonder what Kislev will think when they hear such news."

"It does not appear to have traveled that far yet. We have still not had contact from the representative of Kislev. the courtiers of von Plauen have been awfully vocal in their support of von Kerpen in court. It would not surprise me if the old man has officially supported von Kerpen." Ar Ulric chuckled in response.

"That price must have been high. Speaking of high prices, what of Riccardi?"

"Rumours are he currently supports von Hornhausen." another chuckle escaped Ar Urlics lips. "I wonder how much was promised for that." Orlo becomes more serious.

"Of Hornhausen - There have been widespread talks of the first great battle Wolf-Father. Hornhausen forces have met Orseln men at what is being called the 'battle of Drakwasser.' Reports suggest that Hornhausen solidly drove Orseln out of Krudenwald and back towards Wahnsinningen.."
"That could not have happ-"

"Where they met the forces of von Sangerhausen." Orlo continued ignoring Ar Ulrics interruption. "A smaller force of Orseln men managed to hold Sangerhausen men in the pass just long enough for his lords men to return to the fort and give the aggressors pause however between Drakwasser and the defence of the region Orselns men have taken significant losses. Those defending Wahnsinningen were particularly harmed. The fort is essentially besieged, though would certainly still pose a threat."

"Truly that is unexpected." Ar Urlic replies after a few seconds of silence.

"It was certainly surprising Wolf-Father. There is no more news for now." Ar Ulric nods slowly again and indicates the man can leave. As Orlo leaves he mutters to himself as he opens his book once more.

"Truly unexpected."
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Re: Turn 2 Fluff Results
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The battle of Drakwasser

Stibor drove his blade into the man attacking him, the metal puncturing the worn leather and going deep into his chest. With a quick yank he pulled it back out and the man collapsed onto the floor at his horses hooves. The men he was fighting finally broke from his own guards. He pulled the reigns up to stop the horse from giving chase and surveyed the field. The battle was in the balance but his men seemed to be holding. Just. Bringing his arm around he wiped his sword on the cloth he kept attached to his saddle cleaning the blood off the steel. He took a few deep breaths to clear his mind.

"Lord von Orseln." the man speaking was Kreuzer, the captain of his guard and his chief commander. "We must return to the line. Whilst we have broken these fellows the Lord von Hornhausens men are far from defeated." the Frieharr spoke with a tone of duty.

"Very well." replied Stibor turning his horse. He spoke in grim tones.  " It appears that Reuss has brought much of the might of Alenhof against me." Kreuzer remained silent as a yell was heard and a rider was seen hurtling towards them. The man was driving his horse far too hard for good news. He wore the livery of one of the men commanded by Gankom.

"My Lord!" he shouted and Kreuzers men parted to allow him access, though they drew their weapons to be safe. "We are attacked!"

"I had noticed." Stibor replied dryly as the man tried to catch his breath.

"No my Lord, von Sangerhausen men are marching towards Wahnsinningen! They are descending the mountain."

"How many?" replied Kreuzers before Stibor had a chance to react.

"My Lord, we must retreat." his general stated.

"Yes. Send word to Buam-Ruess and get a rear guard organised now. We must retreat in an orderly manner. Do not tell the men of our plight yet. Albrecht, we must not cause a rout." he said seriously. Kreuzer nodded in agreement. "He turned towards one of his guards, a young man of the Hirsh family. "Ride to the rear. Command them to get the baggage moving, though be prepared to abandon what we must. Send some men to Wahnsinningen and command Gankom to defend the mountain passes till we can return with our men." he looked both in the eye briefly. "See it done." he commanded with a nod.

Reuss sat on his horse at the rear of his forces watching the battle unfold. A constant stream of messengers rode to and from his hilltop to give him updates on the progress and to receive orders on how they should proceed. Whilst von Orselns men were putting up a fight for several hours they had been slowly withdrawing and he suspected they were retreating from the battle altogether. It was hardly surprising, he had brought more men after all and Stibor appeared to have largely brought a rabble to the fight if their equipment was anything to go by. Still they had put up a decent fight and both sides had taken more than a few casualties.

"Lord von Hornhausen." stated one of his guards indicating another messenger had arrived for orders. From the mans sigils it appeared it was one of von Spurs men. The man handed a note to the guard and waited patiently. Taking the note he opened it and read it quickly. It was brief and simply stated - 'Orseln in full retreat on right flank. Bulk of army withdrawing, do we engage rear guard.'

"Tell the general to keep pressure the rear guard and force them back. Krudenwald is the prize and I would not waste men. Ensure that they do not have chance to enter the town. I do not intend for a siege." commanded Reuss. The guard nodded and moved to relay his orders. A slight curl of the lips was the closest he came to a smile. The field belonged to his forces.
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