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Turn 3 Fluff Results
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"Your holiness. The ambassador to Kislev is awaiting an audience."

"It has taken him some time!" replied Ar Urlic, he was sat on a spartan unadorned chair placed next to the Wolf Throne. With no Emperor the Ar Ulric was doing his best to see to some of the running of the Empire.

"Show him in Orlo." The secretary moved and opened the door ushering in the ambassador. The man wore heavy bear pelts and had a monumental moustasche. His dress was undeniably foriegn and his expression was particularly aggressive. He approached the chair and took a knee infront of Ar Urlic.

"Your holiness." he said in a thick accent.

"Herr Golovanov." replied Ar Ulric leaning back. "What can we do for you today?"

"Your holiness, men of your Empire have invaded the sovereignty of Kislev."

"Have they indeed?" asked Ar Ulric.

"Indeed, they have attacked Bosenfels." the way in which he spoke suggested that he felt that the priest was well aware of the attack already. "They have captured and killed the magistrate and declared the city as part of your Empire."

"That is most distressing news." he responded with false sympathy, though he was careful not to sound mocking. "Which man has done such an action?"

"Lord von Kerpen."

"Oh dear, this is most inappropriate. I have not been informed of such a development. I will launch inquiries immediately."

"Your holiness, I must objec" begun Golovanov.

"Orlo, dispatch a messenger immediately to ascertain what has happened." interjected Ar Ulric. "I assure you Herr Golovanov, I will summon you the moment I have discovered what has happened." he waved his hand dismissively causing Golovanov to bow and move to retreat. There was a look of annoyance on his face as he left the throne room. When the doors closed his secretary was the one to speak.

"Your holiness, that will not hold Kislev off for long." spoke Orlo reproachfully.

"Indeed it won't I suppose."

"They will want an answer soon."

"Well they will have to wait for an Emperor to give them one won't they?" Orlo nodded respectfully in response. "Speaking of which, how goes the election campaign? Shall we begin with the Lord von Kerpen?"

"He has taken Esk your Holiness and moved to Leudaldorf. It is unknown just how far he has progressed or if either has objected to his forces."

"He has moved to war with Sangerhausen then?" replied Ar Ulric.

"Indeed, though if it was to do with Orseln then he is too late. Wahnsinningen has fallen...." Ar Ulric sits up in surprise.

"The fort is taken already?!" Orlo nods in response.

"Sangerhausens men charged the fort and destroyed the garrison. Orseln himself fell in battle. His heir however was said to be spared."

"Unsurprising, they will still want his vote. I am terribly distraught to hear of his fate." his tone does not reflect his statement.

"Indeed your holiness. Reports state that Hornhausen himself attended the region but did not assault. He merely observed and blocked any movement south." Ar Ulric raised his eyebrows in curiosity. "His objectives are unknown, however it is worth noting that he has lost Fort Denkh to von Tiefen, though the fate of Riccardi is unknown." Orlo leafs through more notes. "von Rusdorf and his nephew have come to blows. Titus attacked Elgadsen but appears to have retreated back towards his holdings in the east. Which is most fortunate as he will soon need to march north to Delburz. Urenbachs troops have surrounded the city of Delburz." Ar Ulric shakes his head.

"You'd have thought he'd know his uncle better. It is very much expected that Rusdorf would be a defender. It appears he has been caught of guard."

"That appears to be the case your holiness. Lord von Altenberg appea"

"I don't believe I need an explanation of his actions Orlo. He's sat outside Middenheim still is he not? It is hard for me not to notice where he currently is! All in all this election has begun to devolve into something more violent wouldn't you say?"


Herr Untermire stood on the walls of Delburz looking out over the masses of men surrounding the city. He had given up counting banners when he had reached forty. In between lesser sigils stood the Rooster of von Urenbach, dozens of the banners were displayed proudly. The soldiers had arrived all through the previous day and most of the town had come to the walls to see the spectacle that had unfolded since then. It was as though a giant carnival had erupted overnight where tents had been erected and fires made. The town had not expected anyone to dare move towards Delburz and there was a quiet panic now that Urenbachs men had arrived.



The gates were wide open as Wladyslaw von Kerpen approached Esk. Outside the gates stood a small party of soldiers wearing unknown livery, certainly Wladyslaw did not recognise it. The Elector of Aukrug marched at the head of a long column of men. At his side stood the devout priests that had declared themselves to his cause utterly, their shoulders covered in shaggy wolf pelts. Behind them stood the troops of von Haber, less distinct in their dress.

"It appears that these people are welcoming you Majesty." spoke Ulmgrim with a grin plastered on his face. The priest seemed to always be at Wladyslaws side.

"As they should be." replied his commander. "They know that the Emperor deserves such a welcome. They are not fools to refuse my entry."

"They would have to be fools to not recognise your authority my Emperor."

"Indeed they would. Ride forth and announce my coming, tell them what is expected of them and summon their elector. I would hear what he has to say."



Bjarni stood silently as his lord whooped in excitement. Titus seemed to be enjoying himself thoroughly as his soldiers charged the walls of Elgadsen. Here and there pockets of men advanced under a hail of arrows as they tried to bring their ladders against the wall. They were moving in tight formations to prevent the arrows breaking through. Titus was sat on his horse out of bow range and had been watching since the first attack was launched. Every few minutes he shouted some encouragement or declared the men 'true Ulricans' to anyone who would listen - and it turned out he could command quite a crowd. Mixed in with his generals were lots of young nobles who had pledged themselves to his cause, each more gaudy than the last. Bjarni was wearing the Wolf of Augustus on his much less colourful uniform. He was one of Titus's guards, a norseman left over from when Artur had demanded that all of his guard come from the north. When the father had died and the mother followed suit he has been offered plenty of money by the son. If only to drive home the relationship between Augustus and Artur - Emperor and heir. It was certainly the only way to explain the horns on his helm. Titus once more shouted encouragement at his men, not that he needed to give them much, to Bjarni it seemed as though the attack was going very well indeed.


Harold pushed with all his strength on the ladder in front of him. He strained as his arms desperately tried to dislodge the wooden steps away from the wall but he could not force it back, it was just too heavy. He had been fighting on the walls for hours against Titus's men. Thousands had arrived at Eldagsen and besieged the town. The assault had been grueling and the attack had lasted for hours without a break. Everytime a ladder went down another came back up and enthusiastic men threw themselves at the wall. He grabbed at his sword, he knew he would soon need it if he couldn't push it away but he missed it and sent it tumbling over the edge of the wall. He had left it on top of the stones forming the wall so that he could use both hands to push. Cursing loudly at his foolishness his voice was drowned out by the screams and shouts of the men fighting around him. The sound of metal clashing against stone, steel and flesh was prevalent. A quick glance around was all it took for him to find a new weapon, two foot away there was a sword lodged in the stomach of a man wearing the wolf of Augustus, the white of his cloth stained red and distinct compared to his own yellow and blue with the coin of the Schultz family. He yanked it out causing a sucking noise as the void it filled was emptied and he wasn't sure but he thought he might have heard the sound of the man moaning in pain at the removal of his new sword. Without a second thought he spun round in time to see a man climb over the wall on the ladder he had failed to move. With a scream Harold ran point first at the man and stabbed him in the chest whilst he was vulnerable. The mans eyes widened in shock as the blade went straight through the mail he was wearing. He looked down and grabbed at the pommel dragging Harold down to the floor with him. The man tried to speak but it was obviously too much of an effort and he instead made ineffective noises instead. The weariness waved over Harold once more as he forced himself to stand up and try to retrieve the weapon. He could already hear the next man forcing his way over the wall.


"Where are they?" Bjarni heard Titus ask quietly. The Elector had dismissed his posse and was with only his generals and guards now.

"They will be here within a few hours my Liege. A few hundred if not a thousand more men flying your Uncles banner." replied the captain reluctantly. Bjarni could see his employer was torn. His men were making gains on the town and victory was within sight but more of von Rusdorfs men were coming from Caroberg. Enough to give him pause. A few hours were not enough to ensure that his men could take the town and give him enough time to man the walls afterwards.

"Order the withdraw." Titus commanded with obvious annoyance, his mouth turning into a scowl. When his men paused for a second he snapped at them. "Now! I will not lose the crown because my men were too tired to fight off the men of my weak Uncle."


Harold watched as the men retreated from the walls. Hundreds of men moved away from the walls of Elgadsen in an ordered withdraw, their shields and heraldry visible where they grouped together to avoid the arrows flying at them. Not that there were too many, the defenders were too exhausted to punish the opposition in retreat. Turning Harold pushed his back up against the wall and let the tiredness overwhelm him and closing his eyes. His quiet moment was disturbed by the sound of feet running along the wall. Instinctively he opened his eyes and grabbed his sword pausing only when he saw it was a runner, a young boy sent to relay messages. "Rejoice!" the boy shouted. "Herr Leitfeld has come! We are saved! He has broken the siege! Rejoice!" A smile broached Harolds lips as he heard the news. They had won.



"Today the Beavers, Lions and Bandits will stand tall over Wahnsinningen, the Goats are fallen." said Stibor with futile acceptance. He stood in the palace chamber of his castle covered in dirt and blood. The fortress had repelled the first two assaults by the forces assailing them but his forces were spent. What remained of his forces had manned the walls desperately and forced Sangerhausens forces to pay for their gains in blood but it had not been enough. One more assault and the fort would fall. The arrival of a host from von Hornhausen meant that it seemed ever more likely. He addressed his generals, each looking as dirty as himself. "My friends, we stand at the precipice of destruction. We are defeated. Perhaps it is time to offer our surrender." It is less a question and more a statement.

"My friends. I don't think we can stand for surrender here. I will fight before I bow my head to those who have subjected us to this torment. For Ulric!" Replied Bauem-Ruess, the boar on his armour smeared to near beyond recognition.

"If you wish to parley, my lord, we may do so.  But I agree with Everett," came the response from Kreuzer, the man who had operated as Orselns second for the campaign. He spoke after nodding his head at Buam-Ruess' words.  "I am with you either way.  But I am contented in making my final stand here if need be.  For Ulric," he said solemnly saluting von Orseln with his closed right fist across his chest. Captain Gankom's laughter boomed out.

"That's the spirit boys! Let's make Ulric proud! With luck my lord, our defiance will cost our enemies their victory. We won't be the only ones to suffer such horrendous casualties so early." Gankom looked almost happy as he spoke.

"It is settled then." spoke Orseln touched at his generals loyalty. "I will fight them till my last breath." he nodded at all three men. "It will be an honour, but I have one last request for one of you my friends. I request one of you to protect my wife and children. An election is no place for child electors and my vote is hereditary. Whilst they will not intentionally harm one I would have of of you protect them when I have visited Morr. Would someone do this for me?" All eyes moved towards Kreuzer. The man spoke of duty and loyalty so often it could never have been anyone else. Without saying a word Orseln nodded at him and received a nod in return. "Very well, Kreuzer, take some men and defend the next lord of Wahnsinningen." he grinned at Gankom and Bauem-Ruess. "May he do better than the last!"



"He is here captain." The man dragged the purple banner off the body lying on the floor revealing the bloody corpse. A gash across his face made him unrecognisable but the men were certain it was Orseln himself.  The body could not have been more than half an hour old. "He refused to surrender when ordered to and proceeded to charge the men. They were forced to kill him in their defence."

"You are sure it is him?" 

"He has a ring my lord, it has a goats head embossed on the edge. The men also say that he was the one ordering the defence and that they had to cut down several men who tried to defend his body, apparently one with a boar on his chest took many wounds before dying. To be sure we captured some servants who confirmed his identity either way." The captain nodded in response.

"Unfortunate but unavoidable, it would have been better to capture the elector." the solider shifted as though he had something to say. "Speak."
"We did capture the elector captain.... The new one. One of his generals locked himself in the throne room with Orselns wife and children. He flew a flag of surrender and declared that he was charged to keep them safe. It had some men with him but they laid down arms on the provision that they be treated as non combatants and to speak to the commander."

"A child elector? Very well. Send for Lord van der Maacht, tell him of the new development." He held up his hand after he spoke. "Also get someone to clean up this body. The general will want to see him."
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