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Links: Master Thread for Tactical Exposition Games (TEGs)
« on: May 25, 2013, 04:29:00 PM »
Master Thread for Tactical Exposition Games (TEGs)

What are all these Tactical Exposition Game (TEG) threads that you see filling up the Tactica Boardís page?  You have come to the right place for the answer.

TEGs are a modified format of Tactical Decision Games (TDGs).  (See the Links:  Master Thread for Tactical Decision Games (TDGs) for a basic description of what decision games are about.)

The primary difference between TEGs and TDGs is that in TDGs the moderator fast forwards to different parts of the battle to get forum input on decisions where as in a TEG, the entire game is played out between two Generals.  Those Generals may get advice from the forum, but ultimately they are the primary decision-makers.

The TEGs so far have pitted some of our top Generals against each other.  It is a great way for new players to see tricks of the trade and to ask questions on why decisions were made the way they were. 

TDGs and TEGs compliment the Battle Reports that people post of their tabletop battles, with the added benefit that you can either participate or ask questions.  It is all about learning and sharing our experiences to raise our Warhammer game to the next level!

TEG 1:  2500 pts.  Civil War!

Rothgar and Zif take their Empire armies head-to-head for bragging rights

TEG 2:  2500 pts.  The Griffon Formation versus O&G

HHG takes on Rothgar in a classic matchup between Empire and its arch enemy, Orcs & Goblins

TEG 3:  2500 pts.  The Griffon Formation versus New Chaos

HHG takes the Griffon out for another run against a tourney army that won Adepticon

TEG 4:  2500 pts.  Sammay's MSU All-Cavalry versus Ogres

Great battle showcasing Empire MSU-style on horse

TEG 5:  2500 pts.  Beasts MSU All-Cavalry versus Fandir's High Elves

Another great battle showcasing Empire MSU-style versus a hard-hitting HE list!
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