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Empire VS High Elves
Marcus the Pious  saw the arrogant high elves deploy in front of him. He had traveled far and defeated many enemy armies to get to this point and the elves were not going to stop him. Find the Dwarf Dark and rid the world of evil.

He saw a row of tall elf archers deployed in midfield. On both sides a pair of giant eagles and at the ends heavy cavalry, light horsemen before them.
Marcus ordered his knights and semi griffs deploy on both sides in order to face the elven cavalry the steam tank and hell blaster volly gun  in the center flanked by a horde of loyal Helbadiers.
The elves took the initiative, moving down the flanks with fast cavalry  in front and heavy cavalry behind. With the fast cavalry so in advanced the Panther Knights of the Inner Circle charged and elves fled through  the heavy cavalry, panic spred among the hosts. Elven steeds felt the smell of fear, and  the heavy cavalry also fled.
On the other flank the semi griffs  charged the elvish fast cavalry  and they also fled inadvertently the heavy cavalry failed  their Panic test, against all odds, the  not so elegant elves, ran away
A smile could be seen on the Arch Lector Marcus the Pious. In his vast experience, he knew it was not a moment to waste, and charged with everything.
The Elven heavy cavalry knights managed to stop their frightened horse but then the Panther cavalry came in crashing a clash of lances and accused cries of pain killing many dragon princes. Humans defeated the elves. The Arch Lector called the pious thought of ransoming the survivors.
On the other flank steam tank struck the Silver Helms, who like their brothers retreated frightened. The few elves escaped alive and the victory went to the Empire.
Now we just need one more enemy. And the Dark Dwarf will belong Marcus The Pious.

And news came in telling who the final enemy will be... Another Empire army

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My congratulations Marcus the Pious, news of your great victory has manage to reach Nordland and has been greeted with celebrations. It's about time the arrogant elves were shown that humanity rules!

Best of luck in your quest for the Dark Dwarf

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Well done, you've certainly put those uppity elves in their place! :::cheers:::

What's this? Imperial son turned against imperial son?! What a travesty, is this due to the foul nature of chaos or the darkest force of all to put blade upon neighbor's neck? Greed...

You know your duty, fight for the Empire and let battle sort out the condemned souls! Good luck!

(....why don't we have a salute icon?)
"No battle is ever meaningless for all life is merely death post-poned"
-elector count of the Empire.