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Age of Sigmar Battle Report
« on: December 13, 2015, 03:00:11 AM »
So, this is my first Age Of Sigmar battle report. This battle was fought between the Dark Elves and The Empire, using the Clash of Swords comp. Both forces deployed 20 pool choices as follows:

The Dark Elves:
1 Battle standard bearer
1 Medusa
1 Sorceress on foot
1 Cauldron of Blood
25 Executioners
30 Witch elves
5 Harpies
1 Bolt Thrower
1 Master on Manticore
1 Cold one Chariot

The Empire:
1 War altar of Sigmar
1 Steam tank
1 Great cannon
10 Empire knights
10 Archers
3 Demigryphs
20 Great swords
1 Battle wizard on horse

Pre game
The primary scenario was randomly determined to be Capture Terrain. The board contained six pieces of terrain that could be captured. Whoever controlled the most terrain pieces at the end of the game would claim the primary objective.
For the secondary objectives the Dark elves would have to kill the War altar (Assassinate) and the Empire Knights (blunt). The Empire would have to assassinate the Cauldron and kill the Executioners. The Dark elves also needed to capture a forest in the Empire territory, and the Empire needed to capture the fountain in Dark Elf territory.
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Re: Age of Sigmar Battle Report
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Battle Round 1

The Dark Elves win the roll off and decide to go first.

Dark Elves round 1 :
The Dark riders, the Manticore and the chariot move up on the Empire left flank. The Witch elves and the cauldron push center. The Executioners push slightly on the Empire right. The harpys fly far on the Empire right.
Dark riders fire 15 shots at the archers, killing 5. The bolt thrower shoots at the cannon crew, slaying 4.
The manticore tries for a long charge against the demigryphs, but fail. The Dark Riders try a charge against the archers, but fail.
Battle shock
The Archers roll a 1 on battle shock, but lose the remaining for 4 soldiers due to the ability of the Dark Riders.

Empire round 1 :
The Steam tank and the demigryphs move towards the manticore. The knights realize that the medusa hiding in the woods is a scary thing and decide to swing back towards the center. The great swords stay put, just outside of the forest.
Steam cannon misses cauldron. The war altar kills 2 witches with the Light of Banishment.
The steam tank fail the 6 inch charge towards the Manticore, but the demis make it in. The demigryphs do 6 wounds to the manticore and 3 to the dark riders (we forgot that the dark riders have 2 wounds).
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Re: Age of Sigmar Battle Report
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Battle Round 2
The Empire wins the roll of for turn 2, and get the double turn!

Empire round 2 :

The wizards casts Mystic shield on the tank, and the War altar uses its general command ability to grant the great swords battle shock immunity.

The steam tank slowly moves up and the knights move in to the ruins. The great swords stay where they are, ready to face an onslaught of Executioners.

The steam tank fires the steam gun on the manticore and kills it. The steam cannon misses the cauldrion. The war altar hits the blood cauldron with the Light of banishment, but the cauldron only suffers two wounds.

The demigrpyhs finish of the dark riders and puts two wounds on the chariot.

Dark elf round 2:

The cauldron buffs the witch elves and the Battle Standard bearer plants his banner, granting all the close elves a reroll in combat.

The witch elves move toward the demigryphs, setting up for a devastating charge.

The Bolt thrower shoots at the knights, but the cover save make them shrug of all but one wound.


The witch elves charge the demigryph, proving what a scary slaughtermachine they can become. With 3 attacks per elf, and rerolling hits and wounds, the elves massacre the demigryphs.

 They then use the ability from the cauldron to pile in and attack again, and now they are within reach of the steam tank. The steam tank proves too sturdy for witches knives, and it only suffers one wound.
The Steam tank kills 5 witches and battle shock removes an additional 3.
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Re: Age of Sigmar Battle Report
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Battle Round 3
This time, its the Dark Elves turn to get the double turn.
Dark elves round 3:

Hero phase
The cauldron and the sorceress buff the witch elves with their magic.

Movement phase
The Executioners take position on top of the fountain, knowing that it is the Empires secondary objective, and also important for the primary objective.

The Bolt thrower shoots at the steamtank, and does 2 wounds.
The chariot shoots at the wizard, but misses all the shots.

The Witches do 3 wounds to the steam tank, and the tank does 3 wounds back. In the battleshock phase, 1 more witch dies from battle shock.

Empire round 3.
The imperial commander gazes at the battle field and decides that it is time to take a risk. The executioners a standing on top of a vital terrain piece, and they must be dealt with. Now is the time to charge for the glory of Sigmar!

The wizard hurls a fireball on the witches, killing one. The war altars attempt to pray to Sigmar goes unheard, but the Knights become battle shock immune due to the command ability of the general on the war altar.
Steam tank shoots 7 witches, war altar kills 6

The knights bravely charge the Executions, hoping to do some damage. However, the lances miss completely, and only 2 Executioners are slain, trampled under the horses hooves. The executioners strike back, and slay six knights.

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Re: Age of Sigmar Battle Report
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Battle Round 4
The Empire gets rewarded for their bravery and get the double turn.

Empire round 4
The war altar blesses the great sword with sigmars fury.

The great swords push up aggressively, ready to charge the executioners.

With the witch elves gone, the imperial shooting is focused on the executioners. Steam tank kills 5 executioners and the war altar kills 6.


The great swords charge the executioners, killing 5 of them. The executioners slay the remaining knights.
The steam tank does 2 wounds to chariot leaves it on 1 wound left. The chariot does one wound back to the steam tank. The last remaining executioners are removed due to battle shock.

Dark elf round 4
With the Witches and the Elves destroyed, the Dark Elves now only have on scoring unit left on the board, and those are the Harpies, hiding outside of the main fight. The Empire only has the Greatswords left to score with.


The Cauldron, the medusa and the standard bearer move up to charge the great swords.

Medusa and bolt thrower kills 8 great swords.

The Cauldron fail to charge the great swords, rolling a 3, needing a 4. The Medusa and the standard bearer get in. The medusa kills one greatsword. The greatswords strike back and kill both the medusa and the standard bearer.

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Re: Age of Sigmar Battle Report
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Battle round 5
The Empire wins the roll off to go first in the last battle round.

Empire round 5

The wizard casts Mystic shield on the great swords. It is vital for the Empire to keep this unit alive, since it is the last scoring unit. The war altar casts a prayer on the greatswords, enabling them to run faster.

The Greatswords realize that they need to stop the harpies from claiming the wood in the Dark elf territory, and they run towards it. Thanks to Sigmar, they just make it in so they can claim or contest the forest.
The war altar and the wizard move up to block or charge the cauldron.

Altar does 6 wounds on cauldron.

Wizard and altar charge the cauldron.
Wizards does 2 wounds to cauldron! Leaves it on 1 wound.

Dark elves round 5 final round
Cauldron buffs itself.

The Harpys run from the far right and make it to the tower at the center, claiming the tower for the primary mission. However, since the Greatswords made their run in the precvious turn, no general has won the primary objective.

Bolt thrower shoots war altar does 3 wounds

The cauldron fails to kill the war altar, and the war altar strikes back, killing the cauldron and ending the game.

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Re: Age of Sigmar Battle Report
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Game ends
The game ends a 14-6 victory for the Empire, due to having won 5 secondary scenarios against Dark Elves 1 secondary scenario.

It was a fun game, with lots of decisions to be made. I look forward to play more games.

/ Job

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Re: Age of Sigmar Battle Report
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Nice report! On what did you base those objectives? 40k stuff?
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Re: Age of Sigmar Battle Report
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Hey, glad you liked the report. We based the objectives and the army selection on the "Clash comp", found here:


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Re: Age of Sigmar Battle Report
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Congratulations on your valiant victory! Your soldiers fought well. :::cheers:::

It's good to see that the time honored tradition of the horses outdoing the knights in combat is alive and well. :icon_wink:

If I ever write rules for a tabletop game I'm just going to skip the middleman and just give the mount combat rules with the rider just being a pretty decoration. :icon_lol:
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Re: Age of Sigmar Battle Report
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Great report :)