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9th age 5000pts - The Pale Company
« on: December 03, 2016, 09:13:55 PM »
Characters (1428) 29%
(442) Father York Durrin - Prelate of Ullor, Barded Warhorse, Great weapon, Armour of Destiny, Crown of Autocracy, Lucky Charm

(430) Gilgad (Divination) – Wizard, Wizard master, 2 extra spells, talisman of supreme shielding, Arcane Engine

(290) Radar de Raven – Inquisitor, brace of pistols, plate armor, Axe of battle, Divine Icon

(266) Barrik the Grim - Marshal of the West – BSB, Shield, Burial Gown of Ullor (winter cloak)

Core (1410) 28%
(650) The 13th unlucky cohort - 50 Halberdiers, full command, swap shields for halberds, war banner

(320) The Black Crows - Light infantry, musician

(220) The Gravediggers – 20 Heavy infantry, full command

(220) The Pale riders – Electoral Cavalry, Shield & Lance, musician

(130) State Militia, bow, Skirmish

Special (810) 16%
(590) Knights of the sacred Scythe – 10 inner circle knights, Cavalry Hammer, full command

(220) The Ghost’s Shadow – 5 reiters, musician, heavy armor, brace of pistols

Sunna’s Fury (750) 15%
(490) Ullor’s followers - 25 Flagellants, Champion
Ullor’s Coach

Imperial Armoury (470) 9%
(260) Screaming Banshee - Great cannon
(210) Night’s Howl – Mortar

Would love to get some feedback for the list.


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Re: 9th age 5000pts - The Pale Company
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2016, 04:15:35 AM »
1. I like the themed list.  Good to see this kind of thing over my style of sterile min-maxed lists with no character.

2. I don't know if the Crown of Autocracy is necessary.  Surely Leadership 9 is enough to pass most tests.  That said, perhaps you could instead arm him like this, saving points, but preserving power and gaining a little safety:
Prelate: 436 points.
-Armour of Destiny
-Lucky Charm
-Ogre Sword
-Horse w/barding

This gives him a 2+/4+ and the strength 6.

3. Inquisitor? They're fun to use but I don't think they're the most efficient use of points.  I've never used one though and they could be very good against armies with lots of magic.  It seems like he might need more protection?

4. Marshal BSB.  I prefer to outfit this dude with a shield, the dragon mantle and the talisman of greater shielding for a 1+/5+ for the same amount of points but each to his own.

5. You could actually remove the Gravediggers from Core and still have enough points to fulfil core requirements (your core calculation is a little off).  That means that the gravediggers could be replaced by units from (or upgraded to) the special category if desired (although there aren't really enough points for another unit).
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Re: 9th age 5000pts - The Pale Company
« Reply #2 on: December 10, 2016, 09:47:00 PM »
Hey thanks for the reply!

I usually try to balance between themed list and playability, this way I get to enjoy the themed army while not "usually" getting trounced.

I do like the build you have for the prelate, the only problem is normally they are Ld 8, so the crown of autocracy boosts it up to a 9. But as the general is with the knights, he is probably going to be away from the core units so his leadership bubble is somewhat null.

Yeah unfortunately inquisitors are still trying to find there way in the world. for this list I felt a themed inquisitor would be some fun.

Usually I also give by BSB a shield to maximize is survivability, I just gave this one a great weapon as a modeled up a BSB figure that has a great weapon.

Nice catch on the points in core thanks. If I removed the gravediggers what would you suggest I replace them with? I like the idea of "trying" to set up a detachment countercharge.

Thanks again for the reply.