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Looking for Players for Mordheim (online)
« on: April 07, 2017, 01:13:33 AM »
What is Mordheim?
Mordheim is a small scale skirmish game created by Games Workshop where warbands from various races (Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Rats etc) fight over the ruins of a city devastated by the impact of a huge comet. The comet was made from a magical substance called Wyrdstone, a highly valuable (not to mention unstable and mutagenic) substance that the various warbands are fighting for. Each player is in control of a company of mercenaries, who grow in wealth and experience as they fight against other clans for the largest piles of loot. However, as well as gaining experience and wealth the members of your warbands can also receive injuries, mutations and worse...

How will it work?

We'll be playing the battles over Skype and via a free website called roll20. I don't currently see any reason why the exact rules as written can't be used on this virtual table top, but I'm still in the process of testing everything.
The campaign will be divided up into campaign turns (each lasting one week in real time), once a week we'd all meet up to make the various rolls to see what happens to warbands, along with buying/selling of loot, new mercenaries and other standard upkeep stuff. Once that's out of the way I would brief the players on the various bits of intel that have come into their possession this week (scenarios) and the warbands decide which event/scenario they wish to take part in. Each scenario will have a required number of players (with the total number required being equal to the number of players that week) so everyone will get a game for their warband each week. The players will all roll (with various bonuses relating to their race, events and items) to determine who gets to select their preferred scenario first. This will be a secret selection, so nobody will know who they are facing off against until after everyone has selected their scenario. At that point, everyone goes off to fight their respective battles and we report the results.
The scenarios will be very varied and will contain everything from siege battles/Capture the artefact/ Assassinate a neutral/ Sneak into a castle and many many more. As I'll be a neutral GM it's possible to create more varied and interesting missions than the standard randomly generated ones often presented with Mordheim. This means there will be a 'plot' of sorts, ongoing conflicts/quests along with grudges between warbands, opportunities to raid/sabotage each other and light RP in terms of alliances and leader development.

What is required of players?
You don't need to know anything about Warhammer, Mordheim or the rules - those are very easy to teach and pick up. All the rulebooks are freely available (still working out the exact version and homebrew rules we'll be using). The most important requirement of players would be to be able to turn up to sessions regularly, turning up to every one would't be needed, there are ways around that, but missing large numbers of sessions, or, having people vanishing without telling anyone would be a bit of a pain. We would also be using Skype or Discord for voice comms. I'm not going to say that it's mandatory at the moment (I'll have to do a bit of testing before knowing how well various options work) but it would probably be strongly recommended.

When would it run?
Hopefully starting within the next couple of weeks - running each week for a few months or so. The 'upkeep phase' would be done on a weekend, probably Saturday early afternoon GMT, but if we had a number of people that couldn't make that time, then it wouldn't be impossible to make something work.

How do I express an Interest?
Easily! Post a message here, PM me,or have a chat with me on Skype (sarhodes87). If you're already on roll20 you can see the campaign here:

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Re: Looking for Players for Mordheim (online)
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Dang I wish I had time for this, it sounds so awesome. :cry:

Good luck finding players and welcome to the forum! :smile2:
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Re: Looking for Players for Mordheim (online)
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Hi, and thanks for sharing with us.

I am interested, a few questions.
1) Will this be based in what timezone?
2) I will be on holidays in November (late) will this be a problem?
3) Have you consider making a Discord server? They are free, easier to share resource and few other perks. (IMO it seems a little better)
I even think you can have a bot that does die rolls.

Looking forward,

edit: let me know if I can be of any help.
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Re: Looking for Players for Mordheim (online)
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Realjuan - look at the dates on the previous posts!
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Re: Looking for Players for Mordheim (online)
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got trolled by my own browser. It shows on my "Show unread posts since last visit"

Have I been away this long?

Thanks padre, i wonder if this worked back then.
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