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2500 points vs Bretonnia [8th ed.] - Friendly match
« on: February 04, 2018, 06:19:25 PM »
Hello, everyone!
I'm working on a Middenheim Regular Army (so black powder will be not forbidden) to bring battle to the Bretonnians: my first goal is to have fun, but I won't despise a good and bloody victory!

The lack of ranged units, besides the archers, doesn't scare me too much, but the addition of 5 outriders (125pts, with his pegasi as their main target) may be possible if we decide to play 2600 points: it depends on my fellow gamer!

One of my doubts concerns the magic lore of my Wizard Lord: I discarded Metal because I would like to play a more defensive battle with my infantry, so Life would make them more resilient while Light would give them advantage with speed and high WS (precisely with Speed of Light or Pha's Protection).

In summary, the infantry shall receive the main charges (Knights of the Realm and maybe Grail), my Knights would move out to charge his flanks or smash in the rearguard (Trebuchet and archers) while the Steam Tank will try to weaken his pegasi or Errant.

I'll be happy to read some suggestions!

Thanks in advance!
There is my army list:

Lords: 559 Points
304pts - Arch Lector (General)
War Altar, Heavy Armour, Enchanted Shield, Talisman of Preservation

255pts - Wizard Lord <- with Archers
Life or Light
Talisman of Endurance, Dispel Scroll

Heroes: 273 Points
143pts - Captain <- with Halberdiers
Battle Standard Bearer, The White Cloak of Ulric, Full Plate Armour, Shield

130pts - Warrior Priest <- with IC Knights
Sword of Might, Dawnstone, Heavy Armour, Shield, Barded Warhorse

Core: 715 Points
330pts - 50x Halberdiers
Full Command

315pts - 10x IC Knights
Full Command, Steel Standard, Lance and shield

70pts - 10x Archers

Special: 699 Points
360pts - 30x Greatswords
Full Command

219pts - 3x Demigryph Knights
Full Command, Banner of Swiftness, Lance and shield

120pts - Great Cannon

Rare: 250 Points
250pts - Steam Tank

Total: 2496 Points

From left to right, I'll have on the front IC Knights, Greatswords (Horde Formation), Halberdiers (10 ranks each of 5), Steam Tank and Demigryph Knights; behind them the Cannon, War Altar and Archers.
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