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Da Rize an' Fall o' da Gobbo--Merry Orcsmas

So it came to pass that most of the players in my current Mordheim campaign could attend the final game night before Christmas.  I was completely unprepared for such an occasion, but I rallied and came up with a lame holiday themed scenario:

Da Spiritz of Orcsmas

"Beware! Ye will be visited by three spiritz. Heed dere words!" The wight who closely resembled da ded Night Gobbo Chief Bad Arse* spoke in a hollow voice dat reached da ears of all da greenskins.

*Chief Bad Arse wuz shot ded by Fletch, a Gutrippa henchorc, a few weeks ago  :engel:

Twas da Night Before Orcsmass an' all da gitz head for da town square ta scrap! Da spiritz appeared in order of failed animosity tests, given our record of actually attending game night I was unsure of the number of players, so I reduced the number of failed tests to activate spirits.  This turned out to be a mistake, but it sort of worked nonetheless.

Santy Clawz lurked in da cave

Da Whitez (an unpainted orc and goblin warband run by Chris) wuz comin' from da east

Da Brazz Ballerz (Kevin's Black Orcs) lurked in da north

A close up of that cool boar rider

Da Git Ya Gang (Jim L's Night Goblins) squabbled in da west.  Da west iz da best

Sneaky Git Ya infiltrators hide in a central building (da Gimp an' da Gnoblar Trappa)

Da Gutrippaz (my Orc and Goblin warband) held da south

Da Ghost of Bad Arse appears amid his former warband!

Bad Arse reveals da location of da Majick Short Bow!

Bad Arse hung around moaning and terrifying his former minions

Dey start ta flee

The archers try to climb da hill

Bogoff da Snotling (also known as Bogoff da Lightstealer) stealz da Brass Ballerz Boss' lucky charm

Diss iz a pic of da git wut gabbed da Magick Short Bow

He climbin' da hill while other gitz run about screamin' an stuff

Jolly Nick da legendary gobbo jester appear.  He drift toward da Gutrippaz

Da Wight Bubba II** move toward Gutrippaz

**Old One Eyed Bubba II wuz kilt ded last week by DefWish II a Gutrippa henchgobo  :engel: :engel:

Da appearance of da Wight Bubba II made all da orc warbands take a lead test, if dey fail den each warband member take a lead test or flee.  Da Whitez flee! AND get trampled by da invisible crowd of orcs for good measure...

Da pink squig land inna Brazz Ballerz court

He don't last long

Da Drummer Boy freezes at da sight of a trap!  (da yellow counters iz traps set by da Gnobblar Trappa)

While dis go on, Da Wight Bubba II fight wit hiz murderers...  (and Jolly Nik mess wit da Mad Bomma)

Da photographer think this a better model for da Wight Bubba II

And crowds trample Gutrippaz

An' da end of da Wight Bubba II

Jolly Nik bond wit Kaptain Grootka

Meanwhile Toll Troll kill ThreeDot

An' da Brallerz climb after gobboz

Gobboz shot da git, but he no die

Santy watches da carnage

Da Ballez mass at da traps (dey git a snotling to set dem off)

Da Whitez wot didn't run away rally and face da fight

End Game: Da Whitez an' da Git Ya Gang bug right out.  All dat left iz Ballerz and Gutrippaz an' three spiritz

Toll Troll meets da Ghost of Bad Arse

Nameless fight da Weedy Black Orc

Gitz gang up on Nameless!

Nameless go down in one round

Big scrap wit da Boar Rider

Cookie trip inna dark

Rigga Top shot hiz blunderbuss!  Take orc out of action for first time!

Da end iz near

Grootka do nuffin' cause he distracted by Jolly Nik

So da Whitez took no actual casualties, but were broken by having six warriors flee from da Wight Bubba II.  Dey lose no one.

Da Git Yaz lost ThreeDotz rubbed out by Toll Troll.  A snotling was also kilt ded by da Ballerz.  Da Git Yaz find da Majick Shot Bow an' gain +3 underdog bonus again...

Da Gutrippaz lost Da Craziest Git Eva, who killed himself rather than listen to Jolly Nik's jokes.  In addition a faint BOOM was heard during exploration, marking the end of Da Mad Bomma who blew himself up trying to make a new bomb or two...  Da Gutrippaz find da entrance to da Catacombs in exploration.

Da Ballerz wins!  Dey lose da lucky charm stolen by Bogoff (cause dey didn't even try to get it back).  Nufink dies.  Dey also gain +3 underdog bonus coming into the evening with a rating of 311! (even lower den da Git Yaz)

Merry Orcsmas and da Happy Holidayz! 
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