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Maze of Malcor
« on: October 28, 2020, 06:55:59 PM »
Because I can, that's why.  :biggriin:

Since this is an open thread ...  :icon_mrgreen: .. Just some random stuff to read for you

At the beginning of Covid 19 I lost interest in gaming and more important building and painting.  So I called a friend and re-started our Frostgrave campaign.  Slowly I found the interest in gaming back.  Soon I am going the see how Saga works… gaming life flows again

Frostgrave battle in juni - with the old Kislevite warband members and my necromancers acting as Elementalists.

To make things more interesting we started the Maze of Malcor campaign.
Maze of Malcor 1 – the relic room
Scenario in a big hall, where you have to visit 4 display cases and the treasure to be had in these cases.

Maze of Malcor 2 – The great hall
The entire table represents the great feasting hall. Three or more dining tables should be placed in the centre of the table.

Maze of Malcor 3 – The aviary
More akin to a small jungle than a garden. Hunt for the rare Tatakaka bird.

In honour of the Frostgrave II edition we started over with our warbands (making the same warbands with the “making experienced warbands” rules in the Maze of Malcor book)   Besides making the warbands legal I also made a new warband for my elementalist wizard.

Some different things to add to the monster pool.

Maze of Malcor 4 – The furnace
The centre of the table is dominated by a 6” by 6” furnace.  The coalmen maintaining the furnace try to put everything burnable into the furnace. Rats are the only monsters encountered besides coalmen.

Maze of Malcor 5 – The gondola docks
One side of the table is the open side of the dock.  No one can leave or enter on that side. In the centre of the table are three gondola’s that float above the ground. When leaving the table in the gondola you gain it for your warband. 

Next up nr 6 - the cloister. 😉

Sofar the fun this spring and summer.
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Re: Maze of Malcor
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and because I want to add some episodes.  :biggriin:

Maze of Malcor 6 - the cloister.

The table represents the ruins of a cloister. It should have ruins of a covered walkway running around its edge. Near the centre of the table there should be six trees. (ofcours I did not have trees with me so I went outside and took some "trees" from the hedge.)

Maze of Malcor 7 - The Wheel

The table should be a 4 foot circle, but a 3 foot square it was... In one corner of the collegium, sat the squat, round tower that served as the centre for the study of fatecasting.

Every turn 2 warband members swapped places, chosen by the third player who played evil (no random movement anymore, the models went from Frostgrave engine to an Angelique Intelligence)

Main character of this episode the shade Ordovacer Nord, an undead wizard and old headmaster of the fatecaster branch of the collegium, who was there to ruin our day. Luckily for us the AI was pretty un experienced (first game of frostgrave ever) one. She managed to loose her shade the second turn after entering the table, as revenge she murdered half of both our warbands...

Maze of Malcor 8 - The Echodrome

The echodrome is one of the oldest parts of the collegium. Designed to be both a small concert hall and a classroom for teaching the mysteries of the sonancer school

Shade / headmaster for the occassion was Florissa Undine.

This time the AI knew what to do with her wizard shade, keep her alive and that the AI did. Most creatures were spawned on the side of Joost' warband and I had a fairly quite evening grabbing loot.

We started off with a large demon, an Imp and 4 minor demons guarding the treasure. Everytime round we killed a demon the AI could respawn a Minor demon at one of the 8 spawning points (doors) by choise. Besides that we learned that casting a magic missile meant immediately a magic missile in return to a target the AI choose. (Bummer)

If it wasn't enough I had to tell my girlfriend after out last game (the Angelique Intelligence)  that the only thing worth to kill were spellcasters. This meant that my wizard had to survive a barrage of 4 magic missile the first turn and 3 the second turn. The second turn the AI found the apprentice of Joost close enough to a door to send her respawn minor demon at least 3 turns in row to the poor Apprentice.

Resume: Joost got his Captain killed and the rest off his warband left the table crawling, running or in some cases carried off on stretchers. On the otherside of the table My warband left the table with a warband member extra, a zombie.

We will see the next time if I am still that lucky then.  :engel:

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Re: Maze of Malcor
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Looks like an awesome campaign!

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Re: Maze of Malcor
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Rather late then never. We finished the campaign a month ago. The last few scenarios written from a very faint memory.

Maze of Malcor 9 - The Astracarnum

The table represents the entirety of the astracarnum. Main figure is Tuvith Reginold who we encountered before but now we enter this shades realm.

The six pillars in the middle are representing 6 telescopes, which have a healing ability towards constructs and can shoot some magic missiles towards mine and Joosts warband. We rush for the telescopes to destroy them and with the shade showing up we start hunting him across the table.  That took us a great 3 hours of playimng time and a grand protion of our nerves as well.  AI has found her way in the game. :-)
We had to hunt the darn shade across the plaing area, but in the end we could pull the trigger...

Maze of Malcor 10 - The Bender

The entire table is the hall called the bender.  A maze in a maze with shifting walls that change the maze every turn.

The AI pressed Joosts warband last time more then mine although both of us had to get a few warbandmembers to the nurse. This time it should be my turn, but as an elementalist is an easy trick of mine to change the architecture of the building a I want. Adding walls where giants are rushing towards you and stopping them, looking amazed at the just appearing wall.
We killed the shade and then went our merry way.

Maze of Malcor 11 - The Necropolis

The entire table represents the vast crypt of the necorpolis. Alentha Lemedes is the main antagonist in this scenario.

It was not my day this day, I was already satified with the fact that our opponent shade would survive and ready to leave the table.  Joost was determined to hunt the shade down while the numbers of monsters outnumbered us almost from the start of the game.
So I turned around and joined the hunt for the shade that eventually cost me my apprentices health and a Sky gondola, from now on half off my warband shall walk into battle...

Maze of Malcor 12 - The Headmaster's Office.

The centre of the room is a raised platform (a daise according to the book?) 

Our AI was already enjoying the moment that we might start with this level, what a deseption it was.

While other scenarios took us more then 3 hours this one was a whole other story. we rushed in from two sides toward she centre where the wraith (shade) of Malcor was standing(floating). While we did so we managed to shoot a couple of magic missiles on Malcor, wounding him in the proces.  At the end of turn one the AI could trigger 2 boobytraps causing 2 deaths and wounding several of Joosts  warband members.

Start of turn two I was wondering how to get my hand on treasure and keep my momentum towards the centre going, when Joost remarked that I should try to end it, because his warband was pretty torn up already.

My apprentice took aim, cast the spell and after 20 minutes of play Malcor crumbled to the floor.  game over.

Conclusion; The maze is one of the best books in the series sofar.  The random encounter table is also a very good one, not many fast creatures, but tough and durable. Several creatures explode after dying so the choice off weapon becomes a puzzle.  a joy to play!

A little twist in the rules.  We play the game cooperative.  So instead of a dice each to roll on the random encounter table we roll four each. the players and the AI.  This gives the AI in a very short order enough troops to haunt the warbands across the table. Not standard and you need more monsters then you initially would have but the games are more tence then I ever played in normal mode.  My personal recommendation for a house rule. :-)
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Re: Maze of Malcor
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Excellent! :icon_biggrin: :eusa_clap: :::cheers:::
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Re: Maze of Malcor
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Looks great! Amazing work  :eusa_clap:

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Re: Maze of Malcor
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That's fantastic. I love the models and terrain!

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Re: Maze of Malcor
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Thanks fellas!
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