Author Topic: READ THIS FIRST! A guide for new forum members.  (Read 14067 times)

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READ THIS FIRST! A guide for new forum members.
« on: January 16, 2005, 06:56:46 PM »
It'll make you feel better :)

Hello and welcome aboard!

You have reached Warhammer-Empire.com, the finest site around for a general of the Empire to take his boots off, sit by the fire, have a glass of excellent brandy and discuss tactics with his peers. Before you get started, we'd like you to take a look at the points summarized in this post - they've been compiled specifically to help new members join this community quickly and smoothly. Please take the time to read them and you'll find your questions getting answered quickly and to the point.

We hope you enjoy your stay, general!

-- Staff & Mods

1. Please be polite and take the time to make your post well-mannered, well-written, and reasonably free of spelling and grammar errors.
As you may not be a native English speaker, don't worry, we're no English teachers, but we do ask a certain degree of care of you when you write a post. For example, please use punctuation, capitalize "I" when writing in the first person, and please, please, refrain from "l33t" or any other net-speak (if you don't know what it is, so much the better!).
Certainly do not post in block capitals!

To help everybody produce good quality posts we have provided a "Spell Check" feature, which you will find underneath the typing box of your new post as you compose it, alongside the 'Post' & 'Preview' buttons. We know it is not perfect, but it will help non native English speakers and any dyslexia sufferers greatly... along with any lazy so-and-so's :icon_wink: [/color]

2. Before asking a question, make sure you know what you're after and ask specific questions.
It is very easy to ask a generic question inviting a billion answers, but answering it is more difficult. Provide us with some context and you'll find the answers much more helpful.
For instance, if you wonder whether you should get a new unit of Pistoliers or a Great Cannon, it would help to know what the rest of your army looks like and what kind of a player you are. Also, please take care in giving your post a to-the-point title so we know what we're looking at!

3. Many basic questions have been answered before and can be found in the FAQ, further down in the forums, or in the War Room or Library. To make navigation in the forum back logs easier, we also have a Search feature.
When using this, keep in mind that there may be more keywords relevant to your question, and that the more precise you are, the better your results will be. Of course, if you can only find scattered, old, or incomplete information, our members will be happy to help you out with a question posted directly to the forum. Doing your own research saves time, forum space, and prevents us from having to answer the same question three times a week :-D However, please do not unnecessarilyrevive old threads!

4. Try to be as much on-topic as you can. If a question is not related to Empire, or to Warhammer in general, it will probably go unanswered or be locked down by one of the moderators. You are, of course, free to introduce yourself, or to ask for directions to a forum relating to your questions (but please check out the Links section first), but stay well clear of any topics regarding real-world banalities such as politics, religion, Games Workshop business practices, and so on - the real world does not concern us very much around here.

5. Introduce yourself! Answering your questions is much more fun if we know who we're talking to. Use your first post to tell us a bit about yourself and your army, then proceed to your question or comment. Not only will you join the community more smoothly, it also makes it easier for veteran gamers to tune their answers and comments to the kind of player you are. We even have a special thread for introductions here. There is also a map provided by Clarkarias that you can add your details to and use to search for other local players.

6. When posting army lists for rating, please be as detailed as possible. Army lists are hard to judge if we don't know what your general style of play is, what you expect to fight against, and whether or not you have any special "fluff" (background story) considerations.
Some general notes on the tactics you intend to use will go a long way in making people understand why you chose what. Be aware that army rating is a highly individual matter. While there are common points of agreement, there are in fact as many views on the perfect Empire army as there are players out there. These discussions can get a bit heated so don't be surprised if your list produces a rant or two! Don't take it personal, we're hard-wired that way :) Again, explaining why you chose what you chose will go a long way in avoiding unpleasantries. As a final note, please do not post lists directly out of Army Builder, as the format is unpleasant to read and generally over-complete; you can fix this by cutting out the obvious stuff, and arranging your list according to the sequence of the Army Book (characters - core - special - rare) with Detachments listed with their Parent Unit.

7. If you're really unsure of how to go about things here, feel free to post in the forums asking for directions, or e-mail one of the moderators. You can click on any of our names to check if there's an e-mail address there. If you've put in a bit of effort to find the answers to your questions yourself, but haven't found them, we'll be more than happy to help you out.

8. Have FUN!
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