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Round Two Procesed!
« on: August 10, 2005, 05:37:47 AM »
Round Two of the War of Ostermark Sucession has now been procesed.

In Ostermark, as the bloody battles continue casualties continue to grow, and land changes hands. The Talabeclanders and Stirlanders continue their fighting in the south, each regaining control of their once contested grounds. In the east of the province, the Kislevites and Middenlanders complete their conquest of The Uneasy Watchman as Graf Martin's remaining men are forced to flee towards the fortress of Hohleburg. Despite Martin’s failure at the Watchman his men defend their advantage in Bechafen from the attacking Middenlanders, and with control of the rioting mobs within grasp, Stirland’s northern front may yet be salvaged. The Talabec River still remains quiet except for the reinforcements gathering at Brustenbuck. Perhaps an attack is planned…

The story continues in Round Three of the War of Ostermark Succession!
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