Author Topic: You guys ready to hear something stupid?  (Read 1335 times)

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You guys ready to hear something stupid?
« on: May 13, 2022, 09:32:30 PM »
So some time ago I decided to base my gaming collection around starter sets, rather than armies, meaning that I would try to get the most out of what came in the starter and maybe a add a little to that. It has helped me get rid of a lot of extra stuff I will never get around to. Well, there are some exceptions. But what I really wanted to do was to try to capture the time period in these sets, so this means painting the models in bright colors if the trend was that at the time, or stick to the armies presented in the art (like Blood Angels for the 2nd Ed 40K starter and Black Templars for 3rd). Itís fun as it forces me to get out of painting the same colors all the time if that makes sense.

So one of the things I did back in the day was base a lot of miniatures for some games using the Warmachine bases, which I still think are the nicest bases ever made for war gaming. But as I recently looked over my projects, I found myself really annoyed that I did that, because it violates that rule of trying to capture the time period in the model. I donít mind if they look cheesy if thatís how they looked at the time.

So I am about to buy a bunch of bases to replace the nicer bases I did. Some of even textured already. Lord help me.

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Re: You guys ready to hear something stupid?
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2022, 06:35:47 AM »
Dont feel too bad. I once bought some pricey EPIC stuff for the purpose of goofy dioramas only to discover the Epic minis were too small for the project. That was $65.00 AU down the drain

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Re: You guys ready to hear something stupid?
« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2022, 10:20:38 PM »
I still wake up with cold sweats sometimes debating whether I was right to put my Empire guys on round bases...  :dry: