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Grand army of Talabheim 3110pts
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    I got a list that I'd like some constructive critisism on.

  1 general of the Empire '' Marshall Carl-Erich von Hötzendorf''
Aomi, great weapon, laurels of victory.

   1 wizard lord LV4 '' Lucuis Cinna of the Cairns''
     Grey wand, 2 x powerstone, luckstone,
   Biting blade

     1 warrior priest  '' acolyte Hermann Von moltke''
        heavy armour, greatweapon and Doomfirering

    1  wizard lv2 '' klaus the mad of the colleage of fire''
        2 x powerstone

    1 warrior priest '' brother wilibalt of göinge''
        Heavy armour, greatweapon, barded warhorse

     1 Captain '' Friedrich Shulze-Kossen of the Bodyguard''
       full plate, sword of power

       25 flagellants ''

    12 handgunners '' 7th arquebusiers''
      12 Hand gunners '' Handgunners of Hergig''
   6 knights
      full com

    10 archers  '' Wolfenburg marksmen''

     10 archers


    35 Greatswords  '' The gatekeepers''       
full com, warbanner

30 greatswords '' The Bridgekeepers''
    full command

1 Cannon '' The reaper''

1 cannon '' The vengance''
  1 hellstorm rocket battery '' KABOOM!''

     Total enlisted men: 140 not inclúding warmachine crew or Heroes
     total charachters: 6
     casting dice: 5/turn
     Dispeldice/turn: 7

     I encourage all kinds of critiscism and advice. Hey this is my first post!



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Re: Grand army of Talabheim 3110pts
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Two units of Greatswords is well... er... great.  But anything over 24 with them is too many.  It would also save you a boat load of points to spend on some more Core troops, like a unit of Swordsmen and some detachments.  Same goes with Flagellents.  Any more than 15 of those is really a waste of points IMO.

Please think about putting your poor BSB on a barded horse.  He's a sitting duck with only a 4+ save.

I'm not sure why you've got a unit of Handgunners with full command.  That's generally seen as an easy point grab by any opponent with some experience.  I wouldn't field them with anything but a marksman, and I don't even do that.  And you might think about making them into a detachment for somebody.

Maybe think about breaking your mob of archers into 2 groups of 10.  Gives you more flexibility.

Unless you're planning on putting a character in with your knights, I would think about dropping the command from them, and just using them as Nilla knights.

Hope some of that is of use.

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