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600 pts army for tournament
« on: January 27, 2005, 04:35:42 PM »
Hi, I am quite new to this hobby so I don't have many models. I'm thinking of playing tournament matches, that's why i'm trying to make my list the best of what i can achieve with such a small range of models.

At first I will introduce tournamet rules to make everyone get my point.
Let's start:
- max 1 Hero but not ABSB
- minimum 2 maximum 4 units (excluding Hero)
- minimum 1 Core unit
- 1 Rare or 1 Special unit (but not both of them)
- minimum 1 infantry unit of 10+ men
- no unit can have more than 25 men and no unit can have Magical Standard
- no model can cost more than 125 pts
- no more than 1 chariot or war machine
- Bretonnians don't have BSB
- Tomb Kings must have Liche Priest as their Hero. He is also General  but he can cost up to 165 pts
- Tomb Kings can have more than 1 chariot
- Vampire Thrall may lead Vampire Counts
- for quarters, general and standards, ( and Pure of Heart for High Elfes) 50 victory points
End of rules.

Now let's go to the list:
Captain ( general )
full plate, shield
warhorse, bardings
Sword of Sigismund
124 pts

Swordmen 20 with full command ( 165 pts )
( that's the place I put captain )
10 handgunners detachment ( 80 pts )
10 spearmen detachment ( 60 pts )

5 IC knights ( Sons of Mannan ) with full command ( 170 pts )

Total of 599 pts

spearmen are for flank attack ( countercharge and support charge as well ) formed 5 in rank makes 10 attacks
handgunners for shooting while parent unit is charged, normally shhoting in shooting phase and also to make my enemy come closer ( lurking )
IC knights to secure handgunners and swordmens flank and to hit oponent quite hard in side or back while he is fighting swordmen.

I think that's all. I know I'm weak to magic, but I have hope enemy wizard will be destroyed quickly. I know also that if my swordmen unit panics I have lost the game, so I'm trusting my captain. It is impossible to make more strong units with this limit of points. If I only had 100 pts more I would put a great cannon.

Please tell me what you think of this list.
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600 pts army for tournament
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2005, 07:13:24 PM »
In 600 points I would try a mini form of battalions :

16 soldiers with 2 5 men detachments
16 soldiers with 2 5 men detachments

1 Big unit the way your list is now is going to get flank charged by small enemy units.

And just a note : if you charge with spearmen you loose the attacks from the first rank, thus making the only advantage of spears obsolete ( on the charge )