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2000pts of Middenland Vs Dwarfs
« on: January 28, 2005, 06:43:34 AM »
About 3 months ago me an a frien who have been playing 40k for a good number of years decided to get into Fantasy,  He chose dwarfs, and i empire.  After debating what to do for a good long while one day i came across the "defenders of middenhiem" box on ebay... and thus i snagged it for around 130$ I really like the middenhiem and Cult of Ulric list.

So this army is tayored to fighting dwarfs, mainly the slayer army that he is working on, thus why theres no priest of ulric.

On the Captian with pegasus... May people will atest that his main benifits are hunting down and breaking small units and march blocking... nether of which work against slayers...  He does however have the ability to counter 2 vary major threats... Doomseakers and the Hewter...  In the few games ive played against his slayers so far 1 or 2 doomseakers always eat though 2 - 3 units, and the best i can do is feed them ceap units and try to divirt them.  


Having a single mobile charicter attack a doomseaker takes away his major advantages.  Assume a doomseaker chargers into your swordsmen, he gets into BtB with 3, thus hits the 7 models in BtB with them on a 4+ so thats 6.5 Auto hits.  If he doesnt happen to kill all of them you are at -1 to hit on a T4 model... However when figting a single model his Autohits are reduced to 1D3 so if he does get 3, these are divided among the captain and the pegasas, but they will likely get their 5 attacks back.

So here it is, All critizism is greatly apriciated

Boris goes with the IC KoWW
The Seneschal goes with the halberders
Captain goes Doomseaker and Hewter Hunting

Boris Todbringer(278)
Full Plate Armor, Shield, Runefang, Warhorse, Talisman of Ulric

Seneschal of the White Wolf(62)
Full Plate Armor, White wolf Hammer

Full Plate Armor, Enchanted Shield, Lance, Pegasus

24 men, Musician, Standard

12 men, Detachment

Knights Panther(180)
6 Knights of the Inner Circle, Standard, Musician

White Wolf Knights(189)
5 Knights of the Inner Circle, Standard, Musician, Warbanner
White Wolf Knights(174)
6 Knights, Standard, Musician

White Wolf Knights(174)
6 Knights, Standard, Musician

Teutogen Guard(298)
20 men, Inner Circle, Standard, Musician

15 Men, Great Weapons, Standard, Musician

10 Men, Marksmen, Repeater Handgun

Cost: 1975
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