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Title: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on June 21, 2011, 09:39:28 AM
A cold wind blew down from the vast plains of Kislev, it’s howling icy gusts hitting the small village called Brumberg. So named because of the large number of black bears that wandered the nearby woods and sometimes even the village streets. The village sat just on the border between Kislev and Ostland, but also on the sharp divider between plains and forest.

The people in Brumberg had always cursed the founders of the village, wondering why in the name of Taal they couldn’t have built it a bit further into the woods so that they wouldn’t be exposed to the constant chilling northern winds that came down from the great plains.

Hans pulled his wet soggy wool overcoat tighter as he prepared to cross the muddy main street. The rain was drizzling down from the rooftops. It had been raining for the better part of two weeks now and it showed no signs of letting up. The winter had been long and hard with Chaos filfth raiding outlying farms. The crops planted only weeks before was now being washed away in the relentless downpour. Famine would be a guest at many tables this year. “Taal help us all” whispered Hans as he looked up at the overcast skies and started across the street heading for the inn.

Nothing much ever happened in Brumberg these days. It had once been bustling with activity when armies from the south, mercenary or otherwise, came through on their way to win glory fighting the great enemy in the north. But then someone, “a bloody elven scout no doubt” villagers used to say, had found a quicker way to Erengrad. Soon enough there was a new road going north, miles from Brumberg, leaving the small village to wither away.

But the last few days there had been excitement. Two travellers had come into town. People said they were lords by the look of them. Some who had seen them at the inn even said they were Southern lords by the way they dressed. Hans, thinking it unlikely that anyone in the village could tell a northern lord form a southern one, had to see it for himself though before he would believe it. That’s why he had left his cozy fire and braved out into the storm.
Why would two noble gentlemen come to Brumberg?
And even more curious…..why would they stay???

Title: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
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Little Jozef Heintzl was only 10 years old, but he would never forget what he saw that day.

Jozef lived with his parents in the small town of Borkum on the southern shore of the Upper Talabec river. Their house was the one closest to the ford over the river. His Mutti had sent him out to play with his new toy. A wooden horse his father had just finished carving the night before. It was a cold spring day. Skies were grey and a light drizzle fell from the sky.
Dark storm clouds were rapidly moving south.
Not the best weather for a young boy to be out playing in, but his mother had sent him outside after he “rode over” a bowl containing a great number of eggs meant for baking.

It started as distant rumble. Almost like an approaching thunderstorm. But the sound was constant without interruptions and it kept growing. At first Jozef didn’t pay any attention to it since it had rained continuously for almost two weeks. He sat in his favourite place, high on top of the small stone wall that surrounded his parents garden, oblivious to everything but his new toy. Normally he would just sit there looking at strangers passing by and dreaming of far away lands and adventures. From there he could see everyone that came across the river using the ford. The land across the river was open countryside and he would see for miles around.
But today the toy horse had his attention.

It was the sound of real horses that made Jozef look up. The sound of many horses. His jaw fell open and his eyes opened wide in disbelief. Never had he seen such a thing.
Splashing across the river came men on horses. Men in armour and red and white livery.
Jozef being young and not having use for it anyway couldn’t count…..but he could see men on horses and men marching as far as the eye could see all along the northern bank of the river. They all had swords, spears or guns.
In the middle of the marching column there were even wagons with strange long metallic tubes attached to them. Jozef had never seen anything like it.

The road continued south from the ford, past the wall Jozef was sitting on. The first man on horse across the river was a hard looking man in armour on a white stallion. He had many scars on his face that Jozef could see and where one of his eyes should have been there was a black patch instead.
The second man across was an equally hard looking man in armour riding a huge black horse carrying a large flag with a menacing black bird on it. The standard fluttered hard in the wind.

The first man, noticing Jozefs wide open mouth and staring eyes, laughed and called out:

“Have you ever seen such a thing boy?”
“I would think not.”
“Run….tell your parents…..The Black Griffon marches south!”

After recovering from his initial shock the boy threw himself off the wall and ran screaming into the house:
“Mutti!”  “Mutti”   “Come look at the horses!!!”

Bolts of lightning streaked across the dark sky as the long column of men, horses and wagons started crossing the river.

The storm was back.

The Black Griffon was moving south.

Title: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
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A warm welcoming heat that came from the fireplace embraced Hans as he stepped into the common room of “Der Jägerhaus”.

“Ach Hans! Come in, come in….but hurry….close the door” came the voice of Ernst the innkeeper from behind the bar.

“Some people are colder then others” said Ernst and glanced over at something at the back of the room.

As Hans quickly closed the door he could see from the corner of his eye the two strangers sitting at a table in a dark corner of the room. The common room was empty except for the pair and that made it a strange place to sit since it must be the coldest place in the room.

“Ernst my old friend….what news?”   “What do you hear?” said Hans as he approached the rough planks laid over two huge barrels that served as a bar. Involuntarily his eyes kept glancing over at the strangers. They did look like lords. Under their long dark cloaks he could see lace and fine cloth. Yellow and black seemed to be the dominant colours. There was also a strange scent in the room. He could not quite place it. Perfume…? Could it be? Well no doubt then. They must be noblemen.

“Nothing but the rain my friend….nothing but the rain” answered Ernst.

“What will it be?”

“Mulled Wine….served as hot as you can”

While Ernst went about heating up the wine Hans kept shooting glances over in the corner that he might find out more about the travellers. It came to an abrupt halt though when the one closest to him looked Hans straight in the eyes and said in a harsh voice:

“Mind your own business peasant or I will make sure that you can only hear the rain…not SEE it!”

A southern accent. Averland was it? Hans had travelled in his youth, but it was such a long time ago and he couldn’t be sure. Averland…that must be it. Home of the mad Count Marius Leitdorf, although he was long dead now. Hans suddenly remembered hearing rumours some years back that there was civil strife in Averland and that the title was being fought over by Leitdorf’s distant relatives. Anyway….he had new information about the strangers. Elsbeth would be thrilled at this and keep off his back for awhile. His wife was the biggest tattletale in the village and the few hours peace this would bring him was almost worth the outrageous price Ernst charged for his mulled wine.

Suddenly there was the sound of men and horses outside. A low booming voice was heard saying:
“Wait here. I want sentries posted at both entrances to the village. No one leaves or comes in as long as we are here. Kill if you must, but avoid unnecessary bloodshed.”

“Remember, these are not Chaos scum but citizens of the Empire”

The answer came swift and without hesitation:
“Yes my Lord!”

The door to the inn flung open and a large man in a dark coat came into the common room.
Even a fool could see that this man was a soldier and not just any soldier, but one used to command. If nothing else then the polished breastplate and red and white livery that could be seen in the opening of his cloak gave it away. The scars in his face left by sharp weapons used in anger completed the puzzle.

“Ah, you are already here?”   “Good.” said the soldier to the two strangers.

The two strangers were already up on their feet. The taller of them. The one most scented with perfume, looked a little bit annoyed and said to the soldier:

“Why did he not come himself?”

“He does not have time for this meeting. Our forces have already moved across the river. I speak with his tongue and listen with his ears”

“Very well.”  “Come”  “We have a private room in the back where we can talk”

“Innkeeper! Bring more mulled wine to the backroom and hurry up!!!”

As the three men moved into the interior of the inn Ernst and Hans could just stare at each other in amazement.
This kind of thing was unheard of in Brumberg….at least it hadn’t happened in centuries.

As Ernst started to hastily prepare lots of mulled wine, Hans stepped out into the street and almost fell over with surprise. The street was full of soldiers and horses.

Who was this man?

And then he realized something…
Praise be to “The Green Man” thought Hans as he hurried home. All this commotion would be the talk of the town in no time. And if his Elsbeth had the story first….why then he might even have a whole days worth of peace and quiet.

Praise be to “The Green Man” thought Hans yet again as he splashed his way through the mud.
Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on June 23, 2011, 11:18:25 AM
Found this site last week and like reading the stories on here and looking at other peoples armies   :biggriin:

This is the story/fluff about/around my army and its commanders the von Ottenheim family.
I write it for my own sake but thought I´d share it.

I´m always coming up with stories around my figures when I´m painting them.
There are probably plenty of grammatical and spelling errors since english isn´t my first language    :icon_confused:
Feel free to correct me if needed.

I like the Warhammer minis and started buying some in the mid-nineties but have never played the game.
I have bought some during the years but just recently (read last year) started assembling and painting them.
Not sure how to post pics on here to show it. ??

Have some early pics from last year posted on coolminiornot.com if you search for Black Griffon.

Reading here in the forum I discovered the Perry miniatures....Wow....nice ones.....will try and bolster my army with some of those.

Really enjoy this site and always finding new and interesting stuff on here  :smile2:

"Taal go with you"

Ulrich von Ottenheim

Commander Black Griffon
Komtur Templar Knights of Taal
Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
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Enjoyed the start of your story. :icon_cool: :::cheers:::
Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on July 11, 2011, 02:13:35 PM
Thank you Sir!... for ye kind words.

Warms me heart.

Writing more fluff....but unimportant things like work, family etc gets in the way.......

Not sure if it is allowed to link to other sites on here......but have a homepage here:


(It´s not good...I know....but it shows some of my army.....)

If not allowed then hopefully the proper authorities will chastise me accordingly......

Title: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
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It was going to be a hot and humid day in Thalheim.
Albrecht had been sweating since he got up this morning and the sun was just over the horizon. But it wasn’t just the warm weather that made the little man with the well-rounded stomach sweat. He was late. The ship would sail at any moment and the captain would be down at the docks impatiently waiting for the most important part of his cargo.

Together with his wife, Lady Ophelia, Albrecht was in charge of the von Ottenheim Trading House in Thalheim. Trading on the River Stir was a most lucrative enterprise. House Ottenheims trading vessels were among the few who dared venture past the Dead city of Mordheim. Much coin was gained from trading with the dwarfs from Karak Kadrin, although they were slayers, they produced a variety of goods that was much sought after in for example Altdorf. Trading sites close to the entrance of Peak Pass was also the first and sometimes, if the prize offered was right, the only place caravans from the east stopped after coming through the Worlds Edge mountains. This was the source of the von Ottenheim family wealth and had enabled them to establish trading houses in most of the major cities of the Empire. Not only on the Stir but also on the Reik and Talabec rivers. They even had some trading posts outside the empire. The trading houses, their vessels and merchants also played a key part in the family´s information network. Nothing moved in the Empire without a von Ottenheim hearing it….

Coming up the stairs, from the secure crypt below the house, Albrecht stopped briefly in the dining room to grab one of the sandwiches from the lavish buffet laid out on the table. He hadn’t eaten since that ´middle of the night´ snack in the kitchen for Gods sake…..hunger made his large belly rumble. The injustice of it all…..all that food….and he didn’t even have time to sit down and eat it. And all because of this sword.

With sweat running down his face he stopped briefly before the altar of Taal and crossed himself before grabbing his hat and hurrying out the door while shouting:

“Ophelia!  I´m off to the docks! The package is going today!“

The villa lay on one of the hills overlooking the harbour and Albrecht always took pride in saying that he walked down there. He got his daily exercise, never mind the fact that it was all downhill and that he always took the carriage back home….him fat??....never!!!!
Ophelia had it all wrong…

Before setting off down the hill he looked out over the valley, seeing the top of the highest peak in Thalheim and the battlements of the Chapterhouse of the Temple Knights of Taal.
He could see the armour of the guards glowing in the early morning sunlight and flying of the highest tower was the temple banner and just below it the personal standard of the Komtur. “Ahhh…. Remigius is home” thought Albrecht as he almost dropped the package stumbling over a lazy dog sleeping in the middle of the street.

The anxious captain of “Der Meerjungfrau” was pacing up and down the docks as Albrecht came into the harbour area. As he came closer he could see that the captain was sweating almost as much as him. The crew and him had a long night getting the ship loaded with all the provisions a large hungry force could need. Plans were moving along more quickly then Albrecht had anticipated. The messenger had arrived late last night and the orders in the letter were clear. The Mermaid was to sail this morning, taking the provisions to Bissendorf.
Handing the captain the elongated package wrapped in finest black silk he said:
“Guard it with your life Captain. You know what it means to the cause!”

“I know my Lord. I will not let it out of my sight”

“See that you don’t. And now Sail! Sail with the speed of an arrow!”

“Any message for him?”

“Just tell him that things are progressing as planned. Our people in Altdorf and the other cities are being informed of his progress as we speak.”

“Taal be with you and the cause Sire!”

“And with you Olaf. Now sail!”

“Yes Sire.”

Albrecht watched as the ship came away from the dock and slowly started moving up the river.

Thinking of the mass of men moving down through Ostermark and their destination he muttered silently to himself:

“Taal be with us all.”

It was going to be a hot day in Thalheim.
Title: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
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The huge double edged axe split the head open on the man next to him.
Blood, and what Dieter suspected was brain substance, gushed all over him.
It was one of the new recruits from Praag they had picked up last week.
A city boy, even he had been a Kislevite, he had known nothing of war and hadn’t had time to learn enough to know that stepping out of the battle line meant you left your flanks unguarded. Coin wasted.

“Gottverdammt!!” where was that bloody Dûraias and his elven rangers?? Their bows were sorely needed.

Dieter was a soldier in a detachment of Dietrich von Ottenheims mounted jaegers. They had left Murmagrad two nights earlier after that word came in from farms in the area that a small Chaos band was raiding up and down the forest taking slaves. The Captain had dispatched the group of jaegers and Dûraias scouts to deal with the incursion.

They had made camp during the early hours and fallen asleep like dead men despite the biting cold and falling snow. The men had been exhausted after 2 days without sleep. The enemy had attacked them after a few hours, taking them totally by surprise and killing 5 men during the first attack. Their lifeless bodies could be seen strewn among the burning remains of the tents.

After the initial shock of the attack, Dieters troop leader had managed to organize a battle line at the far end of the clearing where they had made camp.

Something was happening to the horses.
Something bad.
They were hobbled over in a dark area of the clearing and could only be made out as shadows. Terrified whinnying noises could be heard. There was a huge shadow moving around them. Wet slashing sounds were heard followed by a heavy thump as the limp body of a horse hit the ground. An unspeakable terror gripped Dieters heart as he saw that the large shadow had…. two heads??...and it was hissing.

The horses were dying.

The flames of the burning tents showed movement in the dark forest.

“Here they come again!! Hold the line!! In the name of Taal…hold the line!!! “

A large number of Marauders came charging out of the tree line. Their howling battle cries chilling the blood in Dieters already frozen body. He had no desire to die here….not today. A huge marauder had his eyes fixed on him as he charged across the clearing…Dieter knew he had been chosen …..it didn’t make him feel special…

Like a surging tide the marauder horde clashed into the thin line of mercenaries. Flails ripping huge chunks of meat off bodies, axes cleaving off limbs that were meant to be attached…..blood everywhere…..

Dieter could see the barbarian raise his huge double handed sword as he came within spitting distance of him and then in the light of the fires, the huge blade came swooping down….there was no way he could block that….no way….he could feel his bowels empty into his dirty trousers.

His scream woke the sergeant.

“For pity´s sake Dieter!! You use that as your battle cry and there wont be any enemies left”

A dream….only a dream….but it had happened….and they had survived. Pure dumb luck that time too. Dûraias appearing just as the line faltered. The elven arrows driving the marauders off and the enormous shadow howling, in disappointment at lost prey, as it dragged away two horses deeper into the forest.

“Breakfast is up. Go eat. Shake it off. Was only a dream.” The sergeant shook his head and started walking away towards morning mass.
Dieter wiped the cold sweat off his forehead, sat up and watched as the priests of Taal performed the necessary rites by the side of the road to insure that the days march would be blessed.

´The Green Man`…..what a joke, thought Dieter as he could see the commander of 1st scouts Celedol Elenvathar kneeling before a battle priest to receive his blessing. Gods and their dealings had never interested him….God had never helped him.
A cold tankard of mead, a warm woman and a sharp blade. These were things that Dieter could believe and find comfort in.

He was a mercenary.

A soldier in the Black Griffon.
Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: Lord Equaton on July 18, 2011, 03:17:38 PM
Good work, carry on!
Title: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on July 21, 2011, 08:31:31 AM

Ulrich von Ottenheim


Raymond Charzat and Lucien Saglier


Crugeon Hawklight


Manfred von Ottenheim


Melchior Kelhammer


Hans von Ottenheim


Command group Knights Templar of TAAL


Knights Templar of TAAL


Command group 1st Swords


1st Swords


1st Halbardiers

Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
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Commanders and soldiers of the Company:

Command Group: Ulrich von Ottenheim 

Lucien Saglier

Raymond Charzat

Crugeon Hawklight


Knights Templar of TAAL: Hans von Ottenheim

1st Swords: Manfred von Ottenheim

2nd Swords: Adam Teufelfeuer

1st Halbardiers: Melchior Kelhammer

1st Handgunners: Hermann Luijendijk

1st Jaegers: Dietrich von Ottenheim 

1st Archers: Andre Gaspard

Cannon: Cees Wagenaar   

Mortar: Christoforo D´Ambrosio

1st Elven Scouts: Celedol Elenvathar     

2nd Elven Scouts: Dûraias

1st Irregulars: Bogdan Varg

Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
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Looks great mate, Nice work.

Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on August 01, 2011, 06:06:26 AM
This weekends addition to the Company


Christoforo D´Ambrosio


Mortar and crew

Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: Alexious on August 01, 2011, 07:46:07 AM
Very nice work... try thinning your paint a little. It will do wonders for you. But love your names especially Ambrosio!
Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on August 01, 2011, 01:11:02 PM
Great tip !  Thanks    will try it   :biggriin:

A beginner in all this so all hints, pointers and general advise is welcome.

Guess thinner paint will make details stand out more and can build up layers, so far I have just used paint as is.

Was considering buying some Perry minis to bolster my army, but the difference in size I saw after reading comparing post here on forum made me change my mind.

So 50 new warhammer minis are joining the army instead. (wish they weren´t so expensive....)

Also done a conversion and made about 10-15 (not finished yet) mounted state troops, will paint them and show them.

See if they get shot down or not by public opinion  :blush:

I know there is no such thing in the game   but I just do this for fun and dont play.

Always thought there was a need for mounted troops that wasn´t knights.  :engel:
Title: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
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Some new (painted) additions to the army.....also updated Knights of Taal pics in previous post.

....still havent decided on what kind of base would look good.....thats why no bases done.


Great cannon and crew


Cees Wagenaar

Title: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
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Brother Remigius was concerned.

Contingents from Bretonnia arrived this morning at the convent.

3 Knights rode into the courtyard.

The one in purple livery exclaiming "Bretonnia has arrived !!!!"

He recognized them:

Stephan "La licorne" De Taureau

Antoine "Gargouille" Le Gryphonne.

Michel "Le Crétin" DeLeon

The most powerful Barons in Bretonnia.

And they came with their men-at-arms.

A powerful host indeed.

But this was the Empire....?

Title: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
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Michel "Le Crétin" DeLeon....was......cousin of the King Of Bretonnia....?

Always the "black sheep" of the family.....

But now he had entered the Empire with his Army....?

This was unheard of..........War........for certain.

And two other powerful Barons in his following...

And that Elven Lord arriving last week....

Remigius had heard the rumours.....the Lion have been seen in Elven lands.

And just two days earlier....listening in to the abbots hushed conversation......"The Green Man Walks the Earth again"

But also the confusing....."This is not his timeline"....?
Title: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on August 26, 2011, 02:37:13 PM
The Ravens brought the word.

The Ravens of Blood.

This time was not "right"

It needed change......

Or the "Green Man" would never walk the earth...

The Empire of man would prevail......at all cost....this was the mission.

In all timelines....

Title: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on September 09, 2011, 11:16:12 PM
Finished some more members of the company.

Also posting some pics of not finished things just to give an idea of what Im going for.

The whole army etc....

Dont really like posting unfinished things...so I might change my mind and take them away again.

Maybe should move this to "brush and palette" since it is more of a painting thread lately....sorry about that.

Will post some more fluff post haste..... :blush:   ....(no phun intended...seriously...)


Hermann Luijendijk and brother


Go ahead. Make my day!


The Black Griffon Company


1st Handgunners


more Templar knights and footsoldiers of the Temple


the Averland noble, his Warmachine and militia


the "elven Lord" and his followers


the Bolzani brothers...they perform special tasks....dont ask....


the three bretonnian barons can be seen here, not sure where they came from..?

Just had an idea to add some Templar heavy footsoldiers and heavy crossbowmen to this army.......really want to explore/expand the whole Templar part of this.

Title: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
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´Its a strange collection of officers in this company´ thought Hermann as he shovelled in another spoonful of the luke warm beef stew the cooks had prepared hours earlier.
One of the downsides of marching last in the column, you got to chew the dust from all the other units marching ahead of you and the food was always cold when you reached the camp site of the day.

Hermann and his brother Andreas had their own small band of mercenary handgunners when they first met Ulrich and Hans von Ottenheim. Ulrich being a Komtur in the Kommende in the tilean town of Monte Castello. Hans serving as his 2nd in command. The Kommende was an old remnant of the crusades against Araby.

At the time it still had an active force of about 50 serving knights and ritterbrüders. The Templars manned a small fleet of galleys protecting the merchant vessels and shipping lanes in and out of Monte Castello. They also patrolled the coastline against raiding parties and pirates from Araby.

Hermann had been hired by local merchants to protect their ships. They had first met Hans during an engagement with pirates. He had commanded the templar galley that rescued them from their burning ship. The cargo was bales of wool and the fire started during the attack had explosive results, leaving many dead and the rest having to abandon ship.

The green cross banner of Taal fluttered on the battlements around the enclosed templar harbour as the galley pulled into the docks. Ulrich had been there waiting since the lookout first reported their ship approaching. He whisked Hans away as soon as he set foot on the planks of the dock. The news has been grave….a huge Chaos invasion in the north. Threatening their families trading business. They had been given leave from the order to go north and take charge of the dwindling forces of the family’s caravan guards.

Hermann, his brother and what was left of their small band of handgunners was taken care of by the kommendes serving brothers, given dry clothes and a hot meal. They were given a place to sleep in the hayloft of one of the compounds stables. After a few hours Hans had shook him awake and taken him to the office of the Komtur to meet Ulrich.

It was a short but impressive walk that took them through the Chapel-church of the Kommende and the Hall of Glory, containing all the war trophies belonging to this unit of the Order. Many of the objects were from far away Araby, but there was also things from closer to home, such as a huge skull from what have must been a gigantic orc war leader.
Hermann could almost feel the ground rumble under his feet when thinking of the “WAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!” that must have come out of that mouth.
Hans, seeing him eyeing the object said in passing:  “A formidable enemy of Taal. It took 5 of us."
"Nevertheless…. it´s now a dead enemy of Taal.”

After being introduced to Ulrich and having him explain the severe problems they were facing, along the trading lanes and on the river boats, he had been offered a very lucrative condotta with the von Ottenheims.

They very next day at sunrise, led by the Ottenheims and a small party of trusted knights, Hermann and the “Luijendijk Scharfschützen” was going north to fight Chaos.

This was the small, modest start of what was to become the “Black Griffon”.

And the beginning of a long bloody war against enemies of the von Ottenheim family.

Title: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on October 12, 2011, 03:54:59 PM
Time: early dawn
Place: the fortress monastery of the Knight Templars of TAAL.

The fortress-monastery was an old dwarven stronghold, long since abandoned. It was situated in the Grey Mountains, close to the Brettonian city of Parravon and just south of the Axe-Bite Pass. Secluded in a narrow valley this was the place of the Orders most treasured possessions and most closely guarded secrets. This was the place of the Order Library and also where the High Seat of the Order resided, Patriarch Jozefus II.

The library was a vast underground complex and held ancient volumes collected from around the world, books and documents that had been found interesting by the clerics and battle-priests that always accompanied the fighting force. Some was mere childrens story books, others the history of lost civilizations. All was collected and studied by the monks. Books and documents on arcane religious subjects was intensely studied, no matter what the religion was.

Knowledge is power, this was one of the Orders favorite sayings, some Kommendes even used it as a battle-cry.

In this place it was guarded well.

Brother Bastien, The Keeper of Chronicles (the 2nd highest clerical position in the Order), was on a mission this morning. He had spent most of his adult life in the library so he knew his way around. This was a rare occasion. He was going down to “The Book”. The most sacred possession of the Knights Templar. At the farthest end of the library there was a door. Heavy oak door. As Bastien turned the key and the door swung open on rusty hinges, the two Ritterbrüders that accompanied him lit their torches.

The stone staircase seemed to go on forever, down and down.

When they finally reached the bottom the soldiers hands were aching from the pitch black tar that dripped down on their bare hands from the torches.
A long tunnel ensued, ending at a small crypt.
In the middle of the crypt was a pulpet and a high chair. On the pulpet lay a book.

It was THE BOOK.

The “Annalis Futurae”.

The History of the Future.

Written in the secret language know only by a select few in the Order.

 “Scentia est potentia” thought Bastien as he reverently opened the book and began examining the pages under the light of the guards torches.
Title: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on October 12, 2011, 06:47:40 PM
The “Annalis Futurae” is an immense book.

It contains many episodes from the empires early days.

How the twelve tribes came across the Worlds Edge Mountains and into the lands of the empire to be. Like the “Book of Origins” it tells of the early struggles of man and also of the rise of Sigmar.
None of it written in the common tongue of Reikspeil though, but in the cryptic archaic language known only to the Order….or as far as they know only known to them.

Bastiens fingers trembled as he continued turning the pages one by one. The book was too frail to turn whole sections at a time

But the book begins long before the early stories of man. And still…it is written by a man…a single man…..that writes as if he himself has been witness to these events.

It is a book that holds many contradictory elements. In some places like a story told twice but with different outcome. The monks had been studying it since it came into their possession. No one can today say how it came to them and the knowledge to read it have been passed down from Patriarch to Patriarch. Who then teaches it to the Keeper and the Hochmeister of the Order. The Hochmeister then select a few from the High Council to be thought as well, should disaster fall on the order in times of war, so that the knowledge would not be lost.

The need to learn this is the thing that keeps most aspiring young knights from reaching too high in their ambitions. Or as brother Remigius says “It´s bloody hard to learn….”

The book was not always kept here. It once sat in another crypt, in the City of Talabheim.
The Order had at one time it´s headquarters in that city. During the rule of the Ottilian Emperors and Empresses. The connection to the imperial family was so strong that they were banished from the city with the demise of the last Ottilian.

That was about to change though…..in a very near future.

The book would be restored to it´s rightful place and so would the Order.

But the things past in the book was not the problem. The disturbing part was that it was also a history of the future….a future?

The story told twice in the past becomes one in the future.

The greatest minds in the Order had for centuries tried to interpret the book. The conclusion was astounding. And very dangerous.

The book was written by the Green Man.

By Taal himself.

Taal was a living God that had walked the earth. The “Annalis Futurae” was written by his hand.

And here comes Brother Bastiens mission, the most dangerous part of the book, the Orders deepest secret, deeply offensive to all sigmarites and heretical to many.

The book is not finshed.

Someone keeps writing in it.

There is no other way into the crypt except the one Bastien entered through. A century ago the venerable Thomausz, later Patriarch in Kislev, was studying the book. He had spent many days with it when it suddenly started to shake. At first he thought it was a trick of the mind brought on by fatigue but then it started to glow green. The terrified Thomausz fled the crypt and didn’t return for many days. And then only in the company of 10 knights. The book lay as he had left it. After the crypt had been examined and found empty the knights left and Thomausz went back to study it. It wasn’t until several days later he made the remarkable discovery. The book contained almost as many blank pages as filled. It had always been so. But now new text had appeared on some of the empty pages.

It chronicled the events surrounding the twin-tailed comet. How the comet actually was a celestial vessel and that the twin-tails was a propulsion system of sorts, not unlike the steam engines of a tank from the factories in Nuln.
And that there had been three comets, not one.
The new text and what it told was earth shattering news and one of the orders biggest secrets. No new text had appeared since then. But the book was a living document, written by Taal. A living God. And the word had come….that he had been seen. That the lion…who is his messenger, had also been seen….in elven lands.

Bastiens hand trembled so much when he turned the last page that he thought he might rip it out of the book.

A cold sweat broke out on his forehead as the page turned.

No new text. A sigh of relief came from Bastien so deep that it almost blew out one of the torches.

‘Next time’….thought Bastien as he huffed and puffed up the long stairs….’next time …his High honour… the almighty Patriarch …can lift his well rounded behind …and check it for himself for once’…this was too much for an old librarians heart.

Bastien didn’t know it then….but the next time he was sent to check…there would be new text…..and that….would indeed prove to be too much for his heart.

Title: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
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The two guards at the entrance to the great hall straightened visibly as the towering figure crossed the courtyard. Hochmeister Corvus Starkenberg was a gigantic man, well over 2 meters in length. He carried a big two-handed great sword and was followed around by a huge black raven. It usually sat perched on his shoulder when he held council, but this morning it flew by on its own accord. Following Starkenberg by half a step was Ordensmarschall Valacchia, middle aged with a big white beard, he was also a tall man, but still a heads length shorter than his superior. His hand firmly gripping the pommel of the sword “Draconia”. They were deep in conversation as they passed the guards and only motioned slightly that they had recognized their salute.

“They must see reason…..Empire first…then Bretonnia “ grunted the Hochmeister as he climbed the first steps up to the hall.

“They will, once they understand what forces we are up against….it´s just a way to make sure we don’t forget their help once the Empire is secured…DeLeon is hellbent on becoming king…..he just needs reassurance my Lord.“

“We march tomorrow. With or without them. I got word a few hours ago by pigeon…the first blow has been struck…the fool Alberich and his stirlanders tried halting them north of Kiel, there was a battle and my Lord Ulrich lost a few good men, but was not stopped. Light horsemen from Ostermark chased Alberich all the way back over the Stir. Many drowned. It is not known if the Count made it or not.”

“Word may have reached Altdorf already Corvus !!??”  the Ordensmarschall forgetting all protocol in his excitement and calling the Hochmeister by his first name in front of the soldiers.

“Hence the haste my old friend….hence the haste….things have taken a momentum of their own….as often is in times of war…..tomorrow we march on Mörlenfurt.” Starkenberg grunted as he climbed another set of steps.

The grunts made one of the guards, Matthias, smile slightly since he knew the reason behind them….their commander was more often than not plagued by….well….boils…in his lower regions…

That was the main reason the Hochmeister fought with the infantry when there was a battle. Riding was just impossible at times. And that the main part of his bodyguard was dismounted Ritterbrüders, also known as the “Fratres Panthera”, as they carried a panther as their symbol as well as the green cross.

There is a unit of mounted “Fratres Panthera” for the times when Starkenberg can ride, but they are usually commanded by Ordensmarschall Valacchia. The Panthers history is not long, they came into existence around the same time that the Commander got his problem…with….well….piles…..
Not being able to ride because of his problem he had been attacked by a panther while leading his horse down a mountain trail in the World´s Edge Mountains, the two sword brethren who saved him had become the first two Panthers.

The “Fratres Panthera” are the elite heavy unit of the Templar Order of Taal, they are the old guard. Tested and proven worthy in countless battles.

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Patriarch Jozefus II, his bodyguard, the Taal spears and crossbows moved out at dawn.

They had the middle of the column....Corvus had the lead.....Bretonnian forces....in large numbers had the cue of the column.

Karl Franz was no more at the first step of Patriarch Jozefus II personal guard.

The empire was falling.

Times was "a-changing".....

Taal everlasting.

And you all knew it.

The green man lives among us.

This is the end....and the beginning.

Mankind over Chaos....the ultimate goal...fulfilled.

Man triumfs everlasting...... and reaches for the stars........ as it had always been prophesized....

The Ravens say...
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...and yes...Corvus Starkenberg...the "Fratres Panthera”...Patriarch Jozefus II, his bodyguard, "the Taal spears and crossbows" will all be painted and displayed here during the month of December....Taal willing.  :smile2:
Title: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
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The cannon fire roared from the small flat-topped hill on his left.
Ulrich looked over at D´Ambrosio and smiled. The re-grouping or the artillery train during the night had worked out well. The hill commanded this part of the battlefield.

It had been many hours into the afternoon yesterday, when scouts had brought the word that Stirland forces were indeed trying to block their movements. Celedol had done good.

The terrain north of the town of Kiel was ideal for such an action. Mostly open ground with low hills to place artillery on or to hide an ambush.

Screams echoed across the field as cannon balls struck, mutilating, be-heading and crushing Stirlanders. Axe and mace wounds were horrible, but after having visited many soldiers injured by cannon fire Ulrich dreaded ever being wounded by one.

It was well into the morning, the rising sun glinted off thousands of halberds, swords and hammers to their front. Judging by the frequency of messengers moving behind their battle line, the Stirlanders were about to attack.

Some said they had seen the personal standard of Grand Count Graf Alberich, but it had not been verified, there was a mass of yellow and greenish battle banners moving around out there.

“Never mind” thought Ulrich, “his time will soon come anyway…”. This action left no doubt what side he had picked, and the morning’s slaughter, of Black Griffon stable boys out gathering grass, by some Reiksguard knights proved that Altdorf was behind this move. The secret was out.

A taunting roar rose from the green and yellow masses, the commanders swords were raised and thrust forward giving the attack command, The ground almost felt like it shook as thousands of infantry stepped out into the killing ground. “It is so sad” thought Ulrich as he watched the ancient battle standards of well-respected Stirland regiments move forward, “but it must be so, the old order rooted out and a new Emperor put in place to unite mankind against the Chaos threat….so sad indeed”. “All those spears would be sorely needed in future campaigns”.

“My Lord, the infantry awaits your command”: Raymond Charzat, acting as a messenger today, coming to a full stop behind Ulrich, his horse skidding in the mud.

Ulrich, using his best booming battlefield command voice, looked up at Christoforo on the hill and shouted “One more salvo ‘Amber’, then we attack! “.

D´Ambrosio nodded consent, turned and ordered “Reeeloooaaad!

Killing fields indeed….and the day had just begun.

Title: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
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It was a long stretched valley floor with a small stream running through it, surrounded by long low rolling hills. Vegetation was scarce. The ground was wet and soggy from weeks of heavy rain. The area behind the deploying troops rapidly turned into a quagmire from men, horses and wagons passing. The sun had been up for just over an hour, but the mist rising from the wet ground was heavy and thick, added to by the celestial incantations of Crugeon. It was all part of the plan. It did however make it almost hard for Adam Teufelfeuer, Melchior Kelhammer and all the other waiting infantry commanders to see the advancing enemy down in the valley, but they could hear them…..and see their banners.

As Ulrich looked to the right he could see his battle line. This would be the true test of his new “Codex Tactica”, developed just for fighting other human forces.
He had put his men into four lines or “battles” as he called them. The first battle was swordsmen and halberds, two men deep, commanded by Manfred. Then a line of handgunners under the Luijendijk brothers. Another line of infantry, Bogdans boys, armed with sword, hammers or axes and then finally a line of archers, Gaspards lot, two or three men deep. This worked well both in times of attack or defend.
The old ways with coherently armed regiments moving around on their own had left handgunners and archers dangerously exposed to counter attack when they had fired their weapons or was out of arrows.
This new method gave handgunners a fighting chance to survive even against a knights charge if supported by pike and billmen. And when the bowmen had ran out of arrows they just grabbed their falchions and joined the infantry line. It did have a weakness however and that was if the enemy got around their flanks and could engage the rear lines before third line infantry could be turned and support. Ulrich had countered this flaw by using elven scouts and Dietrich´s Jaegers as a screening flank force.

A thunderous heavy roar was heard as the last volley rang out from the cannons. Panicked shrieks came from the two closest Stirland regiments as the slow moving cannon balls approached their ranks. This was another reason why Ulrich feared cannons, the shots travelled so slowly that one could actually see death approaching. He felt his stomach churn slightly as the balls hit the ranks with squishy, wet thuds….ripping through five, six and sometimes as many as ten soldiers in line before stopping dead in the muddy field.

Still feeling the taste of bile in his mouth he turned to Raymond: “ To all infantry commanders: The line will advance. Attack! Taal be with you!”
Title: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on December 16, 2011, 11:08:44 AM
Knights Templar of Taal


Hochmeister Corvus Starkenberg


Ordensmarschall Valacchia


Fratres Panthera


Templar Order of Taal

WIP as you can see. Will finish these and continue on with the heavily armoured Patriarch Jozefus II personal guard, the Patriarch himself, the mounted Fratres Panthera, Order foot soldiers and artillery......Taal give the time and energy.  :smile2:

Comments are welcome...I know I use the paint too heavy....should thin it out more....has become my style somehow though.

...and yes...still no bases done....ideas ? suggestions welcome.

Title: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
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The soldier sat on his horse, leaning slightly over the pommel of his saddle, chewing on a bit of straw. He liked chewing on straw, it took his mind of tabac.

The company hadn´t seen decent tabac for almost a year. It was very expensive in Kislev to start with, and since the Chaos invasion, all trade had stopped.
Even though the final battle had been months ago, the Empire was broken and in disarray. Especially the northern provinces.

The horse put its head down and took another drink of water from the mighty river Stir.
It had been a long chase through the night, a series of random bloody engagements whenever the retreating Stirland forces decided to make a stand.

A distant rumble, like cannon fire, made both horse and rider look up for a moment, but it was just another thunderstorm coming in from the east. Dark clouds and lightning driving away the cold morning sun. Wafts of smoke drifted down from the north again as the wind changed. The soldier looked up and could just barely make out the rooftops of the few remaining harbor buildings in Bissendorf.

The rest had burnt during the night.

A unit of Reiksguard knights had used the harbor area to fight a delaying action while the rest of the imperial army withdrew across the makeshift pontoon bridge. Many good soldiers had fallen for their swords, he could count at least three friends who would not see the end of this campaign.
A hard blow to their commander would be that his brother had fallen, Dietrich von Ottenheim had made a desperate charge, alone against five Reiksguard knights. He had tried to stop them cutting away the final ropes that was holding the pontoon bridge in place.

Lightly armoured jaeger troops against knights in full battle gear was never a good idea however, even less so if outnumbered. He had taken out three of them, praise be to Taal, but when he tripped over one of the fallen, a remaining knight managed to push a bollock dagger in under his helmet at the base of the skull. It stuck there as it was driven in to the hilt.

Awful mess, he had seen it with his own eyes, but was not close enough to help.
The reiksguard basterds had cheered as the pontoon drifted away, but then it topped over as they tried to move around and they both drowned.

Some of the jaegers had already started gathering firewood for the funeral pyre and ceremony that would surely be held as soon as their commander reached Bissendorf.

Dietrich von Ottenheim had for a long time been one of the Advocatii in the Templar Order of Taal, a commander of irregular units that rode in support of the Order knights. No doubt it would be a long and tedious ceremony since it was a high profile member of the family and battle priests and clergymen was a´plenty in the army since it crossed into Ostermark.

The soldier was not religious and holy wars always left a bad taste in his mouth.
“As long as it brings me coin….which in the end….somewhere…somehow…will bring me tabac” he muttered under his breath.

As he leaned over to spit out some pieces of straw, the last disappearing rays of sunlight struck something that glittered on the ground and it caught his eye.
The scrawny looking naked man that he had been watching, while his horse quenched its thirst, was obviously dead and had been since the early hours of the evening, by the looks of him. It had been a violent death, it was no one he recognized and since someone had stolen his clothes there was no telling what side he belonged to.

The sunrays had glinted off his stomach and that was what caught the soldiers eye.

The people that had plundered the man had also gutted him and it took the soldier a few moments to figure out why…..of course….an old soldiers trick.

Before a battle, swallow your coin in case you are taken prisoner. That way you will get them back eventually. The “ghouls” that had plundered this poor wretch had obviously been around a battlefield before.

“War is hell…” muttered the soldier.

‘I really need a smoke’  he thought to himself as he gently kicked the spurs into the side of his mount and slowly started riding north towards the harbor
Title: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
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Needing paint this year.


more Templar soldiers


reinforcements from Nordland
Title: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on February 17, 2012, 01:55:53 PM
Fresh off the painting table:


Taal Swordbrethren


Battlepriest of Taal

Title: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on April 18, 2012, 08:52:04 PM
Things in progress.....fluff to follow


Household Cavalry of the Wasa Family and a mounted Sword Brethren of Taal


Household Cavalry of the Wasa Family "Die Löwen"

...just realising that the light is crap in the pics....will take new ones later..... :eusa_wall: :eusa_wall:
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I kind of want to comment and also don´t, great stuff but I don´t want to fill your thread with spam.
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No worries  :biggriin:

I appreciate the sentiment tho.

It´s a weird thread I know, with the fluff and pics all mixed up.

Have considered several times to start a new thread in "brush and palette" for the pics to get some well needed

critique on them and keep just the fluff here.

But since I stilled havent found a base I like (*sigh*) I dont want to post in there bcos they dont feel complete.

The fluff is...well ...my own  :biggriin:  :blush:

It started out as a mix and then just snowballed from there on.

Thank you for your nice comment tho.  (sorry...wasnt a comment was it?... :smile2:)

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Was a comment and I like your army blog perhaps you can try to get more structure to it by doing an overview in the first post.
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The mud thrown up by the impact splattered all across the front of his command tent.

The pattern was well known and getting very tiresome....

The cannon atop one of the corner bastions of the great city wall that ringed Marienburg was manned ….again.

Raising an eyebrow he turned and looked up at the sand dune where a Hochland sergeant and his two men were crouching over a Long Rifle.

The sergeant feeling the gaze upon him looked over and shouted:

“In a minute my Lord!.... we disposed of the last 3 crews….these should be no different.”

“As ever Sergeant, I put my worthless life in your hands….”

The smirk and short rough laugh from the men was all the reassurance he needed.

He was grateful to Aldebrand for lending him some of his sharpshooters.

This was day 17 of the siege that had begun with his Nordland forces being put ashore on the sandbanks outside the walls of the Vlakland borough.

The initial plan to sail straight in and seize both ends of the bridge between Paleisbuurt and Suiddock, thus cutting Marienburg in two had been strongly advised against by his informants in the city.

A bloodbath in the making they had called it.

Mainly because large portions of the powerful Marienburg trade and escort fleets always dominated these waters. And strong gun emplacements overlooked the entire inlet and harbor.

The Nordland fleet had held its own during the landing operation and most of his men and supplies was put ashore without too much loss.

The buildup of powerful Marienburg war vessels had eventually forced his fleet to withdraw north, thereby executing part 2 in his battle plan.

Well….the High Lord Ottilians plan to be exact.

The retreating ships had pulled away over the northern horizon with marienburger ships in hot pursuit….thinking them easy prey.

That was 14 days ago, neither fleet had been seen since ….although the night sky to the north had lit up 9 days ago….as if a huge forest fire had raced across the sea.

Some of the nordlander crewmen, stuck on the beach after the landings, had begun muttering under their breath a few days ago how it surely was the Kraken that had taken them all.

´ If only they knew how right they were ´ Carolus thought to himself….

´ if only they knew….´…..´ the Kraken was indeed coming…´.

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The council was convened in the wake of Archaons defeat.

Once again the northern provinces lay ruined.

The time for change had finally come upon them.

As the imperial forces withdrew from Middenheim, messengers where being sent out to all the northern rulers by Graf Todbringer, recalling them to a council of war.

Theodoric von Gausser´s Nordlanders had stopped for the night when the “summons” reached them….the words in it made it such.

Carolus was in the command tent with his father and Theodoric as the Count went into a fit of rage at the wordings.

“How dare they!!!...it´s HIGH TREASON!!!....the Emperor will have their HEADS for this!!!”

The rant had been going on for about 20 minutes when his father glanced over at him and gave a slow meaningful nod. He stepped back and lifted the tent flap, letting the two “Löwen” knights with drawn swords into the tent.

The Lord Ottilian had been right in suspecting that von Gausser´s marriage to one of Karl-Franz cousins had tied him to closely to the usurper.

As the knights held the Count down his father put the tip of “Aslan-Ur”, the mighty sword of the Wasa, against the soft skin underneath Theodoric´s chin.

Gustavus Adolphus looked up at his son and whispered “It has begun…for  Taal…for the Emperor of Man..”, and then gently thrust the razor sharp blade thorugh the Counts skull and into his brain.

Killing in cold blood being nothing new to the “Löwe der Mittwinternacht”.

The Lion of Midwinter´s Night.

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Post by: VonOttenheim on August 12, 2012, 01:46:21 PM
Been on an uncontrolled shopping spree lately....(possibly while drunk?)   :eusa_wall: :eusa_wall: :eusa_wall:

Whole army of "Vikingur" will appear out of these boxes I hope...and a new northern arm of the rebellion.
Title: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on August 16, 2012, 01:22:17 PM


New factions joining the rebellion


I love the fact that can still find and buy these models in some shops


Some of the leaders of the Vikingur army...including the valkyries.... :icon_cool:

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Post by: VonOttenheim on September 25, 2012, 06:28:20 PM
Just bought these of the local trading site.


Will go nicely with my newly aquired Ice Queen.

Just give me the time to paint and assemble.
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Post by: VonOttenheim on September 25, 2012, 06:37:11 PM
bases people...bases....give me some hints.....want the icey north feeling.

Seen  some good ones but I want to divercefiy....my Vikingurs....all chaos and marauders with empire heads...

...needs that norse feeling.

Working my ass off so cant do now....but give me some suggestions please.
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Post by: thundercake on September 25, 2012, 07:20:18 PM
For the Viking bases, maybe do some shoreline bases, like water and or rocks and pebbles and stuff. Or do a loam or peat base. Like that weird spongy grass stuff they have up in Scotland and other such places?

Also, love the blog. Wish this forum had a like or +1 button.
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is a good idea, want that "just stepped of the dragonboat" feeling to it.

And thnx  :smile2:
Title: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
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Time: Early morning
Place: On the shore outside Marienburg.

' My Lord!...they are here!! '

One of the lookouts from the beach knelt in the opening to the Hochland command tent.
Abustle broke out among the officers who had been gathered there all night.
All of them donning helmets and armour and making for the nearest sand dune.

The sight was one of wonder.

Clouds racing across the overcast sky.
All the way to the horizon the sea was filled with dragonboats and kingships as far as the eye could see.

As one of the mighty ships was making landfall already the officers hurried down to the beach.

As soon as the bow of the ship slid onto the sandy beach a giant long haired figure jumped down...followed by a much shorter fellow dressed in the uniform of an Nordlander fleet junior officer.
He immediately dropped to one knee at the sight of the Count of Hochland and his officers.
The larger man only looked slowly around before his gaze fell upon the Count.
' My Lord! ' exclaimed the Nordland officer in an somewhat unsteady voice.
' I present to You Ragnar, Chieftain of the Bear Clan, herald of the High King that now sits on the Winter Throne.'
The giant vikingur man, his eyes now firmly locked on the Count...appraising him...looked down on the officers and began to speak in a low thunderous voice.

' Ungur var ég einu sinni gekk ég ein,
og ráðvilltur virtist í leiðinni;
þá fann ég mér annan og rík ég hélt mig,
maður er manns gaman.'

A long silence followed and finally the Count looked, inquisitively, somewhat shocked at the nordlander.

' Oh I'm sorry my Lord..he was just expressing that he is happy to meet his fellow man'

'My Lord...they have crushed the Marienburg fleet...utterly'
'They have come to make war on the enemies of Taal my Lord'

' The High King of the Winter Throne instructed me to tell you that "those who once was" has returned....
he told me to tell you....that Winter has come....to the Middle Lands...'
Title: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
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First of the Vikingurs to ride ashore.

Horselords of Rohidrim


more Horselords of Rohidrim


The inspirations for the vikingurs comes from a movie called "Pathfinder" and the Night's Watch from Game of Thrones...colours...when I get the time *sigh* will be all dark, black, grey and furs.

Looking forward to painting them actually.

Title: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on May 06, 2013, 11:44:06 AM
A small viking and others update. My fingers itch to paint them but I dont have time.



Vikingurs (an idea what Im going for)


Dracones Dominus, the dragons of the Lord. The Holy Inquisition of Taal


Dracones Dominus, the dragons of the Lord. The Holy Inquisition of Taal


Fluff to follow on these guys...they are sooo not nice.. ::heretic:: ::heretic:: ::heretic::

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"space holder"  lol  sorry  a test post  more to come soon
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The Königsmark Sisters came today in the mail.

There was a 2 month wait.....they were waaayyyy to pricey....

A blister...not plastic as I thought....

But...I LOVE every inch of them.....and...there is Walter... :-P

All in all...happy but broke and destitute  as usual.
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Starkenberg sat on his horse on the mound outside the city.
Surrounded by his herolds, standardbearers and captains. The wind blew down from the mountains, taking with it the screams and the smell of burning flesh from the town and the mountain pass.
This was his least favourite part, the part he had taken up in his prayers during the last year.
Taal had not answered.

They had taken the mountain pass easily enough. It wasn´t a great strategic or tactical victory, but easy because they just rode in as friendly allies and then attacked, without honour. Slaughtering anyone who resisted.
But as the old soldier he was, he knew that in war, every victory counts.
Even the ones that leave a foul taste in your mouth and haunt your dreams.
Another less honourable fact was that he now had let loose the clensing flame, the flame that burnt away all heretics, all enemies of the emperor of man.
Enemy in thought or action ...or just on the suspicion of impure behaviour.
He had let loose the Dracones Dominus....... the dragons of the lord.

The holy inquisition of Taal.

There had always been a presence at the fortress, but seldom more then 5 or 10 of them, and usually just there for studies, of course there was always the hovering presence of the inquisitorial advisor to the hochmeister.

The zeal of the hochmeister had thus far never been in question…thus far.

During the last six months they had arrived in force though, coming from their power basin in the countries close to Araby and Bretonnia.
The holy men with feverish eyes followed by their zealot soldiers, their tunics a dark red, the shade of dried blood…for a reason.
They had come to take part in the glorious campaign that would finally rid the empire of the weak, heretic fools that had brought it to ruin.
Or at least that’s how the High Inquisitor Rodrigo De Conquista had exclaimed it at the last council of war before they set off north.
Starkenberg had never dreamed that the inquisition had soldiers in such numbers or priests for that matter….they rivalled the bretonnian force in strength and their numbers were legio.

Before looking north he cleared his throat and spat…trying to get rid of the bile taste in his mouth.
To the north yes, Altdorf was so close  and yet so far away. The rebellion was no longer a secret, he was unsure that it had ever been, but he also knew that no one could have ever imagined the scale of it.

This was the southern arm, all the might of the Templar order of Taal, Bretonnian noblemen in rebellion and their household forces, the holy inquisition of Taal and their Dragons and holy cross Soldiers. Numerous regiments of disgruntled border princes and dogs of war, also a few regiments of "little people", dwarfs out to get revenge on anyone from the old imperial administration they could get their hands on.
Border princes and dwarves operated far out on the flanks however. Starkenbergs idea was to use them to draw off imperial forces from the main body.

There was an eastern arm, lead by the man who for some reason was named by Taal as his right hand, the mercenary leader, (Starkenberg still shook his head every time he thought about it) von Ottenheim. Although he was of course a direct descendant of the Ottilian emperors. Forces of Ostland, Ostermark supported by Kislev, now allied with the descendant of Marius Leitdorf moving on Averland to support his uprising there, to take power from the rulers who still supported the Usurper. By pigeon he had received word that several battles had already been fought since they had crossed the upper talabec.

The northern arm he did not know much about except that it was lead by a young Wasa nobleman claiming to be the new Count of Nordland. With him at the siege of Marienburg was also the Electorcounts of Hochland and Middenheim.
How and why they had subjected to the leadership of the younger man intrigued him, but it was still unknown.

Opposing them was the might of the Usurper in Altdorf and the imperial army under his control, the mighty Reiksguard, the powerful warmachines and soldiers from Nuln,Wissenland, Stirland and the southern parts of Talabecland (although increasing numbers was going over to von Ottenheim as he moved through that province).
A large part of Middenland also remained loyal to the emperor in Altdorf, the reason for this was still unclear.
Powerful Knightly orders and the righteous followers of Sigmar was devoutly hunting down and persecuting anyone loyal to Taal that they found on land still under Karl-Franz shadow.

Many faithful had payed the ultimate prize already.
This was not only a war for the control of the empire and ultimately the world, it was also a war of the worst kind.

A religious war.

The Dragons had been let loose.

Title: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on May 11, 2015, 07:33:14 AM
Ulrich is keeping up with the times and got himself a Facebook page. Just old stuff for now....but who knows...  :biggriin:

Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on July 08, 2015, 08:06:04 AM
The sea was dead calm in the small cove beneath Castle Tancred.

A Young Knight in full armour stod on the small jetty, watching as a huge dragonship came along side and moored.

The cove was filled with them and more could be seen out at sea.

A smile lit up the face of the young man as he recognized the familiar features that he looked for.

"Uncle Ragnar!!"

"Nephew!, good to see you again"   The giant Vikingur mans embrace almost engulfing the smaller youth.

"At last. We saw the flames on the horizon more then a fortnight ago. We were almost getting worried..."

"Ach, you Young.... You fret too much."

"Patience.... Death will come to us all eventually."

"So Young one....how goes it? Where is Roland? The time has come to raise the Dragon Banner again."

"Roland is up at the castle. We have just dispatched a small force against Hautmont. They left as soon as we saw your sails."

"Good, good.....and what of the King?"

"As anticipated....when news of the attack on the mountain pass by the Order of Taal...he assembled what forces he could gather and moved south."

"Excellent...the way to Couronne is open...and then onwards to the sea. Bretonnia is ours for the taking."

"Yes Uncle, L´Anguille can never withstand a two pronged attack. You from the sea and us from land."

Laughing and putting his arm around the younger man...almost dragging him along..they started walking up towards the castle on the cliffs.

"Now tell me Nephew....you do HAVE mead right?....I cant stand that diluted poor excuse for a womans drink you have down here"

The giant viking tilted his head back and roaring with laughter exclaimed.

" We will teach them to drink mead in Couronne... when we feast in the Kings great hall."

"Today is a good day Bjorn, we have returned to our ancient home...to raise the Dragon banner once again"

Title: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on July 20, 2015, 05:26:11 AM
In this age of heresy (Sigmar....) I have managed to procure the following gems over the weekend.

Happiness....thy name be oldskool Warhammer Fantasy   :biggriin:

(http://i1097.photobucket.com/albums/g358/VonOttenheim/kop3_zpsskufnx4c.jpg) (http://s1097.photobucket.com/user/VonOttenheim/media/kop3_zpsskufnx4c.jpg.html)

(http://i1097.photobucket.com/albums/g358/VonOttenheim/kop2_zpsuiki31zt.jpg) (http://s1097.photobucket.com/user/VonOttenheim/media/kop2_zpsuiki31zt.jpg.html)

(http://i1097.photobucket.com/albums/g358/VonOttenheim/kop_zpsqh6lglnf.jpg) (http://s1097.photobucket.com/user/VonOttenheim/media/kop_zpsqh6lglnf.jpg.html)

Also included some classic pistollers and steam tank etc etc....

This will keep me busy for years.....(I´m a slow painter...slow everything really...)
Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: GamesPoet on July 20, 2015, 05:56:14 AM
I love the conversions in this thread!  This is the spirit of Warhammer! :eusa_clap: :::cheers:::
Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: Xathrodox86 on July 20, 2015, 07:05:31 AM
Man, so many oldschool minis... I'll lurk here for sure. :smile2:
Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on August 13, 2015, 02:42:18 PM
I bought some minis from GW in the past.

But they came in non-descriptive white boxes.

Like some Dogs-of-War....like the Alcatani Fellowship.

I´m sure they had the banner on the back of the box.(The old ones...)

Does anyone have the scanned version online somewhere?

It would be much appreciated.

Like...all the old boxes...

All and any help guys.

 :::cheers::: :::cheers::: :::cheers:::
Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: Doc J on August 22, 2015, 08:35:05 PM
I really like your story when I read this

 “Have you ever seen such a thing boy?”
“I would think not.”
“Run….tell your parents…..The Black Griffon marches south!”

I knew it would be good huzzah   :unsure:
Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on December 10, 2015, 09:32:38 PM
Thanks Docj  :::cheers:::  Didnt see your comment earlier.

So I finally had one...one day to myself. What do we do then?...go out binge drinking at the local pub...?

Kick back in the comfy sofa and Watch/sleep to the latest Movies?

No..we..continue our rebellion against the forces of evil (AoS)...

I seldom get much time these Days...work too much.

But speed painted these (well my version of speed paint anyway)

They look so much happier now then when I "rescued" them from the local trading site.

Eight more to go...with Classic Scwarzhelm in command.

Keep the faith  :biggriin:

(http://i1097.photobucket.com/albums/g358/VonOttenheim/altdorf_zps05gbzi2t.jpg) (http://s1097.photobucket.com/user/VonOttenheim/media/altdorf_zps05gbzi2t.jpg.html)

I even got a hold of some of those original transfers...which isnt all that easy these Days. Worked out pretty good though.

I´m sorry about the "yellow light" but you get the idea.   Old skool.

(http://i1097.photobucket.com/albums/g358/VonOttenheim/ajax_zpsgj96v7v3.jpg) (http://s1097.photobucket.com/user/VonOttenheim/media/ajax_zpsgj96v7v3.jpg.html)

Paint stripping these was hard.  For those of us living in Sweden...I found this to be very useful...

Works magic on the metal mins...4 hours..paint just falls off. Plastic....24 hours and scrubbing...but works.

I take no responsiblitly whatsoever what happends with your mini though. I´m sure the Company doesnt either...

Just.....worked real nice for me. Wear plastic gloves though...
Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: GamesPoet on December 11, 2015, 12:20:08 AM
So for the Ajax, ya just spray, let it stand for 4 hours, and the paint comes off?
Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on December 11, 2015, 05:55:17 AM
I just unscrew the top....fill the right amount to cover your minis in a glass jar...let soak.
Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: GamesPoet on December 11, 2015, 11:59:35 AM
Ah, got it, makes more sense that it is being soaked, and good to know, thank you!
Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: Doc J on December 18, 2015, 12:55:17 AM

we..continue our rebellion against the forces of evil (AoS)...

(http://i1097.photobucket.com/albums/g358/VonOttenheim/altdorf_zps05gbzi2t.jpg) (http://s1097.photobucket.com/user/VonOttenheim/media/altdorf_zps05gbzi2t.jpg.html)

 :happy: Halberds look nice, more and more I feel a need to get some for myself
Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on December 19, 2015, 06:00:05 AM
Thanks Doc, you are very nice to say so  :::cheers:::

They are nice models, just dont get too many.

They do get a bit boring to paint after a while.

I dont like too many mono-pose, so I did try a little bit conversion for the command group,

while still keeping them in style with the others so to speak.

I just acquired these bad boys....

(http://i1097.photobucket.com/albums/g358/VonOttenheim/minis_zpssxksqzzm.jpg) (http://s1097.photobucket.com/user/VonOttenheim/media/minis_zpssxksqzzm.jpg.html)

Going to make me feel all warm and X-massy when I go and pick them up tomorrow.

By the way...Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year to all on this wonderful, amazing forum.   :::cheers::: :::cheers::: :::cheers:::

Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: Doc J on December 20, 2015, 11:43:20 PM
I hear ya I have alot of monopose spearmen. On the one hand they rank up well, but on the other they are boring to paint and hard to get through.
I look forward to seeing all of those cavalry.
Title: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on February 10, 2016, 12:41:48 PM
In my continuing "oldskool" project I give you Ludwig Schwarzhelm the champion of Karl Franz and the bearer of the Emperor's personal standard.

(http://i1097.photobucket.com/albums/g358/VonOttenheim/Schwarzhelm2_zpssnjwh3ym.jpg) (http://s1097.photobucket.com/user/VonOttenheim/media/Schwarzhelm2_zpssnjwh3ym.jpg.html)

(http://i1097.photobucket.com/albums/g358/VonOttenheim/Schwarzhelm_zpsqg3mq7el.jpg) (http://s1097.photobucket.com/user/VonOttenheim/media/Schwarzhelm_zpsqg3mq7el.jpg.html)

Not happy with the banner.
My Printer is crap at the moment.
And the light conditions are still yellow I´m afraid.
I will fix this later and post something better.
Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: Doc J on February 10, 2016, 01:19:57 PM
I was just wondering when you would post again. Nice one I like the gilt edges of his black armor, Ive never had the confidence to attempt elaborate models like that, maybe soon I will I have to paints some Khornegors and those sculpts are busy. I got myself one of the monopose halberdiers after seeing yours, they paint up pretty quick. Where do you find your banners?
Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on February 11, 2016, 02:12:27 PM
Hi Doc,
Saw your halberdier there. Nice work  :::cheers:::   (Wish there was a +1 function on this forum.)
They do paint up pretty quick dont they  :smile2:
Banners are hard, my freehand sucks. So I print mine and give them a once over with some wash.
There used to be some places where you could download banners and I have some.
I try to modify them slightly to make them my own.
I hope to find some place with all the old empire/dogs of war banners from the army books though.
That would be cool, especially now that everything has gone AOS, the GW ones should be let free I think.
Anyone have a good site for this?, where we can share and download old classic banners?
Title: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on March 10, 2019, 08:43:51 PM
Getting inspired for the first time in a very very long time I did some paintstripping and basing.
You never know….one day I might get in a painting mood again.

(https://i1097.photobucket.com/albums/g358/VonOttenheim/P3090374_zpsyl0qubjj.jpg) (https://s1097.photobucket.com/user/VonOttenheim/media/P3090374_zpsyl0qubjj.jpg.html)

(https://i1097.photobucket.com/albums/g358/VonOttenheim/P3100001_zpsyklnv7g5.jpg) (https://s1097.photobucket.com/user/VonOttenheim/media/P3100001_zpsyklnv7g5.jpg.html)

(http://i1097.photobucket.com/albums/g358/VonOttenheim/P3100003_zpsy9nxpxk9.jpg) (http://s1097.photobucket.com/user/VonOttenheim/media/P3100003_zpsy9nxpxk9.jpg.html)

(http://i1097.photobucket.com/albums/g358/VonOttenheim/P3100006_zps3fgahyal.jpg) (http://s1097.photobucket.com/user/VonOttenheim/media/P3100006_zps3fgahyal.jpg.html)

(http://i1097.photobucket.com/albums/g358/VonOttenheim/P3100008_zpsosvizcih.jpg) (http://s1097.photobucket.com/user/VonOttenheim/media/P3100008_zpsosvizcih.jpg.html)

(http://i1097.photobucket.com/albums/g358/VonOttenheim/P3100013_zpstwl8jdhh.jpg) (http://s1097.photobucket.com/user/VonOttenheim/media/P3100013_zpstwl8jdhh.jpg.html)

(http://i1097.photobucket.com/albums/g358/VonOttenheim/P3100014_zpsgpzadtb8.jpg) (http://s1097.photobucket.com/user/VonOttenheim/media/P3100014_zpsgpzadtb8.jpg.html)

(http://i1097.photobucket.com/albums/g358/VonOttenheim/P3100015_zpsa3luz5uh.jpg) (http://s1097.photobucket.com/user/VonOttenheim/media/P3100015_zpsa3luz5uh.jpg.html)
Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: GamesPoet on March 10, 2019, 09:58:44 PM
I like the start of this. :icon_wink: :::cheers:::
Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: Rowsdower on March 11, 2019, 01:25:01 AM
Great stuff :::cheers:::
Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: Doc J on March 11, 2019, 04:11:00 AM
You seem to have everything set.
Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: Zygmund on March 15, 2019, 06:09:07 PM
Classics. Would love to see them painted!  :-)

Title: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on March 19, 2019, 08:24:14 PM
The leaves rustled....something/someone was approaching fast through the dense undergrowth....the squires raised their spears in anticipation.

You could almost smell the tension in the air.

One of the young boys being a part of the line driving the game towards them, Jean, suddenly burst out from the treeline infront of them.

Falling to his knees infront of Bohemunds horse, gasping for breath, he exclaimed:
"My Lord!, it´s been seen...."

"Pray tell Jean...what have been seen?"

Knowing Jean for being a young, excitable man Bohemund glanced over at his serjeant Hugh with a little knowing smirk.
Hugh, knowing the young man well, returned the glance with a knowing nod.

Having catched his breath Jean blurted out:

"The hart my Lord!....The white hart!"....

A sense of serence silence and reverence immediately fell over the Bohemund, his brother Bertrand and the rest of his retainers in the hunting party.

"Are you sure boy??" Bohemund asked demandingly.

"I swear it with my life Sire...I saw it myself!..."

In the distance the coarse bark of a deer could be heard.

"Boy...lead the way...run ...faster then you have ever run before!"

The hunt was on.

Deep inside the forest of Arden, in the Dukedom of Gisoreux.

Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: Doc J on March 20, 2019, 12:18:02 AM
Im not sure what a hart is, but I wanna find out.
Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: GamesPoet on March 20, 2019, 12:39:51 AM
It is an adult male red deer.
Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on March 20, 2019, 03:59:25 PM
...or it could be that they found a nice English pub....

I will leave that open for interpretation    :biggriin:
Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: GamesPoet on March 20, 2019, 04:35:41 PM
With it being described as being a "white hart", that's quite possible.  Either that, or an albino. :icon_wink:
Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on March 20, 2019, 05:42:20 PM
Just for everyones reference regarding what I mean with "white hart"   :smile2:

"How the magical white hart inspires legends (as well as the name of a thousand pubs)"

Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on March 20, 2019, 06:43:39 PM
The story continues…

Favouring a mare for the hunt, as opposed to the heavy stallion warhorses that the rest of the party rode, Bohemund had been well infront of the rest when his horse lost its footing and they both tumbled down into the small gully.

When he came to, he found his leg caught underneath the heavy body of the horse, being in desperate throws, attempting to stand up.

As he pulled free he realized that both her front legs were broken.

The poor girl in agony, being one of his favourite hunting horses, he quickly pulled his sword that was sheated beside his saddle and with a swift cut ended her life.

The warm blood splattering across his face.

Collapsing next to her, Bohemund  reached for the wineskin attached to his saddle and took long deep gulps.

In the distance he could hear the rest of the hunting party moving through the brush.

Closing his eyes and catching his breath, the small stream running through the gully made a soothing sound.

He might have passed out for a moment....or maybe he woke up in a dream.....but when he opened his eyes...there it was....across the stream.

The white hart....drinking from the slow running water.

As if noticing it was being observed it lifted its head and looked straight at him.

Then it slowly turned and moved up the gentle slope of the gully.

Bohemund, supporting himself on the carcass of one of his favourite horses, got to his feet and grabbed his sword and plunged across the stream.

Reaching the top of the small gully...there it was..50 meters ahead....looking back at him.

As if urging him on.

With a sense of a destiny being fulfilled he pushed on.

The white hart was his.

Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: GamesPoet on March 20, 2019, 07:23:36 PM
Just for everyones reference regarding what I mean with "white hart"   :smile2:

"How the magical white hart inspires legends (as well as the name of a thousand pubs)"

A good general read. :::cheers:::
Title: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on September 13, 2019, 11:31:04 AM
So just a question for you guys. Whats the option to using "photobucket"?
I just assembled some models for Bohemund and his brother. (To continue the story)
Also some opposing forces in the rebellion supporting the King….(de Bœuf  and de Bracy  forces….)
But it kinda sucks when they are covered with this "photobucket" thingy.
Just pay up and keep using it?...or what do you do.
Maybe its in a thread here….but Im lazy so please link me.
Thank you in advance.
Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: Fidelis von Sigmaringen on September 13, 2019, 11:50:34 AM
Apart from the caption imposed, you cannot exceed a certain limit (25 MB or so). If you do exceed that limit, your pictures will be blurred, and you are forced either to pay up or to delete pictures. There are a number of completely free alternatives. I myself switched to Imgur.
Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: GamesPoet on September 13, 2019, 11:56:34 AM
Here's a thread on the subject ... http://warhammer-empire.com/theforum/index.php?topic=53421.0
Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on September 14, 2019, 06:32:30 AM
Thank You!   :::cheers:::
Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on January 07, 2020, 01:29:16 PM
Bohemund and his hunting party....Bertrand is the fat one…..then a cousin knight leading the hunters.
(http://i.imgur.com/zq0Kh13.jpg) (https://imgur.com/zq0Kh13)
Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: GamesPoet on January 07, 2020, 01:31:05 PM
Ah! The days of Bretonnians. :icon_cool: :eusa_clap: :::cheers:::
Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on January 07, 2020, 01:42:31 PM
So Ive been trying to get back into the hobby over the holidays….

(http://i.imgur.com/t3psUDt.jpg) (https://imgur.com/t3psUDt)

These guys are part of a 16 unit of flagellants.

Paintstripping and basing is mainly what I do these days….this unit of spearmen appeared….

(http://i.imgur.com/gq916fJ.jpg) (https://imgur.com/gq916fJ)

I thought they were going to the rebellion side...but then their Captain from Reikland stepped forward and declared his allegiance...so its one for the Empire then…

(http://i.imgur.com/Ys1AbiN.jpg) (https://imgur.com/Ys1AbiN)...

Trying to get back into the hobby in 2020....

Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on January 07, 2020, 02:09:35 PM
So Ive move the pictures I thought Worth saving from photobucket to imgur.

Pain in the *ss, but it seems to work.

I have no problem paying for some storage...but PB seems to be … not so good

Imgur is nice.

(http://i.imgur.com/qIltdDI.jpg) (https://imgur.com/qIltdDI)
(http://i.imgur.com/efDXCt7.jpg) (https://imgur.com/efDXCt7)
(http://i.imgur.com/8C7M2o5.jpg) (https://imgur.com/8C7M2o5)
(http://i.imgur.com/v32CToe.jpg) (https://imgur.com/v32CToe)
Title: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on February 16, 2020, 05:32:46 PM
Our story continues yet again….

Struggling through the thorny undergrowth....cursing his way along.

From time to time catching glimpses of the white prey. Like it was urging him on.

After what felt like hours....the sun was setting among the tall trees.

All of a sudden there was a clearing. A serene, tranquil clearing with the mist from the coming evening cold laying low on the grassy floor.
A small stone chapel against a steep cliff side. It looked like it had been cut right out of the rock. Except for the wooden roof.

Had he really come this far..?  This was where the forest met the mountains.
It could not be...this was days from where he had started the hunt.
It must be some foul magic at work here.

The chapel had long been abandoned by the looks of it.
Overgrown by bushes and the door hangning slightly ajar
An ornate wooden door. Mystical symbols, trees, animals.

He drew his sword and pushed it ....it swung open...creaking on rusty hinges.

A moldy, earthy smell came from inside....leaves covering the floor....fallen through the semi-collapsed  roof....rough cut stone benches.....last rays of sunshine peering through the window, behind the large altar at the back of the chapel.

The light hitting....hard to see the shape at first.....what looked like fur...
Bohemund moved closer, thinking it some heathen idol...exquisitely carved...but all the same... just a large reclining statue or idol...but.....then it moved!!

Almost falling backwards....stunned.....grasping behind him and catching one of the benches.

Its was....a lion?....incredible...here...deep in the forest of Arden....

A huge yellow lion.....licking its paw.....then slowly looking up.... its dark, black eyes burning into his soul...as if searching for answers....then it gave a low earthshattering growl.

"You have come..." its thunderous voice proclaimed....."I have been waiting for You..."

It spoke!!??...it could speak man tongue?

Its breath hitting Bohemunds nostrils...hot and heavy.... it smelled of carrion.

"Hear me now... son of man"
"Since the days of Beren I have watched your family."

"Bohemund,   first son of Guilvray, who was brother to Hagen. Honour to your tribe."
"Your long service in the fight against the southern non-believers have proven you worthy for a great cause."

"You will raise an army for the glory of Taal. "
"Your soldiers will be powerful creatures of the forest, the mountains and the great oceans... your own white hart, the wolves, the red fire dragons, the mighty kraken.... and of course... my own kind."

Raising its paw....giant claws shot out...revealing a piece of bloody, red meat stuck on one of them.
A swipe of the lions great tongue and it was gone.

The smell hadnt been carrion...it was the smell of a fresh kill.

A drop of blood from its claws hit the cold stone altar

The giant beast lifted its head and let out a mighty, eardeafening roar that felt like it almost shook the stone walls of the small chapel.
Its deep booming voice contiuned.

"Ride...not only under your own banners...but join with the Prophets soldiers....follow his Green Cross.
"And victory shall be yours."
"Not only in the fight between brothers and tribes. But foremost...in the coming war with the great Enemy."

"Show no mercy...as you will be shown none."

"Ride now my son...ride for Castle Couronne."
"Ride for Taals glory."

Rising on its haunches it made a giant leap towards Bohemund who, ducking down, barely escaped its huge paws passing overhead.
With another thunderous "ROOOAAARRR!!!!" that shook the little clearing the great lion passed out the chapel door and was gone.

Outside was darkness.

A shooting star was falling across the black sky.

Title: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on July 27, 2020, 02:08:48 PM
Starting my own Christmas Challenge today...just for myself.
Lost touch with the hobby...and opening my drawers and boxes today filled me with sorrow…..all those models laying there unloved.

So every day until Christmas I will do something…..assembling..priming...painting…

They deserve so much more then I give.

Since Im stuck on knights and medieval things lately it will….for now ...all be bretonnia.

I wont post anything…(at least thats the plan..) until I have finished models painted to show.

And then on my other thread:

First day...assembled and cleaned 20+ Knights ready for priming. (The old style knights)

Feeling good about this Project  :biggriin:

Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: GamesPoet on July 27, 2020, 02:46:20 PM
151 days till Christmas!  That is quite the length of time, and it will change your life to paint that many days in a row.

I'm working on a 100 Days of Hobby project elsewhere on the forums, although beginning to contemplate what I'll be doing beyond that.  Maybe I'll join ya at the 100 days till Christmas mark? Which would be Sept 16th, so maybe.

Both these tallies include Christmas as a day of painting too, is that the idea :icon_question:
Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on July 28, 2020, 08:03:54 AM
I havent really given any thought to if Christmas is a day of painting or not.  :smile2:

Will see when and if get that far.

You are welcome to join.  :smile2: 

This is a no pressure challenge though lol     ( a contradicition in words maybe….)   just a promise to spend a little time every day on the hobby.

Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on July 29, 2020, 01:04:42 PM
Asking the experts now…..this is the forum for it... :biggriin:

Applying transfers these days....

Ive always followed GW...Ardcoat….apply transfer ...then some lahmian medium.

Mine seem to have dried out….can you just mix in some water and they are good as new?

Or what is the equivalent these days?

I know Ive seen a conversion table the last time they started a new colour line.
Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: GamesPoet on August 01, 2020, 01:27:19 PM
Asking the experts now…..this is the forum for it... :biggriin:

Applying transfers these days....

Ive always followed GW...Ardcoat….apply transfer ...then some lahmian medium.

Mine seem to have dried out….can you just mix in some water and they are good as new?

Or what is the equivalent these days?

I know Ive seen a conversion table the last time they started a new colour line.
I'm not familiar with this, perhaps someone else here can help this fine gentleman out :icon_question:

Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: Zygmund on August 01, 2020, 09:58:10 PM
I don't know about the GW labels, but you usually want clear varnish underneath and satin or matte over The transfer.

If you need to buy new varnishes anyway, The FLGS personnel should be able to point out what you need and how to apply it.

Unless GW has very special transfer, any varnishes and seakers should be good. Oh, unless the transfer colours are somehow soluble in stronger mediums. Maybe safest to use water based mediums.

Title: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: VonOttenheim on August 03, 2020, 12:16:37 PM
Buying all new water based seems the way to go.

Thank you for your advice  :::cheers:::

Problem with not painting very often...they dry up.
Title: Re: Rebellion....or a new beginning?
Post by: GamesPoet on August 11, 2020, 12:50:39 AM
How is your 151 Days till Christmas going :icon_question:

We've started a "W-E At Least 3 Days Per Week Hobbying Thread" over in the Count's Tavern area.  Feel free to join us with your effort or whatever you're able to manage. :icon_cool: