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Title: Stirland - Sylvania Volunteer Regiment - Army Fluff
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        This is the full background for the Stirland -Sylvania Volunteer Regiment I hope you enjoy  :ph34r:

The best way to start the story is to begin with the commander of the Stirland - Sylvania Volunteer Regiment, Otto Von Gossfreid. Otto Von Gossfreid born 2497 is the third son of Nils Von Gossfreid who was himself a third son. Otto is very minor nobility just barely better than a peasant he had no money and his only valuables were armor, a fine sword, and a horse well past her prime, as the third son Otto is not likely to inherit and must raise himself up by hard work and ambition, but unfortunately  he was a lazy layabout content with long naps and low company. Otto was not a bad guy and was actually very likable but was undependable and unmotivated. Otto's only real quality was that he was a swordsman without equal at least in his local area. During the Storm of Chaos  Nils and his sons Nils II, Karl, and Otto marched were to Middenheim to help defend the city. During the initial local muster and the march to the assembly area in Wurtbad, Otto's habit of showing up late to officers meeting and formations and his nonchalant attitude about military discipline caused him to be reassigned to lead a detachment of 15 vagabonds, misfits, and malcontents that were supposed to pass for spearmen. At the head of his new command he received orders to march East to Niedling to guard a river crossing an assignment with no chance of glory. When they arrived at the crossing they set up camp and posted sentries, discipline was lax and the men mostly drank and gambled when not on guard and it was not uncommon for sentries to sleep at their posts on their 9th night there, they were attacked by a raiding party of Beastmen coming south from Talabecland and Otto fought bravely slaying 10 of the beasts and was the sole survivor narrowly escaping death after one of the attackers knocked him unconscious with a club and he fell down a hill into the undergrowth concealing him the the enemy. His lost his left eye from the blow to his face and returned in shame to his commander at Wurtbad he was relieved of command and set to wandering from one seedy tavern to the next until the spring of 2525 when he was recalled for service

In 2525 Otto's brother Karl was serving as an administrative officer in Wurtbad and was overseeing the formation of a Regiment that was to be composed mainly of Sylvanian peasant refugees with a small number of hardened Stirland regulars. No nobleman who was respectable was willing to command the regiment of exiles, Otto's name was submitted as a possible commander and was accepted. When Otto arrived in Julbach to oversee the training and formation of his new command he was determined to redeem himself and show Karl that his was right to have faith in him. They were not considered proper soldiers but Otto was not a proper commander.

The Regiment had orders to march to the Border Princes and secure support and allies for Alberich Haupt-Anderssen and Stirland, unofficially he was told to create a State that would act as a client kingdom and would oversee the Electors interests there. So began Stirlands campaign in the Border Princes.

Otto was given a free hand in accomplishing his mission and was allowed to campaign as he saw fit and use whatever resources he had at his disposal. The unit would receive only token support from Wurtbad and the men were to be paid on more of a profit sharing basis each man received a certain amount of the loot based on position and rank. Otto knew that every place he chose to attack must have something of value, mines, orchards, vineyards, etc , they must also possess a fortress to act as a strong point to secure the area. The First place he attacked was a small settlement south of Karak Izor, it had a fortified barracks, two villages, good productive fertile land, and orchards. He captured the Kingdom by climbing the barracks walls alone at night killing the sentries and opening the gate letting troops march in and capture the entire garrison. He captured his next kingdom which was little more than a fortified vineyard by tunneling into the wine cellars and sneaking up into the villa killing the King his troops surrendered and joined Otto. He has since consolidated his little empire and has had to fight off Goblin raids and has recruited a mercenary company Jagers Independent Company of handgunners and he has also raised local militia consisting of many Bretonnian exiles that settled the land around 2503.

Jagers Independent Company of Hand-gunners is a unit commanded by Caspar Jager a former Hand-gunner from Middenheim and veteran of the Siege of Middenheim. The unit is composed of veteran Hand-gunners from all across the Empire and Marienburg, including Middenland, Middenheim, Hochland, Bogenhafen, Norland, and Marienburg.

The Thing about my army is that they are supposed to be an unwanted misfit unit, refugees commanded by a disgraced officer fighting in a far off land, paying themselves in war booty, with the state sending only occasional replacements and supplies, the elector would have nothing to lose and if they were successful he would gain a client kingdom in the south. For the Elector its a low risk investment, for Otto Von Gossfreid and his Exiles its a fools errand.

I hope this was able to explain the army a little better

The most Important thing to me is that the army doesn't become a hodgepodge of unrelated units. I want my army to remain at its core a solid empire infantry force made up of Stirlanders the only exceptions being Jagers Gunners and 1 or 2 units of Bretonnian Men At Arms. I want to use the Brets to represent my Local Militias but I cant decide if I should use them as Spearman or Free Company, what do you all think so far ?

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Nicely done!

Of course we know how they really get those Stirlanders to sign up: Put up a broadsheet advertising "Free Shoos." When that doesn't work, they pay someone to read it to all the illiterate gits who are standing around scratching their heads and that works like a charm.
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Enjoyable! :::cheers:::

And it's great to see new Olde World fluff being written. :icon_cool:
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Good read!

(Don't be offended by the Stirland jibes, they have a long tradition on this forum.)

When that doesn't work, they pay someone

Ahahahaha. "Pay", he says.
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In Stirland, one of the understood meanings  of "to pay" someone is to coerce him with the sharp point of a knife or with a blunt, heavy object. Also, paying someone doesn't mean they used money. For example, they could have offered him a nicer looking pebble than what he already had, though if he's literate, then he's probably not from Stirland and has no use for a pebble and so we're back to the pointy end of the knife.
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Thank you all for checking this out. I actually wanted to make my army really impoverished  looking but alas I can only find one model with no shoes :biggriin: Maybe I can find something in the Mordheim range. On the barefoot spearman I chose the militia head because of the raggedy hat and I almost considered removing all of the feathers from my troops because I felt that it made them look too wealthy.
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All right here's round two of my fluff.

              The winter of 2525-2526 tested the new state which they now called the Principality of Bodenwald. That winter saw goblin raids and the development of an effective militia in response. The militia being mainly Bretonnian in origin was organized as a unit of men-at-arms armed with bills and halberds they numbered 40 or so men and would help bolster the numbers of the regular troops. Otto assigned one of his swordsman the Sylvanian Duro Kass to serve as the militia captain and captain of fortifications, responsible the construction and maintenance of all of the defenses and fortifications in Bodenwald. That winter they had also hired Jagers Handgunners  and they had proved so good that Otto was able to negotiate a 5 year contract with them, in addition Jager would help them form their own unit of Handgunners. Otto now had the title of Prince but he felt stupid using it and rarely did. In the spring of 2626 Otto Von Gossfreid and Caspar Jager travel south to the port of Barak Varr to purchase 10 fine hanguns for his new unit. They were also there to pick any loose information that might be around, Otto was looking to expand his territory and wanted to know which ones were ripe for the picking, soon enough the fighting season would be upon them.
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Part #3

In this edition of my fluff I will I will give the timeline and formation details about the Stirland- Sylvania Volunteer Regiment and the other units of the Principality of Bodenwald.

Fall 2524 A large number of Sylvanian refugees cross the border into Stirland. Karl Von Gossfreid an officer in military's administrative department gets the idea to form them into a border force that would guard the Stirland-Sylvania border and keep the undead abominations of Sylvania from crossing the border.

Winter 2524 - 2525 The unit is officially stood up as the 1st & 2nd Detachments of the Sylvanian Volunteer Force ( S.V.F.) and begins training at Julbach.

Spring 2525 A small number of Stirland regulars arrive to form the cadre of the new unit. Otto Von Gossfreid arrives to take command of the unit and it is officially renamed the Stirland-Sylvania Volunteer Regiment ( S.S.V.R.). Along with a new command and new name the unit gets a new mission. The original border guard mission is scrapped and the units tasking switches from guarding the Stirland- Sylvania border to invading the Border-Princes.

Summer 2525 The unit marches to the Border Princes, and by late summer they conquer their first principality forming a new state known as the Principality of Bodenwald. Captain Otto Von Gossfreid recruits a unit of mercenary handgunners to assist them in their campaign.

Fall 2525 The S.S.V.R. has captured a second territory consolidating their gains readying for winter.

Winter 2525 - 2526 Bodenwald suffers a series of large scale goblin raids. By late winter Otto Von Gossfreid  faces a military emergency and forms a national militia. The militia is called the Bodenwald Provisional Regiment ( B.P.R.) and is commanded by Duro Kass , a Sylvanian Swordsman given a temporary commission to serve as the commander of all of the local forces. The B.P.R. is charged with local defense duties. Duro Kass excels in his new role as commander of the local forces.

Spring 2526 Impressed by the performance of mercenary handgunners during the fighting with the goblins the S.S.V.R. forms their own detachment of handgunners. The B.P.R. is renamed to the Bodenwald Static Regiment ( B.S.R.) and has its duties expanded to include the construction and maintenance of all of Bodenwald's fortifications. Duro Kass receives a permanent commission and takes command of the B.S.R.

Tell me what you think. I hope this gives everyone a better idea of what i wanna do with my army.

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Can someone help me move this topic I'm afraid I dont know how , I believe its more appropriate for the Imperial Office section.

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Probably ok to pm an admin, and they can move it, which seems to be good. :icon_cool:
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Hello, all

          I have an idea to play my own campaign to add to my army fluff based on the results. I wanna run three simultaneously.

The Three Wars of Summer 2526 ( Title is a WIP )

1.  AoS skirmish Campaign/  Setting : Ruined farms in the southern end of the Principality/ Objective: the eradicate the snotling infestation left by the greenskin raids in the Winter of 2525. / Opposition: Snotling horde with a few savage/ feral Orc units.

2. 7th or 8th edition campaign/ Setting: Border Princes/ Objective: to expand the borders of the Principality of Bodenwald/ Opposition. Random TBD whatever I can scare up at the local clubs.

3. Mordheim Campaign/ Setting: Mordheim/ Objective: a small party of Stirlanders travel to the city of the damned to seek a mysterious treasure/ Opposition ? Thats where I need your help

Does anyone know of any Mordheim clubs/groups in the Baltimore area that a re open to newcomers or is there an online resource to help in the search ?
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Update to some of my background including a new unit that might make an appearance in the future.

The Old Sylvanian Halberdiers


The Old Sylvanian Halberdiers is a regiment based in Julbach, Stirland. Made up of primarily Sylvanian refugees and their children and grandchildren, the Regiment claims lineage from the State Halberdiers of the former army of Sylvania that escaped to Stirland after their province had been overrun by undead. With hope of driving out  the vampires. the regiment has participated in two unsuccessful invasions of their former homeland. In recent years their prestige waned and enlistments are down, the regiment has only around 60 men and officers.

Isabella de Montfort


Originally from Talabheim, she now serves as the leader of a detachment of Stirland swordsmen. Isabella is a decendent of the legendary Maiden of Talabheim and it shows in her martial prowess. Isabella is an accomplished and well known fencer and this is how she came to know Otto Von Gossfreid. She met Otto when they were teenagers at a fencing tournament and they became fast friends. When Otto was given command of a regiment with orders to conquer territory in the Border Princes he immediately thought of his old friend Isabella and sent her a letter inviting her to join him and offering her command of the sword detachment. She carries an heirloom cup-hilted rapier of rare quality and has a small scar on her lower right jaw that she got dueling. If ever Otto leaves their newly captured territory in Bodenwald to return to Stirland, the Principality will pass to Isabella and leaving her to rule as a Border Princess.
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Im expanding on my fluff with a new small unit and house colors and history. Enjoy

The House Colors of the Von Gossfreids are Turquoise and Charcoal Grey. The Von Gossfreids are a minor noble family originally from Nordland that was forced to flee to Stirland after a failed attempt to assassinate the Elector Count  Alfrich Gausser in 1988. They settled in Wurtbad where the head of the Family Seighard Von Gossfreid served in the Wurtbad Sewer Watch.  Around 2100 the Von Gossfreids settled around Tarshof. They are considered poor and barely above peasants, because of this they have trouble finding suitable young men and women to marry their sons and daughters. Because of their low standing the Von Gossfreids have married heavily into land rich, cash poor Sylvanian nobility who's cursed land hold little attraction for others. The Von Gossfreids are actually the third largest landowners in Stirland, though 98% of their land is in Sylvania and basically so worthless it might as well be on the Moon.

The Von Gossfreid Household Guards
The Von Gossfreid House Guards- 12 men strong with positions in the unit mostly hereditary passing from father to son the unit was formed in 2430 by Alaric Von Gossfreid (2380-2447) to assist the mayor of Niedling in crushing a peasant revolt. The unit uses mixed weapons.

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I'm really enjoying your fluff, (particularly about Isabella!)  :::cheers:::

Keep up the great work, I'll be watching this thread!
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All right, read up as you requested.

Ok so...

Otto von Gossfreid's Greastest strength:
Swordsmanship: Otto's greatest strength is the fact the he's deft hand with a sword. 10 Beastmen in one night is impressive.

Otto's other strengths:
Courage: Otto's personal bravery can be seen in the OP. Rather than running, Otto chose to fight rather than scamper off. This can be seen again when he is called back to the state army, returning to the army that called you a disgrace is it's own sort of great courage.

Again this is seen when he is ordered to go south with his band of misfits.

Leadership: Otto displays great leadership for a ne'er-do-well. Being able to unite a hodge podge of men like the SVF is remarkable.

Solid Tactician: While not on the level of say Helborg or even Luthor Huss, it is plain too see that Otto has a firm grasp on good tactics.

Otto's greatest weakness:
Ne'er-do-well: Otto's greatest weakness is that he is... well hes Otto. Not only is he one of the more low heroes of the Empire he is disgraced too boot. While it is true that low company attracts low company, Otto and his Principality will all ways be looked down upon as a haven for unsavory types.
With this in mind, it is obvious that Otto will never run out of men (and some women) to hire, however he will be lacking crucial support from the Empire at large. Will that little too no support, it is safe to say that Otto's troops will all ways be severely outmatched and out gunned.

Otto's other weaknesses:
Maimed: Otto is missing his left eye. With this bind spot ever so present, it is unlikely that Otto's sword skills were as sharp as they once were.

Former Drunk: Otto was a drifter who drank to have a good time. It is likely that he made many enemies during this time without even knowing it.

This is all I can think off for Otto as his other bad traits seem to be ironed out thanks too being a leader, Ie he has no choice but to be dependable etc.

I Can't think of anything for Isabella yet as i don't know much about her.

And as I said before over on my fluff page, feel free to incorporate part of my fluff that you find pertinent to your characters story.
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Thanks this helps alot, Im really impressed. You know the character better than I do, how do you do it? Is there a chart you make for traits?

After reading this I think Otto is pretty much done, now time to work on others? The S.V.F. is a band of misfits, lets face it nobody in that unit is a winner, so why is Isabella there? Hmmm very interesting. I think I need a Sergeant character for the Sylvanians toying with the name Einar Velova. I also think I need a character for the B.S.R. a native of the Borders Princes or a Bret. Finally Im considering a bad character that fights with the good guys, but who is a bad guy with a few good qualities.  I still need to develop Duro Kass and Caspar Jager, I dont want Jager to be a stock merc type though. I never thought about all of the enemies a drunk Otto would have made while drifting, maybe some merchants, gamblers and Tileans.

Otto's greatest weakness:
Ne'er-do-well: Otto's greatest weakness is that he is... well hes Otto. Not only is he one of the more low heroes of the Empire he is disgraced too boot. While it is true that low company attracts low company, Otto and his Principality will all ways be looked down upon as a haven for unsavory types.
With this in mind, it is obvious that Otto will never run out of men (and some women) to hire, however he will be lacking crucial support from the Empire at large. Will that little too no support, it is safe to say that Otto's troops will all ways be severely outmatched and out gunned.

The Principality does have a Tortuga, Las Vegas type quality, free land for free men and all.

Thanks you've really set me on the right path
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I've added some knights to my army and wrote up some fluff on them, pics within the next week enjoy.

 The Early Days

The Order of the Winged Lion was established in Tarshof in 2470 as a Mercenary Company, the order consisted of a dozen freelance knights led by Alaric the Tall. Between 2471 and 2474 the order fought in the Bretonnian Errantry Wars in the employ of Ser Guy de Brionne. It was originally called "The Company Of The Wing'ed Lion". There are many legends about how the order got its name, the most popular tale involves a winged lion emerging from the forest to assist the knights at the Battle of Quatrienne during the Errantry Wars. The truth is that Alaric purchased a second hand shield with the design already painted on, he liked it and left it there, eventually the symbol became associated with him. By 2465 he was known to many as Alaric the winged lion or simply the winged lion. When he formed his company it was known as "Alaric's Company" or "The Company Of The Wing'ed Lion". The identity of the original owner of  the shield has been lost to history.

Their Current State

The Order of the Winged Lion is a small secular order concentrated in Western Stirland. They maintain a small country estate outside of Flensburg as their headquarters, with smaller houses in Tarshof and Swartzhafen. The order is unique in that they have part-time members, noblemen that have families, manage estates, and run business' while serving the order only as they are available. The full-time members are for the most part young men with no responsibilities outside of the order. The order currently has 36 part-time and 23 full-time members and most of the full-time members will eventually transfer over to become part-time as get older,marry, inherit, and have families. Membership in the order is for the most part a family tradition and four families make up the bulk of the membership, the Von Gossfreids, the Hellers, the Wolfsbachs, and the Falkyns.  The Order of the Winged Lion is made up of minor nobles not very wealthy but they manage well enough and usually have what they need.

The four pillars of the order are merit, charity, humility, and chivalry and they believe in serving the people both on and off the battlefield. On the battlefield they served the people by protecting them from the Undead, Beastmen, brigands, and whatever else may threaten them. Off the battlefield they involve their own families as well as the local community leadership to promote literacy among the peasants in an effort to buck the negative stereotypes usually associated with  Stirland peasantry. The Order of the Winged Lion are both a Military and a Civic Order that remains secular, the only one of its type as far as they know.

They are tactically flexible and due to their good relationship with the common people they are always able to raise large militias with little effort. They spend much of their time fighting Beastmen in the Nattern Forest. They are all currently mounted on horses though it is known that one of their founding members did ride a Demigryph . The order has rarely traveled outside the borders of Stirland the three occasions they have are:

The Bretonnian Errantry Wars 2471 - 2474 ( The twelve founding members while serving as mercenaries for Ser Guy de Brionne )

The Lustrian Expedition of 2496 ( Three young knights travelled to Lustria serving as mercenaries for a party of Estalians , they hoped to establish a Lustrian headquarters and recruit incoming crusader knights, none returned )

The Bodenwald Mission of 2525 ( Nine knights have travelled to Bodenwald to set up a southern headquarters and recruit local knights )

The Heads of the order are the 80 year old Alaric Falkyn "The Tall", "The Wing'ed Lion" and 78 year old Ser Guy de Brionne.

This is what I have so far, so tell me what you think.
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Here are some pics of my first knight

Charles de Nattern " The Stag of the Nattern" grandson of Guy de Brionne


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Since Im expanding the knights in my army here is more fluff for them.

Charles de Nattern " The Stag of the Nattern" grandson of Guy de Brionne

Charles was born in 2504 just outside of Flensburg, Stirland. Charles was raised at his family estate, which was next the the Orders headquarters on the outskirts of the Nattern Forest. He was a natural warrior and excelled at everything martial and by age 16 was the equal of any knight in the order. He was known to ride out alone into the forest to hunt stray Beastmen, bringing back their heads as trophies.

Charles was bloody, ill tempered, violent, boisterous, arrogant and promiscuous; he was also loyal, brave in the extreme, and had a real presence on the battlefield. Known as one of the greatest horsemen anyone had ever seen and it was said that no man was he equal with sword, spear, lance, or pole axe. He was sent on the Bodenwald mission by Alaric Falkyn himself after he had been thoroughly dressed down following a drunken incident involving two buxom serving girls, a stag, and a member of the Electors household. Alaric was extremely disappointed that a young man with the potential to be one of the Empire great heroes had conducted himself as he had. Alaric said, "If you want to be a clown why dont you join one of the pistolier troops, I'll even buy you the pistols, call them a gift". Charles was sent to on the mission to Bodenwald to learn responsibility and duty. Hopefully he would grow up and mature, and return as the man he was supposed to become.
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Colors Of The Order Of The Wing'ed Lion

The order has no colors as such, but the members based in Stirland usually wear the yellow and green used by most of the state regiments they are normally called upon to fight alongside as a matter of practicality. Members of the Falkyn Family all wear the symbol of the wing'ed lion on their shields, armor or in the form of elaborate helmet decorations. Recently a number of knights have been recruited to the Border Princes order house, they all wear their own colors and heraldry.
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I've decided to shift the focus and theme of my army being, Border Princes Adventurers to fighting a war in Sylvania. So I'm adding to the fluff.

The Spring of 2526 passed largely without incident and the anticipated Goblin attacks never materialized. From the Spring of 2526 through to the Spring of 2528, not much happened, farming continued well enough and principality was beginning to develop a proper road system. They hadn't been hugely successful but Otto Von Gossfreid and his men were better off than they'd been three years before.

There was however much unrest in the regiment, these Sylvania men had joined up to fight against the Von Carsteins and their undead hordes and instead they had spent the last three years gallivanting in the Border Princes, fighting Goblins, Orks and Tilean bandits. The men wanted a change and it was only the influence of their Captain Einar Velova that kept hem from deserting.  Velova was angry himself, but he knew better than to desert, anyway he'd done well in the regiment. Three years before he'd been a sergeant, now he was a captain commanding the Archers and spearmen, he had 102 men under his command.

Isabella de Montfort was not only commanding her sword detachment, but the black powder sections as well. They'd gotten ahold of 10 handguns and trained a detachment of soldiers to use them. They were also able to get a field cannon, though it was somewhat smaller than the gun commonly seen in the empire. It had a smaller bore and shorter range than the Nuln Great cannons, the gun was 70 years old and had originally come from Grunburg, in Reikland, one can only imagine how Tilean merchants got ahold of it.

Otto was very aware of the state of his mens morale and he sympathized with them. He needed a solution quickly and appealed for replacement troops to relieve his men.

The Elector and his advisers in Wurtbad, always concerned over tax revenues turned their attentions to Sylvania, though a part of Stirland, being roughly half of their territory, it was all but worthless as a tax base. It was suggested that they might perhaps attempt to reclaim some of the land, secure it and resettle peasant farmers to work it. Ideally they could get some the destitute Sylvanian refugees that were crowding the streets in every city in the province.

Previous invasions of Sylvania had ended in dismal failures and were very unpopular. They decided to declare a "limited scale" war, and to use Sylvanian troops, where possible. It was decided to recall the Stirland Sylvania Volunteers form the Border Princes, mobilize and reinforce the Old Sylvanian Halberdiers, and issue funds authorizing the Von Gossfreid family to recruit, train, arm and uniform 100 more men to add to their house regiment, all on the electors credit. Additionally Adolfus Von Gossfried was called upon to recruit a force of militia to augment the force.

The Von Gossfrieds were chosen because the lands being invaded were theirs and 85% of their land holdings were in Sylvania. The elector considered them Sylvanian nobility rather than Stirlanders, despite the fact that their house seat was and always had been in Tarshof.

In recognition of his competent prosecution of the campaign in the Border Princes. Otto Von Gossfreid was named General and placed in command of the entire invasion force. His youngest brother Karl would serve as liason between his army and Wurtbad. His oldest brother Nils would command the Von Gossfreid Household Guards. Commanding the Old Sylvanian Halberdeirs was Captain Florin Aleksandru. He retained the services of Casper Jagers Mercenary handgunners and Charles de Nattern headed up the knights of the Wing'ed Lion. His first cousin Adolfus commanded the militia.

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The Army of Southern Sylvania

General Otto Von Gossfried - Army commander and commander of the Stirland-Sylvania Volunteer regiment

Captain Karl Von Gossfreid - Liason to Wurtbad

Stirland-Sylvania Volunteer regiment - Mixed regiment of archers and spearmen, with organic detachments of handgunners, cannon. and swordsmen.

Captain Einar Velova - Commander, archers and spearmen

Captain Isabella de Montfort - Commander, handgunner, cannon, and swordsman detachments

Captain Caspar Jager - Commander, mercenary handgunner detachment

The Old Sylvanian Halberdiers

Captain Florin Aleksandru -Commander

The Von Gossfreid Household Guards

Captain Nils Von Gossfreid II -Commander

The Militia auxiliary force

Captain Adolfus Von Gossfreid - Commander

The Order of the Winged Lion

Sir Charles de Nattern - Commander