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Title: Pyrates of the Karribean--Dead Man's Hand (A Mordheim campaign)
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Pyrates of the Karribean--Dead Man's Hand

Flying the Mordheim flag!
However, my group rarely plays in the City of the Damned.  Instead I prefer to campaign in the wider Warhammer world.  Pyrates of the Karribean is perhaps even farther removed from the City of the Damned, taking place in a campaign setting that was originally an on-line roleplaying game run by Kaptain Blacksquig and Gamespoet. 

I am afraid I don't visit very often, so I am posting a campaign that is on-going. We met Thursday, March 1 to inaugurate a new campaign:

Players and Warbands:
Chris S-- Estalian Corsairs (Satrosa setting warband)
Jim L--Sartosan Pyrates (Satrosa setting warband)
Jim S--Estalian Corsairs (Satrosa setting warband)
John D--Undead
Kevin C--Marienburgers

The Karribean setting combines some elements of the old Cities of Gold Mordheim setting with a more recent Sartosa: The Pirate Isle setting.

Press Gang!
The Mary Anns versus the Estalians.

The three warbands were competing for a possible 10 drunks after hours on a Torktugan night.  The crew of the Valeria Rojas began to the west of the pestilent drinking house known as the Sow's Ear.  The other Estalians were to the east; with the Mary Ann's off to the north.

Despite some set backs, the crew of the Valeria Rojas arrived near the bar first.

A Tired Sentry event popped a swivel gunner up on the Estalian flank.  But its a dark night and the tired sentry can not see Juan and Rodrigo attack that drunk.  The sentry can only hear their screams...

A lone drunk relaxes in a rowboat.  This seemingly harmless drunk will defeat Chris' Estalian Captain and a Crewman...

To the north another solitary drinker is peppered with crossbow bolts by Mary Anns on the bridge above...


Chris' woes continue as these worthies cut down a drunk on the bridge (drunks been removed already, killed)

The New Estalians flee after their captain is taken down by the Drunk Under the Bridge.

The Mary Anns close in on the Sow's Ear.

Mary Anns attack the crew of the Valeria Rojas.  Here Enrico the gunner is saved by Fransico.

The New Estalians broke with the Captain and one henchman out of action.  Neither died.  The New guys find a crate of gunpowder.  They killed one drunk and captured one.

The crew of the Valeria Rojas broke with Al Bobo, Juan and Gunner Rodrigo out of action.  Al Bobo was hardened by his injury.  Juan and Rodrigo recovered.  The Old Estalians captured two drunks and happened across a third in Exploration.  All three were sold to the galleys of the Governor of Port Sigmar.  In addition the Old Estalians opened a crate of food which contained a smuggled dose of Manticore Spoor...  They also captured Olbs the Marienburger who joined the crew.

The Mary Anns lost Olbs captured.  They had 2 or three total casualties, but captured 2 drunks and won the day because their rivals fled.  Go Mary Anns! (We had to explain the advantages of winning to Kevin because it had been awhile...)
The Mary Anns gain the services of an Ogre Bodyguard who is returning a favor.

The press gangers encountered 6 Angry Drunks out of the possible 10.  The drunks took 2 heroes and 2 henchmen out of action.  Only half of the drunks were captured, one was killed. 

Fancy Meetin' YOU 'ere!
An inebriated variation of Chance Encounter in which the New Baywatch meet the Undead

As you may or may not remember Jim L ended the previous campaign by rolling the worst result on the Pirate Curse table. 

His warband began this campaign new and improved with converted or specially purchased models to reflect a new approach.  For the first game Jim was facing an Undead warband, but the scenario was Chance Encounter and the time of day was daylight.  What could possibly go wrong?  The event Rowdy Drunks, that's what.

25 Rowdy Drunks
D3 Angry Drunks stumble out of the building nearest to you, looking for a fight. Thereafter on each of your player turns, another angry drunk stumbles out the door. They keep coming out until another player rolls a 1 to gain a random event.

Sadly for Jim, most of his warband was in a building...  Here his crossbow armed Captain Flashy faces the first 2 drunks on the roof...

Two turns later there are 2 more drunks... and this happens.

Jim flees with 2 heroes and 2 henchmen out of action.  No drunks were harmed.  One henchman dies.

The Undead did not get close enough to the pirates to attack them, but they win.
Here's a photo of the starting warband

In exploration both warbands attempt to buy lucky charms from the Torktugan vendors (all items purchased at Torktuga are stolen, so we use the Buying from a Fence rules from the Arabian Merchant.  Mr L bought 2 lucky charms, both fake.  The Undead also tried to purchase lucky charms, both fake.
Rock the Boat
A nautical Defend the Find in which the outnumbered pirates are surrounded by Undead...

Once again it is a nice day in Torktuga.  The New Baywatch is hunkered down on a ship.  There are Undead all around them...

The event Storm of Chaos is rolled:

3.     Wyrdstone dust has mixed with the water vapor in the area and produced the strange looking clouds from which a tainted rain begins to fall. The rain burns flesh and eats into stone and metal. Each warband member in the open takes a single S2 hit (normal armor saves apply) every turn the rain lasts until he gets under cover. The rain lasts D3 turns.

Here we see the affect the rain has on the Undead.  All those T4 ghouls down!  A wolf and the necromancer!  Looks bad, eh?

Well fear not, because the pirates will be broken by the rain.  Floppy a Pirate Mate is killed.  The Pirates do gain 3 treasures from the Find when they rout...

The End of Week One.
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Love seeing this!  And good to have it happening in Da Karribean. :icon_biggrin: :icon_cool: :eusa_clap: :::cheers:::
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Thanks GP.   Its like the 7th Karribean campaign or so, but I skipped a year and I was missing the place.
The Dead Man's Hand--Week 2

We were all 5 present for another week!
Chris--"The New Estalians" (So called because Chris never names his warbands)
Jim L--"The New Baywatch" (Because they were the Baywatch last campaign, too.)
Jim S--"The Old Guard, Old Estalians or the Crew of the Valeria Rojas" (Because I didn't have a good name for a warband and I played Estalians in the last campaign)
John--"The Undead" (John may have a name for his warband, but he's never said...)
Kevin--"The Mary Anns"

The New Baywatch, Mary Anns and New Estalians go after drunks after dark...

The New Estalians began the evening in the east.  Again there are eight of them (there were 8 last week too, perhaps the wounded Captain was more severely injured than I was led to believe...)

The photographic urge was spurred by the event Collapsing Building which brought down the Three Sisters Bordello, which the Mary Anns happened to have started in...  Here are the ruins with the intact building set aside off table.  (One hero was crushed by the rubble)

The New Baywatch were off to the west.

The high rated Mary Anns press on.  (That drab guy by the corner of the building is a drunk.)

Floppy II and Shark Bait attack a drunk


But things start to go south... Here Little Billy is not so lucky

Then its Shark Bait's turn...


Then the Mary Anns start to get in the act


The New Baywatch flee (which ended the photographer's interest in this particular fight.)  No one dies for the Watch which should have been a good thing considering that they had captured 3 drunks successfully, but Mr L can and will snatch defeat from many sources, so his attempts to buy Lucky Charms continued to go south.  Two more fakes are purchased.  Little Billy will miss the next game...

The Mary Anns were suffering from the shock of the building coming down.  Despite some luck in pushing the Watch out of their territory, the Mary Anns were broken by the significantly out-numbered and outgunned Estalians.  :suspect:   The Mary Anns acquire a jeweled sword and dagger in Exploration.

The New Estalians snatch victory from almost certain defeat (they were outnumbered by the Watch, let alone the Mary Anns).  The New Estalians find a Treasure Map in a capsized rowboat  :suspect:
Rock the Boat
A nautical Defend the Find wherein the Undead outnumber the Old Estalians

The Old Estalians began on the ship (find)

Here Al Bobo, the Moor and Rodrigo play with three ghouls

The evil Necromancer guides his zombie slaves toward the ship...

The invisible crowd flees from the Undead (and knock a few down)

Things go poorly for Rodrigo

The end is near.  Soon the Old Estalians must flee the Undead.  There are too many to fight.


The Undead manage to survive 2 blunderbuss shots and various pistol shots unscathed.  The Old Estalians take three cargo and leave.

Rodrigo died.
Al Bobo suffered Horrible Scars.
The Old Estalians hired Rodrigo II and bought a handgun because all the gunners gained Ballistic Skill advances rather than become a hero.

The Undead gained some good rolls, but then had to rush off for home.
Rock the Boat Again
This time the poor Bay Watch are trapped on the boat.  Naturally this does not end well.

The first shot from the Old Estalians new handgun takes the Bay Watch Captain right out of action.  Boom!  It doesn't get any better after that for the Bay Watch.

However no one dies and they gain 3 cargo from the ship's hold before they flee.  One more fake Lucky Charm is found before the night ends.

The Old Estalians suffered no casualties.  Two more handguns are found to arm the Firing Squad and a Leviathan Hunter returns a favor.  Oh and a crate of jewels is opened.  The Old Estalians find a fake Lucky Charm, too. 

(I've found 2 fakes out of 6 searched for.  Mr L has found 4 fakes out of 9 searched for and still has a Charmless hero...)

Thus endeth Week 2...
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Great thread and game! The board and characters are crazy. Never heard of this skirmish game but it doesn’t surprise me GP was involved 😺
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The skirmish game is called Mordheim, and those guys playing here are long time players of this older GW system.

My only involvement with this activity is being minimally responsible for helping Kaptain Blacksquig create the Karibbean environment, yet most of the credit is really his.  I only helped during the online campaigns we've done using the environment created mostly by Kaptain Blacksquig.
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Thanks for the kind comment Artroban.

Dead Man's Hand--Ports o' Call

[The original Karribean game had lots of possible locations to visit.  For our campaign I have reduced ports to 2: Port Sigmar and Torktuga.  Torktuga is a pirate haven.  Port Sigmar is a stronghold of the Imperial Alliance.  In our campaigns there are special rules and advantages for playing games at specific locations. Kevin is playing the only warband that would want to visit Port Sigmar regularly, but his schedule was making it hard for him to arrive early enough to go through the pregame sequence so he had joined games in progress for the first two weeks.]

Kevin made Game Night at near the regular starting time, so he was finally able to force pyrates to visit Port Sigmar.  With predictable results...

Sirrah, Ye Lie!
The crew of the Valeria Rojas visit Port Sigmar, suffer indignities and profiling from the local Shore Patrol.  Mary Anns to blame.

A crowded market square in Port Sigmar. (The crowd is invisible, but hinders movement and range of vision.) The Mary Anns have hired an ogre...

My Bounty Hunter runs into the Big Guy as the Shore Patrol closes in.



More of the damn law show up to roust the innocent pyrates.  Like we were fighting an ogre, but pyrates are the monsters.

The mere sight of the armed and armored Shore Patrol bearing down broke the Estalians.  No casualties were suffered by either side.  The Mary Anns become rich. 
Hijacking in Torktuga
An attempted hijacking in Torktuga sees Sartosans gain gold.
The New Estalians attempted to relieve the Bay Watch of a cargo.  Surprisingly the Bay Watch refuse to roll over.

The Bay Watch heading for a port rendezvous.

The Bay Watch's ship comes in.  There are lots of New Estalians between the ship and the cargo...

Mrs Wolfgang (in black) directs the cargo toward the ship.

They take the back alleys of Torktuga

While the rest of the crew try to hold up the Estalians



Daring deeds on a narrow walkway...


Desperate battles

The cargo nears the ship

Quote from: Jim L
Gunner, Junior died.
The Bay Watch win though and gain 21 gold, 3 treasures, A Badge of the Free Traders and a Whalebone Charm.  An Ogre Bodyguard named Tiny returns a favor.

Quote from: Chris S
A cabin boy named Ezra died.
The New Estalians hire Ezra II and console themselves with another great find in Exploration.
Pressganging in Port Sigmar
The Bay Watch end up trying to raise crew in Port Sigmar

The Mary Anns follow the ogre.  Its night, there's a crowd and there are 8 drunks to recruit! (You the viewer have to imagine both the darkness and the invisible crowd.)


The Bay Watch on the move.  Also following an ogre...

Panoramic Port Sigmar

Accosting drunks

Which spooks the invisible crowd, who then rampage through the Mary Anns


The gunner captures a drunk.

The Bay Watch advances

Tiny fights the Mary Anns, like nearly all of them

Tiny goes down (Note the Shore Patrol has arrived.)

The Mary Anns don't get far.  Near the end, the Bay Watch captures the last free drunk.

Quote from: Jim L
Shark Bait the Cabin boy was captured by the Shore Patrol but died from excessive brutality in captivity.
 Ogre Bodyguard Tiny died on his 1st battle.

 On the bright side, Captain Flashy saw promise in Gunner Bruno 2, and promoted him to a hero. (Need to build a new model now)
 The Tilean marksman, Mario, got Quick shot for his 1st advance!
 The warband’s heroes searched for a 3rd blunderbuss after the battle and found one!
 Captain Flashy, with his Badge of the Free Traders, haggled 9gc off the price, and it was still a good one!

 A crate was opened and 3 droughts of Grog were found.
 Another crate was opened and a set of Toughened leathers was found.
 (I am beginning to get a fierce hatred for rolling food & clothing on the Booty Chart.)

Kevin wins with a healthy dose of help from the local cops (again).  The Bay Watch captured 5 drunks and killed 2.  The Mary Anns captured one drunk.  Their Ogre Bodyguard was killed by Tiny early in the fight. But they won 2 games in one night.
Another Hijacking in Torktuga
The New Estalians learned from their earlier mistake.  The Old Estalians had to be the attackers this time. (We tend to roll repeats of scenarios)

The game began with the event Sirens Song.  The lads carrying the New Estalians' cargo succumbed but just got closer to their goal...  Then everyone resisted the Sirens' song and the race went on.

The Old Estalians forge through the invisible crowd, who are doing their best to impede the pyrates.

The New Estalians are almost there


The Old Estalians are left in the dust

The final confrontation.  The New Estalians are going to win, but a little blood may be shed...

The Old Estalians suffered no casualties.  They did find some useful cargo lying around and hired an Arabian Merchant named Ali bin Ali to sell it for them.

The New Estalians win!  They didn't find as much gold as the Bay Watch, but there were 3 treasures in the cargo plus the usual Whale Bone Charm.  The one git who went out of action got better.
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I love the scenery! :eusa_clap: :::cheers:::
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Thanks GP!  Glad you like it.  The Goblin Town stuff is new to us.  I've been bugging Jim L to paint it for a year or so, and he finally bought an air brush to play with.  That and the Laketown set are really useful in ramshackle ports.
Dead Man's Hand---Duels on the High Seas
The campaign works like this: we all begin in towns.  There the warbands skirmish with rivals and lay in supplies to explore the Karribean.  After a couple of weeks of desultory skirmishing, all warbands must venture forth on ships to begin their adventures.  So this week all the warbands engaged in a round of exchanged pleasantries.

Chris--"The New Estalians" (So called because Chris never names his warbands)
Jake--"The White Dwarfs" (Because Jake primes his models white...)
Jim L--"The New Baywatch" (Because they were the Baywatch last campaign, too.)
Jim S--"The Old Guard, Old Estalians or the Crew of the Valeria Rojas" (Because I didn't have a good name for a warband and I played Estalians in the last campaign)
John--"The Undead" (John may have a name for his warband, but he's never said...)
Kevin--"The Mary Anns"

Somewhere south of Torktuga near the Cayman Straights
The Old Guard attempt to steal a cargo from the Undead, but the Vampire uses the dark of night to pass unseen, almost...
It was so dark, no camera recorded the first skirmish.

The men could hear the creak of rigging, the sound of waves hitting a hull. They could see nothing on the moonless night. Then the darkness lit with a cannon blast from the starboard. Arrows flew out of the night to slam into railings and masts. All hands stood to with their eyes straining into the night.

Suddenly a ship hove out of the night: her rigging in tatters, her hull rotted.  Bone gleamed as a sailor turned his face toward the Estalians. Then sparks flashed as a gun misfired. The guns of the Valeria Rojas roared in reply. The ghost ship shuddered, then slid back into the darkness.

The pesky Undead snuck up, fired a few ineffective rounds, then caught a favorable wind to escape. The Vampire and his zombie minions could see 6 inches farther than the poor humans, so they tried to snipe from the darkness. Sadly for them, their gun misfired. The Undead win since they were able to limp off my table edge before the Estalians could score another hit with their amazing cannon of killyness. (The Valeria Rojas took the Undead ship to 7 damage (out of 16) with only two hits!  Dueling at point blank range is dangerous.)

No one was hurt on either side (besides the ghost ship itself, but it got better). The Undead retreated to Torktuga with their cargo. The Estalians found themselves with a Friendly Merchant with whom Ali bin Ali did a brisk business, including the purchase of a half price brace of dueling pistols!
The Dog Latitudes
The Bay Watch scuppers the New Estalians

So the Bay Watch spent some coin on a hired sword recently.  Mario the Tilean cleaned up.



Quote from: Jim L
No one went OOA (out of action) on my side in game 1

Mario the Tilean had 3 enemies OOA in his 1st 3 turns!

I captured a gunner from the New Estalians[/size]

Both the victors and the vanquished found themselves at Torktuga to trade.  The New Estalians gain some sweet equipment from opening cargo...   Oh I remember now, they took their loss and went off to search for lost treasure (with a handy Treasure Map) and gained 3 extra cargo crates!  (Campaign rule: wyrdstone=cargo crates, which can be 'opened' by rolling on the Booty Chart instead of the normal Mordheim income chart.)
So they lost the fight but won the war.
To the Leeward of Lost Kay
The Old Estalians encounter those pesky White Dwarfs

The White Dwarfs got the wind and the first shot, fortunately they missed with the cannon.  But a gunner with a handgun went down on the Estalian ship.  Pesky crossbows...


The Estalians closed as quickly has they could, bleeding missile troops all the while.


Here Almah attacks an enemy gunner.  Al Bobo fails to save a friendly gunner with a blunderbuss. Francisco has fallen overboard between the ships.


The Estalians (rating 224) fled with five out of action, including the cabin boy Juan de Palma.  The henchmen and hired swords all recovered, but Juan was captured.  The Estalians found a friendly merchant to trade with.  They sell some cheap booze and find a Halfling Cookbook.

The White Dwarfs (rating 149) lost no one (at least some of them were out of action).  They retire to Port Sigmar where Juan is handed over to the Law...  (The Dwarfs are the other warband in the campaign who call Port Sigmar home.  Captured Pyrates may be handed over to Imperial Council instead of being ransomed.) The White Dwarfs gain much wealth and experience (+2 Underdogs).
The Weather Gauge
The woes of the New Estalians continue...

The Valeria Rojas caught the wind and leaped at the distant upstarts.  The first cannon shot damaged the New Estalians' rigging bringing them to a crawl of D6" per turn and nearly breaking them with the first shot. (Nearly half damage to the ship.  Half damage equals a break test.)

The New Estalians wallowed along trying to use their Tilean to good effect, but no joy.  The Valeria Rojas suffered a couple of misfires which prolonged the agony, but eventually the Old Guard closed to blunderbuss range...

The New Estalians broke with 5 out of action (including a gunner eaten by a shark).  They suffer one death and a gunner is captured) They return to Torktuga to lick their wounds and gain more black powder weapons and new recruits.

The Old Guard gained a Captain's Log in Exploration (five 2's on the Seas Exploration chart), however they totally fail to catch a wind and end up lost at sea...  No one died.  The captured gunner is demoted to crew, but joins willingly enough when offered the choice.

In other news: Juan will be hung in Port Sigmar in three games.
Off Baitfish Kay
The Bay Watch bombard the Dwarfs next.

Quote from: Jim L
White Dwarfs were the lower rated warband and had 3 cargo on their ship.

Wind changed about 6 times in probably 7 turns, always with on "6" (counterclockwise)

Someone [who could that have been  :engel:] talked me into shooting my cannon and it blew up, taking the gun crew OOA.

So we shot dwarves with crossbows. Knocked down the 1st one, he fell out of the ship and the fall took him OOA.

Then shot and stunned 3 more. They all fell out of the ship, and they all failed to wake up and drowned (OOA).

Shot and knocked another one out of the ship. A shark ate him.

At the end of the game we thought Jake got off the board to win, but forgot he had to make a rout test first.

He rolled boxcars, so I won!

Jake had 3 deaths.

My cannon crew survived and Ship's Mate, Floppy II, became hardened

The crate I opened had a Blunderbuss!  Yay!

Again both combatants retire to the appropriate town to refit and spend cash...

Since the Valeria Rojas is lost at sea, next weeks games will be fought at the Sea/Rivers location or Jungles for those who are not lost...
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Incredible battle reports. I love the narratives and the warbands. Starting to like this system too much!😸I
Keep em coming!

Edit: the water effects are fantastic. How long does a game / scenario last?
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I love everything about this thread. There are pirates, there's Mordheim and a great narration to boot. These minis and tables are great as well. Splendid job sir!
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Where did those dwarf pirates come from?
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@Xathrodox86 and Artobans Ghost--On behalf of the committee, I thank you both for your kind words.

How long does a game / scenario last?
A regular Mordheim game lasts anywhere from a half hour to an hour depending on the scenario and level of the warbands involved.  If you add a lot of stuff, like I do, it takes a bit longer :engel:
And we are getting older as a group, so now we have to stop and look up basic rules, too.
If you have 3 or more players all bets are off, as someone is bound to get a call; become involved in a text or just wander off.

Where did those dwarf pirates come from?
Well when I typed insert quote I thought I knew, but now I can't remember the company.  One of those cat names... Black Cat?   No  its Black Scorpion, nothing to do with cats.
Dead Man's Hand--Lost at Sea
Jim L, Chris, Kevin and I were on hand for another evening of battles on the seas.  Since Kevin missed last weeks introduction to ship fights, he had to play the scenario Duel on the High Seas at least once.

As the Estalians were just lost, Mr L got to roll for a scenario if he chose (he could've also chosen a special scenario that he 'found' in exploration).  He rolled on the scenario table:

The Haunted Wreck
The Bay Watch race the Old Guard Estalians to explore an old wreck.

The race. (The old Guard have already lost one gunner to long range missiles from the pesky Bay Watch).

The Old Guard board first. 

The undead crew appear and attack... (Sadly ALL the skeleton pirate miniatures we own are left at various homes this evening [we play at a local store]. Skeletons with scythes are pirate crew with cutlass and pistols, the zombie or is it a pit fighter? Whatever, it is a Wight Captain with peg leg, cutlass and pistols and the Mage Knight ghoul is another Wight Captain armed with 2 swords and a parrot)


Ricardo (Ricky) y Ricardo fires a blunderbuss into the Bay Watch flotilla... (wins the game and gains 4 experience!)

Crossing the T--blunderbuss style. (I guess it would really be dotting the I.)


The Bay Watch flee with 6 models out of action.  A gunner is captured, Mario the Tilean and a crewman die.  Little Billy gains a peg leg (eventually, his was smashed).  The Bay Watch gain 1 Pirate Curse Point.

Captain de Guzman, Ricardo and Francisco gain lots of experience from cutting down undead and Bay Watchers.  The Cursed Treasure is meager--21 gc.  (I rolled mostly 1s in determining loot as opposed to all the 6s rolled to parry, wound and for injuries...)  The victorious Estalians trade with a friendly merchant...  The Old Guard gain +2 Pirate Curse Points...
Duels on the High Seas
An exchange of pleasantry between the New Estalians and the Mary Anns

The New Estalians send an iron greeting

The Mary Anns brace to receive

The new shooty New Estalians had 51+ on the 149 rated Mary Anns (Kevin has missed a couple of weeks).  The Marienburgers shooty heroes are no match for the Estalian handgunners, Long Rifle and Tilean. 

Win to the New Estalians.
Near Soteck's Gullet
The defeated but not destroyed Bay Watch gets whittled down a bit more while winning...

The Watch defiant

An exchange of pleasantries

Men overboard! Mary Anns go for a swim

Mary Anns' gunner is lunch

Boarding action!


The Mary Anns fail their first rout test! 

The Marienburgers lose all of their cannon crew (4 models) and an additional 2 crewmen over the two battles.

Quote from: Kevin
Flag Guy survived both games and advanced twice!

The victorious Bay Watch had only Captain Flashy and Mate Floppy II out of action.  Floppy II dies of his injuries...
Somewhere larboard of Tzunki's Foot
The 'New' New Estalians ambush the Old Guard Estalians

Chris has upgraded his gunners with 3 handguns and several blunderbusses, but what really hurt was the quickshot Tilean and an LGT gunner with a Hochland Long Rifle...

The Old Guard's first shot blows a cannon sized hole in the Valeria Roja's side. Misfire!


Two game turns later, the Valeria Rojas has come completely about.
Gunners overboard!  And Shark!

Trying to save the day

The Valeria Rojas strikes its colors with nearly all of the crew shot ooa or bitten by sharks.  Somehow none of the crew or hired swords dies, but of course the trauma of defeat causes the crew to become Lost at Sea...

So... Our next meeting will consist of more nautical action.

The New Estalians delivered their cargo to Torktuga, gained much gold and even more guns and powder...
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Dead Man's Hand--Curses

This week there were five of us again!  Which also means we had three player games (which go slower...)
Jim L and I had picked up a Curse by daring the Haunted Wreck, this week (4/5/2018) by the end of the night only the New Estalians would not suffer curses.
But first:

X Marks the Spot
An Island variant of Hidden Treasure

The first thing that happened was Floppy III got shot out of action.  Remember that Lads got Talent hero Chris has? With a Hochland Long Rifle?  Jim L forgot.  (Some might argue this is enough of a curse...)

The Bay Watch press on


The Firing squad just keep reloading...

The coup de gras

Mrs Wolfgang used to be tough...

Quote from: Jim L
I lost, so my Swabbie tried to run away but instead, he died.  Served him right.

Gunner Junior 2 was captured. Along with his blunderbuss.
 Junior III will have to make do with just a sword for a while.

 LGT Gunner Bruno II was captured! Since I only had 2gc in my kitty, Chris traded him back without his blunderbuss.

No casualties are reported by the New Estalians.  Just more blunderbusses...  Which I suppose was good, because the treasure chest was mostly dust and rags. 
The Island Temple
John rolled in a bit late so a two player game became a three player game.  The Mary Anns, Undead and Old Guard discover an abandoned Lizardman temple that has been desecrated by Clan Pestilens

The Mary Ann flotilla


The Undead are very close to the Old Guard.  Honest I told him where my blunderbusses were.

The Mary Anns shooting

Ricardo's boat gets in the Undead flank


The Undead are hiding from Mary Anns

The Undead flee with two heroes out of action.  Then Estalian boats start sinking... and crocodiles appear...


The horrible firing line


Snipers in the jungle somewhere


Boats keep sinking

The end is near.  The daemon fights Almah and Al Bobo.  (As usual I discover I left the Plague Bearer at home) I am removing the poor Bounty Hunter who never hurt anything for the whole fight.

The Old Guard fail a rout test with 5 or 6 out of action and two boats sunk.

The Undead lost the Dreg named Bone Collector and a ghoul killed in action.  The Undead end up Cursed and Lost at Sea to add insult to injury.

The Old Guard lost Gunner Gomez and the pressed crewman Bratz killed.  The Curse increases in potency because the Old Guard actually activated the daemon.
Good news: the Old Guard end up trading at Torktuga!  Woot!  And they find a crate of handguns!  Woot! Woot!

The Mary Anns declined to fight the guardian (but were Cursed anyway), but win the river fight.  They retire to count their gold.
The Hulks
The Undead, Bay Watch and New Estalians battle over a maze of wrecks

The New Estalians' lead raft challenges a crocodile...

The Bay Watch challenge for the top wreck

A bitter battle for the wreck



The rest of the Bay Watch line

The Undead march unopposed

The New Estalians mass to challenge the Vampire (and escape the crocodiles)

The Undead break the New Estalians (who had a hero on that bridge...)


The New Estalians lost the fight with the Bay Watch, then the crocodile sank a raft, then the Vampire hit them.  New Estalians flee.  One crew is eaten by a crocodile.

The Bay Watch ended up facing their former blunderbusses and winning, but then got smashed by the Vampire/Dire Wolves combo.  However, no one dies.

Quote from: Jim L
After “finding” a few crossbows for me, I had to let Marvin the thief go. His upkeep was keeping me broke.
New Tilean Marksman, Mario 2, got his 1st advance and it was a skill. Hooray. 
Quick Shot - not a surprise there.

Exploring afterwards earned a sword, dagger, and a rusty pistol.

The Undead suffered no casualties, won and made lots of gold.  They replace their earlier losses and head for Torktuga!

Since no warband is Lost, our next meeting will take place back in port. (A cause for celebration among all players.)

Campaign progress so far:
The Old Guard have 3 Curse Points
The Mary Anns have 2 CP
The Bay Watch and Undead have 1 CP

In order to 'discover' the Lost City of Tlax a warband must win 5 exploration scenarios (fights at sea or in the jungle)
The New Estalians have 3 wins
The Bay Watch have 3 wins
The Old Guard and Undead have 2
The Mary Anns and White Dwarfs have 1

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Fabulous reports! :::cheers:::

Somebody has done nice painting of the Marienburgers. :eusa_clap:
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Wow!  This game has got me hooked entirely. It will be awhile before anything is ready but I need to investigate this. Funny enough pirates never really grabbed my interest until this. Now I understand 😸

I see another warband made up of gp’s (my new colours) Matoreans getting in on the trading.
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Thanks GP!  Kevin was especially proud of them that evening, he had just touched up several of them that week.

Wow!  This game has got me hooked entirely. It will be awhile before anything is ready but I need to investigate this. Funny enough pirates never really grabbed my interest until this. Now I understand 😸

I see another warband made up of gp’s (my new colours) Matoreans getting in on the trading.
Very happy you are enjoying the thread.  If I can be of service, don't hesitate to ask.
Dead Man's Hand--Back to Torktuga
We had all five players arrive for game night two weeks in a row. (These games happened 4/12/2018, the dwarfs seem to have been an aberration as I haven't seen Jake since the one evening.)

Down on the Docks
The New Estalians race the Old Guard to rip off smugglers

The Smugglers  cower on their ship as some Nordland Marines show up to arrest the New Estalian Captain... (I rolled the event Shore Patrol on my first turn.  Thankfully the Shore Patrol ended up nearest the New Estalians)

Boom!  That blunderbuss takes 2 Marines out of action and knocks the third into the bay.

The New Estalians gather to ambush the patrol


The Old Guard muddle around in the crowded streets


The ambush is sprung!


The (invisible) crowd flees the fight (knocking down some of the reserves).

Meanwhile the Old Guard counter attacks some upstarts


The short fight in the center breaks the New Estalians who fail their first rout test.

The Old Guard press on to rout the Shore Patrol and  wipe out the Smugglers (who fight to the last).


The New Estalians lose one crew, killed by the Shore Patrol Captain.  They capture one of the smugglers and one of the Shore Patrol Marines.  Both are sold as galley slaves.

The Old Guard lose Olbs the Marienburger killed by the New Estalians.  The Old Guard capture one of the Smugglers (pressed as a Swab) and all of the Smugglers cargo (mostly food, booze and clothing with some gunpowder thrown in.)  Exploration yields another Swab (passed out drunk) and an additional crate with a dueling pistol!
The Great Torktugan Bar Fight
The Undead, Mary Anns and Bay Watch duke it out in the infamous Blow Hole in a Last Orders scenario

Quote from: Jim L
We went with the suggested 30 man maximum in the bar. With each player taking turns, we each chose one hero then one henchman (no animals) and back again until we each had 10 warriors.
 Myself and the Undead both got caught trying to sneak daggers into the bar on our 1st try.   [Bar fights are between unarmed combatants, but a player may try to smuggle in a dagger or two.  Warriors who are caught are ejected from the bar, so the Undead and Bay Watch only have 9 warriors left at the start of the game). Fortunately, this time I started (smuggling in daggers) with a henchman.
 The Mary Anns smuggled 3 or 4 daggers in before they stopped trying. Mary Anns had Bugman's ale, too.

On the ground floor, the Undead's Dark Elf Assassin (all black) charged in 1st but was taken out after a few turns.


Vampire was in the dinning hall on ground floor with Necromancer and one Ghoul.
 I had 2 guys hiding in the kitchen.
 The Marienburgers had 4 or 5 by the stairway (including all his daggers).

 The vampire went after the Mary Anns and with help eventually took them all ooa. But not before they got the T5 vampire down to one wound.




(http://<img src=)" />

The vampire then faced off with my one hero and one henchman. Both pirates attempted to charge but only the hero made it. The vampire made short work of him.


 (My Captain is Ld8 and everyone else is Ld7.)

2nd floor saw Captain Flashy and 3  mates (Gunner Junior 3, crew Bear 2, and that other guy) hiding in the bedroom under the attic hatch.

Empire had 2 in the door of the building entrance to the stairway.

Undead took the stairway overlook and strung along the outside.

A single Ghoul charged the Empire in the (chapel) building doorway and was held up for many a turn.

Empire was outnumbered on the 2nd floor and was eventually overcome.

Pirates were outnumbered on the 2nd floor with no way to go down, they all went up into the attic.

In the Attic was a lone ghoul by the trap door, 4  pirates in the middle and 4 Empire on the outside end.

Mrs. Wolfgang was chicken so gunner Bratz 2 (axe boy) charged the ghoul and fought on until help arrived. 

Bratz 2 had a tough time wounding T4 ghoul without a weapon. (No weapon = s2, needs a 6 to wound.)

Captain Flashy climbed up from the 2nd floor bedroom and eventually charged in to help.



While this ghoul fight was going on, the Empire saw an opportunity and charged Floppy 3.

Floppy 3 held out and Mrs. Wolfgang joined in.

In the darkness of poor overhead lighting and an attic buttress in the way, one of my henchmen charged a feather-hatted Empire only to find out it was Floppy3.  I laughed.

With most of my warband in the attic, the Empire warriors were quickly subdued.   At that time the Empire was doing poorly on the other floors also and they routed.

Everyone piled down the hatch into the bedroom and made a conga line to the stairway entrance.

The vampire took Finn ooa and then went up to 2nd floor where my pirates would meet him after coming down from the attic.

New crewman Bear 2 (with club) volunteered to stand back a little in the doorway and receive the vampire's charge.

Eventually, the T5 vampire was taken ooa.

2 ghouls charged out of the doorway to avenge him but after quite a few rounds of hth, they were also taken ooa.

Undead then routed.  I won !!!

The vampire was legendary last night for rolling ones to wound.

Post battle:
I bought a new blunderbuss.

Found 6gc worth of crap (food) in the cargo crate I opened up. Profit of 1gc.

Bruno 2, the Gunner LGT from the kitchen, with yellow feather and brown coat. rolled 1 - 4 for dead, then, 1 - 6 multiple injuries. But only 1 injury and that was full recovery.  Yay

Finn and everyone else was fine.

The Mary Anns lost Flagguy (again) and Isaac lost an eye.

Quote from: John D
From my end, none of my guys could roll more than ones and twos to wound, but on the plus side my vampire was able to stall several of Kevin's guys on the first floor because they weren't able to punch him to death....allowing the rest of my guys to come down from the 2nd floor and save him.  Kevin chose to rout soon after.

Later on, I met the rest of Jim's warband on the middle floor but couldn't cause enough damage to break out and get more than 2 guys into combat.  I routed after losing another couple of guys, so Jim won the day.

No one died, but Vampire is going to miss a game while he grows another leg (smashed leg).
A Skirmish in Torktuga
Kevin was feeling a bit beat on in the bar fight, so I thought I would pile on.  Oh well.
We decided to fight in Torktuga to avoid Port Sigmar's special rules because it was getting late.  This does not save me.

The firing squad of crossbows overlooks the field


I rolled the event Shore Patrol for the second game in a row!  This time the patrol entered in my deployment zone...

The final confrontation

Ricardo y Ricardo's last shot.  No wounds are caused.  Both Mary Ann blunderbusses and that dueling pistol toting Captain shoot back...

The game ended a draw by store closing, but the Old Estalians suffered 2 ooa and they both died.  Guido the Tilean Marksman was killed by the first shot of the fight (pesky eagle eyed gitz!) and Ricardo, who had lost a point of ballistic skill to the Pirate Curse, fell to the last volley.

The Old Guard still manage to find 3 dueling pistols and a lot of gold, but no one becomes a hero to replace Ricardo.

The Mary Anns only had one model ooa.  He got better.  The Mary Anns gain +2 underdog bonus and walk away with lots of gold.  Gitz!

Since everyone was able to re-supply, we will be back exploring the seas and jungles of the Karribean at the next game night.
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I like how the buildings have interiors! :::cheers:::

Need to make a chapel like that soon. :icon_cool:
Title: Re: Pyrates of the Karribean--Dead Man's Hand (A Mordheim campaign)
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I like how the buildings have interiors! :::cheers:::

Need to make a chapel like that soon. :icon_cool:

Thanks GP.  Having playable interiors is pretty essential to gaming street fights in 'populated' towns.  Jim L likes to do furnished interiors, which look cool, but drive me crazy when I'm trying to place models.  Still I have been collecting furniture for the day that I decide to 'furnish' my own bare rooms.
Dead Man's Hand--In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle

Beware the Tall Grass
I forget who wrote it, but there's a Jurassic Park style scenario of cold ones attacking warbands in the tall grass called The Prey.  Its a pretty bloody scenario, but I've been tweaking it over the years.  I may have gone too far...

The idea is that two warbands (the Old Estalians and the Bay Watch in this case) are fleeing from an unspecified previously encountered threat.  They find themselves in a sea of grass.  Ahead they can see a ruin jutting up out of the grass.  Using the ruin as a landmark the warbands start toward it.  But they hear growls from the grass around them.  Then the screams begin...

Usually when we play this scenario, the Bay Watch would draw the most attention from the dread Cold Ones (since certain players are renowned for their ability to roll a 1), but on this day the raptors preferred Estalian flesh. (At least Arabian flesh, as Ali bin Ali the Merchant was attacked first. Well he was attacked three times, but the warband's heroes saved him each time.)



The pests came in waves (the Cold Ones appear at the beginning of each player turn.  You roll for each warband member who is one ground level.  On a roll of a 1 a Cold One attacks!)

The Bay Watch encountered fewer of the Cold Ones (perhaps because I put a piece of climbable terrain on the board..)


The few raptors encountered are overwhelmed by pyrates

Al Bobo killed a couple of them

The Old Estalians battled on


The end is near.  One of the Bay Watch has reached the ruin in only 4 turns (which is how you win the game).


The Old Guard have killed many Cold Ones, but could not reach the ruin in time

Al Bobo saves the Merchant for the third time...

The Bay Watch win a game! (This has happened several times this campaign, but is always a new experience to be savored.)  They lost their new Warlock (Marvin?), who was killed by a Cold One.
The Bay Watch skin two of the beasts (80 gcs!) and pocket various other treasures.  Then they sail back to Torktuga to hire a new Warlock.

The Old Guard lost no one.  Hadji the gunner becomes a hero!  And the Guard sail to Torktuga to trade.  Sadly losing the race to the ruin meant that they could not skin any of the cold ones they had killed.  However, the Estalians manage to collect enough treasure to pay all of the Hired Swords (55 gc!) and acquire new supplies.
The Haunted Wreck
The New Estalians tried to claim an old wreck that the Mary Anns had found.  This did not end well for anyone...

One of the dread Lustrian crocodiles takes a mercenary

The pyrate rafts have been shot up

The New Estalians fled with lots of warriors ooa.
2 died of their wounds. (including a gunner with a blunderbuss)

The Mary Anns made the mistake of boarding the wreck without reading the scenario...  The Undead pyrates rise to repel boarders and do a pretty good job of it. (Chris had been rolling poorly as his warband, but became a killer as an undead pirate.)

The Mary Anns' Captain suffers madness and becomes stupid.  It is possible that Flagguy dies again.
The Trail of Death
The New Estalians encounter the Bay Watch on a narrow jungle trail...  At night, in the dark, because the Bay Watch have 7 crossbows.

The Bay Watch advance

Mrs Wolfgang is attacked by cold ones!  But the crew save her

The Estalians struggle through the darkness

Quote from: Jim L
Chris chose to fight at night. Both warbands could see 14".
I was about to shoot 7 crossbow shots into one hero and beat another hero up with Little Billie III and Mrs. Wolfgang.
Then I got a call and had to go. I think he was lucky I had to leave.   
 Chris killed Gunner Finn (blunderbuss guy)
But one of Chris' gunners died and I looted his handgun. :)
I opened a crate and rolled 61: found a Medicine Chest!  Saving it for a hero injury re-roll.
X Marks the Spot
A Hidden Treasure variant with a deadly ending

There are many lost treasures in the Karribean.  The Mary Anns happened to have a map leading to one...

The Mad Captain charges Jaun de Plama II (big sword, top of photo)

The assembled firing squad awaits the outcome

The Mary Anns have the treasure.  Can they escape in time?

Bad things are happening to the Mary Anns

The photographer had left the building, but a brawl broke out around the fight between Juan and the Mad Captain.  Captain de Guzman personally rushed to Jaun's defense, while the Mad Captain was joined by a henchman.

The Old Guard had the numbers to add more warriors to the fight, eventually the Mary Anns rushed off the field with the treasure. But both the Mad Captain and his henchman were out of action.  Both died of their wounds.

Despite managing to 'find' every possible reward in the treasure chest (and roll the maximum amount for each) AND collect a +2 underdog bonus, the Mary Anns vow to return to Altdorf to use the treasure to build a tomb for the Mad Captain.  (Having not rolled a lads got talent hero for the entire campaign and failing to get one again after the death of the Mad Captian may have had a bit to do with this decision.)

The Old Guard lost no one.  They captured one Marienburger, but the fool refused to join the crew and was sold to the galleys of the Doge (of Trianto, I think).  The Old Guard capture some goblin raiders, pressgang one and put the rest to the sword.  Eventually all the loot was sold at Torktuga.

Coming soon--The Lost Temple of the Slann
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The non-street environment looks great for Mordheim! :icon_biggrin:
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This is great entertainment.

The only sad thing is we are being treated on a daily basis as we catch up on the past games .............. and when we do catch up, it will become an only "once a week fix".

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Thanks for the kind comments gents

The only sad thing is we are being treated on a daily basis as we catch up on the past games .............. and when we do catch up, it will become an only "once a week fix".

Yeah, there is that...  I have been kind of amazed that I have squeezed a couple of months and 2 pages on another forum into one page here.
The Lost Temple of the Slann
The Old Guard defend a ruin from the rapacious Bay Watch and New Estalians. (John had returned from vacation, but then got stuck working late.)

I was feeling kind of bad about last weeks scenery boards.  They were kind of boring to play on and didn't look much better in photos, so this week Jim L suggested we play on one of the scenery mats the store provides (he also wanted to use the whole six feet for a three player game, that got vetoed pretty quick.)
Same scenery, but it looks so much better...

Anyway the Old Guard were the highest rated again. Just like they have been for the I don't know how many games in a row.  So they ended up stuck in the middle in the Lustrian version of the scenario The Wizard's Mansion.
The big snake is a temple guardian that has been tamed by the Old Guard.
On the first turn the event embarrassed pathfinder is rolled (a pathfinder hired sword is found caught in a trap in the middle of the ruin...) He doesn't know it, but Ben Gunn the Bounty Hunter just rescued his replacement.  (In this game the skull counters mean that the models next to them are hiding.)

The New Estalians travel through the jungle and lurk on the heights to the west




The Bay Watch lurk to the east



The Big Belly the pressed goblin snipes a Bay Watch hero out of action!

The Guardian blocks the entrance

A nimble hero stalks Big Belly

Melee on the avenue of Frog Sphinxes

The Old Guard flee with 7 out of action, including the guardian...

New Estalian snipers on the heights above

The Bay Watch hide from the snipers above (and forget the blunderbusses to the north...

Marvelous Marvin II tries a sneak flying attack (which fails)

The Old Guard put too much faith in numbers (22).  I frittered away my numerical advantage early by sacrificing pawns.  Then the survivors couldn't hold off the hordes.  Snark (a pressed Smuggler) and Big Belly deserted in the rout.  Ben Gum the Bounty Hunter was shot in the back by the treacherous Bay Watch.  Edwardo was killed by his former crew-mates the New Estalians and Gunner Emilio was captured by the Bay Watch.  He refused to serve under Captain Flashy and was sold to the galleys.  (The Bay Watch recover their stolen rusty pistol as well.)

The Old Guard would have been lost in the jungle, but Chris reminded me that the grateful pathfinder joined the warband and with his expert guidance the Old Guard found a Cheating Merchant to trade with.

The Bay Watch may have lost a couple of men (including their pesky Tilean), but captured a blunderbuss in addition to their lost rusty pistol when Emilio surrendered.  The Bay Watch now have 3 rusty pistols that they have taken off the corpses of marooned sea dogs in the exploration phase.  As far as i know Mrs Wolfgang and Bratz II both recovered.   The Bay Watch gain +2 Underdog bonus and trade in Torktuga.

The New Estalians lost a gunner killed.  They attacked a goblin flotilla in exploration and captured 3 goblin swabs (and some loot).  Finally they landed at Torktuga to trade.
In other news it was revealed during a shooting phase that the Bay Watch are not a Sartosan Pyrates warband (as defined by the Sartosan Campaign setting) as was previously thought.  They are in fact a Wastelander Privateer warband (also a warband from the Sartosan setting). No one is certain when this confusion occurred, although I expect it happened when Jim L happened to capture a bunch of free handguns a few games ago  :engel:
A Muletrain
The Undead attempt to escort a mule train through the territory of the Red Jaw White Skullz 
(John and I met on Sunday to get a make-up game in.  I got out the default warband for the campaign: Savage Orcs (from the Karak Something or other Mordheim setting)

This was a Sundayheim game so photos did not happen.  Here is an old shot of the Red Jawz (From Pyrates of the Karribean III)

Uma Goo Ma peered through the moonlit jungle toward the Old Path.  He could hear the Dead Eaters moaning and gibbering.  It would not be long until they entered the Kill Place.  Dead Eaters think Uma Goo Ma frighten.  Think no one watch the Old Path! Ha!  Uma Goo Ma wear the White Skull paint!  No stinking Dead Eater scare Uma!  Uma Goo Ma kill!

Off to the right, somebody scream.  It no sound like Dead Eater scream.  Sound like that fool Club Club...

Dead Eaters get behind tribe?  How?  Uma Goo Ma could still hear the Dead Eaters, but they stop moaning.  Dead Eaters listening...

Uma Goo Ma jump up, shout "Waaagh!' 

Ambush gone south. May as well charge!

Boyz jump up, shout "Waaagh!"  Some fall down in the dark.  Some start scrapping with each other.  Off to the right that fool Bash Bash is holding Club Club's head.  Club Club look taller now.

The Vampire was missing a game, because of that bad leg from the bar fight. But it had been awhile since I played the Red Jawz and I forgot most of their best tactics. (well really any tactics)  So the ladz blundered through the jungle, tripping, falling and beating each other up.  I placed the best archers where they could not shoot and put frenzied orcs too close to the Undead so that they would get shot or charge in piece meal. 

The orcs got beat up bad and fled.
Og Og da Nutta died.
Club Club died too, cause stupid Bash Bash killed him.
The tribe found a sunken canoe and salvaged 4 teef from it.

With typical Undead luck, John rolled a 3 on the Supply Source chart and got lost in the Jungle even though he won.  The beaten orcs managed to find a friendly merchant and replaced one of their losses.

Since the Undead are lost in the jungle, next weeks games will be in the Jungles and on the Seas.
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Dem frogs, dem frogs man...

I love this scenery. I love pirate and jungle settings and your games have both! Awesome stuff. :ph34r: :blush:
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Dem frogs, dem frogs man...

I love this scenery. I love pirate and jungle settings and your games have both! Awesome stuff. :ph34r: :blush:

Thanks mate.  I got almost all of the frogs I use in Lustrian scenery years ago (back when Lizardmen first became a Warhammer Army). Mostly from Michaels and Hobby Lobby stores.
Dead Man's Hand---Bungles in da Jungles

For the night of May 3, 2018 we had all the surviving warbands in attendance, although I arrived about an hour late  :icon_redface:

Mule Train (with photos)
The New Estalians slack off while guarding a mule train.  The Old Guard tries to make them pay.

As I've said before, there really is no reason to play this scenario as written**.  But I'm lazy, so we do.  Chris always releases his mules as the defender.  So mules run back and forth during the fight.  Which is pretty entertaining, too.
** http://boringmordheimforum.forumieren.com/t2286p50-scenario-reviews-an-irregular-commentary

Even though Chris has a deadly missile combo of an LGT gunner with a Hochland long rifle, with the skill hunter AND a Tilean with eagle eye and quick shot AND lots of dueling pistols, handguns and four blunderbusses; Chris still fears my Tilean with Initiative 4, my 5 handguns, 2 blunderbusses and a bow and longbow...  So we bumbled about in the darkness

So it was a night ambush in a rocky jungle pass.  Since all of the combatants were human, no one could see more than 11 inches.   

Mules running amok in the New Estalian lines

The ambushers clump up listening to the chaos

Off camera--A Carnivorous Plant event attacks Francisco.  He and Almah chop the plant to pieces and find 4gc and some slimy bones.

The rivals close.  The New Estalians got 2 blunderbuss shots off to start the ball.  The Old Guard returned fire.  Then the warbands got closer. 


One of the mules is represented by 2 skink bearers.  These two are blocking my lines from being charged or shot this turn.  Good job mules!

The Arabian Merchant and his bodyguard capture the skink bearers!  The end of the fight is near

And Al Bobo and Enrico attack Julio

The New Estalians fail a rout test with 2 heroes and 4 or 5 henchmen ooa (including 2 blunderbusses!)
No one dies.  Two Swords rolls Survives Against the Odds...  The beaten New Eastalians retire to trade in Torktuga.

The Old Guard win!  Hadji hates Julio for stabbing him while he was down.  The Old Guard capture one mule (the skink bearers), rob some more goblins in Exploration and retire to Torktuga.  As usual in this campaign cycle, rolling for scenario rewards is less than lucrative.  The Old Guard make more money robbing goblins than stealing mules...(although I forgot to sell the mule!  24gc more!)
The Old Guard fail to find any blunderbusses for sale...
But the Old Guard are rich, so with an eye to discovering the Lost City soon, a Tomb Robber is hired.
The Ghost and the Darkness
The Undead and the Baywatch tangle with some deadly Sabre-tooth Tigers in a night-time jungle skirmish.

The tigers target the weakest warrior (or henchman group) in each warband. (Which can be scary if you meet them early in a campaign for Mercenaries and Pirates because that's going to be a hero...  Undead usually don't care because there is often a zombie to sacrifice.)

The Undead failed their Curse test.  Fortunately for them, the roll on the Curse chart gave their opponent the ability to cast the spell Curse for the game.  Since Jim L was the opponent, that's usually as good as a 'no result' roll.  :engel:

In the Baywatch's case the weakest link was their hired Beggar.  The Darkness attacked early

Nearly dragged the git to his doom. (Models taken off the table are eaten.)

Mrs. Wolfgang, Floppy III and that guy with a club tried to save him

They defeat the tiger, but alas, the beggar is ooa, too.

Meanwhile the Ghost attacks a Dreg who had tripped in the darkness and fallen down!  Many warriors come to the rescue.

Then the Vampire falls upon the Bosun! (In the distance you can see that the Dreg has been rescued.)

A firing squad eliminates the Vampire in turn

Quote from: Jim L
Night time range of vision 8” for me and 14” for the Undead. The dim moonlight was brutal, I only got 3 shots off. 

 Silly Beggar.
 He went ooa when the Darkness jumped him, but was rescued from being drug off the table.
 Well, he died anyway!
 A Dire wolf died, too, I think.

 Silver arrows took the vampire ‘s Lucky Charm, Captain Flashy's crossbow took a wound off, then the superior powder in the blunderbuss took him ooa. 😃
The Vampire suffered the -1 movement leg injury.
 So now he’ll only be able to sprint 15”.
The Ghost only knocked down a Dreg before the kitty was ooa.

But I had 4 ooa by the next turn and failed my rout test. Rolled a 9 and my leader hasn’t had an advance on that yet. Undead win!

Amazingly, everyone made it back to civilization to trade.  The skirmishes next [this] week will be in Torktuga.

Campaign progress so far:
The Old Guard have 3 Curse Points
The Mary Anns have 3 CP
The Bay Watch, New Estalians and Undead have 1 CP

In order to 'discover' the Lost City of Tlax a warband must win 5 exploration scenarios (fights at sea or in the jungle)
The New Estalians have 4 wins
The Bay Watch have 4 wins
The Undead have 4 wins
The Old Guard have 3 wins
The Mary Anns have 2 wins
White Dwarfs have 1 win
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Post by: Midaski on May 12, 2018, 09:44:10 AM

I was reminded of this thread which compliments this one superbly and have 'revived' it in the Empire Crafts and Skills board


Lots of good info and pics ( "corrected" as many photobucket ones as I can ) on ships.  :biggriin:
Title: Re: Pyrates of the Karribean--Dead Man's Hand (A Mordheim campaign)
Post by: Von Kurst on May 12, 2018, 03:29:12 PM
Thank you sir  :::cheers:::

That thread has always been a favorite of mine (https://illiweb.com/fa/i/smiles/icon_pirat.png)

And now this weeks report (I've caught up):
The Governor’s Daughter
A Piratical Variation of The Lost Prince(ss)

John could not make game night, so the three of us soldiered on...

The Most Esteemed Fraulien Gertrude Eloise Erma von Hausen felt trepidation in her snowy breast.

It was happening AGAIN.  She had finally slipped her loathsome chaperones and escaped into the town for a bit of ENTERTAINMENT.  But she was LOST again!  Her silly maids had wandered off into this wretched crowd.  She could see no familiar faces.  Everyone looked so VULGAR, so common.  So absolutely TERRIFYING!

It had been a clear sunny day when her party set out from Father's ship, The Emperor's Hammer.  The boat ride had been DISTRACTING and QUAINT.   It had been such a LONG time since the unpleasantness of those HORRIBLE Sea Gitz and that AWFUL Mr. Borgutt; then that Cathayan pirate, Cheng Fo, then, well, the list was horribly LONG. The Karribean had DECLINED so much in the last few seasons.  Still she expected Pappa to sort the situation out in due course.

They had landed simply enough with Pappa’s Marine guard of fifty STALWART lads plus Gertrude's maids and made an EXPEDITION into the Totktuga, the pirate port. So sad that the name was so APT.  Still the day would have been delightful except for those FOOLS, her maids.  WHEREVER could they have gone?   This crowded market was really the WORST!  It was quite IMPOSSIBE to see anything.  One feared these louts would take LIBERTIES.  Suddenly, Gerturde heard the sound of gunfire! All around her she could hear cries of terror.  Gertrude was certain some one was being MURDERED!  Getrude was shoved and PUMMELED.  It was UNACCEPTABLE!

Before the game started all of us made our Curse test.  Chris failed his roll.  He rolled the result that allows your opponent to cast the spell Curse.  He also rolled to choose which opponent would control the curse.  Chris rolled Jim L (and a free pass from that worry :roll: )

The Bay Watch started from the north... Crossbows and handguns stayed on the upper stories of the Officer's and NCO clubs (why such club's exist in Torktuga has been a question upon which Mr L is silent [the scenery used all belonged to Jim L, who had wanted to show it off to some friends who stopped by the store]). 

Blunderbusses and swordsmen (and women) braved the (invisibly) crowded street.  Marvelous Marvin II has 'flown' to the roof of the United Pirate Shipping building where he threatens to do nothing.

The Old Guard approach the market from the south.  They occupy the Three Sisters in the center and the old Port Authority building to the east.

At the beginning of Jim L's second turn a giant spider (which is really a giant crab) appears in the New Estalian's flank.

The street has cleared.  All the blunderbusses and swords have occupied the United Pirate Shipping building.  Marvin II (on the UPS roof) is trying to hide and cast spells at the same time, which encourages discussion and the reading of rulebooks.

The appearance of the Crab/spider and a missile attack on the ogre sends the crowd scrambling for cover.  They trample most of the New Estalians who are nearest the Crab/spider.  Oops!

The panicked crowd trample most of the Old Guard crew in the open as well. (But the dread Crab/spider is far away from the Old Guard...)

A brave Wastelander takes custody of the Governor's Daughter.

Brave but out of action after the Old Guard's handguns speak. (Fortunately, any shot that hit Gerty failed to wound.)

[Through out the battle we all forgot the random movement rule for Gerty (because none of us bothered to get the scenario out to read it until it was over :icon_redface: )  She obligingly stayed stationary, out in the open for most of the game.]

Another Wastelander braves the open to control Gerty. (Most of the Old Guard's guns are being reloaded.)

Eventually the New Estalians gain their feet and attack the Crab/spider.


Gerty and her captor make it to the door...

Intense missile fire is directed against the New Estalians to cover them.



But the Old Guard's guns are re-loaded.  (And the Old Guard's gunners are out of sight or out of range of the Bay Watch and New Estalian guns and crossbows)


The Bay Watch fail a rout test, with one hero, Marvelous Marvin the Warlock and several henchmen out of action.

After some grumbling about "Crab/spiders" and "ungrateful louts" and "hey, weren't you cursed?", a Crab/scorpion is produced from the bottomless (but, alas, crab-less) collection of 'random encounter' models Jim L brings to game night.

After 4 turns of failing to wound the Crab/spider, the New Estalians immediately kill the Crab/scorpion.

Endgame.  Three gunners, the ogre bodyguard and several other crew are out of action for the New Estalians.  The Old Guard have two wounded heroes surrounded.  Will Julio (the pistolier in black, at least I think that was Julio this week) attack Almah as she lies helpless?  Or will he rush to his Captain's aid?  Or will the New Estalians just flee?


The New Estalians either flee voluntarily or fail a rout test.  18 hours later I can't recall.  Either way, the Old Guard win!

The Bay Watch, surprisingly, (especially to Jim L) have no one die.  The Bosun suffers a miss a game result from his wound. The Bay Watch use all of their searches to find a rare 8 Holy Relic. (In order to pass at least one rout test.)  Opening a cargo crate nets them a Blank Flag.  The warband also gains +1 Underdog bonus for fighting the 435 rated Old Guard.

The New Estalians lose a Gunner with a blunderbuss and the goblin swab (who looked a lot like a Tilean duelist.)  The New Estalians also gain a Blank Flag.  They find a replacement Blunderbuss almost immediately.

The Old Guard win.  As usual the scenario rewards are a bit sparse (which could be the Governor's displeasure for the number of times Gertrude was hit by shot and bolts meant for her kidnappers.)  The crate of clothing found in Exploration helped the warband meet payroll for the five Hired Swords.
The Old Guard fail to find Bugman's ale or Ithilmar armor.
Almah does gain 'connections' (immunity from being imprisoned or executed by the Imperial Council) which can be taken as a token of a father's gratitude.

As an aside I have been repainting and painting some old models since I had a week off.  Here is the result

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Marvelous gaming here! :eusa_clap: :::cheers:::
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Post by: Artobans Ghost on May 13, 2018, 10:33:42 AM
Very entertaining! I was two games behind and too tired to read last night. Up a 6 am, coffee yogurt, steroids pills (!) almost done and settled in to enjoy while there is quiet in the house 😺 now I want to paint spiders.
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I also need to catch up on this goldmine of a thread! :blush:
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Post by: Karak Norn Clansman on May 27, 2018, 09:30:44 PM
Seeing this brings joy to my heart. Yarr! Well done, sir! Thanks for sharing.  :eusa_clap:
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Post by: Zygmund on May 28, 2018, 06:51:25 AM
Hobby time!

Hugely inspiring. Thanks for sharing, and here's hoping for more.  :-)

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Post by: Von Kurst on June 01, 2018, 05:34:37 PM
Belated thanks for the kind comments gents.

I have been on vacation in the wilds of South Dakota, but games have gone on...
Sundayheim--The Yeggmen
John and I got in a game right before I left.  The Undead versus the White Skullz

The White Skullz were attempting to burgle the Undead's Torktugan treasure stash and they would have pulled it off, too. Except that a stupid humie shore patrol event blundered into the middle of the job and ruined everything. 

The shore patrol is represented by the Old Guard models

Here Marglush da Brute (a LGT hero) is charged and taken OoA by a lowly ghoul

Many of the White Skullz wuz rubbed out (but I forgot the casualty list at home so the roll of honor will be completed at a later date).  Da Undead win and become rich (I think they gained a free hired sword or something disgusting like that).
Dead Man's Hand--The Adventures in Port
Since the ladz I game with don't much talk to each other, the games that happened with me out of town pretty much happened between Jim L and Chris.

Defend the Find in Port Sigmar

Quote from: Jim L
Or Rock the Boat
But I didn't think to bring a boat [ship] so we used the church as 'the find'.


Chris & I both had 17 warriors, so we just rolled off. We rolled a tie.  So I just let Chris defend since he was low warband.

15" range of vision at night, so my shooters were not doing much.

Range of vision went to 8" after the crowd panicked. (Fiddly campaign rule, entirely my fault but I like it)

Chris chose to fight in Port Sigmar, so town guards came in on 2nd or 3rd turn.

As it turned out the guard went after the Witch, but I left before she got hurt.

Chris had terrible dice rolls so he didn't smear me outright.

I rolled event and got an assassin charging Bruno 2 (with the flag).  Bruno 2 causes fear which saved him.

Dancia, the witch, cast Warrior's bane on the assassin, so he was out of luck.  The 1st blunderbuss guy fell down charging the assassin but the 2nd one made the charge. Goodbye assassin.

Chris' 1st blunderbuss shot took out 2 of my crew.

I think his 2nd took out 1 more.

I shot his ogre and took 2 wounds off before he charged Mrs Wolfgang and took her ooa. 


Then the ogre charged my boss who was standing in Lenge's Emporium's doorway [Jim L has named all of his buildings].  Captain Flashy took the ogre ooa because the ogre missed all 3 attacks

Chris has 2 guys laying down near the back of the church close to my hero Bruno 2 with the Friendly flag. The (invisible) crowd knocked Bruno 2 down and Chris' guys both fell down in the dark trying to charge him.

I routed when we both had 5 out of action.

Post Battle
I lost a crewman, Chris rolled well and pressed him as crew

I lost Junior 3 (maxed out henchman) with blunderbuss. Chris rolled poorly and sold him as a galley slave.

I lost The Kid (maxed out henchman) with blunderbuss. Shark Bait looted his body. 

Chris lost a handgunner. I pressed him as crew.

Chris found a Treasure map

I found Loose Lips (Exploration result) again.
Quote from: Jim L (May 24th)
[One warband is trying to load a treasure chest onto its ship.  The ship arrives randomly opposite the Defender's set up zone.]

I was low warband at 390, so I chose to be the Defender.

LGT Critter had to miss this game.

The ship came in on turn 2.  The north wind was against me.  Begger Tom 2 piloted the ship.

Witch Dancia and henchman Marvin carried the treasure. 

They ran along the far South edge but Chris’ long range hunting rifle still reached them and knocked Marvin down.  That set off the crowd for 2 turns and knocked Dancia down next turn.  So slow going.

Anyway, even though the ship sailed against the wind and only moved, 5" then 5'" then 7” then 7” then 6”, it still got to the dock before the chest.

With the seawall blocking sight along the north water’s edge, the cannon only tried one shot at the building the snipers were on.  It hit but did not bounce or wound.  After that no shots were available for gunners or cannon until it docked.

The only other cannon shot missed the ogre at the back corner of the Port Authority by about ¼” too much and only bounced 2”.

The ogre was my downfall. 

In just one turn he took a blunderbuss, pistol, and 3 crossbow bolts but was not wounded. 

LGT Bruno, with blunderbuss & Friendly flag causes fear but that did not help against the ogre and a fearless hero when they charged.  His saving grace was that when he was knocked down he fell off the riser. 

And once the ogre was finally knocked down I had 3 failed charges due to fear and the one henchman that did charge could not wound with his 3 attacks. 




With Chris’ warband coming at me full strength (only -2 henchmen) and having 9 or 10 ooa, I passed my 1st rout test with the Unholy Relic but failed the next rout test roll.

Junior 3, gunner w/blunderbuss, died

Traitore’ Too, handgunner won from Chris last week, died

Finn, handgunner, died

Crewman Bear 2 was captured

Crewman Mobly was captured

Hired Sword:
Begger Tom 2 died.

My Cabin Boy, Little Billy III, had his other leg blown off and now has movement of 2”.  He will be retired when I can afford to hire another.
Quote from: Jim L (May 31st)
Last Orders in Torktuga
We played two bar fights back to back.
1st game:

LGT Critter got caught trying to sneak in a dagger, boom, 1st roll.  :suspect:

I was evenly distributed on the floors but outnumbered.







After 1st game, Mrs. Wolfgang became frenzied.

After 1st game I captured one of Chris’ blunderbuss guys as crew and gained a swabbie from exploration.
2nd game:

Snuck in 5 daggers but LGT Critter got caught again.  😖. All of which I promptly forgot when I went 1st and had everyone search instead of charging. 😣😣😣

I only had 3 on the ground floor so they got cornered in the privy to keep from getting ganged up on. All 3 still went ooa.

Bruno 2 (with flag) fought Chris’ leader.

In the end I had 9? Ooa

the new blunderbuss guy died and the swabbie ran off.

Also Floppy 3 AND Bruno 2 both rolled:

Old battle wound or Robbed

I’m not rich like Chris so I chose old battle wound for both. Probably bite me in the butt later.
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Those buildings back on the Port Sigmar post(s), I love 'em! :icon_cool: :eusa_clap: :::cheers:::
Title: Re: Pyrates of the Karribean--Dead Man's Hand (A Mordheim campaign)
Post by: Artobans Ghost on June 01, 2018, 09:46:26 PM
Great write up as usual! That board never fails to amaze. The fighting in the privy is quite funny. Reminds me of the toilets you find in turkey. Literally a hole in the floor with 2 ceramic footprints on each side showing ere to squat.
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Post by: Rowsdower on June 01, 2018, 11:59:05 PM
Looks like fun
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Post by: Xathrodox86 on June 06, 2018, 11:07:19 AM
Great write up, great scenery, great fun. I love this thread to death. Fantastic work! :smile2:
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Post by: Von Kurst on June 09, 2018, 06:40:34 PM
Thanks for the comments gentlemen.

Naturally, now that I am back from vacation, I had to work on game night.  So... I have gone quite awhile without a game.

In the mean time the carnage in Torktuga continues:
An Ambush in Torktuga
The Undead return, though having an 'ally' doesn't stop the Bay Watch from bleeding
Quote from: Jim L

John's Undead were the low rated warband. He rolled his choice of scenario. He chose to Ambush Chris' New Estalians (the highest rated warband).

Night time: 18” range of vision to start.

Floppy3 decided his Old Battle Wound needed rest and stayed home [see lasts weeks report for predictions about the possible consequences of this injury].

The Bay Watch came in from the north in two groups.  One through the tower and one up the rampart.


Little Billy III failed to climb. I had forgotten to buy him a rope & hook.  So, only Captain Flashy and L.G.T. Critter made it up on the rampart.  Three henchmen went for the rampart stairs on the West.  Wolfgang 2, the Warlock, flew to the base in the center. 

Chris came out of Lenge's Dry Goods & Emporium on the south & west.

Wolfgang II the Warlock [who I have been calling Marvelous Marvin II] flys up on to the roof of Lenge's.

John’s group were in the South centered around the Officer’s Quarters.

My 1st or 2nd turn I rolled event of a pack of 5 wild dogs.  The dogs came in from the South and went after the undead.  When the dogs could see someone they failed fear tests or were knocked down by the panicked (invisible) crowd.




Little Billy III made it up onto the rampart on his 2nd turn but the crowd up there knocked him down next turn.  He fell off and the injury took him OOA.

Chris’ ogre charged into the Undead’s pack of ghouls and what not.  He got charged by 3.  1st one took 2 wounds and the 2nd stunned him leaving the diving charge guy to get the experience of taking him OOA.

My blunderbuss fired and took a couple of Lucky Charms.  They’re magically delicious.

Chris sent his red Captain Crunch guy to back up the ogre but he didn’t last long against the Vampire.  The ghouls made short work of the dog pack also.

L.G.T Critter (armed with a crossbow) got too close.

 So he got charged and went OOA.

Capt. Flashy tried shooting the assailant but did nothing.

Capt. Flashy got charged [by the hated Julio] but held on. 

Wolfgang 2, (again flying more than the 7” sight after the crowd was gone) charged to save the Capt.  With his 3 attacks he took the enemy OOA (who dropped 2 treasures) only to be taken OOA right after.

Capt. Flashy was then shot and stunned and he fell off the rampart but suffered no additional injuries.

As this was going on Bruno 2 and a henchman made a drive towards and through Lenge's.  Mrs. Wolfgang and a henchman backtracked towards the back of the rampart.  Of the 3 henchmen on the West, after shooting the blunderbuss Bratz2 was charged by 2 Estalians as was Bear 3 (with club).  Both went OOA.  Henchman Mobbly 2, who had gone into the building on the NW tried to charge for revenge but tripped in the dark and was easily taken OOA on Chris’ turn. 

Handgunner Traitore' tried to charge up the back of Lenge's but tripped and was also easily taken OOA next turn.

With 8 OOA out of 12, I had enough and routed.

New Estalians kept going North.


The New Estalians got all their heroes but one off before an undead wolf charged him.


 So Chris dropped the treasure and routed.

John wins.

Chris had 6 warriors die including the ogre.

One hero was sold to the Pits.  But he won the charge and so won the fight.




For me, Little Billie III, aka Legless Billy died, Blunderbuss wielding gunner Bratz 2 died, and the clubber Bear 3 died.  Chris captured both henchmen sold one to the galleys and the other became crew.

Beardy 2 got Lad’s Got Talent and replaced  the deceased Little Billie III.

I only had 2 heroes to explore with.

I hired 3 henchmen back and still dropped in warband rating again.  This time from 375 to 336.

Quote from: John D
Chris was trying to break out of the middle by going through Jim...sending chaff down my way to hold me up while Chris tried to get his heroes off the board. 

Between the pack of dogs and several of Chris' henchmen, I got a lot of easy kills and managed not to have anyone from my team taken out.

I think I ended up with 3 wyrdstone/treasures from downed heroes when Chris routed as he was about to get ganged by a lot of my guys on the edge of the board.  I got an underdog bonus and almost everyone gained a level so am now right around 400 rating.

 Also, that Imperial assassin HS is deadly!!
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I have that black trench coat mini. Using him as an Inquisitor for 40K. Such a great sculpt. :smile2:
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Post by: Artobans Ghost on June 12, 2018, 10:41:16 AM
Another excellent write up! Thouroughly enjoying these!
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Thank you for the comments gentlemen.
Dead Man's Hand--Jungle Boogie

I was able to make a game night!  I usually don't miss a month of gaming, so I was in withdrawal.
John was able to attend as well, so we had 4 players for the first time in weeks.  Since Jim L and Chris had played 4 games in a row against each other, the only requirement was that they did not face each other this week.  After a bit of negotiation, I drew a fight with Chris.

Now it turns out that Chris has been finding a bunch of Treasure Maps in Exploration.  He has had good fortune with each of them (We use StyrofoamKing's Sartosa rules for Treasure Maps or at least we used to, and now that I have missed a month, we do again, apparently...  :engel: )

Anyway, the upshot is that in addition to making loads of cash last week as a consequence of the Ambush scenario, Chris has also cashed in a bunch of Treasure Maps, so he has a stash of 21 cargo/treasures/wyrdstone.  The New Estalians are rich!  And being rich, he prefers that no one else be rich, so Chris chose to roll on the Jungle scenario table in hopes of rolling a scenario that would not have any extra treasure for me to win.  (I had a special scenario to play that would have allowed both of us the opportunity for extra cash, but Chris rolled higher than I for right to choose scenario...)

So we played:
Jungle Skirmish--The Fog of War
This scenario is one the original Cities of Gold scenarios.  The premise being that the warbands encounter each other in a foggy jungle.  We added a river to make the location a foggy river valley.

We forgot the special campaign rule about Curses (I have a feeling that it has been forgotten for at least a month and I didn't even think of it.)  But we did play with the Random Happenings rules.  Al Bobo encountered a mysterious pool--
5.     A slender pale arm reaches up from the pool, leaving no ripples in the smooth liquid, and pale, delicate fingers touch the hero's chest.  The soft caress causes a faint glow which spreads throughout the hero's body.  Though the glow fades as the arm disappears back into the pool, a feeling of strength and vitality remains behind. The hero gains one additional wound for the rest of the battle.

Thus, Al Bobo took the lead crossing the tree-bridge

He was met by three blunderbuss blasts.  Which he and the rest of the Old Guard absorbed without damage

The battle for the bridge.  That Ogre in the water is actually on the bridge (except that he wouldn't stay there so...)  The die represents my Captain (who wouldn't stand either).


The end is near.  Al Bobo has defeated the Ogre and an ememy henchman on the bridge.  The fog has hidden the Old Guard from the enemy snipers.  The Old Guard is across!



The New Estalian Captain finds herself alone after her bodyguard is cut down by the Old Guard contingent that forded the stream.

The New Estalians flee with the Ogre and five henchmen (last weeks butcher's bill) out of action.  Only one warrior is captured.  He gladly joins the Old Guard.  The New Estalians trade with a friendly merchant and find a brace of pistols in a cargo crate.

The victorious Old Guard return to civilization to trade where they stock up on Bugman's Ale and Blessed Water.  The Old Guard open a crate of alcohol.  Then they surprise a group of lizardmen in Exploration and gain Hunting Arrows and Black Lotus.
Diego de Avila is pressed as a crewman.  He replaces Jorge, who was shot to death by the enemy Captain. (I only lost one warrior in the fight, so he died. :unsure:)

Coming next--The Signpost (A battle between the Undead and the New Bay Watch)
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So cool. :icon_biggrin: :::cheers:::

By the way, saw the picture of the crate of octopus, loved it!
Title: Re: Pyrates of the Karribean--Dead Man's Hand (A Mordheim campaign)
Post by: Von Kurst on June 17, 2018, 06:18:27 PM
Thanks GP.

The octopus crate is part of Micro Art Studio's Wolsung: Fish Market set.

The Signpost
The Undead and the New Bay Watch race to find a lost road...

Quote from: Jim L
John’s vampire found the signpost on his 1st move.

18 undead vs 13 New Bay Watchers

My 2nd turn I rolled event of Minor Mutiny.  [We had joked before the game that because the Bay Watch were the lower rated warband, they would roll a horrible event.  Actually it was a sure bet.]

Only failed 2 times on 1st turn.  I was pretty clumped up around my boss thankfully.

The crossbow firing line failed miserably. 


The vampire was only the closest model on my 3rd shooting turn. He took no wounds.



The thin pyrate line

His ogre has 4 wounds, I took 3 off but that’s all.

Mrs. Wolfgang almost had a dreg but the sucker was toughness 5 in HTH and Mrs. Wolfgang is only strength 3.

Floppy III stood up to the vampire’s charge but could not wound toughness 6.

Wolfgang II the Warlock made a flying charge at the dark elf but failed to hurt him. Then a dreg came to kill Wolfgang II while he was knocked down.

John's Imperial Assassin and my Warlock (Mr Wolfgang II) are the only 2 who died in the fight.

I routed with 7 OOA.

I found a blunderbuss at the Colonial port and Greatcoat in a crate of clothing.

John found a crate of clothing (1 Toughened leathers).

Mrs. Wolfgang has 2 hand injuries now.
I am going to hire one more Warlock.

Interestingly, the only debilitating wounds the Undead have taken have been inflicted by the Bay Watch or the Mary Anns.

The Undead became lost in the jungle for the 3rd time in the campaign.  (I think the Undead have become lost in at least half of their games set in the wilds of the Karribean.)  This sets up the conundrum that the Undead have 'found' the Lost City of Tlax by winning 5 Exploration scenarios, but the warband is also 'lost' themselves...
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Post by: Xathrodox86 on June 20, 2018, 08:11:07 AM
I'm enjoying these reports more and more. It'd be awesome if You'd upload them to Strike-to-Stun forums, just like Padre does with his Tilea campaign.
Title: Re: Pyrates of the Karribean--Dead Man's Hand (A Mordheim campaign)
Post by: Von Kurst on June 20, 2018, 04:54:32 PM
Thank you very much.

It'd be awesome if You'd upload them to Strike-to-Stun forums, just like Padre does with his Tilea campaign
Thanks for the suggestion, though these are not in the same class.  I had no idea that site even existed.
Title: Re: Pyrates of the Karribean--Dead Man's Hand (A Mordheim campaign)
Post by: Von Kurst on June 22, 2018, 08:55:28 PM
And Now for Something (almost) Completely Different--Tlax, the City of Ghosts

John couldn't make game night, so the Undead are left lost in the jungle while the living advance to the fabled City of Ghosts.

A Treasure Hunt in Tlax
A multi-player Wyrdstone Hunt

The Old Guard lead the way (despite not having a Friendly Flag and setting up last).

Only the Old Guard are feeling the weight of the Pirate Curse--Hadj must miss a game with a mysterious illness.

The Western Front--New Estalians

All is clumped on the Eastern Front--The New Bay Watch stick together (and ignore the high ground...)

The deadly tower--Guido II and his 'protectors' anchor the Old Guard's right.

End of turn 1--the Old Guard threaten the center of the table.


The hired Ogre anchors the New Estalian left.  I don't wound it in turn 1, but I certainly annoyed it.

The Bay Watch prepare for the worst (out of range and out of sight of their enemies).

Second turn--a lone blunderbuss steps forward to shoot 4 New Estalains (3 heroes and the ogre.  A hero is wounded, but she got better)

The Ogre charges Emilio II (who somehow lives).


The event Twisting of the Air is rolled.  Usually this event doesn't really affect our games.  This time it determined the Battle of the Ogre would go on and on...

Then I rolled the event Ghost Wind.  All living creatures must pass a Leadership test or flee 2D6 toward the nearest table edge.  The Ld 9 Leviathan Hunter and Ld 5 goblin flee from the Old Guard's line.

Big Belly II the pressed goblin flees from the event Ghostly Wind. (He will be shot in the back before he can rally)

Mrs Wolfgang flees the Ghost Wind and plunges into a spawning pool, making her pistols useless for the rest of the game.

5 Bay Watchers fled the Ghost Wind.  These are the henchmen...



Third turn--Captain de Guzman, Francisco and a handgunner draw their rubber swords and charge the ogre...

Turn 4--Everyone is within charge range at the beginning of the turn when I roll a 6 for how much I must add to the distance moved...  So everyone shuffles forward 2"

Turn 5--Al Bobo ends the Battle of the Ogre (only Al Bobo's sword is real apparently).

Everyone steals treasure but Old Guard--in this case New Estalians

Late game--Flying Wolfgang III grabs the last treasure

Skirmishes to the south

End game.  The New Estalians flee with 2 treasures when the ogre falls.  The Bay Watch has been waiting


Waiting too long.  The ambush fails

The New Estalians fled first with one hero, the ogre and lots of henchmen out of action.  (The New Estalian's Tilean fled from the Ghost Wind earlier...) Kapitain Krunch and his blunderbuss are captured by the Old Guard.  Another random crewman is killed outright by the Bay Watch.  The pesky New Estalians gain 2 extra treasures.

The New Bay Watch broke when Bruno II and Mrs Wolfgang fell.  Despite expectations, both heroes fully recovered and gained like +3 Underdog bonus (with the rest of the warband).  The Bay Watch claim 3 treasures and would have won if Juan and Francisco did not have the skill Resilient.  (Strength 3 heroes struggle to when reduced to strength 2...)

The Old Guard win the Battle of Rubber Swords (mostly by not fighting for the treasure in the scenario.)  Instead the Old Guard became obsessed with stopping the ogre (which is apparently Al Bobo's job). Captain de Guzman fully recovered, as did all the henchmen and hired swords injured in the fight.  With 22 bodies on the table, there were too many Old Guard, even if they seemed unarmed and unarmored for most of the fight.

A Witch, who had somehow become trapped by Lizardmen, joins the Old Guard as a result of exploration.
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Dead Man's Hand--The Cursed

Three of us failed our 'curse' roll this week.  Naturally Chris rolled a result that did not apply to his warband...  And John's Undead were not cursed.

The Bay Watch and the Old Guard faced off in:

A Cursed Chance Encounter in the City of Ghosts
The Bay Watch suffered the temporary loss of 1 attack for Bruno II (which likely spared him further injury as warriors with multiple attacks lead from the front in Jim L's warbands, warriors with multiple wounds lead from the rear).

The Old Guard, appropriately enough, rolled the result Curse, which allows the opponent to cast the Witch's spell Curse once per turn if any of the opponent's warriors are within the spell's range of any of the cursed warbands' warriors...  In our campaigns this result is only rolled if you are playing against Jim L, as he will forget all about it.  But, since I wrote the silly rule, I reminded him...

When the two warbands blundered into each other the Old Guard were carrying 2 treasures.  The Bay Watch had only one.

The Bay Watch chose the south west corner of the battlefield.

The Old Guard kept some buildings between them and the Bay Watch crossbows (at least for a turn or two).

Cautious moves to the south

The Bay Watch threaten the detachment near the small temple (I should really name these buildings, too.)  (You may also notice a familiar gold trimmed black tricorn in the Bay Watch mob.  Mrs Wolfgang got an updated model with a zwei-hander.  Mr L was not proud of the conversion though, so no close-up.) 

Dijin Katal the notorious Dark Elf assassin appears behind the Old Guard.  He secretly allies with the Bay Watch.

Bold moves in the center. (Desperation)  The Old Guard heroes rush the Bay Watch attack on the small temple.  Mrs. Wolfgang charges Al Bobo.  Francisco is ganged up on and Cursed.

Mrs Wolfgang is taken ooa.  Francisco is still Cursed.

End game.  Dijin Katal eliminates a goblin then attacks Diego de Avila (who has no chance).


You may note that the Assassin is exposed to a couple of bows at least.  The Old Guard form a firing line and blast the Druchi with a blunderbuss and some arrows.  Threat eliminated.

The Bay Watch flee with Dijin Katal, Mrs Wolfgang, Mr Wolfgang III, and five henchmen out of action. (Also a pair of ravening cold ones appeared behind the survivors right before their turn...)  The Bay Watch had risen to a warband rating of 404 and fifteen members at the beginning of the evening...

One henchmen and Mr Wolfgang III die, two henchmen are captured by the Old Guard and Mrs Wolfgang suffered Multiple Injuries (6!).  The Bay Watch gain 8 gc by selling an artifact they found in exploration.

Quote from: Jim L
Bratz 3 captured (6 exp)

Traitore' died (14 exp.)(captured from Chris a long time ago) (I looted his sword & handgun)

 Randy captured on her 1st game

Wolfgang 3 died (4 exp extra)

Mrs. Wolfgang is really pissed at her 3rd hand injury !!!  She REALLY hates Al Bobo !

Can I hire someone to do recovery rolls for me?

Found and bought some Healing Herbs 20 gc + 2D6 gc and with Haggle the boss cut the price down by 2 gc.

What a leader !

The Old Guard lose no one, despite having five out of action. The Old Guard gain +3 treasures (by taking Mrs Wolfgang out of action.)  Highlights not pictured include the new witch Esmeralda casting Dust of the Blind each time she tried!

The Old Guard's hired sword bill is now 85 gc per battle.

Coming soon: Dems My Gubbinz!
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Demz My Gubbinz!
A night-time search for Da Sacred Gubbin

The Vampire and his henchmen were lost in the jungle.  By chance they stumble on a forest goblin village to loot, at the same time that the New Estalians arrive with the same purpose.  Except that the foolish humans have arrived after sunset...

The Undead may have found the Sacred Gubbin on the first turn (with the sprinting Vampire).
Reports were that they spent the rest of the game fading into the night haunted jungle...

With New Estalians in pursuit. (Hidden counters represent gubbinz wot iz not sacred.  Deyz wort 2D6 gc.)

Quote from: John D

 I lost a dire wolf and a ghoul but came out with the sacred gubbin after 6 turns.  The Undead traded at Port Sigmar. Both henchmen were re-hired and I picked up another imperial assassin, because I love them :)

The defeated Estalians traded at the Cheating Merchant. 
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Dead Man's Hand--The End May be Near...

John is enjoying a vacation trip, so Chis, Jim L and I ground each others' warbands to dust...

In which the Old Guard must transport a hoard of treasure from the Temple of Transcendent Hummingbirds

Naturally the Old Guard failed their 'curse' test.  Greed: Bashful the Pathfinder demanded double his upkeep for this battle (he should have demanded it up front...) The Old Guard were completely out maneuvered.  Not only were they surrounded, but they blew the initiative roll and moved last as well.  As a result four warriors were out of action before the Guard could even move.

Bay Watch snipers to the south.

An assault in the center reaches the temple base.

New Estalian hordes to the north.

Beginning of the first Old Guard turn. In addition to the models shown a goblin, 2 handgunners and a swordsman are already out of action.

The Old Guard break to the north (because there are only 12 Bay Watchers).

Bay Watch targets and a charge

Al Bobo is shot down in one round. Jaun cuts down his opponent.

The bald crossbowman is possessed by a minor daemon.  Take that Floppy III!

The poor crossbowman regains his soul, but collapses out of action due to the strain... (Then there were 10.)

The New Estalians surge up the north stair

Esmeralda the Witch (far right under my elbow) is shot in the back by the guy in the blurry black hat... (6 Old Guard down)

Juan and Bruno II clash

Almah defeats a crewman (already removed) as Captain de Guzman is attacked by the oft widowed Mrs Wolfgang and Beardy III.

A great deal happens.  Captain de Guzman falls to the combined attacks of the Bay Watch heroes.  The event Storm of Chaos happens.  Francisco, Bruno II and one of those New Estalians all become champions of the gods. 

Bruno II defeats an already wounded Francisco (already removed) as Almah fights off the victorious Mrs Wolfgang and Beardy III (8 Old Guard down)

The slaughter on the north stair continues.  Mrs Wolfgang is taken out of action by Hadj, who is then shot down by the firing squad.  Ali bin Ali also falls to missiles. (not pictured but that's 10 down)

Beardy III falls to the Man With No Name and Almah.  Almah is now carrying 9 treasures. (6 Bay Watchers out of action)

The Clash of Champions.  Bruno II defeats the New Estalian champion (whose name I do not know).

Two Swords defeats Bashful the Pathfinder

Holding the stair.  The New Estalian champion has just been removed.  Two Swords attacks Heinrich the former Nordland Marine.


A thin line of gunners hold back the surviving New Estalians to the north

Running for their lives.  Almah survives 6 crossbow shots

Juan flees to the east.

Mopping up.  Bo'sun Critter kills the Man With No Name.

Almah flees

Last chance.  3 throwing knives and one crossbow shot.  Almah takes her first wound of the fight, then escapes!

Bruno II fell to the New Estalians Captain, who also did for Heinrich.  The thin line of Old Guard gunners eventually cut down most the New Estalian crew.  The last Old Guard survivor lay bleeding from a crossbow wound when the New Estalian Captain was shot down in one volley from the Firing Squad that was not shooting at Almah.

The New Estalians flee after rolling an 10 for their subsequent rout test.  At the time they had 4 surviving warriors. (Out of 18)

Almah, Juan and the last gunner escape.  (Out of 23)

The Bay Watch hold the field, but the Old Guard manages to get 12 treasures off the table to win!

Highlights not pictured.  Gomez y Gomez fired his blunderbuss into the mass climbing the stairs and shot 3 of the New Estalians out of action!  You might remember him as the poor fool squashed by the New Estalian ogre two weeks ago. In the Battle for the North Stair, Gomez threw his body between the charging ogre and Guido the Marksman.  Gomez was dashed to the ground, but survived to rise and slay the foul beast! Huzzah!

The New Estalians flee with one hero and three henchmen still standing. 
They lose one crewman captured by the Old Guard and the ogre killed.  A hero will suffer an Animal Attack at our next meeting.

The Bay Watch hold the field with Captain Flashy, Bo'sun Critter, Floppy III and the lone handgunner still standing.  Bruno II the Champion of the Gods is killed.  The Bay Watch recover the two treasures stolen from Francisco...
Quote from: Jim L
Mobley 2 killed or captured* (14 exp.)
 New Lad (never got his name) killed or captured*(7 exp.)
[*The store was closing so our end of game rolls were postponed.]

 And poor Mrs. Wolfgang with 3 hand injuries now has smashed a leg an may not run anymore. 

 Hired a new Cabin Boy to replace Bruno 2.
 Bruno 2 will be sorely missed !

 I’m up to 6 wins & 21 losses.

The Old Guard lose Al Bobo captured (and pressganged) by the Bay Watch, in addition Bashful the Pathfinder, The Man With No Name, Gnob the goblin swab, Diego de Avila and Yusef the Merchant's Bodyguard are killed or captured.  Francisco de Gama is robbed.  Hadj becomes hardened. 

The Old Guard are rich, but have high expenses.
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I'm getting some fantastic adventure/shwashbuckling/Assassin's Creed IV vibes from this thread. It is really something special. :blush:
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@Xathrodox86--Thanks very much amigo.  I am glad you enjoy them.
Dead Man's Hand--The Haunted Treasure
The Undead race the Old Guard to steal The Ghoul King's treasure

Chis and Jim L were unavailable this week.  So John and I got together for Sundayheim.  The plot is that a renegade Ghoul King haunts the City of Ghosts.  The Undead have tracked the Ghoul King to his lair, but foolish mortals interfere...

It was a clear night in Lustria.  The Old Guard drained a keg of Bugman's Ale and ventured into the City of Ghosts...

Hadji suffered -1 Toughness from the Pirate Curse.  He got better later. (And I forgot the possibility of using the Witch's potion for another game...)

End of Turn 1: the foolish scout Anibal has been dispatched by the Ghoul King and his minions. (Anibal has already been removed)  The Old Guard look on in shock.

Turn 2: the fleet (but slightly crippled) vampire and his sprinting necromancer slip past the distracted guards and grab the treasure!  (On your left the Ogre and his friends have slaughtered the ghouls guarding that side...)

The sprinting necromancer reaches the treasure (a black bead) and stuns a ghoul with a sneaky spell.  The vampire will take care of the other guard later... (Also a work in progress shot of my newest terrain feature)

I roll the event Vampire Bats!  The Bats swoop in and send one of the invading ghouls out of action.  Go Bats!  (Then the ogre and friends kill the bats...)

Captain de Guzman and Hadj shoot the Ghoul King down (I roll a lot of sixes in a row. Yeah me!) Almah charges and eventually destroys a ghoul minion.  Jaun kills another. (The other crawls away into the jungle...)

Turn 3: Suddenly the night is invaded by pesky swamp flies from the nearby river.  All living combatants suffer -1 WS and BS.

It is too late.  Denn die Todten reiten Schnell (At the end of the third turn the vampire and necromancer are nearly off the table. They will be gone at the beginning of the 4th turn.)

The Estalians advance past the fallen guardians. Their dim torches illuminate Fat Edric standing over the impaled body of a huge abomination in the center of a corridor of massive stone blocks.  Cruelly hacked bodies of smaller abominations littered stones around him, but the fabled treasure was gone.  The night rang with mocking laughter, then there was silence.

The Old Guard only suffered the swordsman Anibal of action.  He got better.  In the ruins the Old Guard discover a forgotten dungeon cell occupied by several unfortunate captives.  The swordsman Caspar joins the crew once he is freed from the prison.  The Old Guard find 2 lucky charms on sale and one dose of Healing Herbs.  Fat Edric creates a Rabbit's Foot to replace the one stolen from Francisco.

The Undead liberate the Ghoul King's treasure for the victory.  For once they gain no Underdog Bonus from the Old Guard! (The Old Guard lost over 100 points of warband rating last week) However the ghoul taken out of action by the Vampire Bats contracts the Curse of the Blood Drinker!  It is now a were-vampire bat (Thing in the Woods).  The other hench-ghoul recovers and so does the pesky ghoul hero (even with a spear sticking out him!).

The fabulous treasure turns out to be some dust and 10gc. (Like all the other fabulous treasures in this cursed campaign...)

Hopefully we will be able to have a regular game night this coming week...
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Man, following this thread makes me want to start a WFRP campaign, set in Lustria or Southlands. :blush:

Maybe even on these forums...
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Quote from: Xathrodox86
Maybe even on these forums...
I'll be looking for it!  :::cheers:::
Dead Man's Hand--A Treasure Hunt in the City of Ghosts
The Old Guard, New Estalians and Bay Watch fight over shiny treasure

John was prevented from attending game night this week. Another bloodbath ensued. (Although the actual body count was comparatively low...)

There were 4 treasures to fight over.  The Bay Watch won the roll to set up first and were assured 2 treasures right off the bat. (Even though they ended up moving last.)
End of turn one (the 'new piece of terrain' has a ruined roof now, all photos by Jim "Old One Eye" L.)



The New Estalians have decided to shoot Bay Watchers.  This lessens their later argument that the Old Guard are the biggest threat to both warbands, so Bay Watchers should shoot Old Guard warriors first (even though it is true.)

Kind of backwards (because in turn order they moved first, pictured second), but this is the New Estalian position at the end of turn 1 (stupid Friendly Flag).

And the Old Guard.  In the far distance the complete ruin of the Temple of The Toad is sort of visible (grey blocks of rubble there at the top right).  The Temple collapsed in the New Estalian turn.

End of Turn 2: the Bay Watch

The confrontation on the Great Temple

Guns in the hills

Guns in the ruins


Kill the Witch (um, Warlock) He got better.

Turn 3: Lots of fighting, shooting and such.  The New Estalians grab a treasure.

Crossbows on the hills! (Using rubber tipped arrows, thank goodness!)

The Bay Watch charges!


Al Bobo (now in Bay Watch blue) takes a hand.

More general melee (with sniping that doesn't do much).




The New Estalians get whittled down, though several of the Old Guard fall as well... Two events that happened the Last Time happen again.  Hands of Stone (which holds those Estalians in front of that blunderbuss) and Storm of Chaos (which causes Captain de Guzman, Critter and Slim to be chosen as Champions of the Gods...)


Escaping with the treasure

Al Bobo attacks the hired Tilean (last one left in the campaign).


The New Estalians rout with 9 henchmen, hired swords and one hero out of action. (10 out of 17 total.)

The Old Guard have five warriors out of action (but one is swab, so he doesn't count).  The Bay Watch have one henchman out of action. The Bay Watch must cause one more causality to force a rout.  And Juan is down...

Juan survives (well he is getting all shot up in this photo, but he got to cover and hid).  The Bay Watch henchmen on the stair are all cut down.  Captain de Guzman leaps off of the temple to attack Critter! (Critter has the shiny green treasure)

The end is near.  Critter (and his 3 wounds is out of action).  Beardy II (with his three wounds reduced to 1 by Almah) is about to be charged by Francisco.  Mrs Wolfgang has been charged by The New Champion of the Gods Captain de Guzman.

The Bay Watch flee with 8 warriors out of action (out of 12 warriors total), including Critter, Beardy II and Mrs. Wolfgang.

The New Estalians only lose one crewman, killed by Almah.  Two Swords almost dies, but is saved by the Medicine Chest and only loses an eye.  They gain one treasure from the scenario

The Bay Watch suffer three henchmen captured (2 by the Old Guard and one by the New Estalians). Beardy II and Critter recover from their wounds, but Mrs Wolfgang is robbed. The Bay Watch steal an exotic animal hide from a skink hunter in exploration and gain one treasure from the scenario.

The Old Guard win and gain 2 treasures from the scenario.  The swordsman Caspar, who was rescued from a dungeon last week, dies.  The Esmeralda the Witch dies.  The Old Guard capture the Bay Watch's last handgunner (and a random guy with a club.)  Another witch returns a favor.

Side notes: There are five blunderbusses left in the campaign.  The New Estalians and Bay Watch fired all of theirs.  The Old Guard once again bumbled about for the entire game looking for 'that shot' which never appeared.  On the other hand, both of the New Estalian gunners and the lone Baywatcher were out of action at the end of the fight...

 Jim L had an operation on his left eye recently. I think he missed an opportunity by not wearing an eye patch to game night.  I mean pirates, right?  But there was definitely some intimidation when he would look at you before rolling the dice.   The photos turned out great considering. (And in general he did pretty good at moving models without depth perception.  His dice rolling did not improve.)
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Good run! Yes Jim missed a great eyepatch moment 😺
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Awesome bat rep as always. I love that everything is painted. It adds so much to the atmosphere. :blush:
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Thanks gents!  Jim apparently feels the patch-less look is more intimidating to his opponents.  Still hasn't helped his dice rolling...
Pyrates of the Karribean--Dead Man's Hand

We all made game night (even Kevin, aka Aceofspades, who dropped by to say hello at least).

A Breakthrough at the City of Ghosts
The New Estalians try to block the Old Guard

Cat and round based Mouse in the ruins

Seven New Estalians try to block Almah and the Man With No Name (who was reported dead, but of course wasn't).

The gunner with the blunderbuss opens the ball

His targets.  Big Belly II is stunned.

Big melee everywhere!
So what happened was Francisco charged the gunner with the empty blunderbuss.  Then three New Estalian heroes charged Francisco.  Then the rest of the Old Guard charged


The firing squad in the southeast corner...

End game
Enrico II charges a downed crewman (removed).  Almah fights everbody else.

Even though they are outnumbered, there still seem to be endless waves of New Estalians (at least where they are needed.)

The final moments of Juan de Palma II.  (He is in the sights of the murderous Last Tilean.)

The Old Guard win when Diego Rivera and Anibal gain the New Estalian table edge.

The stubborn New Estalians lose the Red Warlock killed and a crewman captured.  Two Swords suffers an Old Battle Wound.  Slim now has a nervous condition.  The other hero fully recovered.

The Old Guard lost Enrico II and Jaun de Palma II killed. The Old Guard gain some treasure and drink up their supply of grog at Jaun's wake.  The captured crewman was sold to pay for a new gunner.

Coming soon Haunted Treasure Redux.
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Haunted Treasure in the City of Ghosts
The Bay Watch clash with the Undead.

The Bay Watch have been the bane of the Undead warband this campaign, but all things must end...

Once again the Ghoul King's treasure hoard is targeted by jealous rivals.  And once again the Ghoul King fails to defend it.

Quote from: John D

I sprinted my vampire up and was in combat turn 1, slaying ghouls. 

An event saw 5 skeletons pop up in my deployment zone.


The Dark Elf surveys the field

The Bay Watch in his flank


The Ghoul King is attacked by the ogre and the vampire

A mean guardian

Dregs and ghouls overpower the mean guardian ghoul

One ghoul attacks the skeletons

While the Imperial assassin watches

Most of the skeletons are gone

The wolves attack!

The vampire awaits

Al Bobo and Mrs Wolfgang (who hates Al Bobo) attack the vampire.  It does not go well.

No real damage to the Undead from skeletons or ghouls, but Jim's Captain eventually killed off my d.e. assassin and a wolf, while I took out a couple of his henchmen and heroes in the middle. 

He eventually routed voluntarily and I think a few of his guys died and Al Bobo bailed on him.  I had a major score with the treasure when I got both a major and minor artifact (the Star Tablet and Stegadon Armor) and a bunch of gold.  Rehired the dead wolf and will spend the rest on a hired sword to replace the assassin.

Quote from: Jim L
Brand new gunner Bratz 5 died.
 Al Bobo ran away. 

 Hired 2 new henchmen
 Still at 11 members with no hired swords
 Rating went down to 366

Of course Al Bobo was not the one who 'ran away'.  The poor Arabian was sacrificed to the vampire by the Bay Watch to save Mrs. Wolfgang.  Since Al Bobo was out of action when the Bay Watch fled, he automatically escaped from his captivity.  He will reappear soon...
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Al Bobo lives! :-P Great report as always. :::cheers:::
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Al Bobo lives! :-P Great report as always. :::cheers:::

He does!  Unfortunately more of the Old Guard don't live anymore (they are dying like flies all of a sudden.)
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Loving the Lustrian scenery, it's like almost being there! :icon_wink: :icon_biggrin: :icon_cool: :eusa_clap: :::cheers:::
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Thanks GP, that's the plan.  Fortunately the game store has air conditioning though.
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Well the tropics are an unforgiving lad. Let's hope that Al Bobo will make it till the end! :::cheers:::
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They are hell indeed.  Al Bobo is now an random encounter, hopefully I get to be the one who encounters him...
Dead Man's Hand--The Great Gen Con Massacre

Gen Con was in Indianapolis last week.  John and Jim L were off to the convention,  but Chris an I never go on a week day.  So we made game night.  It was a fateful decision...

Captain de Guzman charged down the ancient temple steps.  The fool who attempted to kill him cowered back into the jungle, but he was too slow.  The Captain caught him well before the gunner could reach safety.  Hadji and Diego Rivera were hard on their captain's heels.  The gunner raised his blunderbuss to block their blows, again he was too slow.  The Captain laid him low with an expert slash.

The trap had been laid.  The Red Warlock stepped from the shadows, mumbling his curse.  Silver arrows leapt from the Warlock's fingertips.  The Captain easily avoided the missiles.  Then disaster struck.  As the Captain dodged one attack he was mortally wounded by another.  The notorious Julio had been cowering behind a frog sphinx.  He stepped from behind the sphinx and leveled a dueling pistol at the distracted warrior's back.

As the Captain fell, Hadj raised his blunderbuss and fired it full into Julio's chest!  But the hated pirate had magical protection!  Not only did Julio avoid injury, but the rest of the New Estalian leadership (who were grouped behind the assassin) did as well.  Only Two Swords was wounded by the shot, and she was only knocked down!

To add insult to injury, Diego failed to catch the Red Warlock in the jungle thicket.  But as the Warlock fled he cast his arrow cantrip.  One of the magical missiles caught Diego in the thigh.  The day's butcher bill would be high.  Francisco ordered the survivors to flee.

[Chris doesn't care to take pictures of any game, so, since my phone is not smart, story.]

The Old Guard lost a simple skirmish horribly.  It seemed that luck was on the Old Guard's side when five skeletons attacked the New Estalians from the rear.  But alas many brave warriors died in the fight.  Captain de Guzman, Champion of the Gods was shot by the justly hated Julio.  The Red Warlock (who apparently is not dead enough) scored a deep wound on Diego Rivera,which caused that worthy to retire. Fat Edric was killed by the Tilean.  Enrico, who had been erroneously reported killed earlier, was captured by El Pistolero.  Daoud Hari fell mortally wounded in the same fight.  Finally Big Belly II the goblin swab was hacked to pieces by Two Swords.

José dos Santos, formerly of the New Estalians, survived the fight with distinction (he made a successful diving charge) and was promoted from the ranks.

The victorious New Estalians lost only two crew.  One was captured by Old Guard to replace the promoted José.
Dead Man's Hand--Post Gen Con Blues

Chris took a vacation to celebrate the death of Captain de Guzman, so John and Jim L and I met this Thursday, Aug. 9th.  The Old Guard were the low warband AND gained +2 underdog bonus from the Undead.  Jim L had a hard time with the sudden reversal of fortunes, but was at least spared the indignity of becoming the highest rated warband.

I managed to roll a Treasure Hunt on the multi-player scenario chart.  There were 5 treasures to fight over.

Ominously, the Old Guard ended up stuck between the Undead and the vengeful Bay Watch (they really need to forgive and forget).

The right flank advance into the center of the ruins

There are Bay Watchers to the west


The mass of ghouls and things to the east


Captain Flashy (and a friend) steal a march on the Old Guard and claim a treasure

A Purple Witch lurks in the ruins

The Ogre tries to deny a treasure to the Bay Watchers


The Vampire rushes forward to dispatch a Bay Watch crossbowman


Beardy II and Randi hurry away from the carnage.  Beardy throws a pistol shot over his shoulder as he retreats...  Hits and scores a critical wound on the vampire!  The vampire suffers 2 wounds with no armor save and is suddenly out of action!

The Blooddrinker appears!  The poor Moor wounded what he thought was a ghoul... This is what happens when you are not nice to strangers.

What to do about Beardy now that the vampire is gone...

Alejandro Escovedo and Pedro(not Jaun) confront Little Billy III

Captain Flashy plinks a ghoul...

Beardy II is on a rampage.  But Randi is not doing well


Things are looking usual for Mrs Wolfgang (she has been stunned by the ogre)

Hunting the necromancer once the Blooddrinker is down


Almah hunts ghouls in the jungle

The Undead get tired of bad rolls and flee with lots of ghouls, the Blooddrinker and the Vampire out of action.

The human warbands turn on each other.


A clash of Captains

Beardy II was stunned!

Alejandro attacks Little Billy III (who can not climb, but is still a hero.)

At some point the event The Pool was rolled.  Critter gained an extra wound.  (But when facing Almah, 4 is not enough...)  Before Critter can be taken out of action, the Bay Watch flee.

The Undead suffered huge reverses now that they must fight in the light of day as the highest warband rather than mine experience in the dark...
They flee the battle with one treasure.  A ghoul dies outright.  Then the Blooddrinker fails to return to ghoulish form and flies off into the jungle (on his second game as a Blooddrinker, lame.)  The Vampire becomes frenzied, which is how he was behaving anyway.  In addition, the Vampire gains +1 Strength.  Joy.

Seriously, Jim L was on fire with his rolls for shooting (as long as Undead were the targets).  If it had been a two player game, the Bay Watch would have 7 wins this campaign.  As it was the mass of Old Guard were able to cut through Beardy II and his friends for only two warriors out of action.  Beardy II recovered. Marvin 'Old Baldy' Snart was captured by the Old Guard.  The Bay Watch hang on to 2 treasures I think.  (The game got a bit confusing for me as Jim L wanted to play it out after routing to see if he could have won...Hard to do with his dice. He was right to run when he did. But at the end neither of us were sure when the henchman with a treasure went out of action. Keeping track of things is hell when you are old.)

The Old Guard face two higher rated warbands with only 5 heroes (two of them brand new) and win.  It helped that the Bay Watch broke the Undead (although Almah and the Man with No Name helped.)  It also helped that the Bay Watch shooters advanced rather than backed up to Nimble the Estalians to death. José dos Santos,  suffers horrible scars, but Alejandro Escovedo is captured by the Bay Watchers.  'Old Baldy' gladly quit the Bay Watch to replace Alejandro.  Emilio Estevez II becomes a hero!  Woot!  The Old Guard gain +2 treasures and find a human mercenary corpse carrying a brace of dueling pistols! Woot! Woot!
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Awesome stuff! Such great looking terrain.
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Man this thread is quality. I love this terrain and the minis rock. Your reports are a joy to read.
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Thanks for the kind comments gents.
Dead Man's Hand--The Secrets of Beujuntae
The New Estalians, Old Guard and Bay Watch struggle with a trapped daemon...

John could not make game night, so the campaign goes on (we might have a final battle one of these nights, or not.)

I was the low warband again! It is so nice to get underdog bonus finally (though parting with Al Bobo, Juan and Captain de Guzman was a steep price.)  This time Chris had a rating +200 above my 345, so I splurged on a Warlock for +16 rating and STILL got +4 underdog bonus.

The plot of the scenario:  at the end of the Great Chaos Incursion the Slann have trapped a Greater Daemon of Chaos.  They confine the daemon in a physical tomb within the City of Ghosts.  However the daemon has lured adventurers to his tomb to unlock the wards placed to bind it.  If the adventurers bring all the wards into the tomb, they will free the daemon.

The New Estalians set up nearest two wards (those glowy green thingys).  Then a pit opens up under the Long Gunner and the Tilean (who fail their initiative rolls and plummet 5" into the catacombs!)

Here one of the New Estalian henchmen claims a ward.

The Bay Watch shooters (Captain Flashy, Critter, Floppy III and Baldy III) charge a Carnivorous Plant.  Flashy is wounded

The Beujuntae possesses a Bay Watch crewman.  The possessed runs afoul of a Carnivorous Plant...

The New Estalians out flank the Bay Watch. 

One henchman falls afoul of a Carnivorous Plant (skull counter).

Alejandro (who now works for the Bay Watch as a swab) threatens the fool

The fool defeats the Plant (I only brought one Carnivorous Plant, so it shows up in all photos)

The Old Guard clump up around the ruined gate

The 'New' Mister Wolfgang IV (warlock) gets shot by El Pistolero (who I learned is called Lydia).

Then Lydia charges him

Meanwhile, back at the gate, the handgunners by the ward are attacked by Hadj and the Old Guard's new warlock...

Joined by Almah, there is a great round of shooting

Francisco leads the rest of the crew toward the tomb

New Estalian heroes reinforce the handgunners (they all have dueling pistols)

The Bay Watch suffered two blunderbuss blasts (which mainly took away lucky charms). 

Here one of the gitz is charged by survivors

Little Billy III takes a hand

The Possessed reaches a ward!

The henchman on the temple is charged by Alejandro.

The New Estalian flank attack hits the Bay Watch


The Bay Watch Possessed threw off the daemon.  The strain of possession sent him out of action.  Then Esmeralda II was possessed!  She also blunders into a Carnivorous Plant.

The Bay Watch flee with lots of henchmen out of action and Mrs Wolfgang stunned!

Whathisname is stunned by another Carnivorous Plant

Francisco leads the lads to save Whathisname from a Carnivorous Plant.

The end is near.  Both the New Estalians and the Old Guard are continually drawn to these wards (which they never succeed in moving because of shooting, events and other unexpected occurrences. The handgunners moved to the ward on turn one, but squabble over who will carry the ward, are shot and then are bedeviled by Screaming Walls)

Two Swords (who I learned is names Ravena) claims the handgunners' ward.

Ravena must carry her ward to the tomb.  As she nears the tomb she is mugged by Francisco, Hadj and Emillo. AND 'Old Baldy' is possessed by the Beajuntae, so he must charge Ravenna, too.  Ravenna falls out of action.

The New Estalians roll a ten on a break test and flee!

The Old Guard collect +4 underdog bonus and win another game!  Its good to be the low warband.

The Bay Watch lose Mr Wolfgang IV.  He is the only fatality (except for Alejandro who escapes into the jungle when the Bay Watch rout).  The Bay Watch recovered no wards, but they did defeat three Carnivorous Plants.

The New Estalians were prone to events (which was welcome).  The first took the Long Gunner and the Tilean out of the game.  The Long Gunner managed to escape the Catacombs, but the building he climbed out the catacombs in suffered Screaming Walls (and was over grown with trees which made it hard to shoot from!)  Also Chris sent El Capitan to destroy the Bay Watch, which meant she was far away when the Old Guard charged.  Slim and Ravenna survived the battle.  A gunner with a blunderbuss is captured by the Old Guard! 
The New Estalians manage to recover one ward.  The Tilean discovers a secret entrance to a treasure trove, (perhaps our final scenario...)

The Old Guard win the game and the experience lottery!  José dos Santos fully recovers being screamed out of action by The Walls, but Caliban the Mate suffers an old battle wound in a fall.  The Old Guard collect three wards (which can be sold as 'counts as' wyrdstone).  The Old Guard also max out on curse points, doh!
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Dead Man's Hand--Talk Like a Pirate Day

It has taken a while to make another report.  No time to visit a PC. This battle happened August 23rd, I tried to post about it the next weekend but accidentally deleted the post.  Then I tried again to post on the 19th, but the computer froze... And so far today this is my second attempt on this forum...Arrgh!

The Temple of Doom!
I think it was the Undead who discovered the entrance to the tomb...


All the warbands struggled through the dark corridors

The Old Guard deal with cages and snares (Ali bin Ali is not being attacked he is being rescued from a snare)

The New Estalians are haunted by guardian spirits (and fall into pits)

The Bay Watch had three warriors fall into this pit...

Then Ali went and set off another snare...

The Undead reach the treasure chamber first

Followed closely by Almah and the hired Warlock, Fibjibbet

The New Estalians snipe at the vampire and set off more traps...

The Ogre attacks Almah!

As three Undead heroes are trapped in a pit...

Some of the New Estalians are trapped by a wall of spirits

Fibjibbet he Warlock saves Almah


But a falling cage trap blocks the entrance!

The vampire flees with the Golden Elephant as the Bay Watch stumble closer

The Bay Watch have a guardian spirit to deal with too

As Almah crawls to safety, Francisco and the Warlock defeat the Ogre!

But ghouls attack!


And the New Estalians snipe!


The Warlock rushes to Francisco's aide


The Undead grab treasure

The Bay Watch enters


The Vampire gets farther and farther away...

The New Estalians must do without the Red Warlock and the Witch

And a gunner flees

But the rest of the warband attacks!  The Raven and the Pistolier attack the Man With No Name.  El Capitan attacks Almah


A gunner versus the Undead's hired Assassin

While Slim attacks the Bay Watch

The cage is destroyed (but Enrico has fallen in a pit)

Hadji fires his blunderbuss into the Raven, et al.  The cavalry have arrived!

And then Hadji is charged by an angry Raven...


Four Old Guard are trapped by snares.  Esmiralda II goes about freeing them...

Enrico springs a guardian spirit trap by attempting to climb out the pit.

The Bay Watch mop up the remaining Undead minions


While the Ghoul Hero sends Francisco out of action

An overview of the final moments

Some Bay Watchers didn't get out of the corridor


And then the Vampire took the Golden Elephant off the board edge!  The game ends with another Undead victory!

It has been a very long time since the battle.  I believe that the Man With No Name was killed in the fight.  Francisco survived against the odds! The Undead lost two ghouls and stole a couple of treasures.  In addition the Golden Elephant turned out to be the artifact the Spider Staff.  The Bay Watch grabbed several treasures (looks like 3 in the photos).  Someone may have died, but I don't remember.
The New Estalians grabbed 3 treasures with 3 heroes.  It is possible some henchman died, but it been almost a month

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Dead Man's Hand--The Last Battle!

Our Karribean campaign came to a bloody end on August 30.  I sort of remember the battle.  However, even though I know that the Old Guard, Undead and New Estalians failed our Curse rolls, I can't recall what the effects of the Curse were.  Also we rolled 3 events during the game, but what those were is not apparent from the photos.

I do remember I chose the scenario because the Bay Watchers had rolled the exploration result that allowed them to place 3 warriors on the upper stories of ruins.  Thus an underground battle would negate the roll. So we played--

The Lost Vault of Tzunki
Each warband was searching for the entrance to a treasure vault guarded by the implacable saurus hero Slith Dan and his cohort of Lizardmen...

Naturally in the excitement of setting up the board, rolling for table sides and old battle wounds Mr L and I forgot that he had the ability to infiltrate in the scenario...

So we set up as normal for multiplayer battles.  The Undead were still the lowest rated warband due to losing many veteran ghouls in the Temple of Doom the week before. This meant that the battle would take place at night...

The Old Guard entered from the west near 3 possible entrances to the Vault (of course I also chose to enter through a choke point that would funnel my crew into a killing ground...)

Said killing ground manned by New Estalians flush with my old handguns, a Tilean, dueling pistols, a Hochland Long Rifle and torches (the better to see Old Guard by...)

The Bay Watch entered from the south.  They find the secret entrance to the Vault of Tzunki on the first turn cleverly concealed on the lowest step of the Temple of the Toad.

But the Undead entered from the east.  The ogre and ghouls are on the pyrates immediately.  


3 ghouls fall to a blunderbuss shot the next turn. (Mrs. Wolfgang trips in the dark attempting to kill the ogre)


Randi II enters the Vault

The Old Guard swing wide around the Bay Watch left flank instead of charging the New Estalians.  At the time I justified it by thinking I would reach the entrance to the Vault.  (I should have just fought the Estlians.)


As the New Estalians clash with Moonface and the rest of Hadji's rear guard at the gate...

Moonface is the first Old Guard to fall

3 skink archers are the first Lizardmen encountered.  They snipe at the pesky New Estalians

And are shot down in turn

Then charged as the survivor lays helpless

Meanwhile back at the Temple of the Toad, the Undead smash the Bay Watch



Another skink appears, but meets the same fate as the others

Hadji and the rear guard continue to hold the gate

Over by the Temple of the Toad the Vampire cuts down Mrs Wolfgang, then is shot and wounded by Critter.  Critter is next on the list!

Amazingly Critter is not killed!  He fights on... and on.  With the help of Dancia the time travelling witch (who casts Age of Stone), Critter takes the T6 Vampire out of action!


But things look poor for the Bay Watch

The Old Guard crew formerly known as Baldy of the Baywatch (sword and pistol guy) is killed by his former mates


Slith Dan and his saurus warriors attack the Undead from the rear!

The Purple witch is killed

But the Old Guard stalk the last Bay Watch standing

Only Hadji and the Moor hold the gate


In the end the Bay Watch are slaughtered almost to a man as the Undead ravage across the battlefield and the New Estalians and Old Guard arrive from the north and west. Critter goes down before the swords of vengeful dregs.  Randi is stalked by a dreg and a ghoul through the vault, until she can retreat no longer.

Slith Dan fails to kill the Necromancer and his saurus braves are held at bay by the ogre.  (I had thought that the Lizardman guards would be a big factor in the game, but John was able to roll a string of 1s and 2s and only 3 groups of guards appeared over like 5 or 6 turns.)

Quote from: Jim L
End of game I had 13 OOA and 2 warriors still on the board.

(Sigh) If we want, we can call the dead cabin boy Little Billy 4 (instead of Punk*)
Henchgirl gunner, Randy 2 also died in the Vault.
Hired sword warlock Wolfgang 5 died

L.G.T. Boatswain Critter was robbed!

And I forgot that I had rolled 6666 last game and should have had 3 heroes starting on top of the tallest ruins.
Oh well, just as well that they didn't.

*[The new cabin boy was apparently named Punk, but the model had been Little Billy for the last 2 campaigns--and for 3 incarnations in this campaign.  New name, new model is how it should be!]

The Old Guard suffered the loss of Baldy, Fibjibbet the Warlock and Hadji my LGT gunner.

The New Estalians claimed that none of their casualties died.  Certainly no heroes went out of action.

The Undead suffered the Vampire captured by his nemesis the Bay Watch!  The Purple Witch was killed by saurus braves.  And some ghouls were possibly shot or stabbed to death.  The Undead do end the game in possession of the Vault's treasure!  This brings to 4 the number of Lustrian artifacts recovered by the Undead over the campaign.  The newest being the Hand of Glory (the Dead Man's Hand the campaign is named after that had evaded the players for all these weeks...)

In the end it is Undead 4 artifacts, rest of players 0 artifacts.  A Win for the forces of darkness even if the Vampire is lost.

Thus ends the saga of The Dead Man's Hand.  Thank you very much to the players and to the readers of this forum!
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Was able to catch up on this thread. Excellent action and as always, the terrain is magic. To me this makes you want to go back again and again.  Some huge changes are coming in my life and I might (just might) wind up with a games room that can handle anything. Once again I have to take the room from scratch but I think it will be worth it. I want a board as good as this👆!
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Thank you for the kind comment. I hope you get your game room.  We play at a store, so we transport everything.  It works out though.
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Returning to W-E and seeing this thread is still alive really makes me happy. Awesome work. :blush:
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Agreed. So cool.
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@Sharkbelly &  Xathrodox86--Thanks much for the kind words. 
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Just getting caught up after a month or so and thinks just keep looking fantastic! Makes me itch for a good pirate game.
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Yep, me catching up too, :eusa_clap: :::cheers::: and it was grand!
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@Gankom & GP--Thank you :::cheers:::

We have left the Karribean and are on to the Orc lands