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Anti Skaven tactics

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My friend play skaven scryre clan and always win, with a little exeption. Sometimes he lost vs Brettonian or VC, but never Empire.
Can anyone post an anti Skaven tactics for Empire player, and special roster of couse (2150 pts). Not for tournament, just friendly play.
Skaven army (as i remember):
2 jezziles (handgunners)
4 engeneer
3 ratling gun (or 2 .. hmm)
lightning gun
bat swarm
2 slaves regiment
2 pikeman regiment
1 stormvermin regiment

Tha most annoying is a rat handgunners and engeneer guys, kill my Stank for 1 shooting phase, kill all cavalry (3 units) on a second.

Any suggestions... pls.

You could max out on magic with a Life wizzy and hope for some anti-missile spells.  

Speed is the only defense against an army like that.  You have to get stuck-in, quickly and get under their guns.

ahhhh, its an age old problem for the empire. Skaven are just so dam hard. ive also got a good friend who plays skaven with a similar army to that. i find that taking expensive units such as steam tanks and knights is not always the best choice against skaven. although these units seem ideal for crushing the little rat men, you will find that they just get targeted and killed too easily. skaven rely on their main infatry and movement i have found and the special units support them.  although it isnt a tried and tested method i think that playing with mostly (cheap) infantry is the better way. this way their extremly nasty magic and shooting doesnt have nice expensive targets to shoot at. a full unit of infantry with a fighting detachment should hopefully beat most skaven units. there are lots of nasty things that skaven have to use against the empire!

 also hellblaster guns scare skaven (who dont they scare!?!?) mortars are an obvious choice too due to their unit destroying capabilities. killing the grey seer brings the skaven army's shooty magic ability down too.

ah well i dont know whether its the best advice because ive only started using it. ive only played one game against skaven after changing my tactics and it was a draw.

Really strange army. May be i loss something but:
1. 2 units of pikeman + ligthinhg gun - i think it is 3 rare slots. Should be only 2.
2. 4 engeeners - it means that they have not lord and magic attackers.

Why not to try field as much long-range warmachines (2-3 great cannons)+ smalls unit of heandgunners (3 + longrifle marksmen) as possible with the heavy core infantry support + 2 engeeners with longrifle
Defend your position, and result of the shooting duel  was the result of the battle.

Yeah the warrior priest is always a good idea, i forgot that one. useful to have the hate in the first round of combat.
i seem to find that cannons dont usually do a great deal against skaven unnless they take rat ogres. i usually do take cannons but i decide against it after the skaven player gloats - "you just killed 15 points of clan-rats in that  phase, not bad for a st10 cannon" or its even worse when its slaves.
 handguns are decent against skaven although possibly crossbows might be better due to their longer range and also the armour peircing of the handgun isnt needed really.


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