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1500 point Empire of Death!
« on: November 26, 2003, 07:22:14 PM »
Well, here is the first (in a long line, I'm sure) of army lists for my fledling army.  I have only painted up like 8 handgunners, so any advice would come in quite handy.  Enjoy!

Captain - lance, dawn armour, sheild
Barded Warhorse

Captain - battle standard, griffon standard, full plate

Warrior Priest - two handed hammer, armour of meteoric iron

23 Spearmen - sheilds, champion, musician

Detachment - 10 Halberdiers

12 Handgunners
Marksman - repeater handgun

Detachment - 5 Handgunners

Detachment - 5 Handgunners

8 Knights - standard bearer

9 Knights of the Inner Circle - full command, war banner

2 Great Cannons

Yes, I realize that my army could be horribly out manuevered (don't remind me) and that it is weak against any enemy magic.  However, I really hate the wizard and the idea of the wizard (don't ask me why) for the empire.  As well, I don't want to use any militia troops in my army, which is why I have selected halberdiers (which sound like a very "crappy" unit since I started reading the posts here).  I would like a unit of pistoliers but since these are the models that I have, these are the ones that I'm going to use (I bought the boxed game, and my friend, who will never ever use the models since they have been sitting in their box for like 2 months now bought the battle force and a unit of knights).  I don't really plan on buying anything else for quite a while (except of course the warrior priest)
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