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New Article in the War Room: Theoryhammer-by Rufus Sparkfire


From time to time we get articles not about playing specific armies or overall strategy.  Read this thought provoking article by Rufus Sparkfire.  It will change the way you look at force composition.

Great article. Its good because it gives you a different perspective to look at things. I would have never used all that hypothetical thinking the way I figure things out, so its given me something else to use when thinking of battle plans etc.



rufus sparkfire:
Wow, thanks for that Squig! I'm glad the article was of some use - I was worried that it was either too theoretical or that it was trivial.

If anyone else has any comments (good or bad!) I would be very happy to read them.

I'm sorry, I didn't make a comment on your article while I did on Squig's! :oops:

You have made a well written and clear article on multi-purpose units. Thing was, I already think in those terms so there wasn't really anything new for me to read and so I didn't comment on it.
I'm sure it will be very helpfull to a lot of players, even if it's only to make them think in a different way about armylists.

With Squig's article I was reading stuff I didn't know and I had a suggestion to further improve the article so I immediately commented on it.
So don't feel left out, you didn't get any comment because it was already good! 8)


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