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New Article in the War Room: Tunnelling Teams

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Kaz and I have conspired to throw together some tactics to defeat tunnelling teams.  Skaven, Dwarves, and Tomb Kings, all have a credible and real tunnelling threat.  Read the article here:

rufus sparkfire:
Well done for writing an interesting article on a difficult subject. I have a few comments though. First of all, wasn't that section on accidental charges discontinued because it 'led to some dubious tactics'? Or was that a different appendix?

On putting the gun between parent and detachment: This is fine if the tunneller will come from the front (though it might restrict your line of fire somewhat), but if they are coming from behind it will be of little use (and I would think that would be a more likely situation).

On moving the gun away from the marker: I can see this being ok for a helblaster (which might not be in range yet anyway), but for a cannon or mortar you are giving the enemy want they want anyway, for the machine not to fire. Yes you might delay the gun being killed for a turn, but you still don't get to use it and you can't outrun the tunneller for ever. Better to shoot now whilst you still can.

On autobreaking: the scorpion is US 4 or 5 (I forget which), so it probably won't autobreak a screening unit - it will likely win combat though, so the point is moot. May I suggest DoW duelists with pistols as a good choice for a screen, since they might even be able to beat the scorpion (or at least hold it up for longer). Even a ranked unit of free company could be used (facing backwards or course).

Sorry to criticise. :)

It is not really an accidental charge, it is in appendix 6 which is still applicable.  I'll let Queek chime in about it, I'm sure he has an opinion.  

When the unit ranks up to attack the gun, it will obviously be within 1" of the parent or detachment.  

What your are referring to is the sucking in charge from appendix 5.  

Moving the gun away is to give another gun or a unit of missile troops the chance to shoot at the team.  If you have to flee a charge, you are really cannot fire for 3 turns.  The turn you flee, the turn you rally, the turn you return to the gun (can you fire the weapon after you moved back?).  Maybe is it four turns.  Oh well, that is why I hate the stupid things anyway, they are difficult to counter.  

No need to be sorry, you have valid points.  I'm unclear on some of this stuff.

nice article!  Might I suggest expanding it to include counters to Ambush?  

per the Annual, crew cannot fire on the turn that they re-crew a war machine.

reguarding the multiple charge issue, the rules on pg 262 are gone, the rules on pg s 267-268 are most definitely still in use.  The rules for skirmishers charging and the multiple unit rules are more than a tad hazy,

for a brief overview of the issue, take a look here:

I actually thought about the ambush thing, but then decided I would need to read more. What we'll probably do is just expand the article to include ambushers, rather than write an entire new article.  Same thing applies to countering skirmishers as well, we'll try and put it all together in one article.  

If you have a part you want to add, write it up, I'll be glad to add it along with credits.


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