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Re: pistoliers or outriders
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I'm pretty certain that no one other than dwarves can march within 8" of an enemy.
I propose to make a unit of outriders a regular addition to my army. For me their mobility combined with their fireppower is awsoime, plus they swung a critical combat for me this morning when they rear cheaged a unit of chosen kornate warriors on foot with two hand weapons, which were munching my greatswords   :icon_frown:.  Because of the way I use my pistoliers they wouldnt have been in a position to put in that charge. Viva les outriders!
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Re: pistoliers or outriders
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I retract my previous statement Greg DiStefano.
It was horrifically formulated (and I did not even know about the required unit strength of 5 for march blocking)
No unit can replace our gallant pistoleers (even though the inclusion of certain units could diminish the loss of pistoleers, should one choose to go without)

I hope however that you got my point =)

And I'm quite sure that fast cav still suffer from the good old marchblock.