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Griffon-Pegasus combined charge analysis
« on: January 16, 2004, 09:55:57 PM »
Inspired by the most excellent griffon article I've just aquired a griffon mounted elector. I've of course been thinking about how it could be used.
Has anyone tried something like this?

Elector on griffon with laurels of victory with a great weapon or lance.
Captain on pegasus with a lance or great weapon.

They both move 20" which means they can combine against any unit almost immediately.

Average CR generated from the EC/Griffon is:
(we'll assume hitting on 3's wounding on 2's, vs T4+ it'd be worse of course)

Griffon: 4 attacks ->2.66 hits ->2.2 wounds, assuming no saves. ->2.2 CR from the griffon.
EC: 3 attacks -> 2 hits -> 1.68 wounds which is doubled to around 3 in CR. Thus we have 5 CR from the griffon and EC on average - at least if they're hitting average troops.

The pegasus captain supplies:

Pegasus (assuming it hits on 4's wounds on 3's): 2 attacks -> 1 hit -> 0.43 wound.
Captain: (hitting 3's wounding 2's) 3 attacks, 2 hits, 1.68 wounds

In total we should be getting around 7 CR from the combined charge from these two units - thats not bad and gives a very good chance of breaking  a fully ranked unit with  frontal charge. The mobility of the units also makes it quite likely that theyll get to fight, and fight soon if you want them to. Perhaps you could choose a weakish unit to charge very soon, break it, and pursue hopefully behind enemy lines, then come back for a rear charge syncronized with your non flying units charging from the front.

Using these two in an army together with some cavalry units would give you some redundancy as well. If the enemy focuses on taking out the flyers your knights should get an easier time while they move into position, and should one of the fliers survive they can still support a knight unit when it charges.

EC+griffon and pegasus captain leaves 2 character slots for wizards so you can still have a balanced army. I've not tried this, it just seems very appealing and i was wondering if anyone had actually done it and what the rest of their army looked like (I'm supposing lots of cavalry?).